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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 9: Katie likes it when m

Katie likes when men watch

My wife was leaving for a business trip in a week and we decided to get a babysitter and go out for a night on the town. We were both up in the bathroom getting ready to go out and I couldn't help but notice how sexy she was. She was wearing a tight little miniskirt exposing her tan fit legs. A sexy low cut white blouse that revealed her small cleavage with her brown wavy hair flowing past her shoulders. Her hazel eyes looked into mine as I was staring at her in the mirror, "Damn baby, you are so hot!"

"I know," she replied and gave a little laugh. My wife would have never said those words a few months ago. She has realized that her attitude and sexuality made her even more desirable. I saw the glances from men she would get when we were out shopping or just going out for coffee and I know she saw them as well. Katie would flirt by spreading her legs while wearing a short skirt or bending over to give them a glimpse of her cleavage. I think she enjoyed putting on show for them and for me.

I stood back and just admired her small waist and ass as she swayed to the music playing from the clock radio. Katie had been working out to lose a little of the holiday weight and her body looked so hard and tight. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her hips and pressed my groin against her hard ass. She just gave me a smile in the mirror as I kissed the back of her neck and slowly raised my hands so each was groping her small breasts in my hands. I began to message them as she pushed her ass back into my groin as my cock already began to grow.

"I'm going to miss you," she says as she grinds back up against my groin harder.

"It's only for a few weeks," I reply as I release her breasts and slide my hands back down to her waist.

"I know but I haven't been away from you in a long time," as I grab her and pull her back harder against my erection.

She's right though. We now have sex at 2-3 times per week and it will seem like eternity until she comes home.

"Don't worry," leaning in and kissing the back of her neck, "we could always have phone sex!"

"Oooohhh," Katie pouts her lips, "I like the sound of that! I love it when you talk dirty to me!"

"Really?" grabbing her hand and placing it on my bulge, "What do you want me to say?"

Katie turns around and cups my balls over my shorts with her hand and leans in and with a very sexy voice, "I want you to tell me how you wish you could fuck me with your cock and pull out and spray your cum all over me," and then leans in and passionately kisses me with her tongue exploring my mouth.

We break apart and she looks over at the clock, "I need to finish getting ready if we are going to go out. Oh honey," she calls out as I walk out of the bathroom, "Before I forget, the computer was running really slow. I don't know what's wrong but if you time could you take a look at it."

"Sure," as I started to walk downstairs. I plopped down in front of the monitor and I did a quick virus check and it came back with no problems. It probably needed to be defragmented as the k**s have loaded and deleted their games. It didn't seem to be running too slow and I thought possibly my wife didn't know what she was talking about. She might be intelligent in the banking world but not so much when it comes to home computers.

I began to surf the net and saw a recent search on google was ‘wife begs for cum’. I hadn't used the computer for porn in months and I started scrolling through the internet history. I noticed the website had been checked but not just recently, it was daily! I knew the last time I checked it, I was with Katie in Mexico and hadn't been there with our computer since I deleted it from the boards.

I clicked to the website and never in my mind was I prepared for what I read. I was able to bring up the page where our video had been and it appeared Katie, or I’m assuming it was her, was posting inquires to other posters on the webpage. She had labeled herself 'cumlover' and was asking how many guys had jerked off to the video and what they wanted to see next. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I noticed the last entry was 3 days ago and she was asking the posters if they wanted to cum on her face or where they wanted to fuck her. I remembered that night; I went to bed before Katie as she said she had to finish some emails for work. She came up to bed about an hour later as I was trying to sl**p, pulled the covers off of me without saying a word and ended up sucking the cum right out of me and swallowing it all. She then put the blankets back over me and fell to sl**p.

As I read the comments I wondered if she was so turned on by what she read, what she wrote, or if she was looking to get herself screwed. Cumlover identified herself as the "hot wife" in the video and asked everyone if they enjoyed it. They were asking her if she liked really enjoys having cum on her face and she would reply that she did and if everyone jerked off to it, how long it took them, and what they wanted to see next. Almost every post had the person asking if she could repost the video and she replied she needed to talk with her husband about it. I instantly began to get turned on. My dick was throbbing while reading what my wife had written.

