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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 12: Katie's week al

Katie's Week Alone Continues.

Katie Jackson slowly opened her eyes as her clock radio played some rock-n-roll on the radio. As she went to reach out to shut it off, she winced in pain as her arms ached. The bath mustn’t of have helped as she reached through the aches and turned off the alarm. She lay in bed as she took a hold of each forearm and began to massage them. The muscles burned as she recalled stroking Phil Dorman's cock with reckless abandon last evening trying to coax an orgasm. Mrs. Jackson sat up in the bed and tried to clear her head. She knew this could be the day that she finally gets back into a management position. The most important interview of her life awaited her as she looked over at her clock. She stumbled out of bed, her head still groggy from the restless night sl**p. Mrs. Jackson was not only worried about the interview; she was worried about her neighbor Phil and what he could do to sabotage her life. She reached into the shower and turned on the water gazing at reflection in the mirror. Katie stood naked examining her body and turning slightly to look at her own ass. She loved her tight body and the hours she had put in running and working out. Katie gave a faint smile at the thought of how much her husband appreciated it. She really missed Fred and his cock and knew she still had a few weeks before her f****y returned. Katie climbed into the shower as she allowed the hot water to run across her aching forearms and biceps. She rubbed them slowly thinking about Dorman's inability to cum even though she tugged forever on his large dick. Mrs. Jackson couldn't believe the old fatty couldn't cum from the way she rubbed her fingers across him. Her mind raced to how large his penis was, the enormous mushroom head of his cock, the leaking precum that oozed from the tip. She kept waking up in the middle of the night frightened by the possibilities of what could happen if Phil takes his file in and says she had it at her house. Katie began to clean her body and immediately found her nipples to be swollen and hard. She slowly caressed them as she realized she was still turned on and her juices were flowing. Her hand found its way down to her crotch as she felt her swollen clitoris and began to slowly caress it between her fingers. Closing her eyes, she wished her husband was home and she could take his cock into her swollen cunt. She could imagine the taste of her husbands cum being emptied onto her lips and face. Katie's eyes opened and knew she didn't have time to finish; she had to get ready for work. She quickly refocused her mind on her interview and what questions they would ask her.

Today was the first round of interviews and she needed to make sure she wasn't forgettable. Katie steps out of the shower and dried herself. She laid out her favorite business suit with a tight black skirt. As she dried her hair and gazed into the mirror hoping that Phil wasn't serious about his threats of telling everyone of what she had done. Mrs. Jackson mind raced to her friend Sheila and how she partially blamed her for her current predicament. She put on her black lacy panties and started drying her hair looking into the mirror at her body. She didn't want to dress too slutty for the interview not knowing if more males and females were on the board. She applied her makeup, not putting on very much, and then walking out and putting on her lacy bra that covered her perfect b cup breasts. Sliding her skirt on and finally her buttoned down white blouse. Mrs. Jackson did some touching up to her hair and make up. She gazed into the mirror, making sure she looked professional pleased with her appearance; Katie grabbed her jacket from the hanger and headed downstairs.

Katie was pouring herself a cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. She looked towards the door and through the window and saw her overweight neighbor Phil standing outside. Katie thought about ducking into the corner but could see he was looking directly at her. It was too late as it felt like someone had punched her in the stomach. She had prayed she wouldn't have seen him today.

Reluctantly Mrs. Jackson opened the door she immediately felt the lustful stare of Phil. He stood motionless looking at her up and down in lust. He was dressed in his baggy shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. He looked ridiculous with his belly extending past his belt line.

"Hello again freckles, pleased to see me?" He smirked displaying his yellowish teeth. His hair was in disarray as the wind had blown his combover to one side.

Katie said nothing and opened the door stepping aside hoping he would walk in before any of the neighbors saw him.

Dorman started to walk in while staring at his beautiful neighbor, "Good morning Kate I thought we could talk before you go to work," holding a cigarette in his chubby little fingers.

"What is it?" as though she didn't want to discuss anything with him right now as her interview was quickly approaching.

Phil turned and flicks his smoke into the grass by the porch. Katie closes the door behind him as Phil turned towards her, "I'm so sorry about last night. I was just so close cumming. I hadn't been that close in years. They way you stroked me and worked me over. You are a real talent. You were just remarkable," almost sounding like a human being.

A wave of joy enveloped Katie that Phil must realize what he did was wrong. Maybe he was just overwhellemed with what occurred at the hospital, "I'm sorry it didn't work out but I'm sure you'll get everything worked out soon. Do you have your file? I could put it back in the cabinet when I get to work," as she looks down towards his hands.

"What?" Dorman asked as his mouth hangs open.

Confused Katie looked back over at Phil, "Didn't you come over here to say sorry?"

Phil laughed to himself, "Freckles, I came here for you to finish the job!"

Katie was stunned. She stared into his eyes she could tell he was already undressing her in his mind, "I don't have time for this Phil! I need to get to work!"

The fat old man's face turns red, "We had a deal Freck..," quickly sounding upset.

Katie interrupted, "We had a deal for a handjob! You tried to break it."

Pointing his chubby finger towards her his face reddened, "No Freckles! The deal was to get me off."

Katie snickered, "Not this morning, I need to get to work," as she walked towards the door.

Dorman walked further into the Jackson's house without even looking at Katie, "Then I guess you'll be late!"

Mrs. Jackson quickly tried to reassert control of the situation, "No Phil! I have to go!"

Phil turned beginning to walking towards the door, "Fine! We'll carpool, what time we leaving Freckles?"

"What?" Katie yelled, "Are you serious? Hell No!"

"See you at work Katie!" as he opened the door pausing before leaving, "Have you figured out what you are going to say to your bosses why my file was at your house or why your husband knew about my condition." Phil took a few steps out on the porch and turned to look Katie staring into her hazel eyes, "I spoke to my lawyer this morning," clearing his throat, " He's an old attorney buddy of mine and did you know you could spend up to a year in jail for violating those HIPAA laws," his belly shaking from laughter.

