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Days of Leisure III: Benny and Carla

How do a handsome man and his beautiful daughter avoid lust on a boat? They don't.

She moved like pure silk and sinew. Even at a distance, her deep, olive skin glowed as if she absorbed all sun and moonlight. Her bare thighs flexed with long, easy strides while the line of her scant cutoffs followed the rock and roll of fluid hips. Rigid tipped breasts like ripening fruit quivered against a lemon yellow tank top. Now he could see she was smiling to herself. It was one of those smiles that seemed to say the universe is a beautiful thing, and I’m in harmony with all of it.

Benny watched her draw closer from up in the wheelhouse as she strode down the wharf. He swore under his breath, noting the way almost everyone stopped to watch her pass.

“Dammit,” he hissed in frustration. “She’s like a friggin’ fertility goddess.”

Carla turned onto the dock and caught him watching her. Her smile broke open like summer and she waved. In spite of himself, his throat tightened at all that happiness breaking across her face just to see him. She had a way of looking at him that compared to nothing else, and lately, he’d been having the most vivid daydreams about her.

He’d stopped questioning the wisdom of bringing her to live on the boat. He’d stopped doubting if the long stretches of time they spent alone between ports were such a good thing. He’d stopped discouraging her from making gestures more like a wife than a daughter, but as he found himself getting more used to it, the doubts had started nagging at the back of his mind again.

Carla boarded the large vessel and joined him in the wheelhouse. She set the overstuffed plastic bag she was carrying on top of the charts he’d been studying before he spotted her.

“Where have you been? You know we need to make an early start.”

“I went back to that market…obviously. Those mangoes are so good I wanted to bring along as many as we could.”

Benny laughed and felt the warmth of his daughter’s bright smile surround him.

“If you keep eating mangoes like you have you’re going to turn into one.”

Carla giggled and boldly slipped her arms around her father’s waist. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and he could feel her breath against his collar bone.

“If I turned into a mango would you eat me?”

At first, Benny just looked at her with his jaw gaping open, not quite believing she really said it. She grinned back at him almost defiantly, daring an answer.

Benny laughed and slipped his hands over the svelte curve just between her hips and ribs.

“You’re in a good mood today,” he smirked.

“Very,” she practically purred.

Benny swore her belly moved gently against the front of his thin shorts.

“That’s good,” he said. “Then you won’t mind getting your perky butt in gear and taking in the lines so we can get this bucket out of here.”

Then he raised his right hand and smacked her taut ass just hard enough to warm the skin. A smoky look came into Carla’s eyes and she leaned against his body with a dreamy grin on her full, wide lips. She laid her face against his bare chest and he felt the silky touch of her long, chestnut hair all the way to his navel.

“Mm, that felt nice, Daddy,” she crooned softly. “I’m glad you think my butt looks perky.”

Benny only needed to let his hand slip a few inches lower to cup the graceful curve of her ass to incinerate everything he ever knew or believed. He stood on the precipice, knowing Carla felt the hammering of his heart against her cheek. His cock felt ready to stage an ill-timed mutiny.

He suddenly took his daughter by the shoulders and held her at arm’s length.

“Let’s get this tub under way,” he announced quietly, a far away look in his dark eyes.

He could hardly bring himself to look at her as she turned away with a subtle smirk, stopping to pick up the bag of mangoes before climbing back down to the deck.

A few hours later, the boat was chugging north through calm water. Benny figured they’d reach the next border within a couple of days. There was no hurry. He savored those stretches of time away from what was commonly, and as far as he was concerned, mistakenly, referred to as civilization.

If it weren’t for Carla, he didn’t care if he never saw another port again, except for the necessity of stocking provisions, but it wouldn’t be fair to her.

There was another reason Benny needed occasional stops on dry land. It allowed him the opportunity to lavish in feminine companionship. He could only go so long without, and he’d been without since Carla moved onboard. There was no privacy on the boat, and while in port he was always reluctant to leave her alone long enough to sneak off to a massage parlor for some perfunctory relief.

But Carla had surprised him. She took to living on the sea like she’d been born to it. She handled the time away from land and people easily. They’d spent so little time together through the past ten years that Carla seemed perfectly content to have him all to herself, and it was no different for him. He’d missed her more than he could ever explain.

Benny kept the boat on course with little effort, although he knew he’d be ready to take a break before long. He took a moment to scan his equipment and make sure everything was up and running the way it should. When he looked up, Carla was laying one of the blue, padded mats on the foredeck, making a place to lie out in the sun. She turned to look up, as if she automatically assumed he was watching.

With her thousand kilowatt smile, she motioned him to join her with a wave. Benny smiled back and held up both hands to mimic driving. Carla put her hands on her hips and made an exaggerated pout. Then she shrugged and unfastened her tiny cutoffs, which required a little effort to push off her hips before they slid down her lithe legs.

She was wearing a neon pink thong Benny had never seen before. It stretched and hugged her like it was made for her svelte contours. Across her hips and ass, he could see tan lines in the shape of the bikini she’d been wearing in the weeks before.

“Shit,” Benny muttered under his breath.

Then she skimmed her tank top over her head and tossed it next to her cutoffs. Her breasts were neither large nor small, but stood out shapely and proud, with dark, knotted tips that made Benny’s throat tighten with thirst.

“Shit,” he muttered again.

Carla threw back her long, chestnut hair and lowered herself to the mat. She picked up a bottle of tanning lotion and proceeded to spread it over her skin until she was thoroughly covered and glistening like a jewel.

Benny knew she was completely aware of being closely watched. Seeing the careful caress of her own hands along her smooth thighs and pliant breasts finally pushed him over a dangerous edge he’d been fighting to avoid ever since she’d been onboard.

Benny got hard. Standing there in the wheelhouse in nothing but a pair of sneakers and shorts, his cock flushed with heat and bl**d, swelling to a rigid prominence his shorts could barely contain. His tan, muscular body tensed. He felt his body temperature spike. Sweat broke across his forehead and chest.

When Carla finally lay back and closed her eyes, Benny muttered a curse at himself and touched his own cock through his shorts.

Deep inside, he felt like he was shirking some basic, paternal duty by not rushing straight down there to admonish Carla to cover her magnificent body. But he would have felt like a sniveling hypocrite, and as a man, he couldn’t bring himself to deny his admiration for all that selfless, sensuous beauty.

The rest of the world might have been light-years away, and Benny felt like he heard the murky echo of everything in it shifting places. There was the most precious thing to him in all the entire, stupid universe, and she was lying out in that stark sunshine like an offering.

“No. You can’t do this,” he barely breathed to himself, even as his fingers slid his zipper down in silence. “You’re spending way too much time out at sea.”

But he knew that wasn’t really the problem. She was spectacular, and begging his attention because she’d needed more than he could give her for years.

“Oh, Baby, forgive me,” he groaned as he fished his growing cock through the opening in his shorts.

Benny knew the boat would go off course, but he couldn’t help himself. He could always compensate later on. The sight of his daughter’s prone body wouldn’t leave him in peace. He finally let his shorts fall down. Even if she opened her eyes and looked up, she’d never be able to see whatever might be happening below the waist.

Keeping her eyes closed, Carla lifted her ass off the mat and went through the motions of adjusting her bright thong. There wasn’t very much to adjust, and Benny’s cock felt rock hard as he slid his tight fist from base to tip. The way the scant garment accentuated the shape of her dainty mound was making his meat throb and drip like a leaky pipe.

“Oh, Baby,” he groaned quietly, biting his bottom lip. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing?”

Benny went on fisting his burning rod. He watched Carla’s ass slowly settle back to the mat while she drew her hands toward her naked breasts. Her eyes were still closed but a faint smile crossed her supple lips. Her fingertips brushed across her swollen nipples, prodding the tight knots of flesh to engorge even more.

“You do know,” Benny whispered. “Oh god, why, Baby, why?”

He could practically feel the texture of her pebbled nipples in his mouth, but he knew the sweetness of her shining flesh would shame his pale imagination. His fist pumped harder and faster, slathering his pulsing meat with the heavily oozing froth bubbling out of the tip.

Carla fought to keep her breath steady. She knew he was watching like a starved vulture, and her mind was full of dreams of the moment she would drive that hunger through the roof of his self control. Her pussy flushed and swelled against the snug thong she bought at the market that morning.

It was torture to resist slipping her fingers under her thong when she lifted her ass to adjust it. It was torture having shaved and oiled herself with such care, only to have to keep her treasure hidden away from the one she burned to have claim it.

It was probably damning enough just to stimulate her nipples this way, thrumming her fingers across them until the flaming tingles sped through her entire body.

