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My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 19: Katie's Naughty Wee

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 19
Katie's Naughty Weekend

Heavy snow had fallen over the Kansas City metro with four inches already on the ground with more on the way. With the impeding blizzard Mrs. Jackson wanted to grab some groceries for the weekend. The hot wife felt the stare from many men, even those shopping with their wives, at the stores she visited. She was dressed in a black sweater, a tight pair of blue jean jeggings with black leather boots. The jeggings, tucked into her boots, made her fit legs look even longer. A black leather jacket completed her outfit as her brown hair flowed in the wind of the pending snowstorm. The hot wife couldn't help but smile at the looks she received.

Her c***dren were at a play date with Sofia Martinez's c***dren after school and her husband was off in New York for a weekend business meeting. As the sexy wife drove home she tried to focus on what she should make that evening for dinner but she couldn't help but feel the wetness between her legs. She glanced down at her watch. She wanted to spend sometime alone before the k**s needed to be picked up. Just the thought of lying naked on the bed, a quiet house, and her fingers made her panties become saturated with her juices. It seemed she constantly wanted sex from Fred but he was always working long hours to make ends meet. The hot wife still hadn't found a job in the horrible economy, although at her husband's urging, she had submitted her application to participate in the Mrs. Missouri pageant. Fred was very excited to have her enter the contest and told her he had no doubts she was going to win. It made her feel so good that Fred had so much confidence in her. She wanted to win, not only for herself, but for him as well to reward him for working hard as it was going to be expensive to travel and do the things required for the pageant.

Her husband was tired when he got home from work daily and the stress that came with the long hours took a toll on him. She didn't blame him for being tired as she remembered the days when they both worked and how they were never spontaneous but that was before everything changed on that afternoon. The wife couldn't wait to feel her husband's cock explode in her mouth and reward her with his hot sperm. When she picked him up at the airport on Sunday maybe she should devour him in the parking garage. Just thinking of doing something so naughty made her pussy tremble.

She tried to clear her mind on what she could do this weekend without her husband. Maybe just curl up on the couch in front of the fireplace with a good book while the k**s played outside or a nice glass of wine as she watched it snow. No matter how hard she tried to get it out of her mind; her thoughts came back to getting fucked. She wanted her husband to do her hard from behind; ram his thumb up her ass; f***e his cock down her throat and have him squirt his cum down her throat.

Katie drove down the interstate and off to the side of the road she saw the sign for the adult theatre where Fred took her last year. Her face felt flushed at the thought of what she had done. Never in her wildest dreams would she have done what she did; but yet her husband encouraged her. Butterflies jumped in her stomach as she remembered the night and how she gave her husband a blowjob in front of everyone; how the men jacked off as they watched her; how she loved every second of it.

She swallowed hard as she felt her own juices seep into her panties. She slowed as she passed a car accident and thought it looked like her friend Sheila. The same friend who was now fucking her obese neighbor Phil. The well hung man hadn't called but Sheila was always over at his house at least two to three times a week for the past month. Katie could only imagine what the disgusting neighbor was making her do. She quickly turned off the interstate, against her better judgment, and pulled into the adult bookstore's parking lot.

Her mind focused on one thing as she stared at the entrance as she tried to get the nerve to go inside. She pulled out her purse and counted her money; she didn't want to be short. She definitely didn't want to use a credit or debit card. Katie felt the moisture between her legs as her body knew what it wanted. She glanced into the mirror and took a deep breath and slowly let it out. She quickly told herself that this was normal and this was why they have stores that carry items like she wanted. She opened the door to her SUV and walked inside. Her denim jeggings clung to her ass; her black boots were about calf level with her pants tucked neatly inside of them. Her small perfect breasts poked out of her sweater as her leather jacket clung to her shoulders.

As soon as she entered; she immediately felt the stare of a few men who were looking at the movies and magazines. Katie didn't make eye contact but swayed her ass as she walked in. The sound of her boots echoed as she strolled across the tile floor. She glanced at the doors to the theater where she allowed a guy to use her feet to jack off as the butterflies soared in her stomach and felt her own wetness in her lace panties.

Her eyes darted around the store as she spied the large pink dildo on the display shelf. The same one she had looked at with Fred. He asked her then if they should buy it but she said it was too big; but that was before Phil had blackmailed her and gave her a taste of his massive cock. She pulled the box off the shelf. It was bigger than she remembered and her juices continued to flow. The hot wife walked directly to the counter and laid it down.

The female clerk didn’t say anything but just rang up the purchase. Although she felt nervous, Katie was sure the clerk had seen things she never dreamed of. She quickly paid with cash as the clerk placed her purchases into a sack. Katie stuffed the change into her pants pocket and was out the door and back in her SUV. She quickly started it, sat back and gave a sigh of relief. She pulled the box from the sack and scrambled to open it. The hot wife pulled it from the package as she wrapped her small delicate fingers around it. The dildo was at least 12 inches long with a large base. The texture felt like a real cock. The girth was bigger than Phil's and definitely bigger than her husband's. Katie's hand rubbed over her crotch and couldn't wait to get home for an afternoon filled with pure naughtiness. Her pussy trembled at the thought of ramming the fake cock into her while lying naked on her bed.

Mrs. Jackson was soon on the interstate and drove as quickly as possible in the blizzard. Her cell phone rang but she didn't want to be distracted as the storm increased in severity. Her cell phone rang again and again but she continued to ignore the calls.

She arrived home safely, quickly unloaded and put away her groceries. She glanced down at her watch and knew she still had a few hours before the k**s would be dropped off which was more than enough time to satisfy her hot desires.

She kicked off her boots by the front door and darted upstairs. Katie's hand shook as she pulled off her sweater and slid off her jeggings. The hot wife quickly pulled off her moist panties and jumped into bed. She reached into the sack as she pulled out the large dildo and wrapped her fingers around it. Her other hand darted between her legs and began to flick her fingers across her perfect folds of her pussy. She held the cock up to her lips as she f***ed the fake cock past them. It filled her mouth like no other cock as her fingers entered into her wet love canal. The hot wife thought of her husband and wished he was home but as she pressed the cock further into her mouth, as she wished it was real, the vision of her well endowed neighbor's cock entering her mouth was all she could concentrate on.

The horny wife spread her legs wide as she pulled the saliva covered cock from her mouth and pressed it against her vagina. Slowly she felt the head press into her opening as she moaned loudly in her empty house. Her hands shook as she grabbed the cock with both hands and slowly f***ed it deeper into her.

The phone rang again as the cock was barely inside of her. Mrs. Jackson sighed at the distraction. Maybe her husband was stuck in the snow? Maybe something happened to the k**s? Without looking at the caller ID, she quickly answered, "Hello?"

"It's about time you answered!" Sheila screamed into the phone.

"Hi to you to," as she pulled the cock out of her.

"Katie, I need your help!" The hot wife knew immediately what the buxom manager was talking about but she was determined to not get involved.

Katie let out a sarcastic laugh, "I've helped you enough Sheila."

"You don't understand," the buxom manger said with desperation in her voice.

Mrs. Jackson sighed long into the phone, "What now?"

"I'm sure you've seen that I've been over at Phil's a couple of times. He wanted me to give him a ride to the hospital and on the way he had me make some stops at the bank for him," a distinct panic was heard in the manger's voice which was not like her.