Phil walked a bit closer to Katie, "and did you know he said I would have a great lawsuit against the hospital!" Phil turned and walked down the steps of her porch, "Good luck Freckles!"

"Wait," Katie called out……….. Phil stopped a devilish grin appearing on his face, "I have to go to work. I don't have right time now," Katie looked down ashamed, "but maybe later?"

Dorman wanted to push his luck. His lust for Katie had been driving him mad since Fred tried giving him advice. He looked up at her and sneered, "Maybe you should call in and tell them you are going to be late," he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle, "I've brought my lube. It might speed things up," tossing her a bottle of sexual lubricant.

Katie caught it and stared down at the bottle. Katie's mind raced looking for an alternative but finding nothing. Would he really complain? Would she have to spend time in jail? What would her husband think of her?

“Can’t we discuss this later?” still refusing to look towards her revolting neighbor. His silence was her answer. Without making eye contact her voice trembled with emotion, "Just a handjob?"

"Yes Freckles," as Dorman turned and walked back up onto the porch he leaned closer and whispers into her ear, "..For starters.”

He reaches around her tried to grab her ass, Katie knocked his hand away as he tried to squeeze it. Katie looked down at the bottle in her hands, slowly closing her fingers around it.

Dorman walked back into the Jackson's house. Katie looked around to make sure nobody saw what had transpired and followed Phil into her home, "I need to call work first." She grabbed the phone from the desk and quickly dialed thinking of some way out of the situation, but her mind was blank. Mrs. Jackson sighed as she stared at Phil as he stared in lust back at her.

The phone continued to ring as Phil walked closer to her, "You look fucking hot as hell today Mrs. Jackson!" he reached out and started rubbing her breast over his silky blouse. Katie tried to back away but Phil grabs her waist with his other hand and pulls her closer and blurted out, "Who's in charge here Freckles?"

The wife listened intently to the headset of the phone as she tries to move away from the old man’s disgusting touching, “Later Phil…,” with a hint of sexiness in her voice, “ can touch later.” The words made her want to throw up but she needed to stall to come up with a plan to get away. Phil smiled but he continued to rub her chest.

Phil squeezed her breast with his left hand while his right hand continually pawed her perfect ass. His cock was already hard in his shorts waiting to be released. It had been so long since he had a woman and none of them were ever has beautiful or sexy as his neighbor. He couldn't wait to have her stroking his cock again and released her as he heard a voice on the phone, "Hello, this is Sheila.."

Katie interrupted her boss and immediately irritated at her happy tone, "Sheila this is Katie, I'm going to be a little late," as she stared back at Phil as he's rubbing his cock over his shorts, easily seeing the outline of his mammoth member.

"You have your first interview this morning. right?" Sheila asked her.

"I know, I shouldn't be too long, I’m just having.." looking over at Phil as he started to unbutton his shorts and sighs, " trouble."

"Okay, call me if you need a ride." Sheila suggested.

"I will," as she stared at her obese neighbor as he begins to lower his shorts. Katie hung up the phone and tossed it down, "What are you doing? We can't do it here!"

"Yes we can," gazing at the Jackson's neat and tidy home, "Maybe a change of scenery will help?" almost mocking his neighbor.

Mrs. Jackson quickly volunteered, "You can't smoke in my house.” She was trying everything to get him out of her house. Katie did not want the disgusting neighbor to disrobe in her house especially in the room where her husband gave her the first taste of semen. The wife glances around the room and thinks of all the wonderful memories of her husband making love to her and she did not want them polluted by Phil.

"That's fine." as he dropped his shorts his cock springing straight out Phil sat down on the sofa where her husband gave her first facial. His cock sticking straight out with the head of his cock a much darker purple than last night. The thick purple veins even more pronounced.

Katie couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of his huge muscle extending from beneath his overweight beer belly. The tip enormous, looking much fatter than last night. Phil saw her eyes, "I kept getting hard all night thinking of you. The way you stroked my cock. Hell, I thought about coming over last night."

"Let's not beat around the bush Freckles, get naked. This time everything comes off, I want to see it all, “announced Phil.

“NO! I said just a handjob!” Mrs. Jackson feels nauseated and starts to kneel between his hairy legs tossing the bottle next to him, “Can’t we just try some lube first and see how it goes? Maybe you'll get off sooner than you think"

"NO!," obviously growing impatient, "Take off your fucking clothes!"

Katie swallowed and stood up in front of her suitor, "Slowly," he demanded.

Mrs. Jackson unbuttoned her blouse sliding it off; tossing it onto the floor. She then unzipped the side of her skirt sliding it off revealing her black lacy thong. Looking over at Phil, "Good enough?"

Dorman shook his head 'no', "All of it, let me see what Mr. Jackson only gets to see."

Mrs. Jackson paused for a minute and sighed, "Let's just get started."

"We already are," Phil laughed as he lifts his t-shirt over his head kicking his sandals off. Phil's hairy chest and his man boobs hung off to the sides as he reclined on the sofa. He took a hold of his giant member with one hand and picked up the bottle of lubrication with the other. He opened it and squirted a large amount across the head of his cock. Slowly rubbing it in with his hand.

"Take off your bra and panties but leave the heels on, they make you look slutty,” Katie reached around behind her back and unhooked her bra sliding it off and dropping it into the pile of clothes. She then exhaled and slowly lowered her panties revealing her freshly cleaned pussy and ass.

"Oooohhh Freckles, nice landing strip!" making reference to Katie's thin strip of pubic hair above her vagina, "turn around and let me see that fine ass of yours"

Katie slowly spun around as she felt Phil staring at her small waist and perfect ass. She suddenly felt sick as she has to stand in front of the grotesquely fat man as he lusted after her. She could hear the unmistakable sound of Phil working his cock with his hand. She glanced back at his lubricated huge penis with his chubby fingers wrapped around it working it up and down as quickly as he could. His cock glistens from the oil. He released it as it sticks straight up throbbing and twitching, "okay Freckles, let's see what you can do."