She was so sure he was watching. God, how she needed to feel his eyes on her. But she needed much more than just his eyes. She knew the touch of his large, strong hands would set her skin on fire.

He was so handsome it made her head spin. And that body! He hardly ever wore a shirt, even though he tried so hard to be modest around her. She smiled to think of how proper he tried to be all the time.

But how modest can you be when your whole world is about fifty feet long? She thought back to that day a week ago, when he showered out on deck, using the hose he retrofitted to the wall of the main cabin. It made her smile to remember how he wouldn’t take off those tight, white boxer-briefs he had on. When they got wet, it reminded her of milk pouring over his naked cock. Even his cock was so beautifully formed, rich looking and thick, with a prominent knob she knew would fit perfectly inside her mouth.

It would have been such a simple, easy gesture to finger the slender gusset of her thong aside and splay herself open to him. Sometimes she wondered how she got through every day without telling him how wet he made her.

Why was it supposed to be so wrong they should ever taste each other? Or to feel his hard, pounding flesh throbbing inside her? The whole rationalization escaped her now. Wasn’t he just the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen? Didn’t he look at her constantly with that faraway look in his beautiful eyes? Didn’t they love each other? Weren’t their bodies surrounded by magnetic fields drawing them closer and closer?

She didn’t dare open her eyes. She needed him to see her now. If she opened her eyes he’d only look away and pretend to be thinking about something else. The way he always did.

She needed to feel his need brewing like a gathering storm as he marveled at the beautiful twin mounds of her sun kissed breasts. She needed to believe there was one chance in a million that lush cock of his was growing hard for her. Hard enough to push him past the limits he so valiantly tried to respect.

Carla’s mound was agonizingly swollen, her froth soaking the gusset of her tiny thong. She felt the smooth flesh of her upper thighs go slick. She was burning to finger that throbbing clit until she saw sparks fly through the air.

She didn’t know how, but she managed to still her hands and deny herself. But only for now. This was for him. She was for him.

She feigned a sl**py yawn and rolled onto her stomach. The pressure of her naked breasts against the mat felt good. The spheres of her tightly shaped ass were fully displayed now. She tried to convince herself she really was sl**py, and drift in a dream of how his rock hard cock would feel sliding along that silken furrow between her cheeks.

She chanced an indulgent grind of her mound against the mat and dove head-on into her unrelenting dream.

When Benny saw the sleek sculpture of those ass cheeks flexing as she gnashed her pussy against the mat, it felt like his heart tried to punch through his chest. He drew in a deep breath of air and felt his cock ripple with hardness in his stroking fist.

His meat was now swimming in his own froth and his hand slipped easily over his fat length. He mused at how easy it would have been to go down there and kneel behind her, pushing her thighs apart and opening her ripe cleft. He felt so sure she’d welcome the bold touch of his raging cock against the wet folds of her vibrant pussy.

He could practically smell her from there, and feel his cock absorbing her heat. He felt the tension in his body reach its peak and then shift. His breath caught inside his lungs while his thighs tensed and his cock exploded in a spattering shower of froth. He pumped his spuming cock until his brain finally seemed to settle back in the right place. Even after, he milked his slowly retreating flesh as he watched Carla lie so still and beautiful.

Benny’s chest, belly and hand were covered with cum. When he was as close to being back to his senses as he was likely to ever get, he grabbed his T shirt off the back of the skipper’s seat and used it to wipe himself.

He checked the present course to see how far his little indulgence had caused them to detour. It wasn’t much. He’d make up for it later. Right now, he needed a break. Maybe there was a chance some sense would return to his addled mind.

He climbed down to the deck and entered the main cabin, then headed below deck toward the head. He avoided Carla, feeling self conscious and paranoid she’d be able to smell the traces of all that sweat and cum if he let her get close enough.

He dropped his shorts and stepped into the shower stall, letting the spray wash away the evidence of a father’s decadent dream.

Sometime late that night, Benny was stirred from a deep sl**p when Carla crawled into his bed.

“I don’t care what you say,” he remembered her saying, “I’m not sl**ping alone tonight.”

He didn’t remember much more than Carla tucking herself into his body in a spoon position, with her warm ass pressed against his slumbering cock. She pulled his arm over her and tucked his hand against her throat. She was wearing a long T shirt, but he could feel the pressure of unbound breasts against his arm. He remembered hugging her to him.

The next thing Benny knew it was morning. He woke up alone, with the hardest, most demanding erection he could remember having.

Carla stood naked on the foredeck, satisfied to find nothing but open sea in every direction. She’d barely slept, but her mind was spinning with plans and dreams while her body felt alive with strength and energy. Having spent those last few hours of the night held up tight to the warmth of her father’s big, hard body had helped make everything seem so clear.

She calmly attached the shower nozzle to the deck hose, turned the spigot and then held the nozzle above her head. Tepid spray ran gently over her face and through her long hair, cascading down her sleek body. She even felt beautiful today. She felt as if her bl**d was turning into something luminous, and she knew the feeling in her veins had everything to do with the man who finally clutched her in his sl**p.

Once her hair was completely soaked, she guided the nozzle across her body, feeling the spray tingle against her pebble-tipped breasts. She took a moment to squeeze the taut nubs with her free hand. She reached behind and spread her impertinent cheeks, letting the spray trickle down her cleft.

She angled the nozzle directly against her tiny rimhole and let the spray tease her senses. She knew she was using more water than she should, but the feeling was so delicious, and today wasn’t just any normal day. Today was the day she felt more sure of herself than ever before.

Carla brought the nozzle around front and spread her smooth pussy while she let the spray gently assault her delicate slit. She closed her eyes and raised her face to the sky, while her mind took her into the magic future of days spent naked with her gorgeous father.

They would never need anyone else when they had each other. They would take what they needed when they needed it. Sometimes he would even be a little rough and full of hot need he couldn’t control. Other times he would be agonizingly patient and play her body like a fine instrument. She would never deny him, and he would never deny her.

Carla’s pussy was aching with heat, but she finally released the nozzle’s handle, cutting off the water. She picked up the bottle of bodywash from the little plastic box of toiletries on the deck, and filled her palm with the viscous fluid.

It felt so good to lather her body now as she thought of feeling her father’s enormous cock balloon with hardness against her ass while he slept. She couldn’t imagine how he could get so hard and still sl**p. She was sure he hadn’t been pretending.

He’d felt hard enough to burst, and Carla lay there imagining the slick sensation of his cock exploding with ripe cream across her smooth, round ass. She was amazed his boxer briefs had managed to contain his rampant hard on. She’d been dying to slide them off him, but she never dared for fear of waking him and being kicked out of his bed.

Yet she hadn’t been too cautious to chance slipping off her own sl**p shirt. She’d been quiet and careful in her movements. Her father just groaned softly as she snuggled back against him in nothing but the wispy micro-panties she’d picked up on the last stop.

It seemed impossible to lie still with her father’s bare skin warming hers, and his rippling hard on grinding her sweet buns. Only her trust that the ultimate reward for her patience was going to be beyond her wildest dreams made it possible.

Carla’s body was covered with slippery lather now, and she didn’t resist the constant urges to rake her fingers over her flushed pussy lips. She didn’t care that her father could come out on deck and see her at any moment. If anything, she wished he would. Maybe it would be enough to finally drive him over the edge.

Once she made sure her bare mound was thoroughly lathered, Carla sat on the edge of the bench along the front of the main cabin and spread her slender legs wide. She started dragging a razor over her hairless pussy. Maintenance was easy, and it felt so nice. She loved the smooth, slick feeling of her own body, and it made her wet to think of how her father would react. She just knew her sweet, bald pussy was going to drive him to madness.

When she finished with the razor, she ran her fingers over her pouting mound and slippery lips. The slick feeling was more from the ooze of her body’s nectar than the bodywash she was using. She took a moment to rinse away the remaining lather from her pussy and upper thighs. Then she chanced a few minutes to indulge herself in the feeling of her stroking fingers.

Carla loved the feeling of the humid air and bright sun against her open pussy. It just made her feel so alive, so…feminine. She wished her father were standing right there watching her. She slipped a finger up inside her wet sheath and imagined telling him how good it felt to share her pleasure with him.

“Daddy?” she sighed inwardly. “Don’t you wanna see how I look when I cum?”

But Carla heard a voice in her mind urging her to restrain herself. She knew she was ready for anything, but he was still fighting so hard to hold on to everything he thought was right and proper.

It had made her so happy when he’d told her how much he missed her and invited her to live with him on the boat, and she could see how hard he worked to make their lives as normal as he could. Carla thought of all her friends in their first year of college, reading about the world in books. She was seeing it first hand. She was ready to embrace the whole world, as long as she could do it alongside the man she’d always loved.