"So," was Katie's only response.

The big breasted manager explained further, "He had me deposit checks that were from the State of Missouri but they were payable to Maureen Dorman. Do you know if that's his wife? Is he still married?"

Katie perked up. That did sound strange, "She died a few years ago. Are you sure?" as sat up in bed. Her hands still shook as she held the dildo.

"Yes! I looked at it while in the drive thru and he got really upset with me and told me to mind my own business," she continued to explain.

The hot wife looked at her new toy as she gripped it in her hand, "What do you want me to do about it?" Katie wondered how it would feel to have such a large object stuffed completely into her.

"Do you think he's doing a something i*****l? I mean," Sheila paused, "with your banking experience does it sound strange he would have these checks? Would I be in trouble?"

Mrs. Jackson tossed the toy in the middle of the bed, "Maybe. I wouldn't put it past him," Katie thought back to her training at The Bank of the West when they talked about Thomas Parkin. He was a man who lived on the east coast who kept the state thinking his mother was still alive so he could collect her benefits. The bank gave a long training exercise about him so that it wouldn't happen in any of their branches. She looked out the bedroom window towards Phil's house, "I always wondered how he could stay in the house next to us after she died."

"So you'll help me then?" the buxom manager begged.

"What do you want me to do Sheila? Why don't you stop going over there?" Katie cringed at what she just said. It made her sound jealous of what she was doing.

"He has an appointment at 3:00," Sheila explained, "I can't pick him up so he's catching a ride with his lawyer or something. I need you to go over and see if you can find a check or something."

"You want me to go over when he's not home?" Katie was flabbergasted that her friend would ask such a thing.

"It's not like I can snoop around his house when I'm there," she retorted.

"Why can't you do it now?" questioned the hot wife.

"I have a meeting with the board today. Besides with your banking background you would know what to look for; I wouldn't have any idea," rationalized her friend.

The hot wife was instantly perturbed at her old friend. Maybe it had something to do with that Sheila couldn't do it because of her job. The same job she threw in her face when they were both over at Phil, “I don't think so. You are on your own." Katie hung up the phone and tossed it on the bed.

The phone rang again and Katie refused to answer. She grabbed her new toy and laid back down. It rang again and again. Instead of just unplugging it from the wall she picked it up and pressed a button, "Sheila I'm not doing this!"

After a short pause, "Wouldn't it be horrible if Fred found out about you and Phil?"

"You wouldn't dare!" the hot wife scolded, "Besides he wouldn't believe you anyway."

"I'll have Phil confess to him. If I just let him fuck my ass or cum in my mouth; he'll do whatever I want," Sheila confidently stated into the phone.

The hot wife paused and she pondered her situation,” Well I need a job."

"What are you saying Katie?"

"I help you; you help me. You get me a decent paying job at the hospital. Not some crappy secretary job."

Katie heard Sheila sigh, "Okay, but I can't make any promises. I will go down to human resources and I'll see what I can do for you."

"Okay, and I'll let you know," retorted Katie.

Sheila was overjoyed, "Thank you thank you thank you! He should be leaving in a half hour for his therapy appointment. Call me when you get home."

Katie shook her head in disbelief that she would agree to something like this. But if she could get a job out of doing this then it may be worth it. Maybe Sheila could use whatever information she could find to stop Phil from blackmailing them. She threw her new toy into the dresser drawer as she quickly got dressed.

The hot wife paced in front of the window as she watched as Norman William's Lexus SUV pulled into Phil's driveway. She knew it wouldn’t be long. Mrs. Jackson went into the den and grabbed a flash drive from her computer and within 20 minutes, just as Sheila said, Phil and Norman backed out into the snow covered street and drove away.

The hot wife was quickly out the door leaving her footprints in the snow. She ran up the front steps and knocked on the front door to be sure nobody was home. She glanced down the street as she tried the door handle but it was locked. She ran around to the backdoor and it was locked as well, "Shit!" Katie exclaimed.

Snow coated her hair as the intensity of the storm increased. She peeked in the window next to the backdoor and the latch appeared to be open. She pressed the window trying in vain to lift it. Suddenly the glass shattered and fell onto the ground, "Fuck!" escaped Katie's lips.

She glanced around, and not seeing anyone, she reached in and unlocked the back door. She opened it and darted inside. She spied a pile of bills on the kitchen table. She looked through them but nothing jumped out at her as being odd. The hot wife quickly moved from room to room looking for anything that could show if Phil was involved getting improper benefits from the state.

She bolted upstairs and into his den. The same room where she was fucked by Phil and sucked Norman's cock.

She flipped through paperwork next to his computer and discovered pages of pages that were sent to the state that were signed Maureen Dorman. It became fairly obvious that Phil was making it look as though Maureen was still alive and collecting her benefits. She had seen similar documents while working for Bank of the West during her training films.

Katie quickly scanned the documents into the computer. As the computer hummed along she looked around the room; the same room where she was nailed from behind by Phil while she devoured his lawyers cock. The hot wife inserted her flash drive into the computer and began saving the documents she had scanned in.

The hot wife looked in folders on the computers desktop and located more evidence including conversations he had saved with representatives with the Department of Revenue. It was obvious he wanted to keep his stories straight with the different agencies. She directed them to her flash drive as well.

As it was saving the information she clicked on other folders. Phil had thousands of adult movies and pictures. He had subfolders that were labeled 'anal', 'facials', 'double penetration', and even 'triple penetration'. More and more subfolders of porn Phil had broken down to categories. The hot wife opened each one and her stomach turned at the site of beautiful women getting filled by large cocks. She began to transfer moves and pictures onto her flash drive as well. Another subfolder was labeled 'Katie'. Her heart sank as she opened it. It was photos of her outside with her f****y, working in the yard, and even naked pictures taken from Phil's window using his camera into her own bedroom. The wife felt violated but knew better then to delete them.

The horny wife came upon a file labeled 'Sheila'. Katie gasped as she found videos and pictures of the old man fucking the buxom manager. It looked like a web cam, and judging by Sheila’s face, done without her knowledge. She examined each picture intently saving files every so often.

The sound of the front door opened echoed in the house. She froze in fear as she quickly piled the documents on the table where she found them, as the door then shut. Voices could be heard downstairs and she walked half ways down the stairs leaving the flash drive in the computer. She glanced back towards the computer screen and information was still being saved onto the drive.

She heard Phil's voice echo from down below, "It'll be hard for Mike to get here if it keeps snowing like this,"

Norman's voice trailed, "What time are is he coming over?"

Ś:30 or 7:00," Phil's husky voice echoed through the house.

The old lawyer friend asked, "What time is the entertainment arriving?"

Phil chuckled, "Nine o'clock but I'll be she'll have to cancel because.. What the fuck??!" hollered Phil.

The hot wife cringed as she knew Phil just discovered the broken window. She looked around frantically for an exit but she knew there was only one way out and both men were at the bottom of the steps.

"I bet it was those damn k**s screwing around by my house," Phil yelled as he opened the back door.

Silence fell into the house as she heard Norman whisper, "The floor's wet."

Katie took a deep breath as she tiptoed further down the stairs. She came around the corner as she saw Phil and Norman as they both inspected the broken window. The melted snow puddles on the floor lead right to the steps to go upstairs. Mrs. Jackson knew it wouldn't be long before they found her. She took a deep breath as she walked around the corner, "I'm sorry about your window."