Katie turned and knelt between his chubby legs. She reached out taking his giant cock into her hands and started stroking it. Immediately her arms started to burn, still sore from stroking his cock last night. Grabbing the lube she generously squirted more onto his head stroking it hard with a tight grip causing the head to turn even a deeper shade of purple if possible. Grabbing the prick as hard she could she rubbed it up and down allowing his flesh to burn under her constant pressure. Katie began alternating hands as immediately they have begun to burn. Her arms started stroking the massive dick, "Just keep going," she told herself, "Faster maybe it will get him off."

Katie’s arms after 10 minutes of constant quick and slow stroking began to tire. Phil noticed how her pace was slowing. He smiled to himself knowing that Katie was going to have to decide if she's going to take the next step. Her hands felt so good around him but Dorman wanted to push his neighbor, "This isn't working. I'm not even close; I guess you'll have to think of something else."

Katie stroked faster, "How long is this going to take," looking over at the clock.

"You really know how to ruin a moment," standing up as his cock almost hit Katie's chin Katie moved to the side quickly to avoid his powerful tool as he bent down picking up his shorts.

"What else can I do? I'm stroking as fast as I can," Katie said with a hint of desperation in her voice.

Phil looked down at his married neighbor. She looked so sexy she looks with her hands resting in her lap her pouty small perfect lips staring up at him. Dorman stood above her and dropped his shorts, "Tell me what you think of my cock?"

Katie puzzled at his question blurted out, "What?"

"Come on Freckles, Is it bigger than expected isn't it?" boasts Phil, "Its okay to admit it, tell me? Is my cock bigger than Fred's?

Phil stood with his cock inches from her face. Mrs. Jackson mumbled, "No" as she tried to avoid eye contact with his massive penis.

"Liar!" as his belly shook from laughter, "I see the way you stare at it, hell I can almost see you salivating!"

Phil takes a hold of his own cock as Katie stared up at him as he slowly stroked his cock with his hand, "Is his dick as big as mine?" squeezing it hard and forcing the bl**d into the head making it expand even further.

Katie didn’t say a word but continued to stare at Phil as he works his cock as precum begins to ooze from his pee hole.

Dorman watched as he slowly stroked his cock next to his neighbors freckles face, "Tell me what you think of my cock Katie, I want to know how big I stand in comparison to your husband. It's bigger isn’t it?"

"No! Damnit can't you just cum?" scolds Katie.

"Come on! Tell me about it. Tell me about my cock," he demanded stroking it faster.

Katie looks up into his eyes thinking if she was to give into his fantasy that he would get off, "You have a wonderful cock Phil!" Her stomach turns at the words that came out of her mouth. Her thoughts race to her husband but she knows this was her problem and she needed a way out. She looks up at Phil as he stares down at her stroking his cock, sweat beading off of his forehead. She opens her eyes bigger and in her sexy sweet voice, which she usually saves for her husband, “Your cock is so big,” her eyes focus in on the head and she slowly looks back up to Phil, “..and thick!”

"I know!" proud of what she had asserted. "I bet your husband would be jealous that I have such a huge package hanging between his legs? Do you ever fantasize about something this big?"

"No it's too big." She remembered the big dildo in the adult bookstore. She wanted to buy it with her husband. Have him use it on her. How she wanted to feel it inside of her. Something that big stretching her out.

"Are you saying you couldn't take me into your small little pussy? I would probably make you cum before I got it all the way in. pushing it to where your husband couldn't take it."

"You’re disgusting," growing impatient with his banter, "If you would just concentrate you would probably cum already!" Looking over at the clock, "I'm going to have to leave soon, is there anything I can do?" Katie continued to look up at Phil sitting on her knees in front of the fat old man rubbing his cock.

"Start stroking it, I shouldn't have to do all the work," Dorman growled.

Katie reluctantly reached up and grabbed his cock with both hands and started stroking the entire length of his shaft. Dorman reaches down and picked up the bottle of lube and squirted the liquid on his cock as Katie continued to glide her fingers across him. The head of his cock continued to grow as Katie’s tight grip f***ed bl**d to the tip. She fights through the pain in her arms and after 5 minutes of furious stroking she dropped them to her lap, "I can't go on. My arms hurt. Can't you finish yourself?"

Phil looks down at her and doesn't say a word but just grins. Katie becoming increasingly frustrated, "What else can I do?"

Dorman waited for this moment since she left last night. Butterflies enveloped his stomach and he had dreamed of this moment since his neighbor moved in, "I guess that depends Freckles, are you any good at sucking a dick? Do you let Fred fuck that tiny mouth of yours?"

"Yes," looking up at Phil, "I let him fuck my mouth. He’s my husband.”

"Let's see how good you are then. Let's find out if you can actually suck a real dick and not a small willy like your husbands."

“I’m not sucking your dick Phil,” as Katie tried to stand up but Phil reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder. Mrs. Jackson looks up and at him and reached out to move his hand but he was steadfast.

“Suck it,” demanded Phil, “Put it in your mouth!”

“No,” as Dorman moved forward as the tip of his cock rubbed against her lips swearing them with his precum. “Please don’t Phil,” begged Katie.

Phil held his cock at the entrance to her warm moist mouth. Her lips quivered at the thought of taking his massive penis past them. “What would your f****y think of visiting you at jail? What would the headline read? Hot hospital employee arrested for HIPAA violation?” laughed Phil, “Think of it as just a kiss. Hell! Think of your husband, I don’t care.”