With a deep sigh of resignation, Carla let her finger slip out from her aching pussy and stood back up. She picked up the nozzle again and began rinsing her body of lingering suds.

“Oh, sorry,” her father’s voice broke into her reverie. “I didn’t realize you were, um, washing up.”

He even started to go back in the cabin, but not before his eyes took a round trip excursion over her shimmering, wet body. Carla felt her breath catch when she saw the flicker in her father’s eyes as he took in the sight of her freshly pampered pussy. It only made the oozing flush in her core even worse.

She knew she was going to have to cum soon, before she went totally out of her mind. Only the hope her gorgeous father would soon be making her cum like never before kept her from wanting to scream.

“Wait,” she stopped him. “You’re just in time. I need to shampoo.”

“I’m sure you can manage…”

“Not with this silly hose, I can’t,” she crooned. “I just get soap in my eyes trying to find it. Please?”

“Okay, okay,” he surrendered.

Carla knew perfectly well he’d never say no to her impish, pleading grin. She’d been manipulating him with that smile as long as she could remember. She was positive he knew it, too, but he still indulged so many of her whims and desires. It was part of why she loved him until her head spun in orbit. And the way he looked so muscular and handsome standing there in nothing but his swimsuit had plenty to do with that, too.

She sat back on the bench and reached her shampoo bottle in the plastic box, handing it to her father with a dreamy smirk. Then she bowed her head, not letting him see how she cast her eyes forward to look straight at the fully packed crotch of his latex suit.

Benny grabbed the nozzle and wet her hair again, training it all forward and down, sadly curtaining off her view. He squeezed shampoo into one of his palms and started to lather her hair with both hands. His big, strong fingers laced through her dark, wavy tresses as he slowly massaged her scalp.

Carla finally had to close her eyes against the building drip of lather. She nearly swooned at her father’s careful touch, feeling the tingling sensations reverberate throughout her body. It was impossible not to think about the closeness of his cock, and how easy it would be to just reach between his solid thighs and fill her palm with his beefy flesh.

Benny rolled his thumbs down the back of Carla’s neck, massaging her muscles, letting them glide across her shoulders. His large fingers were patient, slippery and strong. They seemed to know just the right amount of pressure to ease away the lingering tightness. She felt her body go slack.

After spending a few, luxurious minutes massaging her neck and shoulders, Benny’s hands returned to Carla’s head, massaging her scalp and working the lather through her hair.

“What was last night all about?” he finally broke the silence.

“What do you mean?” Carla countered weakly.

“You know what I mean.”

She knew exactly what he meant. She took her time answering as she began to wonder if he’d really been as u*********s as he seemed the whole time she lay in his bed. Then there were those times she herself had drifted into periods of sl**p, and the thought of him being awake, holding her and pressing his desire against her in careful desperation made her nipples ache.

“I don’t know. I just felt like I needed you and it seemed silly for both of us to be lying there in separate rooms.”

His silence made her anxious. He picked the hose back up and started rinsing the lather out of her hair. His fingers were massaging her scalp again, training her hair forward and down as he smoothed his fingers through the strands. He briefly massaged her neck and shoulders again, easing some of the tension she felt wondering what his response would finally be.

For a few, brief moments, she was able to block everything from her mind but the feeling of his fingers kneading her muscles.

All too soon the water flow cut off and Benny pulled his hands away. Carla pushed her wet hair straight back with her hands and looked up at him, her lush breasts heaving with her deep breath. He was looking back at her thoughtfully, and she waited for him to say something more about last night.

“It’s just not a good idea,” he finally said with a note of resignation.

“Didn’t you like having me there…in bed with you?”

“That’s not the point,” he countered.

“Why not? I loved being next to you. You kept your arm around me all night. It felt so…I dunno…like you really love me. It felt incredible.”

“Of course I love you. But I’m your father, and you don’t belong in my bed.”

Carla looked up at him with a world class pout. “You mean if there was a bad storm you wouldn’t let me sl**p in your bed where you’d protect me?”

“That’s right,” he grinned, a playful look coming back to his face for the first time in a couple of days.

A sense of humor was definitely a good sign, Carla thought.

“Liar,” she quipped.

She chanced a gaze down along her father’s body, discovering the bulge in his suit looked so much thicker than before. The ridge of his fat cockhead was clearly defined. Carla felt a hot spasm of sensation deep inside her boldly naked pussy. She was about to ask for his help with the conditioner, but then she got a better idea.

She bounced to her feet, making sure he wouldn’t miss the enticing bob of her impertinent breasts. She realized it was the first time she’d been completely naked around him since she moved onto the boat. Even now, as he fought to maintain a proper stance, she felt like she belonged to him. She knew deep down that she did. He only needed to finally come out and admit it.

“Sit,” she told him curtly, but with a broad grin. “Your turn.”

“It’s ok,” he exhaled weakly. “I can wash my own hair.”

“I’ve got news for you, Daddy. So can I, but why should we when we don’t have to?”

Carla knew her father would take a seat before he did, and he finally heaved a deep sigh and sat in her place on the bench. She picked up the hose and stood directly in front of him, her heart pounding as she could almost feel his breath on her excited nipples. She felt a jolt of happiness race through her when he indulged a quick but admiring glance at her strutting tits.

Carla squeezed the handle on the nozzle and started spraying her father, beginning with the straight, black hair that fell two or three inches past the nape of his neck. She aimed the spray across his shoulders and chest, too, and he held his arms out to the sides, allowing her to wet him down completely. Her pulse jumped when she saw how his brief swimsuit looked pasted to his beefy cock when it got wet.

“You should take off your suit,” she said, straining to sound confident. “It’s silly to wear it for a shower.”

“Not a good idea,” he replied, not sounding fully convinced.

“C’mon, Daddy, it’s just us for miles and miles in every direction,” she pointed out softly. “You might’ve noticed I’m naked, too.”

Carla felt like her heart was stuck in her throat.

“Yes, I noticed,” her father replied. Then he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his suit and pushed it off.

“Doesn’t that feel better?” she asked tentatively, almost regretting the words before they were even out of her mouth. She was afraid of pushing too hard, but her vibrant young body was taking control of her mind.

Carla reached for the shampoo, relieved by the brief distraction, but she knew her father wouldn’t miss the tremor in her hands.

“Yes,” his soft reply calmed her. “It does feel better. Much better.”

She could barely stop looking at her father’s naked cock, longing to see it swell to the amazing size she’d felt against her body. She dribbled a glob of shampoo onto her palm while Benny scooted to the edge of the bench. Now he really was close enough to feel his breath against her skin.

He looked up with his gorgeous smile, and she started to lather his hair with both hands. His eyes drifted down, settling on her conspicuous tits. She massaged his scalp carefully, keeping the suds out of his eyes as long as she could. Just having his eyes on her that way was sending waves of feeling through her body.

“I probably shouldn’t admit this, but before you came onboard I spent most of the time naked.”

“You didn’t have to stop just because of me.”

She laced her fingers into his hair and began massaging his scalp. She felt his breath slow and deepen. At the same time, she felt her confidence rise again and she started massaging his neck and shoulders the way he’d done hers. He sighed and lowered his head, closing his eyes.

“Yes, I did,” he said calmly. “A man doesn’t just go naked around his daughter like that.

“You’re naked now,” she said pointedly. “And Daddy? I think you look awesome naked. And I know you like seeing me. I can tell. I wouldn’t care if we never wore clothes again.”

Benny chuckled. “Well that’s just not possible, Sweetie. You know sooner or later a man’s body is going to show…”

“You mean sooner or later you’re gonna get a great big hard on in front of me and you won’t have any way to hide it.”

“Ok. That’s one way to put it,” he chuckled again.

“Except you know darn well I don’t mind.” She thought a moment about what she was dying to say next. Then she decided it was now or never. “I sure didn’t mind that big hard on rubbing up on me in bed all last night in your sl**p.”

She waited for the bomb to drop and just massaged his broad, muscular shoulders even harder.

“I wasn’t asl**p that whole time,” he said barely above a whisper.

Carla felt her heart explode with excitement. She reached for the hose nozzle and could barely hold it straight as she started to rinse out her father’s hair.

“Then you know how much I liked it,” she said in measured tones.

“I know, Baby, I know. And I know we both wanted much more, but I’m your father, Carla. It’s just not possible.”

She let the nozzle drop to the deck while her father fingered his hair straight back and looked up at her. She could see between his thighs again and saw his cock had grown thicker and longer.

“Happens more than you think,” she told him, fighting to hold his gaze.

“How would you know about…”

“I have friends, Daddy. Girls talk.”