I was in a trance as I continued reading her comments about her being tied up and having her husband cum on her face when the doorbell rang, it was Nikki the babysitter. I'm sure I was red in the face and had an obvious bulge in my cargo shorts as I opened the door for her. She was a young twenty one vixen who used to work at our c***dren’s day care. She was a young, short, slim, brunette than had blonde highlights added to her hair. Nikki had the biggest pair of breasts I’d ever seen. They were perfect and had to be at least DD. She was a huge flirt with me which really bothered Katie but since our 'sexual awakening' as I like to call it; she just laughs at the innocent flirting and sometimes encourages Nikki by asking if my ass looks good in the pants I’m wearing or if she notices that I’ve been working out harder.

"Hi Mr. Jackson," Nikki calls out as enters the house as I hold the door open. She turns to face me as I look down to her, "Are you feeling okay? You look a little flushed?"

"I'm okay. Thanks for asking," looking down at the young lady that just screams sex. The k**s come running up to her with a squeal of delight as she bends down to grab a hold of them. I close the door as they run off to the living room. Besides being incredibly sexy, Nikki is very good with our k**s and I trust her with them.

Katie came downstairs to exchange pleasantries with Nikki and we were soon in the car and headed down the road. Katie looks over at me, "Are you okay you seem kind of quiet?"

"Oh..." I stammered not wanting to reveal to her what I knew, "Nothing. I’m just thinking about work."

"Well it's our night so let's not worry about that," she happily announces, "What do you want to do?"

"I don't know, I just thought we would have a nice dinner and maybe a movie."

Katie reaches over and pats my knee, "That sounds wonderful!"

We arrive and the restaurant and we were seated in a corner by a young waiter, probably barely out of high school. I see the way he was checking out my wife looking at her fit legs as she walks over to the table. Katie sits down and looks up at him and gives him a sexy smile. I used to think her new attitude was just her sexuality but after reading what she wrote I believe she's flirting with these men trying to get them hard just seeing her.

After a few minutes I give the waiter our order and it seems he isn’t really pay attention to me but focusing on my wife. I order a bottle of wine knowing what I had planned she might need some liquid courage.

A moment of silence is broken by Katie, "I can't believe what we did last week!" She giggles, "I can't stop thinking about it!"

"You mean the mask thing? That was insane; I couldn't believe how hard you came."

"I know," as she takes a drink of her wine and scoots in closer to me and whispers into my ear, "I have to warn you," reaching under the table and grabbing my knee and rubbing it, "I'm very horny tonight and you know how I get when I drink wine," and moving her hand up my leg.

I grab the bottle and top off her glass, "I know," smiling at her, "Why do you think I ordered a whole bottle?”

Clearing my throat, “Since you brought up being horny. Is there anything else I can do to you?"

Katie gives a big smile, "Ohhhhh, I think you've done quite enough for me."

Looking into her beautiful hazel eyes, "I'm curious," looking around and making sure nobody is close enough to hear, "What other fantasies do you have that you haven't told me about?"

"The mask thing? That was just something that came to me when I get tied up. I had dreamed about it and I thought it was the perfect time to act on it."

"Really? Nothing else you can think of?"

"Not right now, why?"

"I just wanted to know if there was anything else I could do for you or to you?"

With a little uneasiness in her voice, "Why?"

"I just want to make sure I'm fullfilling your fantasies. Did you have a fantasy about fucking a stranger? Is that why the ski mask turned you on so much?"

"No! It was just..," Katie stammered, "I don't know."

"You like the idea that guys are touching themselves while watching you?"

"Yeah, it excites me. I guess that kind of is stranger sex."

"Or is it that you really want to be fucked by a complete stranger? I know if you haven't been with anyone else but me. You can tell me if you ever fantasized about it."

"It's not that! I only want your cock baby,” as she grabs my groin under the table.

"I see the way men look at you and I know you see them too, the way you bend over to give them a glimpse of your ass, or bending over to see your cleavage."

She’s beginning to get perturbed, "I don't want to be with anyone but you."

"Really? You don't ever think about, when guys check you out, that if they are thinking about cumming on your face?"

"No, of course not!"

"Didn't you realize you were flirting with our waiter? The way you moved, the sexy smile you gave him?"

