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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 6: Katie's Revenge

Katie’s Revenge

It had been four weeks since our encounter with Joel. Katie and I had talked about what had happened and how I ruined her trust, didn't respect her and embarrassed her. I had sent her flowers, cards and took her out for romantic dinners. She said she wasn't going to divorce me but I had to regain her trust. Katie and I hadn't had sex and I hadn't cum since the dressing room at the Gap. I was horny as hell. I tried everything to get my wife to have sex but she refused telling me that she wasn't ready.

I was ready. I was even ready to watch her suck another cock. I couldn't get the image of what I watched her do out of my head. I loved watching her give the young man and wet blowjob and the site of her face covered in his cum was more than I could handle. Still, I was worried about our relationship and what I had done.

I did what most husbands do when they get in trouble; I booked a four day getaway to Mexico. I was hoping the thought of going away on a trip would help her forgive me and hopefully have sex with me. My dick was engorged watching her get ready for bed. She looked into the mirror as she brushed her long brown hair. She bent over as she continued to brush exposing her ass to me. It was covered by her shorts but it looked so small, hard, and luscious. I wanted her so badly. The way she moved memorized me. Her body was so hard for a mother of two; she worked very hard to keep in shape. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have someone who has become so sexually adventurous.

She looked over and saw me watching her. Katie smiled as she crawled into bed. I scooted closer to her as I started to rub her back and began to caress her hips. I pushed my hips forward so my cock is buried against her ass.

“I don’t think so,” Katie announced pushing me back. I rolled over and open the drawer on my nightstand and removed the information for the trip I have planned.

“Maybe this would help change your mind,” tossing the airline tickets in front of her.

Katie looked at the tickets and quickly turned towards me, “Are you serious? We’re going to Mexico?”

“I thought it would do us some good to get away for awhile,” patting her hips.

“Oh honey! This is perfect,” she leans in and presses her lips against mine. Instinctively I push my hips forward again so my penis is pressed up against her. Her tongue enters my mouth as she reaches down to my aching member and rubs me over my briefs. She pulls away and looks me in the eye and with a smile, “Maybe I can find a way to forgive you.”

I pull her closer but she puts her hands on my chest and gives me a shove, “But you’ll have to wait until we’re on vacation.”

Frustrated but anticipating four days of sexual heaven, I fall asl**p. The next two weeks went by quickly and soon we were driving to the airport. I noticed my wife was wearing a very sexy sun dress that made her look stunning. I complimented her on the way she looked and she thanked me and patted my knee. The small touch made my cock expand at the anticipation of her touching me. I was so horny. I couldn’t wait until we arrived at our resort. My cum had built up for about 6 weeks. As I was driving and looked over at her as she stared out the window and thought about how much cum I had saved and couldn’t wait to unload all over her.

Katie was extremely flirtatious on the flight. She had placed the airline blanket over her as I nestled next to her. My wife was rubbing my leg under the covers and she slowly rubbed against my groin. She looked up and gave me a smile as she arched her back up and acted like she was stretching and turned her head from side to side. She adjusted the blanket as she continued to rub my cock as she rested her head on my shoulder. I felt her hand lift my shirt as her hand disappeared down the front of my pants. Soon her fingers were wrapped around the head of my cock. She held it there squeezing it as I felt her thumb rubbing the precum that was flowing from the tip.

I turned my head and whispered into her ear, “I’ve missed your touch.”

My balls ached beyond belief. She leaned up to my ear and kissed it slightly, "I can't wait until we get to our hotel room. I’ve missed the taste of you." I felt her kiss my neck as she leans back into my ear as she begins squeezing my dick harder, “I’ve missed the feel of your cum on my face.”

Before I messed up, my wife was turning into a cum queen. I thought these women only appeared on the internet or at your local adult movie shop not in my bedroom or any room for that matter. She more or less demanded my cum on her face every time we had sex. It was a huge turn on for me and obviously for her.

My cum was boiling. To hear my wife whisper "cum" and "face" in the same sentence made my heart skip a beat. I stared at her as hand continued to grope my unit. She smiled as she tugged harder.

I leaned closer to her, “Do you want to join the mile high club?”

Katie looked at me and smiled as she pulled her hand out of my pants and lifted it up to her mouth. She gazed at her thumb and took it into her mouth licking the precum from it. “Tempting,” she said smiling, “but we better wait until we land. I think you’re in for quite a vacation.” Putting her hand back under the blanket and giving me a playful rub over my pants.