“I don’t think I need to know…”

The simmering heat in Carla’s pussy was making her bolder, and she could tell from the noticeable twitching in her father’s cock he was dying to let his body go. She’d felt that amazing shaft rubbing on her ass half the night, and now she was burning to see how he looked fully erect and throbbing.

“I know a little story that would make you hard as a rock,” she taunted boldly.

“Do you.” It wasn’t a question. It almost sounded like a dare.

“I do,” she smiled.

She dragged the padded mat closer and sat on it, a few short feet in front of her father, who sat there expectantly, keeping his thighs well apart as his daughter giggled and gave up the charade of pretending not to look at his naked cock.

“You remember Tonya, don’t you?”

“I wish you hadn’t told me who it is,” he protested weakly.

Carla just giggled again. “Oh she wouldn’t mind you knowing, believe me. Anyway, Tonya went to live with her dad this year, too. He’s got this amazing house in Palm Beach. He has his office right there so he’s home most of the time. Tonya doesn’t mind ‘cuz she loves him like…well, like the way I love you.”

Carla saw her father’s Adam’s apple bob.

“They practically live around their pool,” she went on, shifting her thighs open to offer a view of her flushed slit. “Tonya kept wearing skimpier and skimpier bikinis around her dad, just to get him to look at her. He didn’t even pretend not to. He just told her how beautiful she looked all the time. You wouldn’t believe how happy she felt. So then she started going topless, just to see what he’d do.”


Carla giggled and let her hand rest scandalously close to her smooth pussy.

“He told her she has beautiful tits. Tonya felt so happy she jumped up and kissed him right on the mouth. He kissed her right back, and then he laughed and spanked her on the butt. She was just wearing a thong. She said it made her wet when he did that.”

“Jesus,” Benny whispered. His cock was beginning to thicken and lift.

“So after that he even started taking pictures of her. She loved it when he told her how sexy she looked and he took dozens of pictures. She’d pose, pushing her tits out and touching her nipples and stuff like that.”

Carla paused and nodded at the rapidly swelling stalk between her father’s thighs. “Told you it would get you hard,” she giggled.

“You’re making it up,” he said, slowly reaching for his shaft and giving himself a few, tentative strokes.

“You know I’m not,” she replied, staring at his stroking hand while her finger dragged a trail along her wet slit. She touched her clit and sighed out loud. “She started going naked after a while, and her dad even took pictures of that. She told me she’d even spread her legs and he’d take pictures of her touching her pussy, even sliding her fingers up inside. Like this.”

Carla finally planted her feet far apart, opening her slick, hairless petals for her father. His glassy-eyed stare as he stroked his inflamed cock only made her dew flow more heavily.

“Well,” she drawled on, “one night her dad takes Tonya to some party. They had some drinks and got kind of tipsy, so when they got home, she wanted to go skinny dipping, and her dad just took off his clothes and jumped right in after her. She swam over and started splashing and playing around, and he started splashing her back, and then they were getting all grabby and stuff.

“Tonya said they just started kissing at some point and rubbing all over each other. She said his cock was so hard and she couldn’t resist feeling it. Well, the next thing you know she just wrapped her legs around him and he fucked her right there in the pool.

“They’re still fucking each other like a pair of rabbits,” she concluded.

She watched her father’s cock steadily dripping precum, his gliding fist urging more and more out of his bulbous tip, and pushed a finger up inside her channel.

“When did she tell you all this?” Benny asked, his breath deep and beginning to stagger.

“On the phone, right before I flew down to meet you.”

They spent the next minute or two watching each other pleasure themselves. “There’s one other thing you might like to know,” she added tauntingly.

“Tell me,” her father nearly groaned.

“Well, when she told me…I sort of couldn’t keep my hands off myself and came like you wouldn’t believe.”

“I’d believe you now,” he groaned. He was looking at her with a deep look of craving in his eye.

“Tonya came, too. She was doing the same thing,” Carla laughed. In her aroused state, the laugh almost sounded maniacal. She could tell her father was nearly beyond the ability to even speak as he pumped his raging hard on harder and faster with every passing moment. She lay back and pumped two fingers into her sheath, drumming her ravenous clit with the other hand.

“What…did…you…say?” Benny huffed.

“Are you sure you want to know?” she warned, her own eyes glazing over as her body’s demands grew deeper and higher. Her father grunted his reply, attempting to nod at the same time.

“I said, ‘God I wish my father would fuck me, too.’ And Tonya said, ‘You’ve got to. Nobody will ever love you like that.’” Then she gasped sharply, lifting her feet in the air as her spine arched. “Oh god, Daddy, I’m gonna cum!”

Carla’s body rocked with shivers of uncontainable pleasure as she kept pulling air into her heaving lungs with deep, desperate gasps. Through heavily lidded eyes, she watched her father throw his head back and growl like something that lived in a jungle. But then he grew suddenly silent, as if he was holding his breath while cum started spuming from his enormous cock.

When Carla felt a few of her father’s wild cum-spurts land on her thigh, it felt as if another wave of pleasure washed over her even before the first had subsided.

By the time her hands quit moving and her feet dropped back on the mat, she looked over at her father to find him leaning back against the bench, his cock, hand and abs spattered with more cum than she’d ever seen.

They never did bother with clothes or modesty that day. Benny showered again, rinsing his own spunk off his body while his daughter watched in silence.

He didn’t know how to begin getting his head around what they’d just done, so he stalked away and busied himself pulling anchor and getting ready to keep pushing north. He spent most of the day in the wheelhouse staring forward. Carla went up a couple of times with cold drinks for him, and spent a few minutes hanging close.

Benny was happy for her company, and the fact they seemed comfortable being naked around each other was a conspicuous symbol of change. At one point, Carla stood close to him by the console and needled him about teaching her how to pilot and navigate. Benny even put his arm around her and hugged her briefly, placing an affectionate kiss on top of her head.

That night, Carla didn’t even bother lying in her own bed. She just slid right in next to her father. They were both still naked as they’d been all day. Benny didn’t say anything about it when Carla instantly spooned up to him and he d****d his arm over her warm body.

He liked having her there. Period. Nothing else happened between them, except Benny feeling himself go hard as stone all over again. Carla responded with a cozy sigh and pushed her smooth, warm ass back against him. He’d pushed back against her, feeling his heart slam against his chest from inside. He moved his hand to cup her lush breast in his palm and even chanced worrying his thumb across her rigid nipple.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the story she’d told him about Tonya and her father, and his throbbing cock was soon oozing precum to form a slick against her skin. He was burning to be inside her. He knew she’d welcome him with open arms and thighs. He knew she’d truly understand the ferocity of his love, but he fought to hold himself in check and watched over her as she slowly drifted to sl**p. They’d demolished enough barriers for one day.

Once Carla was sl**ping soundly, Benny slid carefully out of the bed and went out on deck. He stood naked under the moon and stars, feeling every hard muscle in his body strain for release. He gripped his aching cock and began stroking himself, his mind filled with vivid visions of his girl that day on the deck, her long, svelte legs raised and open while her hands assaulted the most alluring pussy he’d ever seen.

He thought of how the touch of her skin inflamed his cock like never before, and they way her nipple gathered into a tight knot under his grazing thumb. But mostly, he couldn’t rid his mind of how she looked when she came. Desperation and delight had turned her face into a mask of unimaginable beauty. He thought about practically everything she’d done or said since the day she stepped onto his boat, until a frothing geyser of cum ripped from the ravenous cock in his wildly pumping fist.

The next day, Benny altered course for shore. There was a small fishing village he’d spent a few days in a few months ago. It was a quiet, sl**py place that attracted few tourists. The few restaurants and bars Benny remembered catered primarily to locals. He remembered two or three beaches that were small, but maybe the most stunningly beautiful he’d ever seen. There were no fast food joints or nightclubs.

Benny was convinced he and Carla both needed a sedate respite from the unsettling course of events over the last couple of days. It felt like everything in the cosmos had suddenly shifted to a new position. It was clear to see Carla was perfectly at ease with it, but Benny practically felt like he was standing on his head.

They both remained naked, though, and Benny realized he truly enjoyed the relaxed and yet primitive mood it struck between them. She’d gone up to join him in the wheelhouse, and spent a couple of hours while he started teaching her how to read gauges and charts. She was a quick study, and before long they were laughing and flirting without a care for anything or anyone else in the world.

When the shoreline finally came into view, Benny grew more serious.

“We’re gonna have to get dressed soon,” he pointed out.

“Yeah,” Carla pouted. “I knew it was coming. I wish we didn’t have to land yet.”

“I know, Baby, I know.”

