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Miem's Day At The Beach

I decided to take my slut miem to the beach. I needed a break, I knew slut could make me a few bucks suckig and fucking. Hey a euro's a euro! We get to the beach and find a nice spot. I lay on the blantket. Slut strips... "What the fuck!" I jump up and slap her face. Slut falls to the blanket! "what the fuck did I tell you?" I point to her cunt. miem slides her hand between her legs and busts into tears. " sorry Mark..." Her voice fades. Slut had not shave her pussy.
I wanted her all razor burn in the sun today. So her cunt would be raw from fucking and burned from the sun. I shook my head as i sat next to miem kissed her softly our tongues mixed. I rubbed her cunt, she moaned inot my mouth. She looked into my eyes after we kissed. "You'll fix it you whore! Set right there."
I came back holding a paperbag, took out a piece of paper it said I'm a filthy slut. i forgot to shave. Pluck a cunthair. I need to learn! I hung it around her neck and handed her a pair of tweezers. slut miem walks off. Watch and she twists and screams! A crowd gathered around her, slut miem is laying on the ground screaming and begging!
She staggers back. bl**d dripping from her now naked cunt. Slut's eyes are red from crying, snot runs into her mouth. "That's better." I hand her a paper with two names on it. "Find these to and do whatever they want." slut miem wakes off calling the names out. Two blonds walk up. "slut come with us." miem follows them like the slut dog she is.
They take her to the tennis court. They pick up tennis rackets. The taller blond Jenny whips sluts tits! Her nipple get stuck in the space between the strips. slut screams are Jenny rips it away! her nipple sweeled at once, turned black and blue. slut fell to the court twisting in pain! I can hear her screaming on the beach.I laugh and nap.
The other blond Bella whips sluts ass with the racket! Her ass is covered with square shaped whelts. Jenny whips her tits and stomach. slut miem tries to get away from the beating. she is only making her torturers more pissed off! They beat her until slut is covered in square welts!!!
They pick her up by the hair and tie her to the fence. slut miem screams as the hot fence burns her back! they tie slut spread eagle. Jenny take slut ass, bella her asshole. Jenny slowly f***es a tennis ball up sluts cunt! slut is trying to pull away from the fench! screams and begs for mercy. Bella rams a tennis ball up sluts ass! Slut just about passes out. They spit in sluts face. "Not yet!" Three tennis balls are f***ed in sluts cunt and ass. She looks like a baby is stuck in her cunt! Sluts ass is filled with the tennis balls. Slut miem can only cry and beg for the blond to take the balls out. Each time slut moves the balls rip and pull at her insides. Jenny and Bella fill a bowl with their piss. Slut gags as she drinks it down. They both kiss her. Pat her cunt and ass. slut miem hangs by her hands unable to stand. Her body covered in welts, starting to burn in the sun. slut miem crys until she passes out from the pain.

slut miem and I had a wonderful day at the beach. It only gets better from here.

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