Mrs. Jackson closed her eyes at the thought of his words. Maybe she could just pretend it was her husband as long as she didn’t open her eyes. Surely a quick suck would get him off and this experience would end. Ashamed, but knowing she didn't have any strength on her arms left, Katie moved her face closer to his cock and repositioned herself on her knees as Phil stood above her. She was revolted by his smell but yet her heart was beating rapidly as her silky tongue tentatively emerged from between her small soft lips. She grabbed hold of his cock with one hand and, ever so slowly, her tongue touched the underside of his cock, and she tasted the revolting man's dick. The mixture of precum, strawberry flavored lubrication, and the flesh of his cock danced across her tongue.

Phil's eyes widened at the sight of her tongue lapping against his throbbing cock. Katie dropped her hand, puckered her lips and pressed them against the hot peehole of his cock. She tasted the strong saltiness of his sperm, and her eyes opened wide, as she imagined how much cum was stored in his balls, how much of his hot, sappy jizz could end up spew down her throat. "Warn me when you cum," she pleaded.

Gradually, she let her lips part as far as they could possibly go and she began to f***e the head of his cock into her mouth. Mrs. Jackson was only able to take a few inches of his massive muscle and she pulled off to a loud 'pop' sound as Phil stared in amazement at her sucking his cock. She licked her tongue around the swollen length of his prick, unable to avoid the taste of him

Katie closed her eyes, and returned to the head of his dick. She concentrated on nothing else in the world but the flavor and feel of Dorman's mammoth cock in her mouth. The taste was different from Fred’s, almost a sweeter taste, perhaps it was just the oil. She cold feel the heat from the bl**d running through his cock as his massive head filled her mouth. The texture and hardness of his penis was impressive. As much as tried to imagine it was her husband’s cock in her mouth; the girth of Dorman’s dick told her otherwise. She wanted it to end soon; to have Phil blow his load so she could get to work and have her life return to normal. Mrs. Jackson worked the cock in and out of her mouth quickly hoping to coax his cum. She started sucking harder, her cheeks flushing brightly and puckering with her suction around the stiffness of his dick. Katie held his cock with her hand, holding up his flesh as she slurped and sucked loudly on his cock. Her head bobbed up and down, shamelessly fucking her mouth with Phil's giant dick.

Dorman lowered his hand to her breast. He squeezed it hard, feeling her erect nipples. He rubbed it, touching her bare breasts. First, his palm pressed against Katie's enlarged nipple. Then, he tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger. He kneaded her soft tits as the stunned Katie kneeled before him sucking his cock head and frantically stroking the shaft.

"Fuck, Freckles!" Phil groaned. Dazedly, he looked down at his neighbor, excited by the spectacle of the cock-loving married wife with her lips stretched around the stiffness of his penis. "You are damn good at this!" The old neighbor hadn’t had a good blowjob in years. He was amazed at his neighbor’s wife taking his cock in and out of her wet mouth. Slurping and popping sounds echoed in the room. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment of having control over her.

"Harder, now!" He dropped his hands to her head, curling his pudgy fingers in her long, brown hair. He bucked his fat hips off the couch, nearly choking Katie as he tried to jam his cock farther between her lips.

Katie’s soft, perfectly painted lips closed around the fat man's long, thick cock. She felt his prick begin to enlarge as her tongue moved along the shaft. She moved her head back and forth sucking as much of the growing shaft into her throat as possible. Her moist, watery mouth covered his cock shaft with her hot saliva. The mushroom shaped head of his cock grew larger with each passing second. The rhythmic sucking and milking of Katie’s soft mouth made Dorman's prick continue to enlarge. He was moving his hips back and forth into the wet mouth that kneeled before him.

The cock sucking act Katie was performing on the revolting man was affecting her. Although she tried to rationalize that this was not really sex, her nipples were hard and erect. Katie couldn't believe it had come to this; on her knees in front of her bald old neighbor sucking his giant prick. The hardness of his cock told her the end was near. She quickened her pace and tried taking his cock further down her throat.

"Come on! Suck it good for me!" He ordered her.

Encouraged by the old man's eager words, Katie sucked his cock even harder. His hot, salty precum was oozing out of his piss-hole. His prick was growing even harder, pulsing on the roof of her mouth.

Phil was looking down on her, watching his cock slide in and out of Katie’s mouth. He watched her head bobbing back and forth as her lips as reached down and held his shaft tightly; Katie’s tongue flicked madly at the sensitive underside of his prick. He wondered if she was getting into it; enjoying sucking him off. It had been so long since a woman had taken his cock into her mouth. The sucking sounds echoed throughout the Jackson's house as Katie kept bobbing her head on his cock.

Mrs. Jackson’s thoughts returned to her husband. She knew how much he liked her blowjobs. She recalled her first blowjob and how Fred told her what to do. She started stroking his cock while giving wet kisses the head of Phil’s massive dick and remembered Fred encouraging her to lick his balls.

Still jerking his cock-shaft with her hand, she moved her mouth over to his cum filled balls and licked at his sack. Then, she sucked one of his balls into her mouth holding it in her mouth while slowly sucking it. Her tongue and lips worked to devour his one cum filled ball, and then switched to the other.

Mrs. Jackson kissed and licked each one gently before returning her mouth to the head of his cock. Phil looked down at her in amazement as he watched his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. As he felt up her tit, he was moaning and moving his hips, trying to push more of his cock into her mouth. He took his free hand and wrapped around hers, showing her how he wanted her to jerk him off into her mouth as she sucked him off.

After she started doing it the way he wanted, Phil pulled his hand from her breast and put both his hands on her head and held it still and then moved his cock in and out of her throat, fucking her mouth. As his cock passed back and forth between her lips, her tongue licked and flicked at the underside of his prick. Her lips held his cock tightly. Katie felt his cock getting bigger and hotter.

She knew she he was close to blowing his wad. Relentlessly, she sucked on his aching old cock, the room filled by the constant slurping, gurgling sounds of the frantic blowjob. Her hand jacked on his penis again, frantically beating his cock up to her cock filled lips.

