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My First Cumming

I remember my first cum experience. Me and my fried Josh were just hanging out after school at my house. My parents weren't home. They trusted us. Josh and I were just talking when all of a sudden he asked me did I wanna see his cock.I was so horny so I said sure y not. He looked at me while unzipping his pants, and then grabbed my hand. He led me to his hard 9 inch cock, and placed my hand on the head of it. I started to rub it softly and he started to moan. I was getting hotter and hotter by the second, so I rubbed it even more. He was moaning so hard, aand he even called out my name telling me to do it harder. Finally i put my mouth on his hard cock and began to suck it. He was forcing all 9 inches into my mouth and i took it all.........................

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