Upon landing and getting through customs we made our way to the resorts shuttle bus that would take to the hotel. They had overbooked the bus but the other guests and I agreed that we would cram ourselves into the transportation so nobody would have to take a taxi. I climbed into the bus and got situated as Katie jumped in and sat on my lap. Her ass looked phenomenal in her dress as she leaned against the seat in front of her. The curves of her ass were accented by her dress as I rested my hands on her hips. Another couple sat beside us as I tried to keep Katie as comfortable as I could.

“Are you comfortable?” asking Katie as our van began to drive away from the airport.

“I’m fine,” looking back at me. “Are you?” Katie asked smiling as she rocked her ass back and forth over my groin. My cock immediately began to grow. My wife felt my hardening organ as she continued to move her hips back and forth massaging my aching member. She looked back and gave a playful smile as the van driver sped to our resort. I didn’t say a word the entire ride as Katie would move her ass from side to side and back to forth grinding against my rock hard dick. I wanted her so bad. She looked gorgeous as I slowly started to grind against her. I held on to her hips and rocked back and forth with her as she made small talk with the couple next to us. She was asking where they were from and how long they were staying while slowly rocking against me.

We checked into the resort and went quickly towards our room. I fumbled with the key and flew the door opened. I threw our bags onto the floor and grabbed a hold of Katie. I pulled her close and kissed her on the lips and our tongues shot into each others mouth. We collapsed onto the bed as I lay on top of her she began to grind against me. I pulled down her dress and exposed her breasts and licked her nipples to erection. Katie reached down and began to rub my throbbing hard on over my pants.

I lifted her sundress over her hips. Katie grabbed a hold of my head and pushed it down onto her pussy, "I'm so horny baby, make me cum," she moaned. "It's been so long," as she raised her hips against my mouth. The smell of her was intoxicating. It was a musty yet sweet smell, a combination of sweat and her perfume.

From the desperation in her voice I knew she was as frustrated as I was. It made me want her even more. I pulled down her thong as her dress rested above her hips. I slowly kissed her inner thigh as Katie wrapped her legs around my upper back.

"Ohhhhh,” she gasped as she felt my breath upon her mound. I extended my tongue and traced the outline her labia. Katie began to moan as her pelvis grinded against my mouth. I began to massage her clitoris and it was soon peaking out to greet my tongue. I began to flick it over and over as I began to massage the opening to her pussy with my finger. I had missed her tangy taste as I began to rub my tongue across her. She tasted so good. I forgot how much I enjoyed performing oral sex on her.

I looked up at her as she was biting her bottom lip. Her hand was on her left breast massaging her nipple.

“Don’t stop baby…keeping lick it,” my wife moaned

“I want to adore your pussy,” extending my tongue and giving her clit the slightest lick. I pulled back so I can view her. I reached out and spread her lips with my fingers slightly tugging on them.

“I love the taste of you, the feel of it, I've missed it,” as I rubbed her clit with my index finger.

“Oh baby,” Katie gasped.

My tongue shot out and gave her a half a dozen slow flicks of my tongue, “I love the way your lips swell up against my mouth.” Placing my lips against hers and shooting my tongue out to caress them.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she moans as her pelvis starts grinding harder against me.

Our eyes lock as I continue to manipulate her lips with my fingers. “I love the way your clit feels on my tongue,” without breaking eye contact my tongue shoots out massaging her sexual organ.

Katie eyes close as she reaches out and pulls my head closer to her pelvis.

I pull back, “I could spend hours lapping up your juices,” as I unleash my tongue wildly upon her pussy.

“Oooh,” Katie purrs as her legs wrap tighter around my back. “Oh baby. Fucking make me cum!” My wife pulls my head tighter against her. Her hips are thrusting against my mouth.

I insert my finger into her love canal. She was sopping wet from a combination of her own juices and my saliva. I worked it in and out furiously while letting my tongue race across her.

Katie body tensed up, “Oooh yeah…lick it.” She moans louder and breathes, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop baby.”

My tongue was flicking as fast as it could. Katie is bucking at my face like a wild woman. She begins to moan louder. Louder than she ever has before, “Ohhhhhhh…Ohhhhhhhh..,” as her body started shaking.

“Don’t stop…don’t stop,” she gasps. I continue to plunge my finger into her as I started sucking on her clitoris. “Oh fuck I’m cumming…” Katie’s body feels like its convulsing as her legs are like pythons wrapping around me as her pelvis rises from the bed against my mouth. Her legs finally relax and fall limp on the bed. I continue to slowly lap up her juices enjoying every minute.