Her moist tender lips grasped tighter and tighter around his massive prick as her warm wet mouth took more and more of his huge shaft into her mouth. Phil began to moan as his hands explored her body.

He reached down and lifted her head from his cock. Katie looked up at him as saliva dripped down her chin, "I want to eat you Freckles, I want to taste that pussy of yours."

"Damn it Phil, just cum!" she pleaded. Knowing the heat and pulse of his cock that he was close to spilling his seed.

"I can't, it feels good but not good enough to put me over the edge. Now let me lick that fuck slit of yours," as he slid off the couch and lay down on the floor.

"No! Just let me try to finish you with my mouth," pleads Katie.

Dorman looks down at her and grabs a hold of his cock and presses it against his fat belly, holding it away from Katie, "The deal is to get me off!"

"I'm trying Phil," as she reaches out for his hands.

The fat neighbor looks at her and growls, "Who's in charge?"

Ignoring his question Katie tries to grab his cock but Phil grows more demanding, "Who's in charge?"

Mrs. Jackson sits back on her heels in a huff, "you are."

"And what do I want to do Freckles?" he says excitedly.

"You want to lick me..," looking up at Phil and almost begging, "But my husband.."

Phil releases his cock and points his finger towards her, "Do you want to explain to your boss about a file or will you give me a taste of your sweet cunt? Besides I don't care about your husband!"

"You are a disgusting asshole!" The wife yells out as she sits back on the floor and spreads her legs, Phil looked down at the naked hard bodied wife, "uh-uh, get on top of me and keep sucking my dick."

Dorman lays down in the middle of the Jackson's floor as Katie looks over at him, "Cum on Freckles I'm sure you know what the '69' position is!"

She had only done the '69' a few times with her husband. Fred said he didn't like it as he couldn't concentrate fully on her pussy. Katie just stares in disbelief at the fat old man laying naked in the middle of her floor, his stomach extending out like a huge beach ball and his massive fuck stick extending straight up, glistening from her saliva and twitching in the air for more. "Well we don't have all day!" Dorman yells.

Reluctantly Katie scooted closer and flipped her leg over Dorman's face so he was staring straight at her pussy. She feels his hands around her thighs as he pulls her closer. Slowly she leant back down, her chest laying against his hairy belly as she starts working his cock into her mouth. Katie can't believe she was doing what he asked but didn’t know what else she could do.

Katie quickly discovered from this position she could quickly take his cock further down her throat and didn’t have to worry about him pushing the back of her head. She could hear Phil under her hearing him breathing loudly almost snorting from excitement. Katie felt him slowly rubbing her ass cheeks and mumbling about her butt. She closes her eyes as she felt his face lean between her cheeks. She suddenly felt so nervous, almost nauseated. It took her many years to accept Fred’s tongue into her slit and now she was about to let her old neighbor have a taste of her juices. Nobody but her husband had ever touched her much less tasted her. She was so nervous the first time that Fred explored her pussy and the first touch of his tongue almost sent her into convulsions.

Katie worked Phil's cock as fast as she could in her mouth and hands hoping to get him off quickly. She twitched her pelvis as she felt Phil’s tongue begin exploring her pussy. Katie tries to ignore the feeling of his tongue between her lips but he begins to flick his tongue across them. He extended his tongue and took his first full taste of Katie's luscious pussy. The flat of his tongue swept between her widespread cunt lips and brought an involuntary gasp from her throat.

Phil couldn't believe the taste of her. Her pussy lips were perfect as he traced them with his tongue. He leaned up and slowly sucked each lip and playfully biting them. He slowly sucked and licked her clit and felt Katie body tensing around him. He knew how to eat a pussy and wasn't going to leave any area untouched. Phil slowly worked his tongue back to her taint and back towards her fuck canal.

Katie felt him moving his tongue across her pussy when she feels him lick her asshole. Katie's body tensed up at the thought of him of licking her there. At first she thought it was a mistake and he got carried away but in a rhythmic manner Phil returned to her backdoor and she felt his tongue lick across it. Katie removes his cock from her mouth and turns her head slightly, “Phil! Don’t do that!” Katie felt disgusted that the old man would even consider licking her shit hole as she felt him continually swirling his tongue around her backdoor. His thumb continued to manipulate her clit when he feels him lapping her ass harder with his tongue.

“Phil!” as she tries to flip off of him but Phil grabs a hold of her thighs and holds her tightly.

Katie hears his voice from between her legs, “Relax and enjoy it Freckles,” as she feels his tongue running across her taint. She never would have let Fred do that to her nor would she, she didn’t it like that. She returns to his cock and focuses on his dick; stroking it slowly while working the head into her mouth. Phil continued moving his tongue when but Katie feels her body tingling. Mrs. Jackson’s mind is telling her this should be disgusting but her body is responding differently. She wishes Fred was under her and exploring her with his tongue but looking down at the massive cock in front of her she knows it’s not her husband.

Her body started to quiver with the movement of Phil’s electric tongue moving across her backdoor. She felt his fingers exploring her pussy while his tongue danced around her ass. She had never been licked her there but it was the most euphoric feeling. Phil knew how to perform with his tongue alternating between her pussy and asshole. His mouth glued itself to her pussy lips and he sucked hard, letting his tongue curl deep into her moist passage and then twitch as her interior muscles closed around it. He worked it around then out, seeking the tip of her clit and teasing it, then nipping lightly, expertly with his teeth. Quickly moving back to her butthole, teasing it with his tongue while manipulating her clit with his thumb.

Katie tried to fight it. She tried holding back but her body had given in. Her last thought before a wave of emotion was that her husband should be the only one to make her feel this way. Phil inserted his pudgy finger into her vagina while devouring her ass with his mouth. "OOOOOhhhhhh fuuuckkk" instinctively blurted from her lips allowing his cock to fall out. She quickly started stroking his cock while burying her face into his groin. Katie began to grind her ass towards Phil not realizing what she was doing as she continued to feel his tongue prodding her butthole.

