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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 18: Katie's secrets

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 18
Katie Discovers the Secrets to Success

"Oooohhhh, Fuuuuccckkkkk!" the hot wife panted, "Fuck me!" Katie moaned, "Harder!"

Her husband increased his pace as he rammed his hard cock into her wet aching pussy. The hot wife grabbed the headboard of their bed while on her knees. Her wedding ring glistened from the midday sun that peeked through the window. Her eyes focused on her large rock on her finger which represented her commitment to Fred as his cock maintained a steady pace inside her moist slit. The hot wife regretted what she had done earlier in the day. She knew she should have been stronger as she rocked back on her husband's stiff rod.

Mrs. Jackson knew she did horrible during the job interview earlier in the day. She fumbled through the questions as she couldn’t concentrate after being fucked by her well hung neighbor in the dingy park restroom. The loving wife rammed herself back against Fred's thrusts, "Fuck me harder!" as she gritted her teeth.

The taste of Phil's spunk still lingered in her mouth as "Harder!" again escaped her lips between moans of lust as her husband tightened his grip around her slim waist from behind.

The hot wife called her husband after the interview and begged him to come home. They hadn't had much time to themselves so it didn't take much to convince him. He was quickly out of the office and fucking his sexy wife during his lunch hour in the privacy of their bedroom.

The sexy wife wanted him deeper; to fill her up. She wanted him to fuck her hard and ram his thumb into her tight ass as Phil did.

"Ohhhhhh Fred," purred Katie as she tried to get the nerve to ask her husband to thumb fuck her ass while his cock rammed in and out of her wet pussy. Just the thought of having the same feeling from earlier and asking her husband to do such a dirty thing made butterflies jump in her stomach. The sexy wife arched her back as she turned her head and looked back towards her lover. She balanced herself with one hand on the headboard and placed the other on her ass as her own finger rubbed the crack of her ass until her finger darted around her tight hole.

Fred watched in delight as his sexy wife rubbed her own backdoor and lost control during the moment, "Ohhhhhh shhhhhhiiiit," Fred gasped, "I'm cumming!!"

He pulled his cock from her love canal and stroked his stiff rod as his hot cum splattered across his wife's ass and lower back. It happened so quickly Katie never had time to spin around and take his load into her salivating mouth as she craved the warm salty spunk on her tongue.

She fell forward as she hid her disappointment in her pillow. The hot wife felt her husband rub his wet cock across her ass cheeks as he stroked stream after stream of hot sticky cum onto her.

"Sorry" Fred panted, "It's just been awhile since we had sex."

"It's okay," Katie moaned but she wanted so badly to cum herself as she hid the disappointment in her voice.

Fred hopped off the bed as he looked at the clock, "Shit! I have to get back to work. I'm late!"

"I know," the horny wife replied. She sat up in the bed as she reached behind her as she playfully rubbed her husband's semen into her skin, "Can't you call in sick?" pouted Katie.

Fred looked at his wife as she arched her back. Katie pressed her lips together as she lifted her hand that had gathered some of his delicious cum and licked it clean, "I'll do anything you want..."

Her husband swallowed hard, "I would love to but I have a phone conference with Allan," Fred turned and gave his wife a wicked smile, "but thanks for calling me home for lunch!"

The hot wife giggled, "Are you sure I can't change your mind?," as she fondly looked at her husband as she spread her legs and fell back onto bed. She knew he had worked hard on an overseas deal with an associate in England but wanted more of his dick inside her.

Fred quickly contemplated her offer. He looked towards his hot wife, "I can't baby! I need to work on this merger!"

Katie smiled as she got up and stretched her slender body for her husband to see. The hot wife rubbed her body with her fingers as she placed one of them into her mouth and sucked it seductively and pulled it out with a pop. She gave him wicked smile as Mr. Jackson shook his head and turned on the shower.

The hot wife slowly walked downstairs as she rubbed the sticky semen on her backside. The naked wife loved the feeling of pure nakedness and naughtiness. She never was like this before. She was always so reserved until the one day when her husband asked for a blowjob and her sex life hadn't been the same since.

The sexy hard bodied woman walked over to the sink and poured a glass of water. She gazed outside as her eyes became huge as saw a familiar SUV parked in Phil Dorman's driveway. Katie stood motionless as knew exactly who it belonged to; Sheila Marshall, her friend and ex-boss from the hospital.

"What is she doing there?" she asked herself quietly as she watched intently from the window. Katie heard Fred's shower had ended as she returned upstairs and donned her robe. She sat on the edge of the bed and made small talk with her husband as he quickly put on his suit so he could return to work.

Katie opened her robe and allowed her husband a full view of her hard body as she hoped to yet change his mind. She slowly worked her hand up and down her torso as she tempted her lover. He only grinned at the sexual energy of his wife.

Fred continued to make himself presentable to return to work as Katie glanced over at Phil's and 10 minutes had passed but no sign of Sheila.

Katie's husband hurried out of the bathroom and kissed his wife, "I'll see you tonight!"

Mrs. Jackson stood up and kissed her husband and grabbed an envelope from the dresser, "Could you mail this for me," as she handed her husband the application for the Mrs. Missouri pageant, "I forgot to take it with me this morning."

Fred smiled as he grabbed the letter from his wife and was out the door. The hot wife glanced outside and watched as Fred pulled away in the car. She quickly returned to the kitchen window and watched for another 10 minutes before Phil's door opened and Sheila walked out. Even from her house she could see her friend was crying and shaking. Katie could only imagine what happened inside her neighbor's house and what the old man told her.


Three Weeks had passed since her encounter with Phil in the restroom and he+ hadn't called or came over. Sheila, however, would stop by Phil's to pick him up in the morning and return at noon staying for 15-20 minutes each time. As the weeks had passed; Katie jumped at the sound of her phone ringing. Her hands shook as she looked at the caller ID as she felt for sure it would be Phil. Mrs. Jackson was confused by her reactions; did she want her well hung neighbor to call her or was she worried that he would call her? Her thoughts disappeared when the caller ID indicated one afternoon that it was from the hospital.

Katie cleared her voice as she picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"Katie?" she immediately recognized the voice of Sheila.

"Hi Sheila," the hot wife greeted her friend.

Sheila's voice quivered, "Can you come to the hospital I need to talk with you right away."

Katie signed deeply as she immediately suspected Phil must have told her about them. She needed to convince Sheila to not tell her husband, "Sure, I'll be right there," as she hung up the phone. Katie knew the more time that Sheila spent with Phil that it was bound to come out.

She sped down the road, almost getting caught in a police speed trap, as her mind raced of what she could tell Sheila. Within a half hour the hot wife quickly walked into the hospital and directly towards her office. Sheila Marshall was on the phone but the buxom manager waved her in.

As Sheila spoke to another associate; the hot wife looked at the pictures that sprawled the walls and on her desk. Sheila was married to Brock Marshall. A skinny man with glasses who was a lawyer at a major firm in the Kansas City area. Katie never felt he was Sheila's type and was pretty sure she married him for the money. They had two c***dren but Katie couldn't believe how fit she was. It seemed to come natural to her. Sheila was barely 5'2 with long brown hair that flowed to the middle of her back with blonde highlights. Her dark brown eyes looked at Katie while she talked on the phone. Sheila was wearing a shirt that enhanced the cleavage of her fake breasts. Katie could see that they were tanned and obviously she spent too much time at the spa. Sheila was probably in her late 30's and had a delicious hard body; Katie couldn't help but be jealous. She worked hard to get her own body into shape and it seemed like Sheila just had to wake up.

The manager hung up the phone, "Close the door."

Katie quickly stood up and shut the door and looked back towards her friend, "Is everything okay?"

"No," Sheila’s lip quivered.

Anxiety overwhelmed Katie as she took a deep sigh, "What's wrong?" She fully expected her friend to divulge that Phil told her about what they had been doing.