I eventually crawl up next to Katie pausing to suck her nipples into my mouth as her hands cradle the back of my head. She is breathing so hard.

I look up at her as she is still catching her breath, “Oh my God, that was incredible,” reaching out and placing a finger upon my lips.

“You tasted incredible,” as my hands rubbed her legs.

"I don't think I’ve ever came like that. It had been too long," panted Katie.

My dick was throbbing. I pushed it up against her. She looked over and smiled. “It seems you want some attention.” She reached down and unbuttoned my pants as I lifted my hips and slid them off along with my underwear. My cock immediately sprang to attention.

Katie looks down at my hard on, “Oh you poor baby,” wrapping her fingers around me. “You haven’t cum in so long.”

Closing my eyes and feeling Katie stroking my cock was almost more than I could take. I opened my eyes as she began to kiss my neck. Her tongue raced down onto my chest and continued down my stomach. She worked her way down as I felt her breath against the shaft of my dick. I reached out and moved her hair out of the way so I could watch her as her outstretched tongue traced around the sides of my aching dick.

“Oooh baby, I’m sorry but this won’t take long. I already want to cum,” I moaned as put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her mouth to my throbbing hard on. It felt like it was my first time and I had no control over my cock and was ready to spill my cum everywhere.

Katie rubbed the head as the precum poured out. She sucked me into her mouth. It had been too long since I felt the warmth of her. She sucked me further and further into her mouth. I began to raise my hips and thrust towards her wet mouth. Katie released me and looked up, “Are you going to cum already baby,” she whispered as she continued to stroke me with her hand.

“Oh yeah …,” my moaning increased as I continued to thrust against her fist wrapped around me when suddenly Katie let go of my cock. I focused on her as she sat up in the bed. My cock was literally shaking with anticipation of cumming. My heart was racing.

Katie looked down at me and over to the window, “It’s so nice outside and we’re in Mexico, let’s go out and enjoy the day!”

Looking down and my engorged cock, "Baby, don’t stop I’m almost there!”

Katie stood up and grabbed her thong from the floor and began opening our suitcase.

“I’m not finished! What are you doing?” I cried.

Katie looked at my dick standing at attention. Precum still dribbling out the tip, "Not right now baby, let’s go outside for awhile.”

I gave her a confused look as she sat back down on the bed and leaned across my chest. Her face was directly in front of me. She reaches out and runs her fingers across my nose and down to my mouth.

Katie gets a serious look on her face but in a sweet innocent voice, “Here’s the deal honey. You will not get to cum while we are here. You have to make me cum whenever I want it.” She reaches out and grabs my hand, “You can use your fingers.” She places her finger against my lips, “or your mouth or whatever you want to use - but not your dick. I don't want you too accidentally cum.” Katie sits up as I look at her in disbelief, “If you jack off - I will never suck your dick again - our sex life will return to the way it was.” Katie leans in and kisses my forehead, “Do you understand baby?"

"I think so,” looking down at my cock as my erection starts to subside; “this isn't exactly fair."

Katie stands up and looks back at me as she walks over to her suitcase, "And it wasn't exactly fair that you put a video of me on the internet."

“I'm sorry for the hundredth time,” as I sit up on the edge of the bed. My cock is beginning to go flaccid.

Katie walks over and kneels down on the floor between my legs. She looks up at me as her lips are so close to my dick. I can feel her breath on me. Katie grabs a hold of my cock and starts to stroke it, quickly bringing me back to a full erection. She looks up at me as her tongue extends to the tip of my penis,

"Don't you want to feel my hot tongue around your throbbing cock?" Katie leans in and kisses the underside of my shaft. “Don’t you want me to jack you off on my freckled face? “ As she makes a fist and strokes my cock quickly, “I bet you want to see your cum all over me don't you?” Katie uses her other hand and runs her finger across her face, “You want your cum to roll of my cheeks and down my face.”

"Oh God yeah,” I moan. The site of Katie kneeling between me asking for my cum is making me so close. I start pushing my hips against her hand. I knew she was just teasing me as my own orgasm draws closer.

"Great!" in a very cheerful voice and quickly standing up and dropping my cock, “Then we understand each other! Let's go have some fun!"

I stare at her as she looks back, “Get dressed. I want to go swimming!”