Katie could hardly believe that it was really her, naked with a near stranger, degrading herself, letting him lick her pussy and eating her ass. It was something she never would have dreamed possible.

"This can't be!!" she thought as her body began a familiar tingling that was growing more intense with every lap of Phil’s tongue.

"No, please don't! Please stop!" she blurted out not wanting to continue this feeling with somebody other than her husband.. Phil knew she didn't mean it. Even if she did, he didn't care. She was flailing her hips wildly as he continued to slaver at her wet throbbing slit. The tormenting wet licking kept on and she heard the lewd noise of his tongue licking against her asshole.

She was enjoying this lascivious licking by this old man. She couldn't believe the change that had come over her body. She tried to suppress her pleasure, but she couldn't stop herself from crying out in obvious passion when Phil again took her clit between his teeth and began to titillate it with his tongue.

"You got a gorgeous little cunt, Freckles!" he said as he stroked his fingers over her fuck hole, feeling the slippery wetness of her neatly trimmed, and aching pussy.

Suddenly, he stiffened his wet, slashing tongue and rammed it as deep as it would go into the hot pulsating passage between her wildly thrashing legs.

"Ohhhh!" moaned Mrs. Jackson. She nearly went insane from the expert tongue fucking. Her excited quivering cunt walls clung to his long darting tongue. Her naked round hips and ass quivered and shook with the vibrations which spazzmed throughout her pelvis.

She grabbed his thighs and f***ed herself back towards his tongue. Katie gasped as the old man suddenly glued his lips to her pussy, thrusting his tongue deep into the interior of her hotly burning slit.

"Uhhhhmmmmm, fuck, yes! Lick it, Phil! Lick it good!" Katie clutched her neighbors’ head with her thighs and wiggled her ass pleasurably over him, sighing as he began dragging his fat tongue up and down between the flowering folds of her pussy and to her ass as her body began to shake. Her body completely losing control and taking over her mind as her body continued to orgasm.

Phil was an enthusiastic cunt-sucker. He moved his hand between the wife's legs, delicately opening her pussy-lips with his fingers. He lapped her cunt much faster, licking all the hot, flowing juices from the depths of her drooling cunt. It had been years since he tasted pussy and he was going to savor every minute.

"Unnggghhh! Suck it, Phil! Suck it good!" Katie couldn't restrain herself anymore from humping her ass, grinding and thrusting her burning pussy hole against his lips and tongue.

"Oh yeah! Yes! Yes! Do it to me! Lick my ass! Make me cum! Just a little more and I'll make it! Please!" She heard her words but couldn't believe she was saying them. She was completely uninhibited and aroused now, every nerve ending tensed and poised for the orgasmic completion. Almost there, she felt his tongue move deeper up to her ass one more time, licking savaging away while the old man continued to manipulate her clit with his fingers.

"Ooooohh, fuck, that feels so good! Get your tongue in there, Phil! Make me cum!" Katie begged.

Dorman kept lapping Katie's tasty ass, she shuddered as he slid two fingers gently into the clasping interior of her cunt. He jacked off the horny, humping wife while he ate her ass stabbing his fingers rhythmically in and out of her gooey, wet fuck channel.

"Lick it! Put your tongue on my asshole!" Katie pleaded. She humped harder, gasping and groaning, unable to keep her ass still as she straddled him.

"OOHHHHH! It feels so good, Phil! Oh, fuck, I'm getting close! Lick it!! Make me cum!" She yelled.

Dorman touched his tongue on her starfish. Instantly, the young wife humped her hips up at his mouth much faster. He took her burning clit between his lips. He sucked her clit firmly, grazing his tongue on it, simultaneously pounding his fingers rhythmically in and out of her juice-gushing cunt.

"Gawd! I'm cumming!!" Katie hissed, humping so fast that he could hardly keep his mouth on her pussy. "Unggghh! Suck my pussy! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming, now! Yes! I'm Cumming!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, "OOOhhhhhh OOOOOHHHHHHH!"

Katie's pussy exploded violently into orgasm, her trimmed fuck-hole contracting tightly around the old man's probing fingers, her clit tingling and pulsing almost unbearably between his lips. Phil kept sucking and jacking her off, guiding Katie through the intense peak of her cum.

Katie’s hips began to grind against Phil's half hidden face in her convulsing cunt. Katie sat up leaving Phil's cock to twitch in the air as her pussy greeted his thick thrusting tongue. Her hands dropped behind her to grab a hold of his bald head in an effort to f***e him even further between her legs.

Never before had she experienced such a wildly exciting rapture. As he continued to tongue-fuck her hot convulsing pussy and anus, she found even more new frenzies of pleasure as her body quivered and another orgasm took control of her body, “OOHhhhhh. OHHHHhhhhhhh.” Katie moaned and moaned as her body shook uncontrollably.

Finally, she was finished. Phil's tongue stopped licking her ass and he slowly pulled his head back as Katie collapsed forward on his fat belly. He stared at her hot swollen cunt lips, his fingers of one hand still in her pussy. Phil grinned at the revelation that he had found a weakness of his hot neighbor; she loved having her ass licked. As the tremors in her satisfied body began to subside, the pleasure he had just given her made Katie ashamed of herself.

Her head cleared and she realized what had happened. She allowed a strange man to lick her ass, something she had never even done with her husband, and she completely enjoyed it. What started off as just a handjob had turned into her having a powerful orgasm. A wave of fear consumed her as she felt as like a cheating whore. This wasn’t just trying to get out of jail or preventing Phil from telling anyone about the file; her body actually enjoyed what Phil had done to her. Trying to catch her breath, she sat there completely unaware of the time or trying to coax a climax from Phil. She rolled off of Phil and closed her legs in embarrassment.

"Wasn't so hard for you to cum was it?" Phil laughed as he wiped her pussy juices from his face.

