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I catch my wife in bed with her mother

Me, Jane and her mother
Introduction: i catch my wife in bed with her mother.

An interesting surprise

I had only left the house for work an hour ago to meet Mrs Redgrave but the

appointment had fallen through. Second time I’d trailed all that way to do a job that

lasted the whole day and for nothing. Well not again. Punching the steering wheel

in frustration at the money I should have been earning, I turned the ignition on my

transit and headed home. ‘never again’ I’m saying to myself, ‘never again’ she

can get someone else. An hour later as I’m pulling down my road I finally begin to

calm and plan the day ahead. Firstly thinking about making love to my beautiful

wife, Jane. Ohhhhh that hour glass figure, shoulder length brown hair and deep

hazel eyes make my cock hard every time I think of her. 32C tits and a nice tight

pussy top off the woman I love.
I pulled up outside my house, turning the ignition off at the same time pulling on

the handbrake. Shutting the van door to, strolling up to the house whilst finding the

right key on my overloaded key ring, I noticed Jane’s keys were on the inside of

the door. I had loads of thoughts bursting into my head. What was she still doing

at home, was she sick? Why hadn’t she told me ? Was she in there with

somebody else ? Is everything ok? I tried the door. Open. I walked in and called

out her name,
‘Jane, you home?’
No answer. I locked the door behind me and started walking through the kitchen,

then the lounge and through each room on the ground floor. Nothing. I stood just

looking up the stairs, then I herd it. A Long low moan. Jane’s moan. The moan I

had made her make when I went down on her. The cheating bitch ! The absolute

whore! My Anger and frustration from earlier was now back, with vengeance. I

went back into the kitchen, picked the biggest knife from the rack and made my

way to the stairs. Again more moaning and groaning coming from our marital

bedroom. I slowly crept up the stairs, wanting to keep the element of surprise and

catch the bastard in the act of fucking my wife.
Closer and closer I got and finally reached the top of the stairs, face wet with

perspiration, heart beating so hard I thought it was trying to escape my chest. I

crossed the landing, in two minds now. Half of me wanting to catch them at it and

half of me wanting to run away and pretend our life was perfect again. Curiosity

got the better of me, so I began leaning towards to door, easing it partially open

with a shaking hand. And then I saw something I had never even thought of. It was

a woman. Jane was laid on her back, eyes closed with her legs wide open. From

my position all I could see of the other woman was her arse wiggling in the air,

covered in a light yellow skirt, with a white thong just visible through the translucent

material. Her feet folded below her curvaceous buttocks, a yellow nail varnish on

her toes. A mass of black hair, gently rubbing against the peachy, white inner

thighs of my wife.
For a second time that day, my anger subsided and was replaced by an

immediate bulge in my pants. I took out my mobile phone, hardly able to activate

the video camera as my hands and fingers were trembling so much. I started

filming, making sure I captured the lesbian action that my wife was engaged in on

the bed, then started moving in closer for a better look. My feet making very little

noise on the thick carpet allowed me to get to the base of the bed without being

caught. Again, Jane was moaning, loudly with the pleasure she was receiving at

the hands of this woman’s tongue, thrusting her hips upwards, grinding her pussy

into the woman’s face.
‘ohhhh, Keep going’ moaned Jane ‘It feels soooo good, I’m close, so close’
Then it happened, Jane opened her eyes to look down at her lover, happily eating

away at her pussy and she saw me.
‘ANDY’ she screamed, ‘oh my god, I can explain’
And it was then the mystery woman turned to face me, the look of surprise evident

in her face must have been nothing compared to mine. It was Jane’s mother,

Wendy !
‘What the fuck’ was all I could manage. My erect penis now bursting to get out of

my pants. The latest revelation seemed to have doubled my state of arousal.

Wendy was an older version of Jane pretty much, with longer hair and breasts that

were considerably smaller and sagged slightly more with age but still beautiful. I

had often fantasized over her whilst having sex with my wife.
‘Please don’t tell anybody’ asked Wendy, on the verge of tears
‘I’m so, so sorry’ added Jane
My mind so confused by the amount of information I had to take on board in such

a short time, I couldn’t do anything, say anything, I just stood there. My wife now

sat up, trying to cover her modesty with her hand and a pillow, my mother in law

just frozen, looking at me with traces of her daughters pussy juice around her

mouth, a single tear rolling down her cheek.
‘Say something then’ Jane whispered
Again I couldn’t do anything, I looked from woman to woman, then down at my

hand, still clutching my mobile phone, the video still recording. Something in my

mind brought me back to reality after what seemed like hours but was probably

seconds. The horniness in me taking over, I slowly began to unzip my pants.
‘as you were ladies’ I said
They both looked at each other in astonishment, then at me.
‘not a chance’ said Wendy in a voice sounding confident ‘it was a mistake that