Both men jumped at Katie's voice, "What the hell are you doing here?" Phil grimaced.

"I'm sorry!" the hot wife replied as she retreated to the front door.

Phil grabbed the phone from the counter and handed it to Norman as he walked closer to his lovely neighbor, "Call the police Norman! Tell them we've caught a thieving little bitch!"

"Wait!" Katie shrieked as she turned around, "I didn't take anything! It's not like that!"

"What the hell are you doing here? What did you take?" as Phil grabbed her arm, "Why the hell did you break my window?"

"It's not like that!" Katie pulled away not knowing what else to do or say.

"Why the hell would you break out my window?" Phil yelled as snow was coming in through the broken glass as he grabbed a hold of the biceps of her arm.

Katie thought for a moment as both men stared at her. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. She couldn’t believe Sheila had talked her into this. Her mind was blank.

"Let's just call the police Phil and let them handle this," Norman replied.

"Please don't call them," Katie pleaded.

Phil's face reddened, "I can't believe you robbed me! What the hell did you take?"

Phil began to pad her pockets with his plump hands. He reached into her pocket and pulled a couple of twenty dollar bills from her purchase at the adult bookstore. He held the cash up in the air, "Didn't take anything? You fucking little thief!" as coins from her pocket rolled onto the floor.

Katie tried to take it from him, "That's mine! I went shopping earlier!"

He laughed as he mocked his neighbor, "Sure it is..." as Phil also grabbed her cell phone from the same pocket.

Norman quickly dialed 911, "Yes we need to report a burglary," he spoke into the phone and walked out of the room. Phil's face was red from anger as he stared at the hot wife.

Tears welled up in Katie's eyes. She was so mad at herself getting talked into this by Sheila. She knew better that to trust her old boss and friend.

Norman walked back in and tossed the phone onto the table "They are on their way Phil."

"Good," he replied as he kept a tight grip on her arm.

"They said it could take awhile because of the storm," Norman explained as he tried to cover the window with a piece of cardboard.

"Sit down!" Phil ordered the sexy neighbor as he pushed her down onto the sofa, "It's going to be awhile."

Katie immediately put her head into her hands, "Please just let me go home."

The old neighbor laughed, "Are you serious? You steal from me and you want me to let you go home?"

Both men stood before the hot neighbor and watched her as they waited for the police to arrive. Phil's cell phone rang loudly on the table. He looked down at the caller ID and over at Norman, "I knew this was coming." He quickly picked it up, "Hello?" he answered as he left the room.

Katie turned to Norman, "Please let me go; it's not the way it looks. I just thought," trying to think of something to tell him.

Phil stormed back into the room, "I told you she would cancel tonight."

Norman looked back at Phil, "I'm sure Mike will be disappointed. It's his last weekend before being deployed isn't it?"

"Yeah for another year," the old man glanced out the window, "Fucking weather."

Phil stared at Katie for a few moments, "Norman could you do me a favor and use the snow blower on the driveway? Mike will be here in a few hours and my back is aching."

"Sure, I'll get it opened up," he looked over at his friend as he put on his coat, "Don't do anything stupid."

"When the cops show up; just tell them to come in," Phil instructed Norman but as soon as the door shut Phil turned towards his sexy neighbor, "Now, why did you really break in?"

"It was just..," her mind raced for an excuse, "I saw it was broken and wanted to make sure nobody was breaking in." Her face cringed as she said it knowing it probably sounded as stupid as it sounded.

Phil laughed as he walked over to the window, opened the door and looked out, "Only one set of foot prints!" as he pointed towards the ground. He held up his phone and snapped some pictures before Norman used the snow blower. He slammed the door shut as he grabbed the cardboard and repositioned it to keep snow from blowing in. He held up his phone, "The cops will need these photos as they'll be covered by the time they get here. He walked into the living room and stood above the hard bodied wife, "I'm waiting for your reason."

Her demeanor suddenly changed as a thought entered her mind to get away from him, "I just..," the hot wife knew she couldn't reveal her true intentions. He would without a doubt shred, delete, or throw away anything that implicated his fraud, "Our house payment was due and I needed money."

Katie soon had tears flowing down her face. Her hazel eyes glistened wetly and she sobbed, "I'm sorry, Mr. Dorman. Really I am. Please try to understand. The house payment was due and I didn't know what to do."

"So you rob me?" Phil scolded her, "How many times have you done this?"

"Only this once!" Katie cried. "I swear it! Mr. Dorman, please don't think I'm a thief!"

"When somebody steals, they're a thief," he said flatly.

Katie felt herself losing ground fast. Maybe this wasn't the right approach to take, "How can I make you understand?" she pleaded.

"There's nothing to understand," Phil said.

Katie felt whipped. She heaved a sigh of resignation. "What are you going to do?"

"What else?" Phil said with a shrug, "Make a report to the police"

Katie gasped, "Please! I'm begging you! I made a mistake! Please call them back!"

The old man stared at her for a few minutes and crossed his flabby arms, "Well, what can you do for me?"

"What do you mean?" Katie asked as she looked up at him. Her mascara had turned her cheeks to a blackened mess.

"My nephew is coming over tonight and our entertainment can't make it because of the weather," the old man confessed.

"What? You want me to be a stripper?" she fumed.

"No, I just want you to attend dinner with me. e****ts do more than just strip or fuck!" Dorman's laughter filled the room, "Would you rather have the other option?" grinned the horny old neighbor

Panic seized Katie, and her heart pounded crazily behind her small perfect tits. "No, of course not."

His eyes ran over her brunette hair, pretty face, sexy mouth and small jutting tits. His arms still crossed across his flabby chest as he awaited her response.

She looked up at his white greasy hair, naughty eyes, and grinning mouth. "What do you want me to do?" she asked weakly.

Dorman laughed at his neighbor, "I just want a lady to hang out with me tonight. We're going to have a nice dinner and just visit. Let's just say you can be my date."

Katie shuddered at his proposition. Lies filled her mind of what she could tell Phil, "I can't. Fred and the k**s will be home."

Phil thought for a moment, "I'm sure you'll make time," he said with a sigh. "knowing what the alternatives are."

The hot wife knew her husband would be gone. Who could possibly watch her c***dren, maybe the Lee's next door could watch them?

Phil smiled broadly as he sat down next to her and pulled her closer feeling her small body in his hands. "You know I really missed you."

Without even looking at him, "I'll do anything. Please," Katie begged, "Please don't report me."

"Anything? It's quite a burden to work off don't you think?" grinned Phil.

"I made a mistake," Katie looked over meekly at the old man.

Phil leaned into her as his lips puckered. The hot wife looked at him with fear as she extended her hand and stopped him from getting closer.

"Hmmmm, I don't think you are serious about anything," Phil exclaimed as he pulled back, "I don't think you've realized the consequences of your actions."

Katie moved her hand down to her side as Dorman grinned from ear to ear as he whispered, "That's better". He leaned cautiously forward as the old man fully expected the hot wife to move back or raise her hand again but she didn't move. He continued forward until he pressed his fat lips against Katie's small perfect mouth.