"You asshole!" ashamed of her orgasms with someone other than her husband. Her head was still spinning as she tried to catch her breath.

Katie rolled over and got up on her knees but became light headed. She laid her head down on the couch. Her ass staring straight at Dorman as she rested on her knees, “Doesn’t Fred eat that lovely ass of yours? “

Katie didn't say anything and Dorman immediately pressed his face into the crease of her ass cheeks and began to licking her perfect rosebud. "No! No more please! No more I can’t again, “she thought to herself. “I can’t orgasm again,” her mind told her as Phil worked his tongue fiercely up and down and in and out of Katie's asshole, adding his lips to the mix as well

Katie arched her back as Phil opened her ass cheek to allow him more access. Dorman knew that Katie was his now, he had found her weakness, he continued his assault with his tongue, licking, sucking, and kissing her brown eye. Never in her life had Katie felt this excited. Never had she came so hard.

Phil slowly rubbed his finger up and down the middle of her ass. He positioned his index finger on her clitoris and slowly began to rub her asshole with his thumb. Using his tongue to caress her hot ass. Slowly he began to apply pressure with this thumb.

Katie immediately bolted upright, fully aware for the first time in a while. She had an inkling of what Phil was about to do, and that was something she couldn't allow.

"No! You can't do that!" she exclaimed wildly, "Please! Don't" Katie begged.

But Phil ignored her pleas and continued licking her ass, getting her good and wet in her backside. After a few minutes, he eased his thumb just past the anal ring and held it there, getting her butt used to the idea of insertion. Katie was too turned on and horrified to fight. She loved the feeling of how his tongue assault on her ass felt as her orgasm quickly approached.

Initially Mrs. Jackson tried to fight the intrusion into her butt, but Phil held her tightly not letting her pull away. He slowly pushed his finger into Katie's rectum and quickly established a slow, but steady rhythm with his finger. After a few minutes of this, Katie had finally calmed down and began to move to the rhythm of his hand.

Satisfied that Katie wouldn't fight him, Phil removed his finger from inside her ass, but massaged the outside of her rear opening for a few seconds before scooting up and positioning his cock to her tight back door.

She then feels Phil's fat belly pressing against her ass as he positions his cock at the entrance to her vagina, "NO!" Katie yells out as she moves forward and puts her hand in front of her opening, "You can't do that Phil."

"I thought you wanted it?"

"I'm sorry," looking back towards him regaining her breath, "I shouldn't have let you do that to me." her face flushed red from her orgasm.

"I'm so close, I've never been closer, just let me rub my cock between your ass cheeks freckles."

"Okay," she breathed, "just get yourself off but don’t do that again!” Katie quickly thought to herself she would save something special that was between only her and her husband.

Katie reached back and felt her swollen clit in the palm of her hand. Her instinct was to start rubbing herself to get off again. She looks back as Phi leaned down licking her ass again as she closes her eyes never realizing how good this would feel. He positions himself behind her and grabs the bottle of lube. She feels the oil trickle down between her cheeks. Slowly Phil starts rubbing his swollen rock hard cock between her perfect ass cheeks.

"Tell me freckles," Phil puffed, "Does Fred get to fuck your ass?"

Looking back knowing he was getting close from the sounds of his grunts and moans, Katie could tell by the way Phil was acting that he was so close to finally cumming, maybe she could push him over the edge, “Ohhh yeah, he’s fucked my ass.”

Dorman gives an approving moan as Katie continues, “He fucked me so hard. His dick was so deep in me,” as he starts moving his dick faster between her cheeks. Just a little bit more and he will cum the hot wife tells herself. Mrs. Jackson looks back at Phil as sweat covers his entire body, “I love getting fucked in the ass!”

Phil moans loudly as Katie closes her eyes; ready to have her back covered with his cum. Then slowly but surely she suddenly she feels pressure at her asshole as Phil tried squeezing his cock into her ass.

"Phil!" but Katie's pleas were ignored as Phil grabbed her hips with one hand and pulled her closer and pushes his head of his cock into her anus. Katie moves forward but Dorman's massive arms pull her back as the massive head of his cock disappears into her anus.

Katie had been fucked in her ass by her husband multiple times and she enjoyed it but Phil's cock was so much bigger. His head was huge and she tries to move forward to get away but Phil continues to cram the swollen head of his cock into her tight ass. "Damn Freckles your ass is tight!"

"Phil! Stop!” as Katie continues to try and get away from his grasp. Her butthole was being stretched as the tip of Phil's cock started to penetrate her. Mrs. Jackson tries to move forward to avoid his massive tool but Phil holds her tightly.

Phil held the tip of his cock in the entrance to her butt, "come on Kate, I'm almost ready to cum! Just a little bit more! I'll just put in the tip!"

Katie hesitated but realizes his cock is so big and hard. Looking over at the clock and knowing she didn’t have much time, "Just the tip! Go slow. I don't want you to rip my ass. Promise me just the tip and no more, I want you to cum Phil.” Looking back towards him wanting this torment to end, “Cum for me! Cum on my ass but not in it.” Dorman just shook his head at his sexy neighbor.

He grabbed the bottle of lubrication and squirted it onto her asshole and a generous amount on his cock. Katie whimpered slightly when Dorman slowly, sensually, rubbed the oil around the entrance to her asshole and eased one of his lube-coated fingers into her rectum. Katie groaned, in spite of her fear, and soon her groans of pain had become moans of pleasure.

Katie was shocked by the erotic feelings welling in her body from Phil's digital assault on her ass. After the initial pain of insertion, waves of pleasure began to radiate from her ass, helped along, she quickly realized, by the tingling effect of the lubrication. Soon, Katie was thrusting her ass back onto Phil's fingers, two of which were fucking her ass as far as they could go.

Ripples of lust soared through Katie's body as Phil fingered her ass although in pleasure she knew this needed to end, "Come on Phil, cum on my ass," she said in a firm voice, completely unbidden from her neighbor.