Benny was sure he could find that woman he visited the last time he was there. She’d been dark and swarthy, with unmistakable native features, and during the course of a night in her simple hovel, she’d given him everything he needed to rid his body of tension for many days to come. He’d left her three times the price she’d asked and wished her well. She’d thought he misunderstood the bargain, but he explained he had. It still amounted to a pittance to him.

She’d acquiesced and accepted the money, giving Benny a softer look than he thought she was capable of.

He’d try to find her again, and she would rescue him from jerking off a dozen times a day to visions of his naked Carla. At least for a while. If he was lucky, she’d keep him calm until the next port.

Now the shore loomed closer, and Carla left the wheelhouse to get dressed. Benny always kept spare shorts on a hook in the cabin, and as they neared the wharf, he quickly slipped them.

Once they were securely moored, no one noticed much about the boat, except for its size. When he was working on it, Benny had purposely left the exterior looking a little unfinished, while putting immense time and effort to create an elegant, comfortable interior. He didn’t want to attract attention.

Not having slept much, and having spent most of the day piloting, he wanted to get some rest before going into the village to look for a place to eat. Carla was perfectly happy to lie out on the deck to get some sun, though she wore a bikini while they were in port.

The wharf was pretty quite and sl**py at that hour anyway. The fishing boats had come in with their hauls hours before, and there were few other traveling vessels moored there.

When Benny woke up, the sun was getting low, and he discovered Carla sound asl**p on a lounge chair on deck. He woke her up and told her it was time to think about getting some dinner. They went below and showered. Separately.

Benny stood on the wharf, waiting. He wore a simple, beige button down shirt with short sleeves and a loose, light pair of black drawstring pants. When Carla finally came out to join him, he couldn’t keep from staring.

It was only a simple, cotton summer dress, with a muted pastel floral pattern over a mustard background. It was short, without being so short it wouldn’t cover her ass on a chair, and the halter left most of her back exposed to the air. It gave her breasts a full, perky look, leaving a valley of deeply tanned skin in between.

Carla beamed happily when she saw Benny’s reaction, and immediately glued herself to his arm.

She stuck close, holding his arm as he led her through the village looking for the place he remembered. It was a colonial hotel taken over by a local businessman who ran a restaurant with tables set around a broad verandah. Benny wasn’t even sure he bothered renting rooms since there was another small hotel across the street in better condition.

Carla instantly scooted her chair as close to her father as she could. Benny was pensive through dinner, trying to think of how to get away long enough to find that woman. He couldn’t remember her exact name, but then again, even if he couldn’t find her, he was pretty sure she wouldn’t be the only prostitute in town.

After dinner, Benny went into the bar on the pretense of getting drinks. He looked over the bottles against the wall and got curious about one without a label, filled with amber colored brew. The bartender had just enough broken English to explain it was locally made liquor and poured two snifters before Benny had a chance to ask for something familiar.

He asked the bartender about the woman from last time. He did his best to describe her, and the bartender wasn’t sure who he was talking about. He told Benny he could probably find the kind of information he was looking for if he talked to his friend. Benny slipped the bartender a generous tip with an approving nod, then went back to join his daughter.

“It’s really strong,” Carla said when she tasted the drink her father brought back.

“You don’t have to drink it,” he told her, trying his.

“No, I like it. Besides, I’d love to get you d***k and take advantage of you.” She giggled and put her hand on his thigh.

Benny just sighed in resignation and rested his hand on the base of his daughter’s neck. He loved having her hand right where it was, just as much as he loved resting his own hand on her warm skin. He was still too stubborn to admit it, although he was perfectly sure she knew anyway.

“What makes you think you’d have to get me d***k,” he chided.

“Oh please,” she rolled her eyes, “when you’re sober you’re like Mr. Proper Manners all the time.”

He took a deep pull on his drink and gave Carla a thoughtful look over the top of the glass.

“You have to admit things haven’t exactly been…traditional lately.”

Carla snickered and paused for a deep sip of her own. “Yeah,” she finally said. “It’s wonderful.” Then her voice lowered. “But it could be even better, Daddy. I know it could be incredible.”

Her hand slid higher up his thigh, and Benny did nothing to stop her. He just studied her beautiful face. It was as if a beaming light were shining in her amber-green eyes. Nothing in his life compared to the way she looked at him, and he knew she was too sharp to miss everything behind the way he constantly looked at her.

The drink was beginning to affect him, but he didn’t feel d***k and realized there had to be something other than alcohol in that strange, local brew. Carla squeezed his thigh and drained off the rest of her drink.

“All I’ll say is maybe your friend Tonya isn’t completely insane.” He wanted to regret saying it, but the warm feeling curling around his brain wouldn’t allow it.

Carla giggled happily. Benny took a second to think while she waited, but then the bartender came up to the table and topped off their glasses. He told Benny he’d spoken to his friend.

“Maybe you want come into bar and talk,” the bartender said, none too discreetly as he glanced at Carla.

Benny took one look at his daughter and saw the disappointed expression on her face, unhappy at being kept out of the loop. He didn’t know if he should blame the local brew or his desire to put a smile back on her pretty mouth, but he told the bartender he could speak freely.

The bartender nodded and made it clear enough the lady he’d asked about was not taking private clients that night, but could be seen in a show. He didn’t say what kind of show, but Benny knew. He wasn’t delusional enough to think his daughter didn’t understand what he meant, either. Then the bartender pointed to the main drag running through the center of the town and motioned to follow it into the thickly forested hillside beyond.

As soon as the bartender left, Carla gave her father a world class pout. “I can’t believe you were planning to sneak off on me just to fuck some whore.”

It was dark by now, and the verandah was lit only by gas lamps. There was a little light coming from the bar inside, and Benny and Carla were among only four other customers lingering over drinks.

“What did you expect?” he asked. “How much more cock teasing do you think I could take?”

Carla leveled a cold, serious gaze back her father. “That’s the whole point, Dad. If you think I’m going to work that hard to get your cock hard just so you can use it on someone else…think again.”

Benny stared at her speechless for a moment, and then started chuckling. Then his chuckles turned to hard laughter. Carla held her expression a little longer, but she finally started laughing, too. At the same time, she slid her hand up her father’s thigh and cupped his prominent bulge. Hidden in shadows behind their table, she lightly fondled his package while his laughter subsided.

“I’m glad you thought that was funny,” she grinned. “But I can promise you I’m perfectly serious.”

“I can see that,” Benny grinned back with a lingering snicker.

“And anyway,” his daughter crooned coyly, “I know a dirty little secret about you.”

“Oh really?” His grin widened, and he couldn’t resist letting his thighs drift wider to give her hand more freedom.

She leaned forward and spoke just above a whisper. “You’re dying to fuck me,” she said. Then she leaned back with a satisfied smirk.

Benny’s cock was swelling quickly under his daughter’s persistent hand. He felt amazingly relaxed yet filled with energy and strength at the same time. It felt like whatever happened would be all right. He wanted to blame it on the strange drink, even Carla’s bold behavior, but he knew all those feelings had been inside them both all along.

“That hasn’t exactly been that much of a secret lately,” he pointed out.

“Well I might know something else you definitely don’t know,” she countered.

Benny just waited while she leaned close again. “I’m not wearing panties,” she told him. “And the bigger your cock gets the wetter it gets my pussy.”

Benny’s cock leapt under Carla’s stroking hand, making her chuckle with satisfaction. She kept rubbing his cock, which was now ripe with hard desire, and with her other hand, she took his and guided it to her bare thigh as she planted her feet wider apart.

He watched his daughter’s face transform into vision of pure anticipation as his hand slid along her inner thigh. Her skin was as smooth as anything he’d ever touched. When his fingers slipped up against her flushed sexlips she closed her eyes and uttered a soft gasp of approval.

His thick middle finger burrowed along the yielding wet cleft between those slick petals and grazed upward, dipping slightly inside as it sought the swollen nub at its apex. A heavy slick of precum soaked his boxer briefs while her hand steadily massaged his marble shaft. He slid his finger inside her with gentle insistence, entranced by the look of welcome on her face.

“My god, Baby-girl, you weren’t k**ding,” he said, almost to himself.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” she whispered dreamily. She released her hold on his cock and gripped his forearm with both hands, holding his hand in place while his finger began a gentle pumping motion in her pussy. “I wish you could just fuck me right here and now.”

Benny took a quick look around and drew his hand back out from under his daughter’s dress. He briefly sucked his tangy finger and chased the sweet taste with a hard pull of his drink.

“Well,” he grinned, “how about we buy a few bottles of whatever this brew is and go back to the boat.”

“I love that idea,” Carla crooned. “All except the part where you take me to this show the bartender was telling you about.”

