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Sexin' My Ex aka Doin' Time

The thing about Hilo is that it, like most of the rest of the Hawaiian Islands, got

balls friggin’ hot during the summer. Which was good, because it meant all of the

local slutbags showed off their bronzed skin and jiggly bits with fewer and fewer

articles of clothing. If you went out to the beach you would see sexy girls in string

bikinis rubbing oil down their long toned legs. If you really wanted to get your perv

on, if you went in the morning you could catch them running, which was nice

because then you could see the chicks sweat and bounce with each hard,

pounding step in the loose sand they took.

My ex was one of these girls. A typical Hilo slut. Half Hawaiian and half white, with

long golden brown hair, green eyes, and nice firm 34 DDs that were excellent

grips when you were fucking her from behind. I knew this, because I pounded her

slutty hole on numerous occasions from just such a vantage point. Gazing down

onto her back at the tan line that bisected it, watching her ass ripple as I slammed

my cock in and out, making the delicate wings of the butterfly on her left ass cheek

(my favorite cheek to smack) flutter and shimmy, I would lean forward, pinch her

nipples and palm the undersides of those mounds as I gave her the reaming

leading up to my orgasm. Which I generally shot all over her back, and

sometimes, when I was pissed at her, into her hair.

My ex was an AMAZING fuck. The bad part is she was also an AMAZING bitch.

After 6 months of riding my cock until I was a hobby horse, she told me to fuck off

in grand fashion and went on to the next unfortunate moth to get caught in her not

so alluring bright light. Luckily, I could forget about her. I never really saw her, her

social circle and mine did not coincide. Except for one unfortunate instance, when

we partied with my buddy Ke. When Ke threw a party, everybody came. Which is

sort of where this story starts. At Ke’s party.

I was standing by a keg, a red solo cup in hand, taking a swig when I saw her. My

ex. Grinding her pink tube dress clad ass over some bloated juice head guys

dick. Her hair was that contrived messy wavy thing that girls do, and I could see

the white of her halter tan lines against her darker bronze skin. My ex flipped

around, wrapped her arms around his neck and started to grind his mound into

his obviously engorged cock. I tried to compare cock bulges over the distance,

and thought that I outclassed him. Well I outclassed him anyway, I wasn’t a puka

shell wearing douche grinding up against Hilo’s slut du jour.

I slumped back against the fence and watched them dance some more. I could

feel myself getting a hemi remembering our trysts fondly. The road head, the

surfboard sex trick, the beach at night, the beach during the day, behind the police

station after I bailed her out for public intoxication and of course on her parents

bed while her mom was showering. She was freaky and ballsy. I guess that made

her freakily ballsy. Man my sex life had gone to shit since she started fucking my

s****r’s ex boyfriend. Yeah, they were both real happy about that decision.

I was beginning to feel stoned watching the gyrations, when like a mirage wearing

stripper platform flip flops, she sauntered over to me. It was already a hot night but

her glistening tits just made it hotter.

“Hey, D,” she said, coming up to tap the keg.

“Hey, T,” I said. Old habits die hard apparently. I handed her a cup and grabbed

the nozzle, filling her up to a foamy head. “Enjoying dancing with that d-bag out

there?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. Grinding on his pencil dick really turns me on,” she said. Smirking.

“You know I need a real man’s cock to do the job.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I know.” I had been remembering our fuck sessions all night.

“Of course you would, I was the hottest piece of ass you tapped that summer,” she


I just smirked. Cocky bitch.

“Yeah,” I said nonchalantly. “Just like my dick was the biggest you’ve ever had.”

Her smile quirked.

“Well, I’m between boys right now. I do need someone to keep me in practice,”

she said.

“You don’t practice, T. You’re like a well oiled machine,” I said.

“And you’re sporting a chub right now.”

“Yeah… so?”

“Well, wanna do something about it?”

“I’ll get back to you,” I said. Crushing my cup and walking away. Cold. I was cold.

I wasn’t. She flitted back to pencil dick and I flitted to a bottle of Patron. By the

time I killed the bottle, she had disappeared with pencil dick and come back

alone. She had that look that I knew meant she had been doing some

extracurricular bush activities, and pencil dick was probably walking funny. I was

also mad hammered by this point. I slunk around the edge of the crowd. The

bathroom, I needed the effing bathroom. I tripped over a giant bush on my way to

the house and stumbled into a pink blob.

“S’cuse me,” I mumbled and tried to stumble sideways into Ke’s house.

“Jesus Christ, you’re fucking blitzed,” she said. Not a dull bulb this one.

“So?” I asked. “It’s a party and I’ll Lindsay Lohan it if I want to.”

“Oh, please,” she said and strong armed me inside.

Down the hallway we went and up a flight of stairs, much to my chagrin and

gravity’s amusement. However, I had homing beaconed my eyes on her ass, and

at the top of the stairs I had the epic idea of smacking it. She yelped and I

watched her donkey jiggle.

“Jeez! I forgot how you get when you’re d***k. I don’t even know why I’m taking

care of you.”

“Uhhh… you wanted to fuck earlier. I’m assuming pencil dick didn’t cut the deal for


“So… you noticed.”

“Yeah and so did my bottle of Patron Silver. It noticed on its way down my throat.”

“If you weren’t such a dick, it could’ve been my pussy juice sliding down your


“And if you weren’t such a cunt, it could have been my dick being your personal

battering ram,” I hiccupped at this point. We were in the bathroom. I blinked bleary

eyed as she turned and without a second thought locked the door.