Sheila was flustered, "Just listen.." The buxom manger turned on the speaker to her phone as she dialed her voice mail.

A familiar voice quickly erupted over the speaker, “Sheila Marshall, this is Phil Dorman. You haven’t progressed like I hoped you would so you have left me no other choice but to raise the ante. I am down at my lawyers’ office filling out a suit for negligence against the hospital, yourself and Mrs. Katie Jackson. It is all about you providing unprofessional medical services at the hospital and pretending that your staff was a fully qualified medical adviser, which she obviously wasn't. You allowed her to provide advice and later I had a heart attack. That heart attack may not have occurred if a properly qualified and experienced medical practitioner had seen me at the time and properly diagnosed my case. Mrs. Marshall you are to blame because in Mrs. Jackson's own words you were too busy to see me and asked her to step in to help you out, knowing she no more than a secretary. The hospital is to blame because it was there that I received the medical advice by your employee and was directed by yourself to speak with me and give medical advice. You should have ensured any person seeing me was appropriately qualified and experienced to deal with my case."

Katie's heart dropped at just hearing Phil name her as being involved in a lawsuit. She adjusted herself in the chair as the voice mail continued, "I know Mrs. Jackson left the employ of the hospital, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is my health suffered dramatically and am now somewhat debilitated. I cannot pay my medical bills, so the hospital is going to have to pay for me and my basic lifestyle until I die. Before filing any paperwork I'll give you a chance to come to some form of settlement and begin negotiations as soon as possible. Please call me and let me know your intentions. Good day.”

The buxom manager hung up the phone, "What did you tell him?"

Katie's face reddened, "I told him exactly what he said; that you were busy and asked me to help out."

Sheila put her hands on her head, "When he got upset with you that day and he left in a hussy, what did you say to him to get him to calm down?"

Katie turned a deeper shade and hoped this wouldn't go any further, "I guess I just apologized."

Sheila stared at Katie and finally sat up, "I’m going to call him right now. You need to talk him out of this.."

"Sheila!" Katie begged, "Don't call him!" The hot wife quickly changed the subject, "What did he mean when he said you haven't progressed?"

The buxom petite manager paused and sighed deeply, "It started just with me giving him a ride home from therapy. He came in and said you dropped him off and needed help getting home. He was polite and I was leaving anyway so I thought I would help him. I assisted getting him inside his house and the next thing you know he has his..," Sheila paused thinking of the right word to use in front of her friend, "his pulled penis out of his pants stroked it in front of me."

Katie stared into the eyes of her friend knowing exactly the situation as it happened to her, "and he threatened to tell the hospital about everything we did unless I did things to him."

The hot wife quickly blurted out, "You had sex with him?" The tone of her voice didn't come out right; it made her sound jealous.

"No!" Sheila quipped. "I only picked him up and took him home after his therapy. He'd pull his cock out and try to get me to stroke him. All the while telling me if I didn't help him," Sheila began to turn red in the face either from embarrassment or rage, "by stroking, sucking, or fucking him; he'd tell the hospital or tell my husband." The buxom manager pointed at the phone, "He's taken this to a new level with this threat of a lawsuit."

Sheila looked towards her friend for advice, "I don't know what to do. I need you to talk to him! Do you know if really has a lawyer?"

The hot wife nodded, "He does. His name is Norman Williams," as she fidgeted in her chair, "but I don't think I should talk to him Sheila," Katie replied, "I doubt I could change his mind. Please don't call him!"

The manger ignored the pleas from her friend as she held the phone up to her ear, "Hello Phil. Its Sheila Marshall," as she sat the phone down and clicked on the speaker.

"That was quick," Phil's gravelly voice echoed in the room, "I take it you got my message?"

“Phil, this is ridiculous and you know it! You can't make me do things that I don’t want to do by threatening to file a lawsuit!" Sheila shouted in the phone.

“You can think whatever you want, but I suggest you be at my residence this evening, say 7:00 pm to begin negotiations or this lawsuit will commence immediately with the delivery of the documents to the courts at 9:00 am. You should come suitably attired, you know what I like, and ready to negotiate.”

"Phil! Mrs. Jackson is here with me," Sheila quickly spoke into the phone.

"Katie?" a boisterous laugh erupted from the speaker, "Hell, she can tell you how serious I am."

Sheila looked at Katie waiting for her to acknowledge she was in the room.

"Phil I think you should reconsider what you are doing," is all the hot wife could muster to say. Sheila rolled her eyes at the lack of conversation from her friend.

"Tell you what Freckles, you and Sheila both be at my house tonight," Phil cackled into the phone, "I'm sure we can work something out."

"I can'..," before she could finish the old man hung up the phone.

Katie sat in shock. Any civil court would likely pass on the information to the county attorney for breaches under the various health acts. She and Sheila could both be in the courts in a long drawn out battle, with the hospital on one side, Phil on the other and both of them in the middle being whacked by both sides. The hours under pressure, the embarrassment for Fred and her f****y and friends. They were in deep trouble and they knew it. Katie couldn't believe that Phil had the audacity to suck Sheila into his game.

"What about this meeting at 7:00 pm at his place? What does he mean appropriately attired for negotiations to start the settlement process? Are you going to go?” Katie asked as she stood up and paced the room.

Sheila thought for a moment, "I don't think we have much of a choice," She leaned back in her chair, "I've negotiated with people like him before, I'm sure I'll be able to remedy this problem."

Katie was relieved that Sheila was dealing with the issues positively. She had a calmer brain to look for a solution; Katie needed to stay away from courts, from public ridicule and most of all she needed to protect Fred from her foolishness. Sheila was one of the negotiators for the hospital with many of the patients, so Katie was really ecstatic when Sheila calmly stated, “Don't worry. Nothing horrible is going to happen. We always will have an alternative.”

But the Katie did not like the look in Sheila’s eye when she said, “But you need to go with me tonight."

The hot wife stopped in her tracks, "I can't tonight. Fred and I are busy."

Sheila stared up at her friend, "You need to change your plans. I need your help!"

Katie tried to explain, "but Fred.."

The manager quickly interrupted, "Tell him you are going to help him with his taxes. The hospital is offering a Labor for Love program in which we are making it our mission to help the elderly or poor."

The married women stared at each other. Katie's mouth hung open not knowing what to say.

Mrs. Marshall stood up and handed her the phone, "Tell him you're helping me tonight," growing impatient with her friend, "your ass is on the line as much as mine."

Katie stood motionless and she held the phone. Sheila pushed her hand and demanded, "Call your husband and let him know you'll be working tonight with me!"

The hot wife dialed husband's office, "Hi sweetie! Sheila called and wanted me to help her out tonight with a program through the hospital."

Sheila watched and listened as Katie continued to speak with her husband, "No it's not a job. She wants me to help Phil with his taxes. It's tonight. Do we have anything going on?"

The sexy buxom manager smiled as she heard and obvious approval from Fred, "Okay I'll tell her I can, I'll see you later tonight." The hot wife clicked the phone off and tossed it to her.

"Happy?" Katie asked as she sat back down across the desk from her former boss.

Sheila adjusted her chair as she looked at her friend, "What do you know about him? Why did he say you know how serious he can be?"

Katie looked down as she didn't want to discuss this any further, "I don't know what he's talking about," as she glanced at her watch, "I need to get going."

Sheila stood up and blocked the door, "What's going on Katie?" Sheila Marshall was an expert at reading people. It was one of the qualities that made her an expert negotiator and manager.

"He's been holding everything against me since this started," the hot wife confessed.

"What do you mean everything?" Sheila intently asked.

Katie's mouth hung open as she knew she couldn't hide anything from her friend, "The meeting I had with him for you, my f****y, my job.."

"Oh my God! You!" as Sheila looked at her in disbelief, "You had sex with him?"

The hot wife panicked. She stared into Sheila's eyes as she bit her bottom lip. Thoughts of lies she could say but maybe her friend would have a solution. Katie finally blurted out, "Well what was I supposed to do? He was going to tell Fred, the hospital board, the courts..."