She had this wild, impish look in her eye, and Benny was about to put up a protest, but the pleasant attitude adjustment he was feeling over his drink brought him to another conclusion.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “They don’t exactly have upscale gentleman’s clubs in places like this.”

“Um, I kind of get that, Daddy,” she rolled her eyes. Then she leveled a hot, purposeful gaze on him. “I want to see it.”

Benny got up to settle with the bartender, negotiating the purchase of three more bottles of the amazing elixir as well as arranging for a taxi to take them into the hills outside town.

The taxi was ancient, and in such dire need of a tune-up it sounded like it was constantly on the verge of stalling. Carla tucked herself snugly under Benny’s arm in the uncomfortable back seat, keeping her hand on his cock the whole time the car made its surprisingly nimble way along the winding, rutted road.

The driver knew exactly where to go, and finally pulled down a dirt driveway that opened into a clearing where several cars were parked around a small, open pavilion. The structure was no more than a roof over cement slab.

Benny told the driver to come back in an hour, but he just nodded, slouched down in his seat and closed his eyes to nap.

They got out and stood by the taxi while Benny sized up the scene. Carla’s attention was divided between his face and the general surroundings.

There were around thirty-some people gathered near the pavilion. At least half were staying close to the other cars, while others lingered around the structure’s fringes. Most of them were older white men, and many were accompanied by much younger women.

It wasn’t exactly a sophisticated social gathering, but there was still some hushed conversation, and Benny could discern some American as well as European accents in the crowd. There was an atmosphere of strained anticipation. A swarthy looking man with a beard selling shots of something that looked home brewed was doing a healthy business.

“I think something really nasty is gonna happen,” Carla said, excitement beaming from her face.

“I can’t believe I brought you here.” He looped his arms around her waist and pulled her to his body, his smile contradicting his tone.

She started to say something, but before she had a chance Benny lowered his head and tasted her supple lips. Whatever her words would have been instantly turned into a deep sigh as her mouth opened, her tongue curling around his as it probed.

Her hands slipped under his shirt, sliding across his back while he cupped her pert ass cheeks in each hand, exploring her firm shape through the fabric of her dress. She moved against him, urging his eager cock to harden all over again. He couldn’t fully comprehend he was kissing her like this, without restraint, and she was kissing back with such anxious heat. There could be no more misjudging if she was truly ready to take the step she claimed she wanted.

It felt like the world was spinning while they stood still, pasted to each other through a deep, hungry kiss that felt a hundred years late. Benny brought one hand to her face and reluctantly broke from her mouth.

“Let’s just get back in the taxi and go back to the boat,” he told her seriously.

“Oh god, I would love to,” she mewled, sliding one hand around his body to fondle the rigid cock through his pants, the motion of her hand hidden between their closely pressed bodies. “But I’m dying to see the main event,” she added with a giggle.

Benny was about to kiss her again when she asked if the other young women were all whores.

“What gave it away?” he chuckled.

“Hey, it’s not like I’m some kind of expert on cheap, sleazy sex shows and third world hookers,” she admonished. “Not like you.”

“I should hope not.”

“Well,” she crooned, “I think I should be your whore tonight. If all those ugly old men get to have whores then you should, too.”

“Geezus, Carla, you’re…”

Suddenly a short, stocky man approached them and asked Benny for money. He spoke Spanish, but Benny understood and just handed him a fist full of crumpled bills without bothering to count what he was paying. The man looked satisfied and said something else before leaving them alone. Benny knew the show would begin soon.

“Ok,” Benny told her. “If you really want to see this, then let’s make sure you get a good look.”

There were a couple of benches and rickety folding chairs set around the pavilion floor, leaving an open space in the center, where a hand woven carpet had been laid out. The man selling drinks and the one who’d asked Benny for money turned on the headlights of their pickup trucks, aimed toward the middle of the stage.

Carla clung tightly to Benny’s arm as they walked toward the structure. Anyone who bothered to notice would’ve seen the enormous erection straining against the tight briefs under his loose fitting pants.

A haphazard circle was beginning to form, and everyone was angling to be as close to the center as possible but still keep to the shady fringes of the headlights’ glare. Benny led Carla to a spot just behind one of the benches. They had the immediate area to themselves until one of the older men took a seat on the bench along with the pretty, younger whore who accompanied him.

Carla looked up silently at her father with an expectant grin. The little bit of hushed conversation that had been going on settled to practically nothing. Benny didn’t care about much else that was happening around them. His attention was on Carla.

He pulled her to him and kissed her hungrily, indulging his urge to slide his hand under her dress and cup the firm sphere of her ass. Her tongue rolled against his while her body arched against his rock hard shaft. His fingers dug firmly into the cleft between her cheeks, and she mewled into his mouth when he explored the touch of her rim.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he said as he reared back a moment from their kiss.

“Finally,” Carla purred, “and I can’t believe how fantastic it is.”

A woman then stepped out from the darkness behind the truck headlights and stepped into the center of their beams. She wore a short, white robe that set off her naturally dark skin and hair. Her build was almost stocky, but with a firm, athletic look. The robe showed a deep valley of cleavage between large, heavy breasts, while her face displayed an alluring mix of native and European features. She had penetrating eyes that looked neither bored nor excited, merely set to the task at hand.

Benny recognized her immediately, but he said nothing about it to his daughter.

“She’s beautiful,” Carla whispered excitedly to him. She’d turned to face the center, while Benny’s hand stayed under her dress, casually fondling her bare ass.

The woman opened her robe and shrugged it off, letting it fall to the mat. Her breasts stood forward proudly, quivering slightly under their own weight. She had large areolas that were barely darker than the rest of her skin, with strikingly large, protruding nipples. Her pussy was completely shaven, and she clutched and kneaded her breasts as she calmly walked a circle around the center of the pavilion.

“Oh god, I am so fuckin’ wet right now,” Carla nearly hissed over her shoulder to her father. She ground her firm ass against his achingly stiff cock, while he slid his hand from her cheek to cup her pussy. She was hot and dripping, and gave her father a throaty coo when his fingers slipped against her flushed lips.

Benny’s cock was dripping so hard his briefs almost felt as wet as Carla’s pussy. He wished they were anywhere else. His daughter’s pussy wasn’t exactly visible to the others, but anyone who bothered to notice would see what he was up to with his hand under her dress. As it was, the men who’d brought whores with them were already getting their crotches massaged. A few were even unzipped, with their whores reaching inside their pants.

As the woman passed Benny and Carla, she hesitated briefly with a slightly raised brow. Benny thought it was unlikely she recognized him. It was more likely they stood out from the typical members of the crowd. As much as Carla loved her adventure at playing her daddy’s whore, no one would take her for one.

The woman moved on, and a slender but firmly built young man stepped into the light. He was tall and younger than she, but it was hard to say by how much. He was only wearing a pair of scant, black briefs that held a ripe package.

The woman approached him and touched his chest without looking at his face. He reached for her sumptuous breasts, fondling them while one of her hands slid down to his cock, fondling him through his briefs.

The whores around the circle all had naked cocks pulled out of their clients’ pants. A few were already hard, while others were presenting more of a challenge.

Benny pressed a finger up inside his daughter’s frothing pussy. She moaned softly and melted against him. Not caring if anyone was paying them any attention, he thrust his other hand inside the halter top of her dress and gripped her breast like he owned it.

“Ohhh Daddy,” she sighed, in a long, drawling whisper. “I’m not being a very good whore to you, am I? It’s all just so…distracting.”

“You’re perfect, Baby,” he assured her softly. “You’re Daddy’s special whore. You’re the most beautiful whore Daddy’s ever seen.”

“Oh god, Daddy, I love you so much,” she hissed. Then she turned around to kiss him with a voracious hunger, while her hand found the raging hard on still trapped inside his pants.

“Baby, look,” he said.

The woman was on her knees now, pulling down the young man’s briefs. His cock was already lifting and swelling, and the woman began stroking his shaft while she cupped his heavy balls in the other hand. His cock grew steadily, and the woman finally took the tip inside her mouth, sucking and stroking his flesh at the same time.

“You like watching her suck his cock, don’t you,” Benny whispered to his daughter.

“God, yes,” she hissed back.

They were angled toward each other now. Carla watched the spectacle like a hawk. Benny wasn’t nearly as interested in the couple center stage as he was in his daughter’s heated reaction to them. He slipped his hand back under her dress and massaged her aching pussy. Her lips felt incredibly slick and pliant, her nectar flowing hard enough to saturate her strong upper thighs as well as his fingers.

