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My First A2M

My freind Eric and I were in bed one day getting a little frisky. It started out with a bit of a makeout session, the first time we ever done that. Were laying down Kissing and grinding our cocks together when I slowly worked my way down pausing to lick his chest and nipples. When I reached his cock I teased the head of his dick and shaft slowly and lightly with the tip of my tongue. i took one of his balls in my mouth and sucked it a bit than I took the other one in and sucked it and teased it as well. When I sensed he was ready for more I slowly lifted his legs up and began to tongue his ass. I slowly worked my tongue over his asshole and gently eased my tongue into him tasting his musky hole.I tonguefucked him for a good five minute slowly swirling my tongue and fucking him as deep as I could with it. When he was wet and loose enough I pulled my tongue of him and lifted his legs over my shoulders.I just teased his hungry asshole for a few moment with my cockhead before I slowly entered him. As I slowly sank into him I felt his tight ass muscles spasm around my cock as it invaded him and he was moaning heavily now. Whe n ihit bottom I paused a few monets to savor him and slowly worked it back up.I worked it back into him and slowly increased the thrusting. His moaning eventually turned into yelps of pleasure as I was plowing his asshole and I leaned over and started to kiss him again. listening to him moan and yelp into my mouth as I fucked him harder. Eventually I felt the pressure build up in my cock and I pulled out of him and pressed my cock up against his and jacked us both. A few moments later I was cumming and spilling my seed all over his dick. When I was done cumming I looked down and saw the mess it turned me on so much that I just decided right than and there to suck his dick clean. i sucked every last drop of my fuckjuice off of his cock and decided to ride it. I mounted him and impaled myself onto his cock as Deep and hard as I could and rode him like a crazy for a few minutes. To this day I still do not know what possesed me to do so but i climbed off of him and took his cock into my mouth and sucked his dick for a few minutes and than climbed back on. i would ride him for a few moments than I would suck him again until he finally blasted his hot cum up into my ass. I than climbed off for the last time and sucked his dick clean and dry. as were sitting there calming down he looked over at me and asked do you realize where my dick had been before you sucked it? Thats when it dawned on me what had happened. it was not the last time either.

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