I stand up as my cock is still rock hard. Katie looks over at me smiling while she is putting on her bathing suit. “This isn’t funny,” I tell her.

“I know,” she says giggling.

Our hotel is right next to the beach and swimming pool. We go outside and relax in a few chairs and lay in the sun. We are both laying face down on the sun bathing chairs. Katie looks over at me, "Are you mad at me?"

"For what?"

She stands up and scoots her chair closer to mine and lies back down and whispers, "For not letting you cum."

"No, I'm hoping you'll change your mind," looking up at her, "it kind of hurts."

Katie rubs my back, "How does it hurt?"

I sit up in my chair, "They are called 'blue balls' when your cum doesn't get released it builds up and puts pressure on the scrotum and it hurts. It feels like getting kicked."

"Maybe I’ll help you relieve some pressure later," as she stands up from her chair and jumps into the pool.

I follow and we swim up to the bar and get a couple of drinks. We float off to the edge and start people watching. Katie notices many of the men are out of shape; she turns towards me and rubs my stomach, "I love your body. You do a nice job of staying in shape."

"Thank you."

Her hand continues to rub my stomach under the water as she works her way down to my shorts. I glance around as she starts rubbing my cock under the water, "I do a nice job of keeping your dick in shape don't I?"

"Yeah you do," looking at her, "at least you used to."

"Oh a little teasing won't hurt you, or I guess it does doesn't it."

By now she has worked me to an erection as she hops out of the pool.

She sits down on her chair and yells out to me, "Come on honey come sit next to me."

Katie knew it would be very obvious if I were to hop out of the pool with an obvious hard on. I float around for a few minutes all the while Katie was making a spectacle by calling for me to come put more lotion on her. Eventually everything returned to normal and I climbed out of the pool.

My wife looks over smiling at me, "What took you so long?"

I just shake my head at her.

Evening began to fall as we returned to our room after a very nice dinner at a wonderful restaurant.

The room I had booked included our own private mini pool that was just outside the patio. It was secluded by a small privacy fence and vegetation and overlooked the ocean. The pool was heated and was very comfortable as I floated around enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing up on the beach. Katie stuck her head out the door, “How is it?”

“This is so relaxing. I don’t think I’ll ever leave here.”

Katie comes out onto the patio wearing her robe and carrying a glass of wine. I’m floating around in the pool as Katie is sitting on the beach chair. We are exchanging small talk when I look over at her, “You should get in. The water feels fabulous.”

Katie doesn’t say anything but spreads her legs to reveal she is naked under her robe. I focus on her pussy and notice she has completely shaved herself.

I was speechless. I had asked her multiple times to shave herself. "That looks incredibly sexy!" without taking my eyes away from her.

"I knew you would like it," as she reaches down with her fingers and spreads her lips and rubs her mound where her pubic hair used to grow.

Katie stands up as the robe drops to the ground and she climbs into the pool with me. The moonlight makes her look so sexy. I swim closer to her as she hangs on the edge. I reach her and place my hand around her waist and lean in and kiss her. I feel her legs wrap against me as I pull her against me as I kiss her neck. My wife reaches over and grabs her glass of wine and takes a sip as I continue to kiss her neck. Her legs relax around me as I continue to hold her in the pool. My cock is already growing with excitement of rubbing it against her newly trimmed pussy. She reaches down and lowers my shorts. I step out of them as the float away. Katie wraps her legs back around me. I can feel her pussy up against my penis. She is grinding her hips against me as we continue to kiss. She feels so smooth. I want to touch her newly shaven muff but she breaks away from me, "Sit up on the edge."

I climbed out of the pool and sat on the edge while she took another drink of wine while gentle sliding her fingers around my cock. “You’re right it is beautiful out here,” staring directly at my cock.

I was fully erect as my legs rested in the pool. She floated between my legs and leaned in and slurped the head of my dick. I sat back as Katie pouted her lips and looked up at me. Slowly she pushed forward so my dick rested on her closed lips. A slight smile came across them as she continued to pump my muscle with her hand. Her tongue extended from her mouth and flicked across the tip. The sight of her was about to make me cum. Katie grabs her glass of wine and pours it across my dick. She extends her tongue and laps at it.

Slowly my wife sucks my dick into her wet mouth. The warmth of her hot orifice felt so good with the cool ocean breeze blowing on us. She pulls off with a pop and licks the sides of my shaft.

Katie stares into my eyes while her hand is slowly stroking my shaft, “Are you close?” as her pace quickens, “Are you going to cum?”