The naked young man in the middle of the headlights was beginning to breathe deeply, his cock soaking wet and rippling with hardness as the woman made a show of lashing his stalk with her fluttering tongue. She said something unintelligible to him, and he sank to the mat and lay back. She then knelt over his face, spreading her pussy with her fingers as she lowered onto his mouth.

Benny slid his finger deeper into his daughter’s slick channel. She whimpered and her knees almost buckled. He ground his throbbing cock against her body as he began a maddeningly calm fingerfuck.

Around the circle, whores were stroking or sucking their aroused clients. The few other men without whores were openly stroking themselves while the woman in the center ground her open pussy on the young man’s mouth and massaged her weighty tits.

“That’s gonna be you and me,” Benny quietly told his daughter. “You’ll ride my face just like that, while I fuck your sweet pussy with my tongue.”

“Yes, Daddy, just like that,” Carla sighed, rolling her hips against the steady pump of his finger.

The woman ignored most of her audience, clearly unimpressed. She kept glancing over at Benny and Carla, though, and Benny knew it was because there was something strikingly different about them. She made eye contact with Carla, and made it clear she noticed the movement of his hand under her dress.

Benny had never been much of a voyeur or exhibitionist, but the whole, crazy situation they were in was making his cock pulse with a needful heat he’d never imagined. He untied his drawstring with his free hand, letting them pool around his ankles. Then he shoved his boxer briefs below his cock. He took his daughter’s hand and placed it on his marble shaft.

Carla took in a quick breath of surprise and readily encircled her father’s dripping cock with her hand.

“She’s watching us,” she whispered. Then the woman bent forward and took her partner’s cock back in her mouth while he continued laving her pussy with his tongue.

Carla rolled her thumb around her father’s oozing cockhead and smeared his precum along his hard shaft. He whispered her name as her hand explored his hard shape. He felt weak and invincible at the same time. He pumped several f***eful strokes into her pussy, letting her know just how he was feeling.

He swiftly pulled his finger from her sheath and brought it to her supple lips. He smeared them with her own nectar and kissed her, deep and ravenous. She whimpered into his mouth and brought her other hand to his strutting cock, grazing his thick flesh with both.

“Baby, you taste so sweet,” he told her. “Let’s get out of here. Go back to the boat.”

“I can’t wait that long,” she said. “Besides, I want to see them fuck.”

Carla then sank down and gripped her father’s massive hard on at the root and brought her lips to his slick, oozing knob. Benny all but forgot what was happening in the center when he saw his beautiful daughter’s lips part and form a ring around the dome of his aching cock.

“Fffffuck,” he hissed. Her tongue rolled deftly around the shape of his cockhead. She gradually sucked him deeper, her tongue swirling while her hand made short stroking motions along the rest of his shaft.

Carla gazed up at her father’s face as she sucked his pulsing cock, but her eyes kept darting toward the couple on the mat, too. When Benny looked over, he saw the woman had reared up straight, riding her partners face while she stroked his cock with one hand and one of her own breasts with the other.

The woman was watching Carla suck her father’s enormous cock. Benny could tell the others were watching them, too, as if they’d become part of the show. He didn’t care who saw them now. They were all total strangers, and by now he felt as proud of his bold, beautiful daughter as he felt anxious to bury his raging cock deep inside her clasping pussy.

The woman kept her eye on them as she moved off her partner’s face, straddling his hips in a reverse cowgirl position. Carla turned her head to watch them, keeping her hand in steady motion along her father’s rigid shank.

Benny watched his daughter’s other hand slip under her dress to massage her pussy while she watched the woman grip her partner’s cock and grind the tip into her open pussy. She sank lower onto his cock, and they began a concerted grinding of both their hips, the young man pumping his shaft into the woman from below, while the woman rocked and rode his flesh.

Benny gripped Carla by the shoulders and guided her back to her feet. Leaving his pants and briefs in a pile on the bare cement, he led Carla by the wrist toward the bench. The deeply tanned, silver haired man was now sitting with his pants around his ankles while his pretty young whore sucked his cock.

The silver haired man turned to look at Carla’s face as she gripped the back of the bench. Carla glanced at him quickly, then at the whore with her mouth full his cock. The whore looked back at Carla with an unreadable look in her eyes. Then Carla returned her attention to the center where the sweaty, swarthy-skinned couple grunted through their straining fuck.

Benny lifted the bottom of Carla’s dress over her hips.

“Your ass is fucking perfect,” he said softly, almost to himself.

He laid his fat cock in the cleft between his daughter’s cheeks, spreading and kneading her firm spheres with both hands. Carla uttered a soft gasp and rolled her hips, inviting him to take anything he wanted.

Benny gripped his cock in one hand, squeezing himself hard, forcing his precum to ooze as he smeared his slippery knob across his daughter’s puckered rim. He spent a few moments relishing the feel of his cock sliding between her cheeks, feeling the tautly textured knot of her rimhole against his throbbing shaft.

He finally grabbed his shaft again, and angled the tip against her wet, yielding slit. She rolled her hips against the nudge of his blunt dome, and then her entire body held still while he urged his cock deeper. He watched his overheated flesh gradually disappear into her snug sheath. His hands explored her hips, her thighs and ass, savoring the silken touch of her skin.

Benny held still a moment inside her, letting the reality sink through the layers of intoxication and lust. He felt her hand reach between her thighs as her long fingers caressed his balls. Her hips began to rock gently, and he could hear her breath grow raspy.

He glanced at the couple in the center. The woman was riding her partner’s cock with steady purpose. Her flesh-filled pussy was completely open to her audience. She was beginning to cry and moan. Benny couldn’t tell how much of her lust was real and how much was just a good performance, but he was past the point of caring. He knew his own groans of pleasure, as well as those of his beautiful daughter, were as real as the hard cement they were standing on.

He reared back, drawing his cock out of Carla’s pussy until only the head was tightly ensconced in her aperture. He felt her fingers play around her honey-slathered lips, exploring the juncture of their straining bodies. She looked back over her shoulder. She grinned, closed her eyes and gnawed her bottom lip.

Benny rocked his hips forward, filling his daughter’s hot channel with the full length of his inflamed cock. Her fingers raked at his balls, rolling them against her engorged clit. It felt like their bodies had been made to fit together, like a key in a lock.

He drew backward and thrust again. Something like a half growl, half purr rose from Carla’s throat, and he began rocking himself in and out of her. Sensation reverberated through his body.

Carla uttered soft gasping grunts with each of her father’s sweeping thrusts. She was magnificent, and Benny was only now seeing the reality of the dream he’d always known was true. The man on the bench was paying as much attention to her as the show and his whore. Even his whore was drawn to her, watching Carla’s rapt face as she sucked the man’s cock.

The woman center stage dismounted her partner’s cock and knelt between his knees. She alternated between sucking and stroking him, darting more and more glances in Carla and Benny’s direction as time went by.

One of the men on the other side of the circle grunted loudly as the whore kneeling beside him jerked his cum onto the pavilion floor. It wasn’t long before two or three others followed.

The man center stage grunted and raised his hips while his beautiful, swarthy partner looked straight at Carla as she milked his cum onto her quaking breasts.

Benny was thrusting into Carla’s clasping sheath with hard, rapid shoves. He was huffing for air as deeply as she. Suddenly, the man on the bench cried out. Carla turned to watch him fill the whore’s mouth with his cum, while Benny was more interested in watching her watch them.

She felt like she was shuddering from inside, and Benny pounded his throbbing stalk into her as the need to spatter her full of his cum consumed him. That’s when he saw the woman walking toward them, leaving her partner spent on the mat.

The older, darker woman took Carla’s face in her hands without a shred of reluctance and kissed her hard and long. Then she held her heavy breasts out with her hands, offering them for Carla to suckle while she watched Benny heave and thrust.

Carla suddenly let loose a chorus of groans and whimpers muffled in the fullness of the woman’s damp breasts. Her pussy clenched and flushed as she came against her father’s hard driving cock.

Benny felt his balls tighten as he saw his daughter nuzzle the woman’s lush breasts. The woman finally walked around the bench and stood beside him. She clutched his rocking ass with one hand and toyed at one of his nipples with the other.

“I remember you,” she said. Then she drove her fingers into the cleft between his cheeks and fingered his rim, massaging without trying to enter.

Benny couldn’t control the deep, wailing gasp that rose from his throat as his cock exploded with spasms. He would’ve sworn his soul was pouring into his daughter’s lurching body. The rocking pulse of his release tore through his entire body, until it felt as if he and his own, beautiful daughter were reduced to nothing but raw flesh and oozing cum. That, and an unfamiliar sense of perfect serenity deep inside.

He looked at the woman, unable to form words.