Dorman pressed his lips harder against the sexy wife's as he kept massaging them. His large nose pressed hers backwards. Katie, much to Phil's surprise, equaled his kiss and moaned into his slobbering mouth. The hot wife's stomach turned while they were lip locked. Her hands moved to the side of his face where she ran her fingers through what little hair he had left. Their lips remained locked as his fat tongue flipped in and out of her mouth.

Katie continued do the unthinkable as she returned his wet kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck tightly. Moans of protest were now groans of pleasure as she whimpered into his open mouth. Her tongue licked the underside of his, her face moved sideways to allow his kiss to become deeper, more sensuous. Their tongues twirled upon one another. His tongue was thick and strong as she knew the pleasures it had given her. As much as it nauseated her to kiss the old man; he knew how to use his mouth.

Phil broke away and breathlessly spoke, "Wow!" He reached over and grabbed the phone and quickly dialed the police and stood up and repositioned his obvious erection in his pants. He walked into the kitchen as Katie overheard him cancel the complaint to the police.

The old man came back to the living room and sat down beside the relieved wife, "I've wanted to taste those lips since the moment I saw you."

"I know," Katie teased him as she patted his knee. She quickly stood up and backed towards the door as she cleared her throat, "My husband will be home soon," lying to the old man.

Phil, with a gleam in his eye, "That never stopped you before."

"I really should get home," Katie announced as the old man stood up next to her.

Phil reached out and pulled her close as he pressed his sloppy lips against her as he kissed her freckled face. He licked his tongue into her ear and whispered, "I've missed that mouth of yours."

He pulled back and stared into her eyes, "Sheila can't suck a dick to save her ass and I've been in dire need of a really good blowjob."

If she could just get home, she could make up another excuse to not come over later in the evening. She wasn't even worried about the flash drive; her mind just focused on getting out of his house. She could tell Sheila what happened and that the evidence was in his computer room and leave it up to her to get it. Once she got it Phil could no longer hold anything over them with the threat of sending him to jail for fraud.

The old man stood in front of her as he reached out and massaged her cheek with his hand, "I think you are so much sexier than Sheila."

"Really?" the hot wife blushed as she tried to boost Phil's ego.

"Ohhhh yeah!" boasted Phil, "She may be a screamer but she's not as good at certain things that I like."

"I really need to get home," Katie stated as she turned towards the door.

"And I need a blowjob," he bluntly stated as he placed his hand on the door preventing her from opening it.

"Phil!" as she turned face to face with the obese man, "Fred will be home soon!"

"You break into my house and I didn't call the police and yet you can't reciprocate my generosity?" Phil reached out and pulled Katie's hand towards his jeans as he pressed his hard cock against her. The hot wife felt his large hard muscle in his pants and her mouth instantly salivated.

The old man pressed his face against hers as his tongue flicked in and out of her ear, "Just really quick," his hot breath on her face, "I need your sexy lips wrapped around me!"

Katie shut her eyes as she felt the old man plant sloppy kisses on her, "Phil..please.." Her words didn't coincide with her actions as her hand continued to grope the large hard cock over his clothing, "I should get home," but her words faded as Phil’s tongue entered her sexy mouth again. This only made Katie rub his erection harder with her hand.

Her old neighbor pulled back as a frown erupted on his face, "Do I need to call the police?"

Mrs. Jackson opened her eyes and stared at the floor, "No.."

Phil grinned as he lead her to the couch as he stood in front of her. He placed his hands on his hips as he stood in front of her, "Okay freckles then you need to make the right decision here," He removed the two twenty dollar bills from his pocket and threw them onto her lap, "I'll even give you the money you stole. I really want a date for tonight but if say," putting his finger on the side of his chin, "you were able to do a certain something that I want now. I'll take a rain check on the date until later this week."

Katie took a deep breath and sighed. She reached out and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned the pants, unzipped his fly and let them fall to the floor. Katie pulled his tight white underwear down to thigh level as his cock stood straight out.

Phil felt Katie's hot breath on him as his cock twitched in the air, "Ohhh yeah. I think you chose the correct decision," he whispered as the hot wife slowly stroked his dick while she looked up into his eyes, "Talk about my cock. I love it when you talk about it."

She cleared her voice, "So hard," she gasped as she looked into Phil's eyes, "It's so hard." She grasped and caressed it with both hands, "Don't hold back! You said really quick," as she dropped down off the couch and her knees planted on the wood floor. She slid her mouth over his beautiful cock head letting it slide right into her wet mouth. The hot wife licked and sucked the hot rod. Her mouth needed the piece of hard cock deep inside her mouth. Her taste buds exploded at the slightest touch of his cock on the roof of her mouth and her tongue.

Phil gasped as she swallowed his cock. She drew back and swallowed it again and again. The hot wife kept going up and down his cock; his hands grasped the back of her head, as he struggled to keep his composure. The hot wife stretched her mouth and relaxed her throat as she took Phil's cock deeper into her wet salivating mouth. The sexy neighbor sucked as hard as she could; her cheeks were flushed. She pulled off his cock and looked up into his eyes as she wiped her chin with her hand, "C'mon baby; cum for me! Cum in mouth! I know you want to cum into my mouth!"

"Ooohh fuck yes!" Phil rejoiced as Katie returned his cock back into her mouth. The sucking noise echoed in the living room as she found herself sucking harder and harder. She licked the large fuck rod as she enjoyed every inch of it. The wife was ashamed but she needed his cum to explode in her tiny mouth. To reward her with a creamy torrent of sperm. Phil's hips thrusted faster into the wife's mouth, "Fuck you have a hot mouth baby. I really missed it. You're husband is so lucky to have a wife like you!"

Katie bobbed faster and faster as she f***ed his cock in and out of her mouth using her hand to stroke the shaft in unison with her lips.

"Do you like my cock in your mouth baby?" Phil coughed as he looked down at the sexy wife, "Did you miss my cock?"

The hot wife pulled off with a pop, "yes," she hissed, "I love your cock. It tastes so much better than anything I've ever had," as she stared into the old man's eyes as she stroked his huge member.

Phil raised an eyebrow as he looked down at her, "Better than your husbands?"

Katie allowed her tongue to dance around the head of his cock as she flicked it across his piss hole. She paused and looked up and wanted the old man to cum, "So much better. You are so much better and bigger.." as she drove her mouth back onto his cock.

"Ohh yeah! Suck it hard and fast," as Phil began to thrust into her mouth, "I haven't gotten off in a few weeks so get ready! It's going to be a big load!"

Those words excited the hot wife. She remembered sucking his cum out of a condom and couldn't wait to taste it again. Katie pulled back as a string of saliva connected from her bottom lip to the tip of his cock, "Don't hold back! Let it go!" she stroked him quickly as her mouth returned and sucked on his fuck stick as hard and fast as she could. Her head bobbed back and forth as she worked the shaft with both her hands.

Her cell phone rang on the table next to Phil. He looked over and glanced at the screen,” It’s Fred!"

The hot wife panicked and pulled the cock from her mouth. She reached up and tried to grab it from him, "Don't Phil!"

"Keep sucking my cock Freckles!" as he held the phone straight up in the air out of her reach while he pressed down on her shoulder to keep her on her knees.

Before she could protest further Phil pressed a button, "Hello?" as he turned on the speaker. The hot wife still struggled to get to her feet but Phil kept his pudgy hand on her shoulder.

Fred's voice echoed in the room, "I'm sorry I must have the wrong number..."