“Ok. OK," Sheila calmly stated. She paused to contemplate the situation, "let's work through this..” was her only answer. "When we go over we'll begin discussions to see where we can deviate him and play it by ear, but I have an inkling of an idea that may just work. Do you and Fred have any funds that we can offer for a settlement?”

"No! We're in debt since I haven't been able to find a decent job. Do you?"

Sheila rolled her eyes, "I have enough hidden from Brock that I should be able to throw at Phil to get his attention. You have nothing to offer?"

"Money doesn't matter to him," Mrs. Jackson exclaimed.

"All men like either money or sex; We'll just have to find his price," the manger confidently stated.

"Sheila! He's not like that," Katie pleaded as she tried in vain to warn her friend.

She ignored the advice, "I'll see you in front of his house at 7:00 pm" as she opened the office door, "and don't be late. You need to wear a blouse, skirt, and high heels. It's what he likes."

The drive home was long. The hot wife was worried about the evening and what could transpire. She only hoped that Sheila knew what she was doing.


Just prior to seven o'clock, Katie walked out of her house and was dressed as Phil requested. She wore a light blue button down blouse, tan thigh high skirt, and black high heeled shoes. Her husband had told her how sexy she looked but the hot wife explained that she was trying to impress Sheila that maybe a job would be in the works. Her body tensed at what she told him knowing it was a bold faced lie.

Sheila pulled up in the driveway and slid out of her SUV. She was wearing a black button down blouse, black skirt, slightly above thigh level, and black shoes that matched Katie's. She carried a tan briefcase and looked very professional. They met at the sidewalk and without saying a word walked up onto the porch as Sheila rapped firmly on Phil's door.

A familiar gravelly voice echoed from within the house, "Come in.."

Both women entered as Katie shut down the door behind them. Phil stood up from his chair, "Good evening ladies!" he glanced at the clock on the wall, "I know it's kind of late for you married women."

Sheila stepped forward, "We told our husbands we were helping you with your taxes as part of our Labor for Love program at the hospital just to make that clear if anybody asks."

Dorman sat back down in a brown recliner as both women sat down on the couch in front of him, "Lying to your husbands only will make this easier."

Both women sat across from Phil as he looked on in lust at the two married business women. Sheila placed her briefcase on her lap, "Let's get this straight Mr. Dorman; it is our position that we gave you the medical attention you requested."

Dorman coughed as he tossed a pile of papers stapled together into Sheila’s lap. It was the official paperwork for the lawsuit as she thumbed through them. The old man couldn't believe he had two beautiful women that he would soon be violating. His large cock stirred in his shorts. He stared at the large fake breasts that heaved under Sheila's tight blouse. He couldn't wait to straddle her chest and slide his cock between them. The confident expression on Sheila’s face quickly eroded as she looked through the papers.

As she read them she turned to Katie, "Phil is suing me, you and the hospital for the sum of $5 million for past pain and suffering and for unspecified damages to fund his personal health and support until he dies. There are attachments of documents from medical specialists and some of the hospitals records on personnel including you and I, probably obtained under some form of internet search."

“Oh come on,” was Sheila’s response as she looked up at Phil, “there is no way you will get that and you know the hospital can tie this up in the courts for years, by which time you could be dead. I can offer you a monetary settlement in the sum of $3000.00.”

Phil dressed to kill in his dirty undershirt and cargo shorts with beer in hand, “Let's cut to the chase ladies, you are in one hell of a fix and the only way you are going to clear this up is to co-operate. You have a copy of the documents my lawyer will put before the court tomorrow morning. I suggest you quickly review them, talk things over and be in a much more friendly and conciliatory mood to begin the process with myself.”

"Fine, $6000.00." Sheila quipped.

Phil's laughter filled the room, "Don’t even bother to try to argue money with me, Mrs. Marshall. You know what I want or my lawyer will file the papers tomorrow morning. I suggest that you and Mrs. Jackson discuss this while I use the restroom.”

Sheila tried to over talk Phil and he just flatly stated, “Negotiations will need to get started as your spouses will be expecting you home for your wifely duties.”

The two women watched as Phil slowly got up from his chair and disappeared into the hallway. Sheila turned to Katie, "What have you gotten us into?"

Katie was aghast at her friends accusations, "Me?!?"

"You should have never got into a relationship with him!" Scoffed Sheila as she shook her head.

"It's not fucking like that. I just tried to take care of the problem," Katie quickly retorted.

"You really did a great job," Sheila condescendingly told her friend. She glanced through the papers, "This looks really bad for us! Our options are limited."

Both women stared at each other until Sheila bluntly stated, "Well, It's not like I haven't fucked to move up in the world." as she tossed the papers onto the coffee table.

Katie mouth hung wide, "Sheila!"

The buxom friend quickly fired back, "It's a part of the business and I guess this comes down to business." She could tell her friend was surprised at her revelation, "How do you think I got promoted so quickly?" Sheila quietly told Katie as she unbuttoned the top few buttons of her blouse letting her breasts pop out, "but the others have been business suit types. At least attractive; not like him," as she motioned to the hallway where Phil had disappeared.

Katie was in stunned silence. Her friend who she thought was a loving wife, good mother, and a board member of numerous charities was fucking her way to the top, "Does Brock know what you do?"

Sheila quickly turned to her friend in a stern voice, "Of course not!" she pointed a finger towards her friend, "Nor will he ever! Does Fred now about your rendezvous with your neighbor?"

"No," Katie's head hung low in shame.

Sheila quipped, "Well I guess I have something more to show for my indiscretions," obviously referring to her lucrative salary and position in the hospital.

"We should just leave and take our chances. I don't think he would ever file the lawsuit." Katie fired back.

"I am applying for the hospital administrator. From what I was told by certain board members that I have an excellent shot at the position; I'm not going to let some old fucker ruin it with some stupid lawsuit. It won't take me long to get him off anyways and then we can go," Mrs. Marshall replied as she sat up in the sofa.

Katie's bottom lip quivered, "Sheila you don't..."

Before the hot could finish, Phil walked back into the room, "What's it going to be ladies?

"No sex," Sheila bluntly stated.

"You don't make the rules here," Phil stated as stood above them with an obvious bulge in his shorts.

"A handjob then," Sheila quickly retorted, "I'm sure you have had some demented fantasy of two women stroking that cock of yours," as she looked over at Katie.

Phil breathed in deeply as he pondered the sassy business woman's counter offer, "This is worth much more than a handjob! Oral sex."

Sheila thought for a moment. It was not her favorite thing to do. Negotiations always came naturally to her but knew her options were limited. She sighed deeply as she glanced at Katie and retorted, "You can't cum in my mouth. I don't do that."

Phil motioned to Katie, "she does.."

"I don't..." Sheila's lips pressed tightly together at the disgusting thought of having an ugly old stranger ejaculate in her mouth. She glared at Katie.

"I also get to touch," Phil offered.

"Hell no!" scoffed Sheila

"I've wanted to get my hands on your tiny body since the day I walked into your office. Touching or no deal," Phil quipped.

"Where?" the buxom manager retorted as she folded her arms across her large chest. The pressure from her arms expanded her breasts as they popped out the button's she had unbuttoned.

The old man looked on in lust as he looked at both women, "Everywhere!"

Sheila thought for a moment and threw her hands up in the air, "Fine!" nauseated at the thought of the disgusting old man manipulating her body.

Katie is mesmerized by Sheila openness and her desire to keep Phil quiet but didn't appreciate making her a target in the negotiations.

"Okay," Phil paused as he contemplated Sheila's acceptance, "but You ladies will have to make out,"

Katie's mouth dropped as Sheila boldly stated, "Whatever. Let's get this over with."

"Wait a second." Katie interrupted, "I'm not going to do this.."

"Let's just get this going. I'm sure your husbands are waiting," cracked Phil

Sheila looked around the dirty living room, "Here?"