"I wasn't flirting with him!"

"I understand you've never been with anyone else. I'm the only lover you've ever had. Are you sure you don't have fantasies about someone else? You know we could talk abo..."

Before I could even finish my question, "No! Honey, seriously! Why are you asking me this?"

"I don't know cumlover. Why would I be asking you this?"


"I called you cumlover."

Katie sat in her chair and just stared at me until she finally swallowed and gave me a sexy smile, "What’s that supposed to mean?"

"How often to get online and read those comments about on the website where I uploaded the video?"

Her face reddened, "What!?" grabbing her glass and taking a long drink, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"When you told me about the computer being slow so I stumbled into the internet history."

"So, what's that mean?"

"If you visit a website, it keeps a log. You didn't know about that did you, cumlover?"

Katie's blushing is very noticeable. I placed my hand on her knee as she looks into my eyes, "I didn't know it keeps track."

"You are cumlover aren't you?"

My wife gazes into my eyes and in a quiet voice, "yes."

"Do you like writing on the pornbb?"

Sipping her wine, “I like to read what they write. I like to tease them," she whispers.

"Really? Why?" as I continue to pour the bottle of wine into her glass making sure it’s full.

"I enjoy reading those comments about our video. I can't stop thinking about it. And then I decided to start writing it seemed like it turned them on more and then I got carried away," Katie confesses as she works her hand up my thigh.

My wife revealing her fantasies turns me on as I stare into her beautiful eyes, "Which part turns you on?" as I slide my hand up her thigh.

Katie swallows hard and takes a sip of her drink, "The thought of guys grabbing themselves, the thought of them cumming while watching me, where they wanted to cum on me," moving closer and grabbing my cock even harder, "it really turns me on."

The waiter comes over and hands us our check but instead I order another bottle of wine. The waiter runs off to get the bottle.

"You should know by now that you don't need to get me d***k to get a little. Especially not now! I get so wet talking to you about sex."

"We'll see,” as I finish only my second glass of wine.

"What does that mean?” smiling at me, “Are you going to punish me for writing naughty thoughts to strange men?”

Looking into her eyes, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes of course honey.”

"Do you TRUST me?" smiling towards her.

"Of course, well..,” reconsidering her response, “Judging by the smile on your face maybe not!"

As we sit and enjoy the wine, I see Katie staring at our young waiter again. I break her trance, "There you go again flirting with strange men. You know he's probably barely out of high school."


"I see you staring at our waiter. He's a cute guy. Would you like somebody like that to have sex with you?"


"Oh come on! You haven't taken your eyes off him since we came in."

"I just think I recognize him from somewhere that's all."

A few minutes go by and our waiter brings our check to us, "Excuse me," looking at his name tag, "Ryan, Do we know you from somewhere my wife thought you looked familiar," as she kicks me under the table.

"Ummm, looking at my wife, I don't think so," as he begins to walk away but stops and turns back, "Wait, I do work at Robandee Market on Bannister Rd, is that where you guys go?"

Katie speaks up, "Yes that's it!" looking over at me, "See I told you." as Ryan our waiter walks off.

"I told you I wasn't looking at him in that type of way!"

Looking into her eyes, "I don't believe you cumlover," as I finish my wine, "Are you ready to go?"

"I don't know if I can do a movie honey, I'm kind of tipsy," as she stands up and uses her hand to balance herself on the table. Katie can’t handle her alcohol and I knew this could be quite an evening as she gets incredibly horny.

As walk out to the car as she places her arm around me, "You believe me when I tell you that I only want to be with you, right honey?"

I reach down and open her car door for her as she sits down, "I believe you have fantasies and its okay to share them with me."

"Fred! I don't ha..," as I close the car door and walk over to the drivers side and sit down.

Katie was about to launch into how she didn't have these feelings and I turn towards her, "I just found out you have been posting messages to strange men asking if they would like to cum on your face and how they want you to be fucked. I don't..."

My wife slurs out, "but baby I just like to tease them," pouting her lips, "It doesn't mean I want to fuck them!"