Before he could hang up Phil spoke into the phone, "Fred?"

"Who's this?" her husband's puzzled voice came across the speaker.

"It's Phil, your neighbor," as he grinned down at his wife on the floor in front of him.

"Phil? Is Katie there?"

The old man reached out and placed his hand on the back of her head as he f***ed his cock back into her wet hot mouth. He looked down at the sexy wife as she looked up at him with concern in her eyes. Her mouth stretched around the thick mushroom head as the old man slowly moved his cock in and out of her wet mouth, "She's busy right now. She's," pausing to enjoy the mouth of his neighbor's wife, "She's blowing," as he grinned down at the hot wife with her mouth stuffed full of his prick, "my driveway. She's been really helpful!"

"Really? How bad is it there?"

Phil gave Fred's wife a puzzled look, "Aren't you in KC?"

"No I'm in New York on business. It's cold here but no snow," as her husband's voice echoed in the room the wife winced at his revelation.

Katie pulled off his cock and stared up at him as she knew she was caught in a lie. Mr. Dorman glared at the woman on her knees in front of him, "It's pretty bad here but i think it's about to get worse," obviously talking to the sexy mother on her knees, " You know what I mean?"

Fred paused, "Sure I guess. Can you have her call me when she get's done?"

"No problem. As soon as she get's done what she's doing; I'll have her call you."

Phil was about to hang up when her husband spoke "Or just tell her the k**s are spending the night at the Martinez's. Sofia called and asked if it was okay. Apparently she didn't answer earlier. I'm sure Katie wouldn't mind to have a night to herself."

Phil gleamed, ""Ohhhh I'm sure she'll be very excited to hear that Fred! I'll make sure nothing happens to her."

"Thanks Phil, bye"

"Byyyeee," Phil mocked him as he tossed the phone. "You lying little slut!" as he reached out and pulled her mouth back onto his cock.

Katie quickly pulled off his cock, "Please! I'm sorry!"

"You are a fucking little liar! Maybe you should talk to the police about breaking into my house? Fred's in New York. The police would have to take your k**s..."

"Stop! Just stop! I'll do whatever you want," as she interrupted Phil with her wet mouth and she repeated, "I'll do whatever you want tonight," the hot wife reluctantly stated, "I'll be your date tonight."

"I know you will.." as the backdoor opened and closed.

"I'll come back later and finish," as she pulled up his underwear, "You know, when we can be alone..." The hot wife quickly stood up and wiped her mouth of her saliva with her sleeve.

"Ohh we're not done," as he pulled her closer and kissed her deeply. Phil f***ed his tongue into Katie's mouth. As much as Katie enjoyed his thick tongue across her clit; it was equally as good in her mouth. Although he was a large obese man he knew how to use his muscle of a tongue. Phil reached down and pulled down his underwear and placed a hand on the back of her head and applied pressure to f***e her back to her knees. She quickly collapsed in front of him as she was eye to eye with his erect cock that was dribbling precum.

Katie sobbed as she took his monstrous prick back into her sexy wet mouth. When he felt her sexy lips caress his cockhead, he groaned with pleasure. Katie sniffled and took more of his thick prick into her hot, wet mouth. The sound of Norman kicking off his shoes could be heard in the next room.

She closed her eyes to shut out the old disgusting man, but it was hard because massive fuckrod ramming in and out of her mouth. The thickness of his big prick made her pretty mouth oval into a big O.

The hot wife slipped her moist lips up and down the full length of his thick cock. His cockhead ravished her throat and she uttered a few moans as she blew him. She didn't want to but didn't have a choice thanks to her friend.

To her dismay, her pussy purred and creamed as she sucked his prick. The cummy pleasure made her whimper a little, and made her forget herself. Her small fist tightened around his massive cockshaft and she slowly jerked up and down as her mouth slid in unison.

Phil grunted like an a****l as his prick rose up into Katie's hot, sucking mouth. His lust mounted. Not only did Katie look beautiful on her knees, with his massive prick in her mouth, but the sucking f***e of her mouth was enough to drive him crazy.

Katie's nostrils flared as she breathed faster, and her pretty head bobbed more rapidly on his stiff, wet cock. Her fist pumped, and her little tongue swirled around his cockhead as she sucked him off. His lust soared, and his balls tightened up against the thick base of his cock.

His big hands gripped her head and he gritted his teeth against the impending explosion she was creating with her sexy tight mouth. Katie felt his prick surge between her lips knowing he was close to cumming.

She hummed on his cock as she ran her tongue under the massive shaft of his cock. Phil quickly pulled her mouth off his love muscle, "I'm not cumming yet," as he breathed heavily and hollered towards the kitchen, "Hey Norman! You want a blowjob?"

Norman appeared in the doorway and rolled his eyes under his glasses, "Really Phil? Don’t you think of anything else?" He shook his head in disbelief, "Let me guess you cancelled the police."

"Yeah but it was a good trade. The lovely Mrs. Jackson agreed to be my date tonight! Tell him Freckles. Tell him you wanted to suck his cock as well."

"Don't do this Phil," Katie quietly whispered as she remained kneeled on the floor.

"Tell him..." as he shook the cell phone like a carrot in front of a horse.

The hot wife remained speechless on the floor.

"Now Katie!" Phil scolded, "Be polite to our guests or I'll have to make a phone call to our local police department again.
"Go ahead Katie ask him. Be a good hostess!" Phil urged her, "You know you want to do it again."

Katie glared up at him. Rage filled her mind of Sheila asking her to do this. How she wouldn't get caught. How Phil was supposed to be somewhere else.

Phil's demeanor changed and sternly stated, "Ask him.."

The hot wife finally blurted out interrupting Phil, "Norman do you want a blowjob?"

The old obese smiled grinned widely, "Now that's a good hostess..."

"No that's okay. I'll come back later I don't want to be part of this," Norman stated as he disappeared into the kitchen.

"I don't think you convinced him Katie," Phil growled, "You need to convince him."

Katie felt ashamed of what he was making her do and reluctantly stated, "I haven't stopped thinking about it since you let me the last time. I loved the taste of you,"

"Keep going," Phil boasted.

"Please Norman would you let me blow you again?"

Norman was speechless as he appeared back in the doorway. He had thought of nothing but the feeling of a beautiful woman going down on him since the last time he was with the hot wife. Phil stood naked in the corner as Katie extended her index finger to the old lawyer and motioned him to come closer.

Mr. Williams was in awe of the beauty of the woman on her knees and slowly approached her. Mrs. Jackson reached out and grabbed his belt line and pulled him closer. She slid her jacket off and threw it onto the couch and scooted closer. Norman gasped at the site. Phil stood off in the corner as he stroked his massive hard on and enjoyed the site of his beautiful neighbor and his friend as he pulled off the rest of his clothes.

Knowing she had no alternatives the hot wife remained on her knees. Katie stared into his eyes as she lowered his pants and boxers as it released his flaccid cock. Norman stepped out of his pants and pulled off his shirt.

The hot wife leaned forward and quickly sucked him into her mouth. His cock was cold; probably from being outside in the blizzard, but as his cock grew so did the heat in generated. Norman's eyes closed as his head titled back enjoying Katie’s tongue as it flicked across the head as she held it gently in her hand. She placed the head of his cock into her mouth as she suckled it slowly. Her eyes shut as she waited as she knew Norman wouldn't be able to hold his creamy torrent of sperm very long.