Phil motioned to the stairs, "Let's go upstairs to my bedroom," ignoring Mrs. Jackson's objection.

"Wait!" Katie balked, "Don't I get a say in this?"

Sheila grabbed Katie's arm as they stood up from the couch and whispered, "It's just fucking business Katie. Don’t ruin my career over something you started!"

The hot wife was about to object when the buxom sassy manager moved closer, "Let's just get him off and go home," as she turned and grabbed Katie's hand and led her upstairs behind Phil.

Mrs. Jackson pulled away from her friend, "I'm not doing this with my husband next door waiting for me to come home," and backed down the stairs.

Phil looked back at the businesswomen, "Is there a problem?"

Sheila looked up at him, "No. Just give us a second." Mrs. Marshall took a few steps down towards her friend, "Look, if you don't help me out here I'll fucking tell Fred! This promotion is a big deal to me. I can manipulate Brock and he'll believe what I tell him; can you do the same to Fred?"

Phil gleamed as Katie stepped up and walked past Sheila and into his bedroom. A large king sized bed greeted them along with a couple of dressers and a chaise. Phil kicked off his sandals and plopped his fat ass down on the small couch, "You guys can sit next to each other on the bed."

Katie's body language suggested she was tense and scared. Sheila was more relaxed as she crossed her legs in front of their suitor.

Phil sat forward while seated, "Alright! Let's see what you woman like to do to each other!" as he grinned from ear to ear.

Sheila and Katie both stared at each other for a moment. The hot wife was hesitant to do anything. She only kissed one woman and that was when her husband covered the babysitter with his cum. And that was only to taste more of his hot semen.

Sheila suddenly lurched forward and their lips met. As Sheila's lips met Katie's; she immediately felt the difference in texture on her soft lips, thicker and fuller than anyone she has ever kissed.

Dorman's bulge grew quickly in his shorts as his breath escaped him as he watched the two beautiful women engaged in a kiss. Their lips pressed against each other as Sheila placed her hand on Katie's exposed knee.

Slowly the manager's fingers made its way further from Katie's knee and toward her hip, the hot wife felt nauseated. Mrs. Jackson had never thought about doing anything with a woman. Katie closed her eyes and wished this would end. Sheila leaned a few centimeters into her, as she inhaled her smell. It was a small distance to move, but it felt like an eternity before her lips brushed against Mrs. Jackson's neck. Katie raised her shoulder as her body tensed up. A frown appeared across her face as Phil grinned with excitement at his hot neighbor's torment. Sheila pushed closer into her as seconds later her right hand was searching for Katie's nipple through the silky fabric of her blouse.

Sheila sensed Katie's hesitation, "Let's just get this over with," she whispered into Katie's ear, "Relax and trust me." Sheila’s lips brushed against her ear, "I know what I'm doing."

Katie didn't know what she meant. Did she have a plan to quickly get them away from Phil? Or was it she knows what to do sexually with a woman. She had heard rumors about Sheila. A mutual friend once told her that her former boss used to experiment with women in college.

Sheila's left hand was still on her leg, as she pushed it upwards, scrunching Katie's skirt as she went. She lifted her chin and her mouth connected with Katie's ear, when she gasped again; Sheila moved and met Katie's pink lips. Sheila pressed her mouth to Katie's, savoring the warm sticky feel of her lipstick, for a few seconds Sheila didn't respond as Katie remained frozen in fear.

Sheila’s hand stopped still on her leg as Katie held her breath. Sheila's lips spread wide and engulfed the hot wife as Katie felt Sheila's tongue press into her mouth and swish against hers. Katie jumped as Sheila's small soft hand slipped under her blouse and stroked her stomach. Her friend's tongue was so soft compared to men, including Fred's, it was so soft and sensual the way she moved it.

Phil let out a long audible breath as Sheila glanced over and saw the old man as he rubbed himself over his shorts. Sheila's hand had crept higher under Katie's skirt until could feel a patch of warm wetness on her lace panties. Katie's breath had become rapid and shallow, and when Sheila fingers touched her womanhood, she let a soft moan escape into Sheila's mouth. Sheila made small circles through the lace, as she stroked her most sensitive parts until Katie whimpered under her touch and drew away. Sheila pulled her kiss from Katie's mouth and caught her stare.

Katie battled the reservations about being with a woman as she glanced at Phil as he sat in the corner of the room as he rubbed his obvious erection under his shorts. The hot wife had was unsure on what to do as she sat on the edge of the bed. Sheila leaned into her and pressed her small full lips against Katie's neck as her hand continued to explore her pussy above her white lacy panties.

Sheila's hands crept out from under the skirt and lovingly rubbed the hot wife's hips and then traced their way up until they made contact with her bra underneath her blouse. Sheila slowly unbuttoned the shirt and slid it off Katie's shoulders letting it drop to the bed.

Sheila's lips met with Katie neck again as she felt goose bumps on her skin when Sheila's hands encircled her, reaching to cup her lace covered breasts. Her nipples poked through, drawing her fingertips to them while she caressed her shoulders with her lips. Sheila turned into Katie chest, reached around and removed her bra, allowing it to drop onto the bed. She bent her head forward and took Katie's nipple into her mouth. Mrs. Marshall licked and sucked and teased them, alternating between breasts as she kissed and sucked them passionately. The hot wife felt herself become increasingly turned on by the wonderful soft lips and tongue of her friend.

Both women hadn't noticed that Phil had removed his shorts and sat on the couch as he slowly stroked his massive hard on. His mouth hung open in disbelief. Drool could be seen dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Sheila slowly returned to the hot wife's lips. This time when they kissed, there was no hesitation by Mrs. Jackson, as Sheila's hands pushed her gently backwards onto the bed. Katie wiggled backwards until her head was on a pillow. Sheila sat up, unbuttoned and pulled her shirt off revealing black lacy bra. Her large breasts hung out of the small garment. Sheila began to kick off her shoes but Phil's voice echoed in the room, "Leave them on!"

Sheila caringly tugged and twisted Katie's panties off and threw them at Phil. The hot wife laid naked with her skirt pushed up to her hips as her high heeled shoes dug into the mattress. Sheila moved downwards, as she tasted her along the way. Little licks on her breasts, underneath, and on her ribs, making the freckled mother twitch. Her tongue snaked into her belly button and then lower where she paused. Sheila's eyes soaked in the sight of her womanhood, her mound was bald and smooth with a small landing strip above the folds of her pussy. Sheila cautiously dipped her tongue towards her slit, sliding it downwards from the top. Katie's body tensed under Sheila's touch as her stomach cramped, releasing the breath she had been holding in. Sheila worked her way down and back up again, tentatively at first, and then gained momentum as her tongue lapped at the folds of her sex spot.

Phil walked closer as he watched Sheila's small tongue as it lashed at Katie's hot pussy. He grabbed a hold of Katie's hand and directed her towards his massive hard member. The hot wife grasped it as she kept her eyes closed and began to stroke the entire length of Phil's cock with her friend's face buried between her legs.

The old man reached under Sheila and began to feel up the big fake tits that he had long labored to touch. Sheila lifted her body to allow him better access as she flicked her tongue on Katie's fuck slit.

The hot wife continued to stroke Phil's massive member. Her mind became lost in the moment as when she reached the tip and felt the wonderful wetness that was his precum. Katie's mouth instantly salivated as she scooted her head closer to the edge of the bed and pulled the old man closer. She looked up with her hazel eyes into his as she stuck her tongue out and lapped at the tip of his cock. The hot wife felt like such a slut but she was eager to have her mouth filled with his large cock again.

Phil moaned at the sight of the hot wife as he held Sheila’s head against her cunt, "Suck my cock Freckles," the old man demanded, "put me in that hot mouth of yours."