I pull out of the parking lot and start driving towards the edge of the city. After about 20 miles she notices that we weren't going the right direction, "Honey! I told you I don't think I could handle a movie tonight, at least not now, I'm too d***k," giggling as she grabs my crotch, "let's just go home and fuck!"

Looking over at her, "I want to see a movie that I think you'd like," as I pull off the exit and down a side street and pull into an adult bookstore parking lot. It’s an adult business that I drive by everyday going to work and thought it would be fun for the wife and I.

"Is this a movie theatre?"

Laughing at my d***ken wife, "it's a theatre but a different kind."

"Have you ever been here?"

"No,” as get out of the car and walk over to her side and help her out of the car, “Have you been here?"

"No of course not!" as she places her arm around me keep her balance.

We walk in and there were a dozen or so other people in the room looking at videos, magazines, and toys. This place screams sex. Walls, shelves, displays all containing every doll, movie, lube, or toy. The gothic young lady with multiple piercings in her face behind the counter is busy reading a book.

Katie looks in awe as she walks through the store sticking close to my side. Everyone is looking at us but my wife was too busy looking at everything to notice. She spies a large 12" pink dildo on the shelf and pulls it down. She looks over at me and whispers, "Can you believe the size of this?" Putting her hand around it, "I can barely get my hand around it!"

Seeing her excitement, "Do you want to get it?"

"No, that's okay" she says quietly, "I think it's too big!" putting back on the shelf.

Whispering into her ear, “I can lube it up and slowly slide into you and see if you could take a huge cock.”

Katie looks over at me, “That’s okay I’ll stick to the real thing!”

We look around at the videos, magazines, oils, lingerie until we come around a corner and spies two double doors, “What’s in there?” Katie asks as she opens it and peeks in.

"It's the movie theatre," I whisper in her ear. The room is very dark only illuminated by the glow of the screen playing an early 90's sex movie. Rows of folding chairs are in the room with an aisle down the middle. A small alcove is in the back, presumably to go upstairs to the offices. It has cheesy d****s hanging from the walls to give it a more of a theatre room appearance.

"Go in," I whisper nudging her from behind.

We slowly walk in and sit down in the back row as I walk around my wife so she's closer to the wall. The only other person in the theatre is a guy sitting across the aisle from Katie. He looks like a middle aged white guy with a cheesy moustache. I can see him stare at us as we walk in and obviously checks my wife from head to toe and gives a smile.

Katie's so nervous and is fidgety in her chair. Leaning over to her, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," as Katie keeps glancing at the guy in the room, "It's just I’m the only woman in the building besides the clerk."

Katie looks over and the guy across the aisle is rubbing his obvious erection under his pants while staring at the movie.

My wife motions to him as he tries to be secretive as he removes his dick from his pants. You can see his averaged sized dick standing straight up as he starts stroking it.

I glance over at a Katie as she stares directly at him as he works his cock. I look back over as he is now staring at my wife not paying attention that I'm sitting next to her. I lean into her ear, "You know he's jacking off while watching you."

"I know..." she says under her breath. Katie is mesmerized as the stranger masturbates in front of her.

"How does that make you feel?" I whisper into her ear, "A strange man is stroking his cock while fantasizing that it's you stroking his dick right now."

"It's turning me on..," I grab her hand and place it on my engorged dick. She glances down and rubs it harder over my pants.

"I bet he's dreaming of your wet mouth sucking on him," as I kiss her ear gently. I reach down and slide my hand up and down along her legs, "Wanting your long legs wrapped around him as he starts fucking you.." Katie moves in her chair trying to get comfortable as I can tell her breathing had increased, "He can't wait to cum all over your face.."

I hear Katie gasp for air as her hands reaches out to mine and tries pulling her further up her skirt. I pull away and begin to stand up, "I'll be right back.."

Katie squeezes my hand, "Where are you going!?!?"

"I need to go pee," as I try to get up but my wife's grip tightens, "I'll be right back!" I reassure her. She releases me as I get ready to open the door, I look back and still see my wife looking straight ahead at the movie but slowly her face turns towards the friend across the aisle.