Phil watched in delight as his friend received a blowjob from the hot wife, "Oooohhh yeah Freckles," as he stroked his cock faster, "suck it really good!"

The old neighbor moved closer as he watched intently the beautiful wife on her knees as she devoured Norman's now hard cock, "I could watch this all day!" Phil boasted. Katie's head bobbed back and forth rapidly as she took Norman's cock in and out of her mouth. Her small hand wrapped firmly around the shaft as she stroked it as hard and fast as she could.

Katie worked Norman's cock and his balls even harder, one hand following her mouth up and down his shaft whilst the other gently squeezed and kneaded his balls. She felt his cock thicken; his balls tighten as Norman moaned in unison with Katie's wet mouth.

As she let him slip his cock from her mouth she looked up at him, "C'mon...cum on me." She whispered.

"Tell us how much you want," Phil whispered into Katie's ear as he slowly stroked his cock behind her.

"Oh my God, please let me..." Katie breathlessly moaned.

"Let you what?" Phil asked as he stroked Katie's back. She had a hold of Norman's hard cock in her hand and was looking over at Phil.

"Please let me suck both of you," Katie stated as she looked up at him. Her stomach turned as she couldn't believe what she just asked. Her bottom lip quivered at what she just said. She wanted to take it back. Her mind raced that she didn't want to take it back. She wanted to do this. Phil's eyes widened.

He looked over Norman. "What do you think, does she deserve two cocks?"

Norman grinned and nodded. Phil walked around from behind her as both men stood naked in front of her as she reached out and took a cock into each one of her hands.

The sexy married wife loved the feeling of having a cock in each hand. She wrapped her lips around Norman's cock and flicked her tongue around the head. She slid his entire cock into her mouth and extended her tongue and flicked his ball sack. She flattened out her tongue, letting it rub back and forth on the underside of his cock. When it was good and wet, she wrapped her hand around the base and slid it up and down while she sucked at the head. She massaged Phil's cock with the other hand as she made circles around the shaft with her fist.

"OK, he can't have all the fun here," Phil breathed. The old man pulled her face onto his hard cock. Soon the hot wife alternated cocks into her mouth as she stroked them furiously. She felt her juices flowing into her wet panties. The hot wife turned and slid Norman's cock into her mouth. His balls flattened against her bottom lip. She pulled off and turned to Phil's cock and did the same.

She pumped both cocks with one in each hand as she remained kneeled between the naked old men. Her saliva dripped off her chin as she looked up at both men.

Phil guided her towards his cock by placing a hand on the back of her neck. Eagerly she leaned forward and licked the head. She then ran her tongue under the rim of the head and down the shaft. She felt his hand tighten slightly on her neck as she moved down to his balls. She quickly returned his hard dick to her mouth. With his cock all the way in her mouth, the head deeply gorged down her throat. She could feel the veins as they pulsed on her tongue.

Norman humped her closed fist as he watched the sexy wife deep throating his friend. She moved her mouth down to Phil's soft large balls, and first mouthed one then the other. Phil squeezed the back of her neck encouragingly. She was just making her way back up the shaft when she felt Norman grab her head and move her mouth to him. She eagerly sucked on his smaller dick while Phil held her hand on his own and pumped it up and down.

Katie felt the wetness in her panties as she stroked each cock in unison. Both of their mushroom heads were on either side of her face as both men moved closer and rubbed their erections on her.

She turned her head bobbed on Phil's cock. One hand continued to wank each cock. Then Katie quickly alternated her mouth on the cocks, sucking first on one then the other. She grabbed both of them, pulled them even nearer and, held the cock heads close together, ran her tongue over and around both. Then her lips closed over both tips together and she sucked. Norman gasped. Katie looked up at him and let go of Phil's cock to concentrate on Norman's. Phil guessed she expected his cum as she worked Norman's prick in and out of her mouth, her cheeks bellowing in as she sucked harder and harder.

She sucked his cock deep inside. Katie deep throated Norman's cock and held it in her throat. She alternated speeds as her head went back and forth, Norman's cock sliding in and out of her mouth across her red lips. She reached out and grabbed Phil's fuck stick and rotated her fist around the base of hiss cock and cradled his balls as she sucked Norman in and out.

The hot wife cringed on how she must have looked; fully clothed as she kneeled between two naked old men as she enthusiastically sucked and stroked their hard cocks. She felt humiliated, embarrassed and mortified at what she was doing but at the same time felt excited and aroused as she alternated the men into her wet salivating mouth. Norman stood at one side, his head tilted back and eyes shut, with his hands on his hips as he allowed the desirable woman work him as he edged closer to orgasm. Phil was wide eyed as he stood on the other side of her. He gripped the base of his cock with his hand as he thrusted in and out past her wet small lips. His other hand held the back of her hair as he directed her mouth to his cock and then back to his best friend.

The emotions turned in Mrs. Jackson's stomach as her mind told her to stop and run away; to get up and scream but her body wanted to continue to milk the shafts of the two men that stood in front of her. Her body buzzed with lust. She suddenly pictured herself as one of the porn stars she had watched as they were manipulated by multiple men. She tried to stop herself but she found herself willing the men to cum on her.

Katie took Norman's cock back into her mouth. Her tongue danced on the bottom side of his shaft as she felt his mushroom head at the back of her throat, "Oh Fuck!" gasped Norman suddenly, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck." Phil could see his friend grimace and guessed he was filling Katie's mouth with his cum.

The hot wife pulled it all the way out and spit out a mouth full of runny sputum mixed with sticky cum. Against her better judgment, words escaped her mouth uncontrollably, "On my face... On my face!" gasped the hot wife, exultant. Norman's next blast did just that; no sooner were her words delivered from her delicate mouth, he grunted savagely and the first long white stream of cum squirted, arching up and landing on Katie's face. It splattered obscenely over her left eye and ear, running down her cheek to her mouth.

Norman sent another string of white sticky goo upwards, seemingly in slow motion, followed by another and another. The wife's hands never stopped milking the seed from his shaft, as gobs of cum came to rest on her face. It flowed down her face and onto her sweater making white stripes against the black cloth.

Mrs. Jackson moaned and licked the semen off her upper lip as she tasted Norman's sperm. Norman groaned one last time and a huge cord of semen spewed out of his dick and onto her countenance. One coated her forehead and her hairline. The old lawyer grabbed a hold of his cock and stroked it as a final glob of cum landed squarely in her open mouth.

Phil, had stroked his cock as Katie worked Norman, "Here I go!" he announced. A large stream of sperm erupted and landed on her brown hair. His dick kept blasting. A second load on the chin, then another. A stream right into her right eye, pasting it shut. Two shots on her nose. Her face and neck were coated, but his balls didn't seem to be done yet. Katie felt the hot cum hit her in the face and hair. She opened her mouth to breathe and caught a couple more shots in her mouth, greedily swallowing his sperm. Desiring to be smothered in it, she moved her face around, getting absolutely doused. Another stream of sperm shot out of the tip and drenched her freckled face, "Oohhhh fuck yeah you little cum slut!" Phil moaned. He continued to stroke his cock as another hot stream of white spunk shot out onto the lips and cheeks of the sexy wife. The hot wife was in heaven as the stench of hot cum filled her nostrils; her pussy trembling with lust, the desire to rub it into her and lick it off.