Katie took the head of Phil's cock into her mouth as she wrapped her tongue around the mushroom head and lapped at it. She slowly began to bob her head back and forth on his fuck stick as she rammed his hot hard flesh into her mouth. At the same time her body relaxed at mouth on her and began to enjoy Sheila's oral assault. The softness of her lips and tongue against her began to make her lose control.

Sheila reached underneath Katie's ass and pulled her closer to her face, sliding her tongue inside her and then circling her clitoris and sucking it, the hot wife responded with an audible gasp and trusted her hips into her. Sheila could sense her arousal growing steadily, and so she pulled her right hand from underneath her and started to feel the folds with her fingers. Once they were coasted in her wetness, she slid her middle one deep inside her, stroking her g-spot. She returned her mouth to her and before long Katie shook in anticipation of her oncoming orgasm. Mrs. Marshall quickened her pace and slipped another finger inside. The buxom manager could see Phil's reaction as well as he thrusted faster into Katie's mouth.

The sensations that Sheila was doing to her made her suck harder on Phil's cock. Loud sucking and slurping sounds filled the room as the hot wife took Phil's cock into her wet mouth. Sheila increased the pace of her tongue and slid her fingers in and out quickly. Mrs. Marshall figured this was more than the old man could take of the sight and sounds of a woman going down on another woman and soon would cum and she wouldn't even have had to touch him.

Katie pulled her mouth off of Phil's mammoth hard cock, still stroking in quickly in her hand. Feeling his hot hard flesh in her hand. Her body began to lose control as she started to hump her friend's tongue, "I am going to... fuck...fuck... faster, faster!!," she begged.

"Ohhh shit!! shit! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Her orgasm was intense as her body shook on the bed. Phil humped Katie's closed fist that was wrapped around his cock. He grabbed control of his own cock and rubbed it against Katie's flushed cheeks and lips. The hot wife in the midst of her own orgasm quickly placed the head of her neighbors’ cock in her mouth sucking the precum soaked mushroom head and steadied herself for a torrent of sperm that she knew was about to be unleashed into her mouth. The thought of the creamy goodness made her cum harder.

Sheila stopped using her tongue but left her fingers inside her slowly rotating them and watched and waited for Phil's release. Much to her chagrin; his orgasm never happed as Sheila leaned down and passionately kissed her thighs and made her quiver once more.

Phil pulled his cock from Katie’s wet mouth as he looked down at the women as his cock twitched in the air. Sheila slid her fingers out of her and brought them to Phil's lips. She placed them fingers into his mouth. He gave an loud moan as his cock swelled.

"Aren't you ready to cum?" Sheila innocently asked him as she nodded towards his erection that twitched. He bent over and tried to kiss the hot wife but she turned her head away from the fat lips of her neighbor.

Sheila rolled onto her side and patted the bed. As he sat, Sheila leaned over and kissed his hard nipple as she rubbed his obese belly with her small hand. Katie was shocked as Sheila moved up and began to press her lips against Phil's. Soon the small big breasted wife began thrusting her tongue into Phil's mouth as they kissed passionately in front of Katie.

As Phil and Sheila continued to kiss; Phil reached over and grabbed the back of Katie's head and f***ed it into his groin. The hot wife slid off the bed as she took the tip of his hard cock into her mouth. The rigid smooth skin was as warm and wet; it slid against the roof of her mouth while her tongue pressed against the other side. It slipped as deep as she could take it, touching the back of her throat as she tried to swallow it all, she drew back all the way until she could just kiss the tip. Then she moved back down, swirling her tongue over his balls, one and then the other, taking them into her mouth slowly and softly. Katie gripped his hard cock with her hand, pumping it slowly and firmly. Sheila sat, and kissed Phil while he caressed her large breasts.

"Do you want us to both suck your dick and get you off now?" Sheila softly asked

"Oh yeah!" Dorman moaned as he extended his hand to Sheila and helped her off the bed. She immediately dropped to her knees next to her friend.

Phil couldn't stand up quick enough as he grabbed both of the ladies heads and moved them together as Sheila grabbed Katie's face and kissed her passionately. The business women kiss continued as Phil stood and f***ed his hard cock between their lips. They both kissed and licked the head and ran their mouths up and down the shaft, each with a hand on his ass. The sensation on his cock was rivaled only by the amazing view he had of these two beautiful married women sucking his dick.

Katie took his dick fully into her mouth and bobbed up and down several times and then offered it to Sheila, who tried to followed suit. Sheila spread her small lips as wide as they could go but had trouble getting around Phil's large mushroom head. Sheila only was able to take a few inches into her mouth without gagging she quickly pulled away and coughed. Both women planted sloppy kisses on the shaft of his cock.

Phil looked down in disbelief as the two women both licked and sucked his shaft at the same time. He placed a hand on each of their heads. He f***ed Katie's head towards his large ball sack as she slurped wildly at his genitals. He placed his cock head into Sheila's mouth; again she had trouble with the size of his cock and began to gag.

As Sheila continued her oral assault on the man, Katie felt a continuous stream of her own pussy juices running down her legs. Sheila held his big hard on with both hands and began licking the underside of it. She continued to lick her tongue up and down the length of the long cock and again tried to take his immense size into her mouth. Mrs. Marshall gagged hard as she released his cock as she coughed violently. Saliva ran down her bottom lip as she looked up at the old man, "You're too fucking big!"

Phil reached pulled Sheila to her feet. His giant prick pointed out in front of him like a flagpole as Katie remained on her knees, "You're horrible at giving head!" Phil demeaned her, "It's no wonder you don't want cum in your little mouth. You probably couldn't get anybody off!"

Sheila cleared her throat, "Nobody's ever complained before," as she kissed him all over his lips as her tongue shot into his sloppy mouth. Katie slowly stroked his mammoth member as she looked up at the her friend and neighbor.

The hot wife placed his cock into her tight wet mouth. Sheila looked down at her friend sucking the head of Phil's massive cock while she continued to sloppily kiss his fat lips.

Soon Katie was forcing the length of his cock down her throat, "See!" Pulling Sheila's head away from his, "She knows how to give a blowjob!" as he pulled her close and f***ed his tongue into her mouth. His pudgy hand grasped the back of Katie's head as he f***ed his cock in and out of her mouth.

After several moments of heavy kissing, he rubbed and caressed Sheila's small body; her black lacy bra was one size too small and her breasts overflowed. He reached behind her and undid her lacy garment; her tits spilled out and they were a remarkable sight. They were full, round and tipped with large pink nipples that stood erect. He gently trailed his way to her firm jutting tits, with his hands, and began playing with her hard pointy nipples. He pushed Katie away as he dropped down to his knees in front of Mrs. Marshall. Katie sat on the floor next to Phil as she felt her juices flowing steadily and wanted so bad to be filled by Phil's cock that she had in her mouth.

He took Sheila's right nipple between his fingers as he twisted and pinched. As he worked on her breasts, he pushed the rest of her black skirt off her hips, and dropped it to the floor. Sheila was now naked except for a tiny, black lace thong. Phil admired her perfect body; she had a flat stomach and narrow hips, and obviously was in great shape. Her body was completely tanned to a golden brown.

Phil placed his mouth to her tit, sucking her entire succulent hard breast. He slipped his hand into her lace thong and located her excited clit hidden in a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. He traced his fingers over her wet pussy lips, and then slowly pushed a finger into her soaked tight hole.

As he drove his finger in and out of her swollen snatch, he clamped his lips over her excited nipple and bit down with his teeth. She grabbed the back of his head, held him tight to her tit and began to thrust her hips on to his finger as it tried to get them deeper into her burning hole.

He moved his mouth from nipple to nipple as he bit and sucked her aching nipples but her main focus was on the finger that slid in and out of her cunt at a furious rate. His finger became slick with the juice as it poured out of her hole as he continued to ream her pussy.

Her hips moved on his hand, trying to drive his finger deeper into her famished cunt. She started to shake and tremble as he drove his digits into her gushing snatch, Sheila's vibrating pussy went off as she exploded on his pudgy finger. She screamed aloud as the old man drove her through her climax, "Oh, God!" Sheila hissed. "I'm cumming!"