I slowly walk over the restroom and try to pee with an erection. I finally get a little bit out as I wonder how my wife is enjoying her attention. I meander thorough the store and after about 10 minutes I walk back in slowly and put myself in the corner of the room. I don't think Katie even heard me come back in. I notice an older guy has joined the room and was seated directly in front of my wife. The guy is still stroking his dick as his pants are now down at his ankles. Katie just stares at him while he stares back at her. My wife is rubbing her inner thighs and slowly her legs open as she hikes her skirt up and her hand disappears into her panties. I see her head fall back against the back of the chair as she begins to rub her pussy. My wife was horny from the start of our date and with the alcohol in her system I knew it would put her into the stratosphere.

The guy starts stroking his dick faster as my wife places one leg up on the seat next to her and the other in front of her, spreading her legs to give him a show. Soon the guy across the aisle arches his back as his cum shoots into the air, Katie lets out an audible gasp and begins to moan "Oh yeah.." I can hear my wife mutter under her breath, "Oh yeah,.." her legs start shaking as her body orgasms. Katie is biting her bottom lip to keep her from moaning loudly as her hand continues to manipulate her clit. Finally she slows her pace and looks over at the guy and smiles.

The guy sits motionless for a minute and then slowly pulls up his pants and gives my wife a smile as he walks out of the theatre.

I turn my focus to the older gentleman in front of her. Neither of us had noticed he had turned his chair so he was facing her and was rubbing his cock over his pants. Katie still has her leg on the chair next to him as he stands up and lowers his trousers. He looks frail and possibly 60 years old with grey balding hair and glasses. His penis is small and I can't quite tell if he's even erect. He sits back down and starts trying to wake it up.

My wife stares at him and spreads her legs further as her hand goes back to her groin while her other hand moves up to her breasts as she begins to massage herself over her shirt.

My own dick was now completely engorged. I unbutton and lower my zipper allowing my cock to be free. I start stroking it while watching my wife finger fuck herself while an old man continues to jack off watching Katie. I can see the precum oozing out of the old man’s dick.

She suddenly sits up, stops rubbing herself, and looks around the room. I’m in the shadows and she can’t see me. She lowers her legs and leans forward in her chair and looked as though she was going to drop to her knees in front of this grandpa. I could tell his cock gained about two inches immediately and his eyes bulged out of his sockets as he and I both thought my wife was going to go down on him.

Ever since I watched Katie suck off Joel I couldn't wait to watch her suck off another cock. It turned me on and I've fantasized about it ever since and I wondered with the messages that Katie had written the she felt the same way. She again looks around the room and started to ease down the front of chair. Katie catches herself and sits back up, puts her leg back up on the chair and resumes masturbating.

I slowly walked up behind my wife and reached out and start massaging her breasts while stroking my own cock. Initially she jumped but glances back and realized it was me. She gives a sexy smile as her fingers continue to run in and out of her vagina. The old man reaches out and grabs a hold of my wife's ankle and removes her shoe. He then places her foot next to his groin, rubbing his dick over her toes.

The old man reaches for her other leg as Katie kicks off her shoe and turns her head and takes my cock into her mouth. She sucks the precum off of me and swirls her tongue underneath my head as her eyes peer out to her elderly admirer. He places both her feet around his dick and starts using her feet to jack him off. His eyes begin to roll back in his head as Katie starts moving her toes across the tip of his hard cock while moving the souls of her feet across his shaft jerking it like she would if using her hand. My wife starts taking long slow sucks of my cock taking it all the way and slowly back out. She let's it fall out of her mouth while I press it against her lips. She shoots her tongue out and flicks it across the tip of my dick while the old man watches. She sucks me back in getting it wet and while keeping one hand on her mound she reaches up and starts stroking my dick next to her face while watching the old man using her feet to jack him off. He's using her soles of her feet to rub the tip of his cock getting her feet wet from his precum. He then puts them back along his shaft and jerks them up and down.

Katie licks at my own precum that is oozing out and presses her lips against my pee hole. I start stroking myself as Katie places the head of my cock back inside her warm mouth. I couldn't wait to cum all over her face in front of this guy. It was turning me on just thinking about his reaction to see my sexy wife take a facial.