Phil threw his head back and his hips jolted. His body shook as the wife milked every drop from him.

His pulsing cock waned. Katie took him into her mouth once more, loving the taste of his warm cum oozing out of the end of his penis as the last of his seed was expended. She kept on sucking until the sticky salty taste was no more. The beautiful wife sucked his partially limp cock deeply into her mouth and back down her throat. Satisfied from feeling a bit more of his cum leak down her throat, she pulled her head off his Phil's snake, leaving trails of saliva which she wiped away with her arm.

Katie kept her eyes closed as she felt the thick semen covering her face. She loved the smell and texture of the spunk as it covered her. She reached up and used her thumb to wife the cum from her left eye smearing it on her sweater and then did the same with the right eye. She opened her eyes just as Norman moved closer so his cock was almost touching her face and f***ed it into her mouth. She willingly took his rapidly deflating cock into her mouth and nursed it feeling the remnants of cum being deposited into her mouth and onto her silky tongue.

Norman pulled his cock out of her mouth as he shuddered, "Ohh wow!" escaped his lips as both he and Phil stared at the cum covered wife. The hot wife's beautiful freckled face was completely covered with hot semen. It trickled down her cheeks and chin and onto her neck. It dribbled down onto her sweater. She was a complete mess. She extended her tongue and licked her lips clean.

Both men stood in awe of the spectacle of the hot wife that kneeled before them lapping at their cum as Katie gently massaged it into her face. She was ready to cum at the slightest touch and almost came the moment that the cum started to spurt onto her. Phil took a few steps back as he reached down to pick up his clothes, "We'd better get over to your place and get ready for the night, don't you think?"

Phil reached out and helped her to her feet and handed her jacket. The hot wife felt the semen dripping off her face, "Can't I have a towel first? Or use your bathroom?" Hoping to find some time to get the flash drive from Phil's computer.

"You can take a shower when you get home," as he quickly donned his shirt and pulled up his pants, "I'll walk you home."

"I'll be perfectly fine," Katie exclaimed still feeling the ropes of sticky cum rolling down her face.

"I'll make sure," Phil explained o her, "I promised your husband I'd look after you."

"Whatever," Katie quietly whispered. The thoughts of her flash drive embedded in his computer will have to wait she told herself. Regret filled her mind as she felt the sticky sperm in her hair and beads of sperm were embedded into her sweater. Norman stood silently as he just watched the sexy wife and her still wet face.

Once she opened the door and went out into the brisk wind she felt the runny semen instantly froze against her face. As they walked through the blizzard she felt the sperm freezing to her hair. They were quickly inside the house, "I'll be over later."

Phil laughed, "I'm make sure of it."

"Seriously? I'll be over later," as the hot wife removed her jacket and threw it on a chair, "Haven't you done enough?" as she pointed up to her face that was still covered in cum.

"I'm not leaving," Phil explained.

She quickly turned and walked upstairs as the obese man followed her into their master bathroom. Phil sat on the edge of the bathtub and smiled when their eyes met as she stood by the sink. The sexy wife looked down at her chest and took in the sight of her small breasts in her tight sweater that was covered with streaks of wet sperm.

Phil grinned at the sexy wife, "Don't be shy."

Mrs. Jackson reached in and turned on the shower. She looked back at her obese neighbor as she crossed her arms and pulled on each side of her top. With her arms still crossed, bent at the elbows in front of her face, she pulled the top off her shoulders and then out of her long hair, tossing it onto the floor in front of him.

As Phil watched in delight; Katie tugged at her tight blue jeans. It was tight to begin with, revealing all her feminine curves; she struggled to pull them down. They inched their way down her thighs, finally to her knees and then her ankles. She stepped out one foot and sent her jeans flying with a kick across the bathroom with the other.

She stood in underwear that barely covered her small breasts and shapely hips and ass, her visible skin pale from the winter.

Katie reached behind herself and unhooked her bra while maintaining eye contract with Phil. As he watched avidly, she fondled her breasts briefly, giving Phil a clear view of her perfect breasts. She shimmied the straps free of her arms, peeled off the garment and dangled from one hand, finally dropping it on top of the pile of clothes.

She only remained still for a few seconds before turning her back again and started pushing down her tiny tight-fitting panties. The hot wife eased them off and let them drop to the ground. The old man, much to Katie's embarrassment, quickly picked them up. He gave a wide smile as he felt the soaked panties and held them up to his nose, "Somebody must have gotten excited!" as he rubbed them between his thumb and index finger.

Phil stared at the small pert tits and pussy of his neighbor's hard bodied wife, completely naked and standing a few feet away. Katie didn’t' say anything as he kept lifting her panties to his nose and breathing in deeply. Dorman couldn't even blink at the cum faced wife. Drool started running down his chin. His eyes started to hurt due to the lack of moisture as it looked like they were glued open.

Katie slowly stepped into the shower and adjusted the temperature. Dorman was very glad that she had plain glass doors so he could see in. Shortly after she stepped into the shower her nipples got so hard he thought they were going to pop right off of her gorgeous small tits.

Steam started to build up, the sound of the shower running was echoing all over the bathroom. Dorman unbuttoned his pants and slid them off. He watched intently as Katie showered and began to lather herself.

He watched in delight as Katie rubbed shower gel all over her body; her nipples were now enlarged and poking out a little. As her hands moved slowly and seductively all over her body. He could see the water running down her body, around her stunning tits, down her stomach and dripping off the trim, soft path of hair above her pussy.

Katie allowed the water run across her face as she felt the sticky sperm wash off of her. She opened her mouth a combination of sperm and water splattered across her tongue. Her body shook as she rinsed the soap off as her hand glanced off her pussy. She could get off with a feather at this point as she slowly washed her groin spending extra time around her pussy.

Phil watched as she pulled the outer lips of her pussy up towards the front. He quickly moved closer and could see the nub of her clit peeking out of her pussy lips and pointing straight at him. The water was still running down her and disappearing between her legs, as she washed away the gel.

Dorman opened the shower door and stepped in. Katie looked back at him and down to his flaccid cock; even limp it was as big as her forearm. His obese belly pressed in behind her.

The old man didn't say a word but handed the shower gel to the luscious hard bodied wife, "Would you mind cleaning me?"

Katie barely had enough room in the shower to turn around as his cock brushed against her leg. She poured the shower gel into her hands and rubbed it against Phil's hairy chest and worked it into lather. She slowly covered his entire body and worked her slick soapy hands around his thick soft cock. Phil reached out and pulled her close as he pressed his wet lips against hers as his tongue shot in and out of her mouth. With every thrust of his tongue; Katie pulled his cock harder, almost willing it to get hard again.

The wife threw her head back in ecstasy as he reached out and grabbed a sensitive breast of his hot wet neighbor as he rubbed and pinched her erect nipples.

Katie although disgusted at the site of the neighbor, loved the feeling of the soft cock in her hands and how horny she had become. She quickly washed the soap off of Phil and shut the shower off.

She stood there naked with a beautiful sheen of water on her skin. She stepped out and grabbed the towel; it was a medium size one that was not large enough to wrap herself in, only enough to cover her breasts and pussy. She handed Phil a large towel that Fred usually used and began to dry off. Katie wiped herself down and wrapped herself in the towel.