Katie swallowed hard at how quickly her friend was brought to orgasm. The hot wife starred at the couple before her as her own hand uncontrollable began to manipulate her own clit while putting her head into Phil's groin and as she took his precum lubed mushroom head into her mouth. The hot wife closed her eyes as she felt her friend tremble in front of Phil as he thrusted his finger into and out of her swollen pussy.

As her orgasm crested, Phil pulled his finger out of her smoking cunt. He directed the buxom manager to the edge of the bed as he knelt down and looked at her, "I need a taste!" as the hot wife moved away from the large body of Phil.

Sheila shot up, "No way! That's not part of the deal!" as she pushed Phil's head away from her; still flushed from her own orgasm.

The old man chuckled, "Yes it is! I said oral sex," he cleared his voice, "I didn't specify on who!"

The buxom manager knew better than to argue as she raised up and placed her ass on the edge she spread her legs wide for Phil. Katie moved over a little closer just as Phil’s tongue ran the length of Sheila’s sopping pussy. She let out an a****listic moan as he licked her pussy with his thick agile tongue. Phil pushed it deep into her wetness and fucked her with her tongue, in and out several times. Sheila moaned in unison with Phil‘s tongue. Katie watched as Phil found Sheila’s clit, and flicked her tongue quickly back and forth over it. With that, Sheila grabbed is head with both hands and grinded her pussy forward.

"Why are you just sitting there," he asked Katie, "Do you want a taste?"

Katie slowly inched her beautiful face forward. The hot wife had never entertained thoughts about being with a girl; watching Sheila's tight ass squirm downward against Phil’s face. Sheila's large wedding ring glinted in the light as she ran her hands on the head of the fat old man. Katie looked at her own wedding ring and a felt a bit of remorse. She glanced out the window towards her house knowing Fred and her f****y were only one house away. Sheila had pulled his head away from his sweaty groin, saliva flowed from his mouth, as she battled to catch her breath. Katie crawled up next to her friend on the bed as Phil used his tongue on the sexy manager. The hot wife only hoped that maybe she was next in line for his tongue.

He kissed and lapped her tight belly as he licked his way down between her legs. The smell of her hot pussy was delicious as it filled the air around him. He kissed her inner thighs, slowly working his way up toward her pussy. Her pussy was pink and juicy; he began to lick the wet lips of her cunt. Sheila grabbed Katie's leg as the three became a tangled mess on the bed.

Slowly, the old man parted her cunt lips with his tongue. Her taste was deep and delicious. As he pushed his tongue deeper into her boiling cunt, she spread her legs slightly and held his head tight against her burning snatch.

"Oh, yeah!" She moaned repeatedly. "Oh, God! Yes, eat me!" Phil used his hands to caress her short legs and thighs as he licked deep into her cunt. He brought his hands up to her ass and, holding a cheek in each hand, pulled her cunt to his mouth as he sucked her clit.

Sheila grabbed Katie's hand and placed it on her large breast kneading her large fake breast under her own. Katie's other hand quickly dropped between her legs as she manipulated her own pussy with her delicate fingers.

Mrs. Marshal raised one leg and wrapped it around his neck and pulled him tighter to her creaming fuck hole. He worked her clit with his lips and tongue. He moved his hands from her ass, slid two fingers into her tight pussy, and began to stroke her g-spot again.

"Lick me! eat me!" Sheila groaned as she thrusted her juicing pussy against his fingers and mouth. "Fuck, yeah!" Sheila pushed downwards towards Phil "Fuck, yes! That's it!"

Her breathing was shallow and labored as she tried to catch her wind. She was in another world as she sat there with her eyes closed. Dorman slid off the bed and stood in front of the beautiful woman. His cock stuck straight out and twitched in the air, "Tell me what you think of my cock Sheila."

She looked over at him, "You have a gorgeous cock," Sheila teased him as she admired his huge dick. She had sex with me members of the board and other agents of the hospital but none had a cock like Phil's. She wasn't afraid to admit it plus she knew that if she agreed with him; it would get him off sooner.

"It is rather impressive, don't you think Katie?" Sheila asked as she reached down and stroked with her hand. The big tittied manager continued to stroke Phil's thick cock and looked into his eyes, "Plus he's good at using that tongue!"

Phil grinned at Sheila's compliments which fed his ego. "Are you ready to cum baby?" Mrs. Marshall asked as she began to rub her naked breasts with her other hand, "Do you want to cum on my tits?"

Katie was taken back by the boldness of her friend. Was she actually enjoying Phil this much?

Phil Dorman coughed as he cleared his voice, "I'm not ready yet baby! I want to watch you two together again! Get between her knees and make her cum again with your mouth," he commanded.

Sheila gave a wicked smile as she turned onto her knees as her head dove between the long legs of Katie as her soft agile tongue began to lick the hot wife's thighs. She worked her way down to her fuck slit as Katie grabbed the back of Sheila's head and pulled her close.

Mrs. Marshall looked over at Phil as he stroked his cock with his pudgy hand, "Let me know when you are ready to cum and you can jack off on my tits!" She lost count of how many men had tit fucked her and she knew Phil would be getting off at any time.

Phil moved over beside Sheila and put his hand on her back and stroked her gently as her mouth locked onto the pussy in front of her. She never broke mouth contact on Katie’s pussy knowing the fat man was ready to release his load. Phil kissed Sheila on the back and licked down her spine. Katie had closed her eyes again as she started to pant at the wonderful feeling of Sheila's tongue.

Sheila wiggled her butt as he touched her little rosebud ass and slowly he inserted his finger into her pussy. He fingered her briefly as he kissed her ass cheek. Phil changed positions so that he was completely behind her. He could see her small pussy, her small ass, and then up her back. He could see the back of her head, as she ate Katie's pussy. The hot wife was sprawled out laying in the middle of the bed with eyes closed. Her small breasts raised and fell with every breath. Sheila had one hand wrapped around Katie's leg, holding her pussy lips open and the other was rubbing her pussy.

Phil looked down at Sheila from behind and had to put his mouth back on her. He lightly licked her from behind. He ran his tongue over her little asshole. Then he licked up and down her pussy. His licking increased Sheila’s efforts on Katie's pussy. She rubbed her face all over her pussy and fucked her with her tongue as Katie grabbed her head again and began to fuck her face.

Katie couldn't hold back and cried out,"Ooohhhhh shit! Fuck! Fuckkkk! I'm dummying again!" as she came quickly in her friend’s mouth. She couldn’t remember the last time she was this turned on. It was intense and long as her screams of ecstasy filled the room. It seemed like she would come forever. She bucked and grinded, but kept a hold of Sheila’s head the whole time. Finally, Katie pushed Sheila away and let her come up for breath as he body convulsed from Mrs. Marshall's expert tongue.

Sheila looked back as she felt the hard tool against her as Phil rubbed his large cock against the crevice of her ass cheeks, "I'll let you rub your cock over me; but no fucking!" Sheila announced as she pointed her finger back into Dorman's flabby chest.

"Now wait a minute! I'm in charge here!" Dorman countered, "You will do as I say or the hospital will find out what a shitty manager you are!"

"Wait," She protested. "This is as far as we go! Just rub it on me get yourself off already!" The petite manager was becoming perturbed the well hung old man hadn't came.

Phil pulled her hair back as he lowered his mouth to hers; her tongue began to welcome his, licking the underside of it as it wedged itself in her mouth. Phil released his kiss on her as he f***ed Sheila's head into Katie's groin.

Sheila flicked her tongue across Katie's fuck slit again as the hot wife moved her hand and spread her legs to give her more access. Sheila knelt on all fours between Katie's long slender legs.