Phil looks up at her and smiled. This was his goal since he came over this morning an overwhelming lust had easily trumped the marital vows. Katie was his, completely and totally.

Gripping his cock at the base, Phil eased the head of his cock to the opening of Katie's ass and pushed slightly. In spite of her wanton desire, Mrs. Jackson tensed at the touch of his dick at her opening.

"Relax," growled Phil. He held Katie tightly as he pushed the head of his cock past her anal ring. There was some resistance at first, but within moments, the head popped past her tight ring and he felt his cock in Katie's hot asshole. Mrs. Jackson screamed as she felt her butt hole being violated by his mammoth cock. The pain was intense, and she tried to wriggle her ass off his dick. But Phil was insistent. He simply waited, with the head of his dick firmly, tightly, in her ass. He started making slow fuck motions, slowly but surely pushing the head of his cock deeper in Katie's ass.

After a few minutes, Katie felt the pain subside, replaced by a warm glow of pleasure. As Phil eased inch after inch of his long, fat cock in Katie's asshole. Katie looked back towards him and panted, “I said just the tip!” but Katie began to lose herself in the feelings. Something about the wickedness of what she was doing inflamed her, and when Phil had a little over half of his cock in her ass, Katie hurled her hips back to get every bit of his love tool in her ass.

Katie went wild at that point. Everything she'd ever known or thought about sex had been thrown out the window as she humped her ass back on Phil's large pounding cock.

Dorman couldn't believe how hot and tight Katie's ass felt. He fucked the buttery walls of her rectum with absolute abandon, and Katie fucked right back with equal ardor. She fucked her ass wildly on Phil’s throbbing tool, and when she reached underneath her body to finger her bloated clit and dripping pussy, she had a flash orgasm that built into an ever-rising series of orgasms, one after the other. Her moans of pleasure echoed in the room, “OOHHHH fuckkkk! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!” His cock was so big buried in her ass. She felt so full and could feel every vein that was popping out of his shaft.

Phil could feel the cum building in his balls as he slammed his dick into Katie's ass. Low moans escaped his lips as he fucked his neighbor. Katie was oblivious to anything except the mammoth dick that was penetrating her asshole. Gone were any thoughts of regret or remorse; any sense of humiliation had vanished under the orgasmic waves that assaulted her body.

Dorman could feel his orgasm approaching coming, gripped her hips tightly and rammed his cock viciously in her ass. He knew he had two years of cum built up in side of him and it was about to be released. Katie, too, was again climbing inexorably to a another orgasm as she flicked her clit, which she could never recall being this swollen. She used two fingers from her other hand to fuck her pussy in rhythm to the fucking her ass was receiving.

"OH FUCK FRECKLES!" Phil screamed, "I'm going to cum!"

Those words sent Katie into a panic, "Not in my ass Phil!" as she tried to move forward and remove his cock, "Don't cum in my ass! Pull out Phil! Not in my ass!!”

Phil saw her moving forward as the tip of his dick was about to pop free when he grabbed her hips and pulled her back as his cock thrusted back into her rectum. Phil felt his cum jet through his shaft and spew out the end of his dick. He fucked hard right through a succession of rock-hard cum shots that bathed Mrs. Jackson rectum with his sperm. Stream after stream of hot cum shot from Phil's dick as he continued to moan trying to catch his breath as shot after shot of cum is implanted into her tight asshole as he thrusted into Katie's ass with every amount of energy he had left.

As she felt the jets of cum filling her body, Katie shuddered from her head to her toes as the most massive orgasm she'd ever felt roared through her body,” FUCK! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!” as her body shook as Dorman continued fucking her tight ass.

Phil continued to pound his cock into her making sure every drop of sperm was deposited into her rectum as he felt Katie's ass muscles convulsing around him. Slowly Phil's cock slipped out of Katie's ass, and he sat back and watched in awe as her body was racked with orgasmic spasms.

Katie came back to her senses as she looked back at Phil placing her hand behind her ass, catching some of the cum that was by the entrance. Looking over at Phil, "please get dressed I need to go!" She yelled in a panic state.

Katie quickly got dressed still sweating from her multiple orgasms. Phil slowly slipped his shorts back on staring at Katie’s hard body. Phil's was breathing heavily as sweat poured down his forehead, "Thanks Freckles!"

"Just get dressed Phil, I'm late!" ashamed of what she has just done. She allowed a strange man to fuck her mouth, lick her ass, and allowed him to stuff his massive cock deep into her ass. Regret filled her mind that a married woman would allow this to happen.

"Come on Freckles are you saying you didn't like that?" as he tried to reach out to her.

Katie walked up and grabbed Phil's arm leading him to the door, "I said I'm late!" she reached the door handle and swung the door open. Phil took a few steps out but Katie slammed the door shut as Phil was turning to face her. Katie looked at the clock again knowing she didn't have much time. She grabbed her panties from the floor and put them on still feeling Phil's cum inside of her ass as it leaks out.

Mrs. Jackson drove as fast as she could, almost crying to the mistakes that she had made. She thought about how her body came with every thrust that Dorman made. The thought of how her husband would react if he knew what happened. Katie made it to the hospital with minutes to spare for her interview. "You can go on in Mrs. Jackson." The receptionist replied as she walked into the board room.

Katie had hoped she would have time to use the restroom before the interview. She could feel his cum inside of her. She took a deep breath as she entered and sat down before the board.

As she answered their questions she could feel her pussy tingling as Phil's cum flowed out of her ass. Katie tried to concentrate on the questions that the board asked of her but her asshole burned as she felt his sperm emptying onto her black lacy panties. Mrs. Jackson moved in the chair trying to get comfortable and even through all the regret she couldn’t help but wonder why she was still so turned on by the thought of Phil fucking her ass the way he did.

Katie tries to stop Phil from hurting her career.
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