“Yes,” I moan, “Please don’t stop….”

She releases me and floats to the other side by the ladder while staring back at me. She climbs out and grabs her robe off the chair, "I'm tired...let's go to bed."

I watch her and feel as though I’m about to cry, “Katie…,” I beg. “Please...” I can feel my heart racing in my chest.

She looks down at me as I lower myself back into the pool, “Let’s go to bed.”

“I’m not tired, I ‘m going to hang out here for awhile longer.”

The hell you are! So you can jack off and release the cum from your balls? I don’t think so.” Katie sits back down into the chair. “I’ll just sit out here and make sure you don’t ruin your frustration.

“It fucking hurts Katie. My balls ache with so much pain.”

She just stares at me. My frustration is building as I look at her and realizing she will not give me a release,” Fine!”

I stand up with my erection begins to subside and follow her into the room. I dry off and crawl into bed. I start to wonder why I spent so much money on this room and this vacation only to be teased by my wife. I drift off to sl**p hoping tomorrow will be a different day.

I woke up the next morning with an incredible erection. I think it was hard the whole night. Katie slept next to me the entire night with her ass pushed up against my groin. I'm sure she felt my aching tube between us. She couldn't be serious about me not cum.

Katie started to stir and began to grind her ass against my aching cock and soon roles over and whispers, "Good morning!"

I put my arms around her and pull her close and kiss her lips, "Morning."

"Did you sl**p well?"

"I slept alright," knowing full well that I didn’t. I was so frustrated and my balls ached beyond belief.

"You must have had a good dream,” as Katie looks down at my cock protruding under the covers making a tent.

"It’s just morning wood,” I tell her as I close my eyes trying to go back to sl**p.

"Really?" Katie reaches down and puts her hand down my boxes, "Oh my! You’re fucking huge!"

She slowly wraps her fingers around the shaft and starts to move her hand up and down.

“Stop it,” as I turn on my side away from her.

Katie scoots in closer to me wrapping her arm around me, "How long has it been?"

I feel her hand rubbing my chest and massaging my nipples. Her touch feels so good. I can feel her breath on the back of my neck.

“What do you mean?”

“How long as it been since you came?” as she slides her hand back down my boxers.

"About six or seven weeks," I try moving away from her knowing she has no intention of helping me.

“Haven’t you jacked off?” as I feel Katie kissing my back as her hand again wraps itself around my raging hard on.

“No, I thought you would eventually give in and I actually wasn't in the mood as I focused on getting you to forgive me.”

"Oh! I bet your balls are starting to ache with all of that sweet cum in them,” I feel her hand manipulating my testicles.

She pulls her hand away as she leans on my chest, “Do you know what I dreamed about?”

“Teasing me until I exploded?”

Katie giggled as she leaned closer to me, “I was sucking your cock and you pulled out of my mouth and you shot your cum all over me.”

“Maybe you should act on your dreams?”

“I've been so horny lately. I woke up and my pussy was so wet. The thought of your cum dripping all over me.”

Katie removes her hand as I turn to face her. She smiles sticks her tongue out and laps her hand. She makes sure to show me she's getting it wet and then puts her hand back around my throbbing member. The wetness of her hand feels so good.

"I don't think I've ever felt your head this big!"

Katie pulls the covers away and slides my boxers down as I turn and lay on my back. My cock is standing at 90 degrees to my body. "Wow baby!"

My wife rolls on top of me. I can feel her moist bald pussy on top of my cock. She starts humping my cock as it’s pressed against her. She positions herself so her lips on are either side of my cock as it rubs against her clitoris.

"Oh fuck! I love feeling your hard cock on me!” as she starts grinding harder against me.

Katie starts grinding harder against me, "It feels different," she moans, "Oh shit!" Her pace quickens, "Oh God. Don't move baby. Don't move!"

Her hips are grinding against me as she leans forward so her clit is grinding on my rock hard dick. Katie moaning increases. I lean forward and take her breast into my mouth and slowly suck in her nipples, "Oh yes baby! Suck them...bite them!”

I playfully bite her nipples as I suck them into my mouth. Katie begins to grind harder on me, "Ohhhhh! Shit! I'm cumming.” Her hips are moving so fast around me as her body tenses up as she grinds against me. I'm also getting ready to spill my load.

She’s never gotten off that fast.

Katie opens her eyes and rolls off of me panting, "It feels different shaved! Holy shit! That felt so good!"