“You must come see me before you leave again. You and the girl,” she told him. Then she walked away, stopping to pick up her robe and casting one last glance back at Carla and Benny before walking off into the darkness beyond the headlights.

Benny withdrew from Carla’s body and drew her up to him. She felt limp, but she was smiling as if in a waking dream.

“That was…,” she crumpled against him and he held her.

He pushed her hair away from her face and kissed her with tender need. They were sated, but only for now. He knew the fire they’d ignited would only burn hotter as they tended and nurtured the flames.

“Yes it was,” he told her. “And so much more.”

“I love you so much,” she whispered against his shirt.

Despite the incredible exertion they’d experienced, despite the gentle pitch of the boat in its mooring, neither Benny nor Carla could sl**p. They lay pasted to each other’s naked body.

When they’d gotten back to the boat, the wharf seemed completely desolate, and they’d stripped naked on deck and showered together with the hose. Then they went straight to Benny’s spacious cabin, where they climbed into his bed. But it was no longer his bed. It was theirs, and not a word needed to be spoken about it.

Carla’s head rested on her father’s chest as she tucked herself under his long, thick arm. Her smooth, warm thigh nuzzled against his cock. She loved the way his arm felt encircling her, keeping her close. She closed her lips around his tight nipple and gave it a slow, savoring suck. When she released it, she touched the spot with her finger and trailed her saliva over his skin.

“No one’s ever fucked me like that,” she said calmly.

“Baby? I’m not sure I’m ready to hear about other men fucking you.”

Carla giggled in reply and nipped playfully at his nipple.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that,” he went on. “Nothing changes the fact I’m still your father, and it’s my natural instinct to want to beat the crap out of anyone who wants to try.”

“Mmm, my daddy, my champion,” she cooed happily. “And now my lover. Well, at least I can tell you I haven’t done that much. Probably not like you think, and definitely not as much as most of my friends.”

“That’s not exactly comforting after hearing your little story about Tonya,” he drawled wryly. “But since we’re making confessions here, I’ve never fucked like that, either. I mean…not like…”

“I know, Daddy.

Carla’s pussy began tingling with fresh waves of sensation as she thought of her gorgeous father bending her over that bench and fucking her with the biggest, hardest cock she’d ever seen. And in front of all those people. It was like he was proving his turf, showing everyone she was not up sale to the highest bidder, that she belonged to him.

“Do I belong to you now?” she asked, a slight tremor of anticipation in her voice.

With her thigh lightly brushing against his ballsac, she let her fingers play across the warmth of his cock. He was already growing thicker, with a small bead of sap forming at the tip.

“Only if you really want that as much as I do,” he said.

“I think you know I do.”

Her father’s cock grew steadily under her caressing fingers, and her pussy practically shivered in response.

“There’s a reason I asked you to come live with me here,” Benny told her. “It’s not like I expected all this. We’ve never had enough time together. I just felt this need to have you close.”

He lifted her face and leaned forward to kiss her. Her mouth was eager to accept his tongue, while she curled her hand around his thickening shaft. His hand slipped over her breast pillowed against his body. He found her swelling nipple and rolled the warm knot in his fingers.

Carla was even more excited now to feel her father’s cock swell to throbbing as she stroked him. She knew she was secure with him. His simmering need was only for her and not because of the wild, spontaneous adventure they’d shared under that pavilion in the rainforest. She knew sex wasn’t their bond, but they’d never be able to seal it any other way.

Now her father’s hand found its way along her body to her aching pussy, his large fingers sliding along her wet lips. She raised her outer thigh, savoring his bold touch with a moan he swallowed greedily.

The pad of one, large finger rolled back and forth across her clit, forcing the sensitive nub to stand at full attention. Then his fingers searched between her distended folds to delve inside her sheath. She arched against his hand and pumped her hand harder up and down his rigid cock as his precum soaked her fingers.

When he finally broke the kiss he left her feeling breathless. His lips explored her neck while he slid two of his fingers through her wet slit.

“Oh fuck, Daddy, yes…” she crooned when she felt her hot nipples f***efully sucked into his mouth. His tongue swirled around each hard knot as he sucked them, his fingers never missing a stroke.

Her father’s body was moving again. He repositioned himself as he tasted his way to her smooth mound. Her slender thighs parted and his tongue readily found her dripping cleft. He licked from her clit to her rimhole, driving ragged, whimpering gasps from her chest.

His enormous cock was no more than inches from her face. She gripped him with her hand and found herself studying his imposing stalk while his tongue sent waves of delirium through her body with every swipe and probe.

Carla’s tongue finally flashed out and swiped at the dollop of precum clinging to the tip of her father’s cock. Then again to follow the ridge of his dome, until she couldn’t resist taking his silky textured tip into her moist mouth. His meat pulsed wildly against her swishing tongue. The deeper she sucked him, the more desperate his groans became.

Benny never relented in his deep attention to his daughter’s frothing hot pussy. Her lips and tongue trailed over every vein and contour of his hard shank. She finally held him tightly in her fist while she explored the shape of his balls with her eager tongue. He fucked desperately into her hand when she suckled each of his nuts. The musky masculine taste was almost enough to make her cum.

But Benny was moving again, climbing into position above his daughter with his burning cockshaft dragging over her swollen pussy. He held himself over her on his long, tensed arms, his entire mouth smeared with her honey.

“I need you more than I’ve ever needed anything,” he told her, his voice edged with husky urgency.

“I need it, too, my Daddy, my darling,” she said, looking up at his face while she reached between them with both hands. She gripped his raging cock in one, plugging him into her pussy while splaying open her wet lips with the other. “Just give it to me, Daddy. I need it. Give me that hard fucking cock.”

Carla felt herself come alive all over again when she saw the flash of lust pass through her father’s eyes. He liked hearing her talk that way, and she was ecstatic over what it did to him.

His thick rod nudged deeper, gradually filling her tight channel. Just when she was sure he was going to start pounding her like a limp rag doll, he lowered onto his elbows and faced her, sliding his long cock in and out of her pussy with maddeningly slow but rhythmic strokes. It felt more like he was massaging her pussy from inside than fucking. It was like no other sensation she’d felt.

“Do you know you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever been with?” he said, raking his thumb across her lips. She could taste her own pussy there.

All Carla could do was sigh deeply, rolling her hips against the patient stroking of his cock. She’d always known how much women liked her father. It had been enough to erode his relationship with her mother. She’d always thought her mother gave up too easily, but Carla had long ago promised herself she wouldn’t make that same mistake. She’d do whatever it took to make him prize her above any other.

He kissed her hard enough to push her head against the pillow. His broad chest crushed against her lush breasts as he continued his slow, steady fuck. She clutched at his ass, and marveled at how hard his cheeks felt.

“I want to please you so much,” she finally managed to rasp as he released her mouth. “I’ll do anything. I just want you to love me. And fuck me. And love me. And fuck…”

“I always have,” he cut her off.

“Oh god, Daddy, you’re driving me crazy like this. You’re gonna make me cum.”

Then he thrust a little harder, and a little harder again. In less than a dozen strokes he was pumping her hard enough to rock her forward a little each time. She started beating loose fists against his rocking ass while her entire existence felt like it was suddenly rushing to the center of her clit.

“I wanna taste you when you cum,” she hissed as her body shuddered through her climax.

She seemed to lose the next few seconds, and opened her eyes to find him straddling her chest, his huge, wet cock strutting arrogantly in her face.

“Is this what you really want?” He looked down at her with a serious gaze.

“Shut up, Daddy,” she cooed as her mouth enclosed his cockhead.

His throbbing flesh tasted strongly of her pussy. Carla knew her own taste intimately. She’d licked herself off her fingers a thousand times, but nothing had ever prepared her for the way it felt to suck her own dew from her father’s astonishing cock. He stroked carefully into her mouth, in quick, short thrusts, and he finally uttered a strangled roar when his cum exploded in hot jets across her tongue.

Carla sucked his froth without a shred of reluctance, swallowing him as if she could keep him inside her always.

He was dazed when he finally lay alongside her, nuzzling her neck while resting his hand between her breasts.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly.

“I’ve never been this okay in my whole life.”

It was the last thing she said before her eyes closed and she fell into a deep sl**p.

By the time the first orange band of the coming sunrise was forming on the horizon, Benny was in the wheelhouse, setting the boat on a westerly course. He knew Carla wouldn’t sl**p much longer with the engine running the way it was.

He didn’t know how she’d react to waking up to discover they were already moving on toward a destination he hadn’t even told her about, but he was looking forward to her eventual appearance.

He didn’t know what he would say. All he knew was he had the entire world to show her, and there was no better time to start than now.

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