Phil was behind Mrs. Marshall as he rubbed immense prick to rub against the entrance of her pussy. Her full breasts were smashed against the mattress. Sheila quickly stuck her tongue into Katie's moist slit. Her long fingernails ran themselves along the folds of Katie's pussy as she quickly sucked and licked at her friend's juices that were pouring from her.

Sheila's legs stiffened, her stomach grew tight; she released her tongue from the warm slit in front of her as she locked eyes with her college friend. Sheila gasped for air as she felt the hard cock behind her.

"I'm just gonna rub the head around," Phil panted. Katie couldn't help but remember when she heard Phil use the line with her when he fucked her ass. Phil leaned against her harder, and her cuntlips started to open under the tremendous pressure of his steel rod of cock. Slowly, the giant head eased past the tight muscles of her pussy and popped inside.

"Stop! I...I can't... Th..That wasn't our agreement..." Sheila quickly protested at the immense feeling of the huge cock that was filling her. Phil f***ed head of his cock inside her, and Sheila thought she would lose consciousness; her outstretched palms were flat against Katie’s stomach. Mrs. Jackson grabbed both of Sheila's hands and placed them on her small breasts using her friends hands to kneed the small mounds of flesh.

Sheila looked back at Phil, "N..No! You're too big!... Unnnnnngggghhhh!" Although she begged him to stop, her back was arched and her tight ass was jutted outward. Phil grabed a hold of her hips to keep the petite woman steady as he basked in the tight velvet of her pussy.

Phil slowly inched his pole inside her. Katie reached out and pulled her forehead down to her mound as she invited her friend to continue her oral assualt.

Sheila bit her lip as he continued to grind inch after inch inside of her, "Oh, fuck! Ow!! Ow!" she whimpered as she locked eyes with her friend that laid before her, "Stop! You're too big!" She screamed; her head flew backwards and the fat cock burrowed deeper into her pussy like a burning rod, "Please!"

He ignored her command and pushed his hips forward. Her back arched and the pretty brown eyes became dilated through fluttering eyelashes. "Oh, fuck!" She wailed. "It's too big!"

With just the head lodged in her overwhelmed cunt, Phil started to fuck her slowly. Moving ever so slowly, he managed to work in the first three inches of his giant cock into her tight, pulsating snatch. Sheila gasped franticly for air. She had been fucked by endowed men before but never like this. Sheila bucked wildly as his cock slid out of her pussy, "Don't!" turning towards the old man, "It hurts!"

Phil smeared, "Damn! You are fucking tight!"

"Screw you!" as Sheila spun off the bed, "That wasn't our agreement! Why don't you fuck her again," as she motioned to Katie laying spread eagled on the bed.

"I've fucked her enough. I need some new tight pussy!" Phil shouted, "You either get fucked or you take your chances with a lawsuit and," Phil coughed as he cleared his throat, "and with your board of directors promotion."

Sheila turned quickly not realzing the old man knew about her application, "You aren't the only one with friends on the board," Phil chastised her. The buxom manager stared at Phil. She completely underestimated him. Knowing she had no options she climbed back onto the bed and positioned herself on all fours in front of Phil, "that's better." as he patted he small ass.

"Just fucking cum already," Sheila yelped as she felt his cock slide back into her wet fuck slit. The old man filled her tight pussy with so much cock. She had never been fucked by such an immense cock; her nerves were on fire, sending impulses throughout her entire body. Her clit was so sensitive a feather could bring her off.

The sides of Sheila's pussy looked like they were being stretched beyond its limits. He just continued to slowly stuff cock deep into her wet burning cunt.

"Arrggghhh! Fuck! Ohhhhhhh!" She cried as he pushed deeper and deeper.

Her pussy began become accustomed to the girth of Phil as he fucked deeper into her tight hole. He continued his assault on her defenseless pussy as Katie stared at the couple in front of them. Sheila's face became awkward with every thrust of Phil. Her mouth formed an O ring and would whimper as he plunged deeper. She took a deep breath and soon began to moan out with every thrust.

She started to have mini-orgasms every few thrusts as the great head nudged forward deeper inside her stretched channel. Some were small, others mind-numbing; her whole body was shaking and trembling from the strain. Sheila's tight cunt encased his engorged cock so tightly that it seemed like he would split her in half.

Phil shoved Sheila's head back into Katie's crotch as she began to lap at her friend's juices.

He inched a couple more inches into her quivering body, her eyes closed tightly. She bit the bottom of her lip to keep from screaming. Sheila panted and moaned as her orgasms cascaded upon one another with each inch he pushed inside her.

He paused, letting Sheila adjust to his immense size, holding her by the hips now. Sheila's cunt lips stretched around his cock, her clear, sticky wetness oozing out around his prick.

After only a few seconds, Sheila groaned deeply and started wiggling her hips slowly from side to side while thrusting herself gently backward, managing to fuck a few more inches of her straining pussy onto his large organ.

"I... I can't take any more... Aaaaaaagggh!" She screamed as he pushed his hips forward; another inch of his bl**d engorged cock prying its way inside her stretched pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Sheila cried Phil looked like he couldn't take anymore, she was just too fucking tight, and her pussy clung to him like wet leather forcing him to use all of his concentration to keep from cumming. He stared down at hot woman and plunged his hips forward.

"Aaaaggghhh!" Sheila squealed. "Fuck! Damn!"

"Do you like my fucking prick inside of you? You've wanted this since the first time you saw it haven't you?" Phil breathlessly stated.

The smart manager knew she would have to agree to get Phil off, "Oh, fuck! Yeah," She moaned. "Give it to me! Fuck my pussy deep!" Sheila pleaded. He sank the rest of his rock hard, oversized cock into Sheila's drooling pussy in one smooth stroke. Her cunt lips hitting the broad base of his cock, Sheila groaned in pleasure.

"So deep!" She moaned, her words slightly muffled as her mouth met Katie's groin as he f***ed himself onto her. "Oh, yeahhhh! So fuckin' good!" her voiced muffled as her tongue caressed the folds of Katie's luscious pussy.

"That's it you rich snobby bitch!" Phil scolded Mrs. Marshall, "Keep talking.."

"Fuck! You’re so deep! Do it! Fuck my pussy good! Take my cunt! Fuck me hard!" Sheila's words were abruptly ended as the old man slammed his hips forward, launching right into a deep, hard fuck stroke just as she begged, drawing several inches of his thick, long prick out of her stretching cunt and then pounding it fully back into her, the powerful base of his cock smacking wetly into her oozing pussy as she squealed in pleasure.

"Ohhhh!" She groaned loudly as his hands gripped tightly to her slim waist as his dick pounded her hard.

"Damn! Your pussy is so fucking good!" He groaned as his dick continued to slam into her hard.
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Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:03 pm Post subject:

"Oh, fuck! Oh, this is so fucking good! Mmmmmmmm!" Sheila groaned loudly as she pushed herself back onto his rod using her hands and knees for support. "Do me hard! Fuck me!"

"Oh, yeah!" Phil groaned as he pulled her hard back onto his dick, and reached under her to grab hold of her tits roughly.

Katie's legs were spread widely; she could not tear her eyes away from the scene in front of her. Sheila’s head flew backward as they made eye contact. The hot wife wanted so badly to be filled with Phil’s perfect cock.

Sheila did not see anything, though, as her pupils disappeared in the back of her head and her mouth opened wide in a breathless scream. Katie wasn't sure if it was the sight of Sheila’s pretty eyes disappearing or the old man's crude comments but the hot wife was quickly flicking her fingers across her wet clitoris. Mrs. Jackson soon had slipped 3 fingers into her wet snatch as she wished she could be fucked hard at that very instant

"Ohhhhhh! Ram your big dick into me! Ohhhhh! Yeah!" Sheila groaned loudly as his hands used her tits to pull her back hard on to his invading rod.

The dick continuously burying itself within her tight hole brought her closer and closer to her massive orgasm. The words pouring from her mouth came without thought.

"Oh, God!" Sheila moaned as the pounding continued. "You're fucking me so good!"