Grabbing the hem of her dress, she wrenched it over her head. Her firm tits,

accentuated by white triangle patches bounced into view. I could see a damp spot

discoloring the crotch of her lace thong. I moaned, but I couldn’t resist giving her

one last salvo.

“I hope that’s not that douches cum making that stain, sweetheart.”

I heard her gasp and heard the slap before it smacked my face sideways. I

swayed dangerously and turned back to her swaying on my feet. I grinned. She

jumped my bones.

Grabbing my face she kissed me, shoving her tongue deep inside my mouth,

nibbling my lips and trying to exert her dominion over my face. I grabbed her head

and backed her into a wall and started to devour her face. Oh, this was going to

be d***k and sloppy.

I came up for air and she literally ripped my shorts off me. I tossed my t-shirt to the

floor. I smirked at her as she got to her knees and began to suck my eight inch

cock. Oh god, her mouth was twisted. She rolled my stones, tongue fucked my

cockslit, and nibbled my cockhead. She suctioned me hard sliding my entire

length into her mouth and down her throat. That was a plus in favor, I don’t know

who taught her how to give a BJ, but Jesus, they were a god. It was amazing.

Unable to control myself I gripped her hair, f***ed her head back and made eye

contact. With a twisted smile I began to roll my pelvis and fuck her face. All she

could do was sit there and suction and occasionally sc**** my shaft with her

teeth. I groaned and threw my head back giving into the sensation.

“That’s it baby. Suck my cock. Suck my fucking cock you skank. Make me cum!”

She moaned her agreement, and with that simple sensation the ache I had been

carrying all night jetted out of me and into her gullet. She sucked my cock like it

was a straw, drinking my jizz and milking my balls. I groaned and staggered

backward, shooting my last spurt across her chest. She opened her mouth and

showed me the load I had just deposited on her tongue. There was a lot of it. And

then she swallowed, making it obvious that she was enjoying the feeling of my jizz

travelling down her esophagus.

“Rub it in, baby. Show me a nice glaze on those puppies,” I ordered.

With a coy smile she grabbed my hands and reached them out to her chest. Like

my hands had a mind of their own I started massaging them, pinching the nipples

and plumping the tits up. Unable to help myself I bent down and started to lick and

suck them. Tasting my cream on her salty skin. It was so fucking hot. I was hard


I began to kiss my way down her stomach. When I got to her panties, I leaned

forward and bit her mons through the lace.

“He didn’t cum in you, did he? I won’t eat a sloppy pussy.” I slurred, resting my

head on her belly.

Now it was her turn to grip my hair, pulling my face up to hers.

“No. He didn’t. So eat me,” she ordered. I descended onto that cunny like a man

starved. I laved it through the lace until her clit poked its pink head between the

labia. I leaned forward and bit down, she screamed and started to tremble. I slid

my hands under the lace as I ate her out, using the damp lace as extra texture to

cause havoc with. I collected some of her juices, and slipped it backwards to her

backdoor. More and more I brought her cream to her asshole, until I could slide a

finger deep into the tight pucker. She just moaned. I nosed the damp lace aside

and began to assault her gaping hole. So he had fucked her. Guess my cock

wasn’t going there then.

Eventually, I had two fingers in her ass and my tongue in her pussy. I was so deep

up her cunt that my nose was rubbing her clit to stimulate her. I could feel the

contractions around my tongue, and knew she was close. I quickly withdrew, and

spit on my cock to lube it up.

I bent her over the sink, slide the thong aside and spit into her slightly stretched

asshole. Taking my cock , I smacked her brown eye with it. She jumped and

moaned, wriggling backward to try to get it insider her. I reached forward and

pulled her head back so her ear was at my mouth.

“Do you want it?” I asked.

She just moaned and whimpered. I jerked her head again.

“Oh god yes. Put your monster cock in my ass! Fuck me, fuck me please!” she


I smiled, spread her cheeks and with a mighty thrust crammed my entire length

into her ass. To her credit she took it like a pro. Then I reached forward, pinched

both of her nipples and began to ream. I squeezed her tits, and used them for

leverage. She was groaning, the sound she’d make when she was on the edge

but wasn’t close enough to go over. So I bent her forward, held her cheek to the

counter as I pounded and raised my left hand up. That butterfly was going for a

ride tonight.

I landed a blow, and she whimpered. I saw her hand snake to her pussy and she

began to violently frig her clit. I smacked her ass again, and that butterfly

shimmied on the shockwave. Her muscles rippled over my cock. I loved the way I

fit into her ass, I felt like I had stuffed her completely and she couldn’t take

anymore up her ass. I grinned maniacally and gripped her hips and started to just

hammer her.

I felt more than heard her cum. When she went over the edge, I felt her clamp

down on her fingers in her pussy. I’m surprised she didn’t break them. She also

clamped down on my cock like a vise, and I couldn’t help it. I shot. I whitewashed

her bowels with my jizz. We both screamed as we came. I felt so high from it. I

stayed in her ass as I came, down. She was bent over the sink, just panting. I

could have stayed there longer just enjoying my trip down the good old memory

lane of fuckings past, but someone pounded on the door.

I pulled out still half hard, and watched some jizz run down her legs. I dressed

quickly, unlocked the door, and left her there in a messy pile. Much to my chagrin

it was the pencil dick she banged earlier. I sauntered away from the bathroom, my

stupor clearing up. I turned back and saw her sitting on the floor, pencil dick was

glaring bullets at me. I reached down and adjusted my package, turned and

walked away. It was just like old times.

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