My dick springs up as she rolled off, "Let me put it in you. Just really quick baby. I won't cum. I want to feel it.”

"No," looking down at my cock, "I'm hungry lets go have breakfast."

Katie jumps out of bed and heads to the shower.

"What the fuck! This is bullshit! You can't do this!"

I reach down and start stroking my aching dick.

"Stop touching yourself! Do you ever want to feel my mouth around you again? If you don't stop...I won't even fuck you for another four weeks - maybe longer!"

I release my dick, "Please baby, my balls hurt so badly. You can't keep teasing me like this."

"I’m begging. please…I need to cum…"

"I’m hungry...let's go."

I climb out of bed knowing my efforts to talk her into giving me a release would be in vain.

We spent the day doing touristy stuff. We visited some ruins and headed into the town to barter with local shop keepers. It was a very enjoyable day except for the fact that whenever we were alone Katie would find it necessary to grope my cock and make sure I became erect. After dinner we were walking back to our room from the restaurant. I was feeling down. This vacation wasn't very fun. Katie on the other hand was full of pep. I suppose I would be to if I was able to cum whenever I wanted.

"Let's go for a walk on the beach,” Katie says as she pulls my arm towards the ocean.

As we walk the waves are crashing up on the beach. We stand for a moment enjoying the sight of the moonlight reflecting on the ocean. I look over at Katie as she stares at me.

"I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you."

“I’m not going to lie. It hurts Katie. It hurts when I walk, when I sit down. I’ve never been teased like this.”

"Let me make it up to you," Katie says smiling.

She pulls me over to a grove of trees and steps up and kisses my chest. I reach down and unbutton my pants. I glance around and can’t see anyone else around as lower them as my penis extends out. Katie drops down to her knees as her mouth opens and sucks me in. My wife starts sucking me hard as I start thrusting into her wet mouth. Katie starts bobbing her head back and forth stroking my cock with her mouth. It feels so good to have her hot mouth working my erection.

“Ohhhhh baby," I moan, "Don’t stop!"

Katie suddenly pulls off of me and stands up, “Hurry! Somebody is coming."

I quickly pull my pants up and start walking away from the trees. I start looking around hoping it wasn’t the police as I’ve heard horror stories about the jails. Katie grabs my hand as we hurry back down the beach towards the resort.

I’m looking behind us to make sure we weren’t being followed. I look over at Katie and she has a sly smile, "Nobody was coming!"

"No! I'm sure I saw somebody," she replies as she looks back behind us.

We got back to the hotel room and immediately after closing the door, I grab Katie, "You need to finish this," as I place her hand against my clothing covered erection.

"Baby, I got such a bad headache from the wine. I'm going to call it a night."

Frustrated with this vacation I laid in the bed staring at the ceiling thinking this isn't what I planned for a vacation. Katie comes out of the bathroom naked and lies down next to me. I look away as she was climbing into bed as I knew it would just promote my agony. As I was trying to sl**p, I began to get hard. The thought of my wife laying naked next to me and how badly I wanted to put it into her was more than I could take.. I gently took Katie’s hand and brought it against my dick. Her reaction was swift as she took hold of my cock and began to coax it to fuller erection. “Is the pressure getting to you? Is your cum aching to escape your cock?"

“It hurts…please. My balls hurt so bad,” as I grinded my hips against her hand. My pain was so intense. I leaned closer and began to kiss the back of her neck and back area.

She turned and breathed into my face while stroking my cock, “You want my mouth there, don’t you?”

I nodded. She replied in a whisper. "I am so horny. I have been for days, but what is making me more is how frustrated you are. Your frustration makes me so hot! You're making me hotter now with your cock more than ever."

I said nothing as she continued to stroke my rock hard member, "Do you know what would make me even more hot and bothered?"

I shrugged.

Katie scoots closer to me as I feel her position my cock against her hairless mound. Her lips are inches away from my lips and she whispers, "I want you to fuck my mouth. I want you to sit on my chest and straddle my face and push your dick into my mouth." Her tongue extends and licks my lips as it enters my mouth. She pulls it out and she pulls me tighter against her, "I want you to fuck my mouth as long you need to, as long as you can, until you shoot your cum all down my throat and across my lips.”

Katie suddenly pushed me away, leans in and kisses my forehead,” Good night honey." Katie rolls over as I quiver next to her my cock aching beyond belief. I fall asl**p wondering when this hell of a vacation will end.

Katie enjoys her vacation but does Fred?
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