My wife lets my cock fall out of her mouth as she places both back between her legs and starts fingering herself wildly while jacking the old man off with her feet. Katie wasn’t bashful this time and starts moaning loudly, “OOOHHHhhh Ooohhhh” echoes through the room, “Ohhhh I’m cumming,” as her fingers run in and out of her pussy. The old man starts breathing heavily and grimaces as cum erupts from his dick, flowing down around my wife’s perfect manicured toes. It wasn't a spurting load as it just appeared to ooze out and cover her feet.

I felt my own orgasm approaching as I was stroking my cock next to her face, “Oooohh baby,” I mutter. Katie quickly turns and takes me into her mouth as I try to pull out and cum on her face but she sucks hard as I burst inside of her warm wet mouth as she wraps her arm around my waist and pulls me closer not allowing to cover her face with my seed. Stream after stream of my hot sticky semen is swallowed by my wife. Katie slowly releases me and looks back to the old gentleman who stares at us in disbelief.

Katie pulls her feet off of his lap and lowers her underwear. She raises her feet and wipes the cum off while smiling at the old guy. She tosses them onto his lap and looks up at me, "We better go,” as she tries to stand up but has to grab the chairs to balance herself. I pick up her shoes and follow her out the door. I put my arm around her to help keep her balance until we get to the car.

I get her situated in the passenger seat, "I can't believe I did that! I feel so,” thinking of words in her alcohol induced mind, “so slutty!" Katie looks over at me, “I wouldn’t have done that,” putting her head in her hands and leaving over, “I’m so fucked up. You got me d***k to bring me here didn’t you?”

“I just wanted you to fulfill your thoughts and fantasies. Don’t tell me you just didn’t get yourself off twice within 10 minutes. And why didn't you let me cum on your face? That would have been so hot!”

Katie looks over at me, "I might be d***k but that doesn't mean I have to walk out of a business with your cum dripping from my face!" She looks so sexy sitting under the parking lot lights. My wife is the desire of many men and I have her.

I grab a hold of her hand and hold them up to my nose and smell her fingers and let the aroma of her sweet pussy fill my nostrils. I place them up to my mouth and suck them in tasting her dried juices, "Ohhhhhh fuck baby." Katie moans.

I don’t have to say anything more. I knew what my wife’s reaction meant; she was still horny and needed to cum again. I reach down and start hiking her skirt up as she reclines her chair back. I lean over into the passenger seat and place my face into her groin as I extend my tongue and start to caress her swollen labia. I place my finger into her wet pussy sliding it in and out while licking her clitoris, "Ohhh honey..fuck, i'm so turned on..don't stop!"

Her pussy is so swollen from her playing with herself as my tongue continues to dance around her lips. I nibble, suck, and lick her clitoris changing speeds as her hands continue to pull my head towards her groin.

I start licking her faster while shoving my finger in and out of her as I add another. My thumb starts rubbing her tight little butthole that was wet from my saliva as her orgasm takes a hold, "OOOHHHHHHH OOOOHHHHHHH BABBBBBYYYYYY" as she bucks wildly against my face. My pace slowly subsides as I slide up next to her and kiss her as she licks my face tasting her own juices. My tongue enters her mouth as I can still taste the saltiness of my own semen. We both smile as I sit up and start backing the car up. Katie pulls down her skirt on as I turn onto the highway.

My wife looks dazed in the passenger seat, "You look relaxed?"

"If you just came three times within about 15 minutes you probably would also," Katie sighs, "I was sooooo turned on. I can’t believe you got me d***k. I can’t believe I gave a foot job! Doesn’t that bother you?"

Glancing towards her, "No, he just used your feet to jack him off.”

My wife looks over at me, “I shouldn’t have done that.”

I sat for a minute remembering that it looked like she was going to suck the guys dick and chickened out at the last second, “It’s no big deal, it’s not like you sucked his dick or something,” glancing over at her, “or even wanted to,”

Katie didn’t say anything and I broke the silence again, “Still, I wonder what you would have done if I wasn't there?"

She sits in silence contemplating what I said, "I probably wouldn't have went into a place like that without you."

"Hmmmmmm, I wonder," smiling at her.

Katie playfully punches me in the shoulder, "What does that supposed to mean?"

Continuing to stare down the road as I drive us home, "Nothing. Nothing at all. Cumlover."

Katie takes the opportunity to pay back her blackmailer
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