"Damn, Freckles!" He grinned widely as he pulled the towel from her and dropped it to the floor, "you are one hot piece of ass! Just stand there and look sexy," he instructed.

Katie did as she was old and braced herself against the counter and jutted her ass back towards him. She locked eyes with Phil in the mirror as he stood behind and slowly began to lick and caress her back as he slid down. He kneeled behind her as he grabbed an ass cheek with each hand.

The hot wife felt the old man as he kneeled behind her as he spread her cheeks widely and slurped her from behind. She felt his tongue twitch as it swiped across the folds of her pussy.

She glanced down as she saw Phil's gorgeous cock extend between his legs as he kneeled behind her as he worshiped her ass. Soon his tongue was twitching in and out of her sopping pussy and was joined by his pudgy fingers and he worked them in and out of the wet confines of her tight canal.

Katie moaned as her knees became weak as she started to hump his hand. Soon she panted for breath as fingers worked in and out of her. His tongue followed the trail of his fingers and Katie lost her breath completely when she felt him penetrate deeper into her with his finger. She wanted to stop him, but his hand aroused all parts of her, and she knew his tongue would bring her to a shuddering orgasm.

"Ohhh, noooo!" she moaned as he f***ed his fingers deeper into her, "Please stop," as she moved back and forth in rhythm with his hand.

He urged her thighs apart and she couldn't stop him now. Fires were burning hotly in the middle of her belly as his tongue licked over her ass. His tongue dallied between her per
He urged her thighs apart and she couldn't stop him now. Fires were burning hotly in the middle of her belly as his tongue licked over her ass. His tongue dallied between her perfect cheeks, then found her little clit stiff and quivery. Katie gasped when his tongue kissed it. Her eyes closed and her breath came in short bursts as he deliberately licked and sucked her clit.

"Ohhh, noo, noooo!" she moaned, but to no avail. She wanted him to stop but her body wanted a release.

Phil expertly licked her clit and cunt slit until he knew she was helpless with horniness and aching for the release. He shuffled around on the floor on his knees and got further between hers. He pulled her ass back as Katie bent further at her waist, her elbows rested on the counter.

He thrust his face into her hot crotch and tongue fucked her juicy fuck hole until she reached back with one of her hand and grasped her cheek. She spread it wider, "Finger it!" she sobbed, "Finger my ass!" She couldn't believe what he was doing to her pussy. Even Fred never ate her like this. Phil sucked her cunt so hard that she thought he'd eat her alive.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped as she felt his tongue dart around her ass. It was quickly replaced by his finger as it popped past her sphincter.

Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her hands gripped and clawed her taut tits. Her belly heaved and twisted. Her pussy churned on her neighbor's crazed tongue. Strong ripples of intense pleasure coursed through her whole body until she thought she'd faint dead away.

Phil chuckled with pleasure and drilled all of his tongue up into the tightness of her wet cunt while his finger was knuckle deep in her ass.

Katie gasped and jerked on the counter and pushed her pussy downward for him, he withdrew his tongue from her cunt hole and applied it to her quivery little clit. She was on the very verge of cumming as her moans intensified.

His hand continued to grope her small perfect ass as he teased the puckered circle of her asshole and dug his finger in and out while his tongue flicked her clit over and over.

The hot wife's moans echoed in the confines of her bathroom, "Ohhhhh Ohhhhhhh fuck!! I'm going to cum!"

Suddenly he was unplugging his finger from her asshole, "Do you want me to fuck you? You want to feel my cock buried deep inside of you?"

Katie looked back and against her better judgment the words escaped out of her, "Ohhhh yeah...fuck me! Please fuck me!"

Phil reached out, grabbed the counter and lifted himself up. He pulled her around to face him and f***ed her ass back against the counter. Before she could protest he leaned over her and pressed his mouth against hers, thrusting his tongue into the back of her throat as he allowed the hot wife to taste herself on his expert tongue.

She moaned softly and let him do as he liked, her pussy tingled at the thought of him placing his large cock into her.

They broke away from their kiss as Katie mumbled, "Please fuck me!" she begged half out of her mind with lust. "I need it so bad! I need your cock," as she reached down and grabbed Phil's cock which was quickly becoming erect.

The hot wife out of her mind with lust f***ed her mouth against his as she squeezed and pulled on his dick. Her tongue shot out into his as she licked his lips, "C'mon! Get hard so you can fuck me," Katie told the old man as she planted sloppy kisses in his ear, "I'll do whatever you want; just fuck me!”

Mrs. Jackson was out of her mind with lust as she began to drop to her knees to take his large cock back into her mouth. She wanted it hard so he could fuck her pussy and ass again.

Phil knew her orgasm was pending and quickly pulled back as he watched the wife drop in front of him. Katie's eyes opened widely as she looked at the old man, "Please let me," as she crawled towards him on the bathroom floor.

The old man reached out and placed his hand out to stop. His cock had grown steadily as Mrs. Jackson stared at it with lust in her eyes.

"Wh..what are you doing? Oh, my God! Mr. Dorman..." she murmured, her cunt still twitched helplessly, "You... do you want me to beg?" Katie asked innocently.

Phil grinned lewdly and looked down to her legs, "Excuse me?" His eyes roamed over her pubic area, her soft brown hair, her sweet cunt, her red pussy slit, her tight ass. He slowly backed away from her.

Katie thought she'd pass out! She stood up and walked towards him, "Please... don't tease me." The old man walked back into the bathroom wall as the hot wife reached out and grabbed his thick cock. Her fingers kneeded the skin as she pressed her lips against his as her tongue shot into his mouth. The wet horny married woman kissed the old man's fat lips as her hand stroked his peice of meat.

Phil put his hands up between them, "What are you doing?" The old neigbhor looked in lust at the hard boddied wife, "What about your husband?" he said with a devlish grin.

The wife never answered but pressed her lips against his neck and licked up to his ear and whispered, "Please fuck me!"

Phil couldn't help but feel bl**d pouring into his cock as he looked into Katie's eyes. He reached out and placed his hand against her wet slit between her legs, "Do you want me to fuck you again?" The old man felt the wetness that was oozing from her fuck slit. His index finger shot around the folds of her pussy as the married woman closed her eyes in ecstacy.

The hot wife shook her head and hissed, "Yessss!"

He slowly reached around her with both hands and spread her tight ass cheeks apart, "Or should I f***e my cock back into your tight ass? Do you remember how that felt?"

Katie's heart missed a beat. She thought she was going to cum right then. Her hands shook as she grabbed both sides of his fat face and pressed her lips against his as her tongue shot out and licked him across his face and down his neck, "Ohhh fuck yeah!"

She quickly turned around in Phil's pudgy hands rested on her hips as she rubbed her ass against his expanding large cock. She looked over her shoulder, "I want it again!" The horny out of control wife mumbled, "I want you to fuck my ass again!" The hot wife braced her hands against the counter as she expected to feel Phil's large cock penetrate her tight ass. She shuddered at the thought of him spilling his cum deep into her bowels. She remembered the feeling of his cum oozing out of her before and how good it felt.

Phil reached around her waist and slid past her. His large cock bouncing off her legs as he walked out of the bathroom. He looked back and barked over his shoulder to her, "You need to get dressed. My party is going to start soon."

.... you guys probably won't like the ending but chapter 20 will be out soon!

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