The hot wife, already envious, reached out and f***ed Sheila's mouth back onto her wet pussy. Katie quickly rubbed her clit while Sheila's tongue lapped at the crevices of her pussy lips.

The man grabbed her hips and pulled slowly all the way out. He watched as the lips of her pussy stretched tight like a seal around his giant prick. Then suddenly, he rammed his fat, hard cock back inside her wet sleeve and the head bounced off the end of her love canal.

"Argggh!! Ohhh fuck!" she cried in surprise.

He started to pound her pussy with everything he had. He held on to her waist and drilled his eleven inches of iron hard cock into her juicy cunt, repeatedly. She started to cum on the tenth thrust, and her orgasms continued non stop. He was hitting her in places that no cock had ever been before, nothing compared to such an impaling tool.

He was like a machine. In and out, in and out, as he relentlessly drove his immense cock up her flaming cunt sending her from one cum to another in a long stream of orgasms that never seemed to end.

She lifted her head from Katie's groin, "Ohhh shit! Fuck me with your giant cock Phil," as her body shook from repeated orgasms, "Oh, yeah, baby! Oh, that's it! Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck, your cock feels so good inside me! Ram it right up my pussy! Fuck me hard!"

As they fucked, he reached under her to grab her swing tits. Taking one in each hand, he used them like handles and pulled her onto his cock as he thrust deep into her molten center. He pinched and twisted her hard swollen nipples. She exploded around his cock, her cunt rippling and clutching at his invading member, "Cum for me baby! Spray the hot cum all over me!"

She was exhausted from end to end orgasms, and the relentless pounding of his savage thrusts as he drove his plunging thick monster deep into her seething, churning cunt.

His big thrusting cock and large swinging balls were covered with her juice. Still, he continued to nail her with his endless thrusts. But, underneath all the electric currents flowing through and around her, she felt something deep inside progressively gathering; with every thrust of his massive cock that drove up her overworked cunt, the pressure built and built.

He continued to fuck her hard, sending his cock deep into her juicy pussy as he bottomed out on each thrust. He was impaling her on his giant spear with each thrust into her tight, clutching cunt.

"Ram it all the way in, baby!" Sheila gasped, and spread her legs further while on her knees, as far as she could. "Fuck my pussy deep! Pound that big fat prick all the way in and out! "Unnngghhh! Oh, I had no idea it could be this good! It feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can, you asshole!"

Suddenly, he pulled all the way out letting just the head of his magnificent member remain inside the trembling young woman, and then he plunged his entire cock into her as the hot buxom manager let loose, "OHhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Oh my God!! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Sheila slammed herself back against him, "I'm cumming on your fucking cock! Ohhhhhh!!!" Her orgasmic scream was like that of a lion the bellow coming from deep inside her throat. Sheila flew her head back, the pupils of her eyes disappearing into the back of her head; she bucked, thrusted, and rocked in front of him in a screaming, thundering climax that seemed to go on forever.

The old man enjoyed every minute as he watched the beautiful manager twitch in orgasmic bliss, "I'm going to fucking cum now..." Phil announced, "And I want to cum in your dirty mouth!"

Sheila looked back at him in disgust, "Fuck you! I said I don't do that!" Her voice trailed off as the old man continued to pound his cock into her.

Phil grabbed the back of her hair and pulled as Sheila's body tensed, "Then I’m going to fucking cum inside this hot pussy of yours!"

Before she could protest the old man plunged deep into her exploding cunt one final time and began to fire rope after rope of burning hot cum into her climaxing womb. He unleashed what seemed like a gallon of thick sperm into her body. Her face was deeply flushed and her hair matted to her face in a pool of sweat. His cock twitched and jerked as he held her hips tight allowing every ounce of his sperm to empty inside her. Phil moaned loudly, “Fuck yeah!! Fuck yeah!!”

It was like a geyser going off in her cunt; his cum poured out of him in eruption after eruption coating the inside of her burning snatch and then squeezing out around the base of his rampaging cock as he continued to thrust into her pussy again and again. Their juices flowed down her legs in rivers of white sticky strands and pooled on the bed. Sheila could only muster her frustrations, "Ohhh fuck! You asshole!"

Katie watched helplessly as Phil’s scrumptious cum was shot into Sheila's pussy. Her mouth salivated for the taste of his hot spunk. She hadn't stopped playing with her clit as she imagined him emptying his cum onto her tongue.

Finally, he stopped thrusting into her battered cunt. She slumped into Katie's groin. Phil released his grasp on her hips as he eased his cock out of her.

Sheila breathed rapidly and shallow, globs of sticky cum oozed from her swollen small cunt.

Phil rolled off the bed as the two business women lie naked both exhausted from the multiple orgasms. He walked over and kissed Sheila deep as their tongues mingled. Phil turned and leaned into to kiss the hot wife as she quickly leaned away from him.. Katie extended her arm and pushed him the chest away from her, "I need to go," as she snapped back to reality that she needed to get home to her husband.

Both women crawled out of bed and began to get dressed in front of the naked old man. Sheila glanced at Phil's massive cock, even flaccid, was rather impressive as it hung down between his legs.

"I think that was a good start to negotiations," the old man coughed as he lit a cigarette. He slumped down into the chaise as both women quickly got dressed, "What time you picking me up tomorrow Sheila?"

The buxom manager smirked as she put on her tight bra, "I think negotiations are done…” the wise business woman replied.

Phil's voice echoed in the room, "We're not even close to being done; see me tomorrow at 10:00 am to drive me to treatment," as he took a long drag from his smoke.

Sheila stopped and turned to Phil, "I said...," as she raised her voice and pointed her finger towards the old man.

"We're not done," raising his voice, "Tomorrow at 10:00 am or you know what happens…”

"You can't do this to me!" Sheila confidently stated, “you don’t know who you are dealing with!”

"I know you are my slut,” Phil retorted back. Sheila didn't say a word but quickly got dressed as she and Katie walked out the door.

The women walked down the sidewalk towards Sheila's Cadillac Escalade parked in the driveway, "That would have went quicker if you would have got into it!" complained the buxom manager.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Katie asked perturbed at the statement.

Sheila rolled her eyes, "If you act like a slut and scream and shout; men will get their rocks off in minutes."

"I'm not like that. I don't scream and act like a total slut," referring to her friend begging for Phil's cock, "I'm surprised you didn't wake the neighborhood!"

The buxom manger smirked, "I guess that's why you are unemployed. If you would have done something besides just lie there..," as she stopped short of completing her sentence.

Katie stared at her friend and couldn't believe what she was hearing. She opened the door but paused, "I don't think I have to tell you this but you understand this stays between us, right?"

The hot wife shook her head, "Of course."

Sheila sensed her friends unrest at what had just occurred. She glanced back at Phil Dorman's house and back to her friend, "It's just business Katie; get over it."

The hot wife couldn't believe her friend had acted as a total slut. Or was it acting? "Don't you feel regret for what you just did to Brock or your f****y?"

"I sure don't feel any regret when I get my paycheck. I'm sure not going to feel regret when I get the top job at the hospital either." the manager explained as she closed the door and started her SUV. Sheila backed out of the driveway as the hot wife walked back to her home.

As she walked in she spotted Fred sitting on the couch watching the Kansas Jayhawks basketball game, "Did you and Sheila get Phil taken care of?" as he didn't take his eyes away from the game.

"Yeah," Katie replied as she stared out the window towards Phil's house. The sexy wife stood behind her husband as she looked towards the game, "How are they doing against Missou?"

Fred glanced up at his wife and gleamed, "They're up by 20 in the fourth quarter."

Katie f***ed a smile at her husband as regret filled her mind. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed bottled water as she looked out the window towards Phil's. The hot wife could only imagine what he had planned next.

Cumming Soon: My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 19. Sheila becomes suspicious of Phil's activites and asks Katie for her help in stopping his torment.

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