never should have happened’
‘don’t be foolish’ I replied, holding the mobile up so they could both see it,

wiggling it in my hand.
‘I have every moan, lick and grind right here as evidence. If you don’t do as I ask

then I will show it to everyone. Now, as you were’
Jane looked at me, really unsure by my calm reaction, Wendy on the other hand,

her eyes full of hatred.
‘you bastard’ she said, ‘you complete and utter dirty bastard. I wont do it’ she

stared at me for a long time, defiance in her eyes.
‘you leave me no choice ’I replied. ‘ I’m going to start sending this video unless

you get back between your daughters legs and carry on where I interrupted’
Again, the look she gave me, her eyes like daggers, trying to pierce me with her

‘OK’ she interrupted
‘Lay back down as you were Jane’ I said and she obeyed. I walked up to Wendy

and got a handful of her hair in my hand and held it tight. I lent towards her face

and put my lips to hers, kissing her long and slowly, full of passion. She resisted

and kept her mouth firmly closed.
‘Fuck you’ she shouted, then spat in my face.
I wiped the spit off my cheek on the back of my hand, looking at it dribble down to

my wrist. Then I slapped her with a back hand across her cheek.
‘No more games u fucking slut, do as I tell you’ Slap again just for good measure.

Her cheek turning a dark shade of red in the rough shape of a hand, my wedding

ring leaving a raised ridge where it made contact with her cheek bone. Utter

shock captured in her facial expression. I pulled her head back and leant down for

a kiss, this time met with no resistance. Her mouth opened in response to my

prying tongue, in it slid, gliding over her own tongue, exploring the new mouth I

had often fantasized about. With my free right hand I placed it on her knee and

slowly slid it under her skirt and started up her thigh towards her pussy.
Wendy started to shake slightly against me as I moved it further up her smooth,

toned thigh, getting nearer all the time. And then I reached her thong, pushing it

aside and contact was made at first with the curly wisps of her pubic hair, then

against her pussy lips, swollen and warm in her own state of arousal. She let out a

moan of approval and I knew I had her. I gently worked my finger inside her hot

little pussy hole, already soaking in her own love juices and eager to be filled.
I released her hair and started playing with her little tits, rubbing at her nipples

through the material, occasionally grasping her full breast in my hand. Her hands

now ruffling through my hair, stoking my cheek in an intimate embrace. I pulled

away from her and looked at Jane, she was laid on her back still but was playing

with herself.
‘as you where ladies’
Wendy got on all fours turning to face her daughter, combed her hair behind her

ears and lent forward, placing her hot experienced mouth over Jane’s prominent

little clitoris. The moans began immediately as her mother began sliding her

tongue in and out of her hot slit, flicking her clit with every upward stoke. Again,

the scene before my eyes was something that I could never have even imagined,

even in my most sordid of fantasies. I knelt on the floor behind Wendy and

reached out for the hem of her knee length yellow skirt and began to slide it up her

legs to expose the white, musky wet thong beneath. I lifted the skirt until it was up

on her back exposing her tight buttocks with only the thin cloth of her thong hiding

her desirable pussy and arse hole. Reaching out again with quivering hands I

began to massage her cheeks in a circular motion, her thong moving between

them exposing glimpses of the hidden delights.
I could hardly contain myself as I began to pull at the thong, by the gusset, placing

the warm, damp material between my teeth, pulling in down towards her bent

knees. The musky odour filling my nostrils and the taste of her juices entering my

mouth, causing my taste buds to almost burst. From this position I was able to

see the first glimpse of her little arsehole and pussy as the thong was removed.

Heaven. The contrast of skin colour around her puckering arsehole in comparison

to her cheeks, the dark, swollen lips to her thighs then the thick curls of her black

pubic hair was nearly enough to send me over the edge.
I placed my hands on her arse cheeks again, pulling the open as I moved in to her

pussy hole with my soft tongue. I stuck it out and slid it up into her cunt, pushing

against the resistance of her vaginal walls, entering her until my chin touched her

fat pussy lips. Now it was her turn to moan, a long low cat like purr as she pushed

back against my face. That first taste of her pussy was like a nectar from the

gods, sweeter than honey with an addictive property. I never wanted this moment

to end as I knelt there, tongue fucking my mother in law, spreading her cheeks so I

could get further into her cunt.
After a few minutes of my oral fucking I decided to up the ante and moved my

tongue to her wrinkled arsehole. I saw her body spasm as I began to lick away at

it, rimming her right there whilst she licked Jane’s pussy. The taste was unreal,

unknown to me and incomparable to anything I yet know of. Now she really started

to moan, circling her hips and pressing back more, urging me to put my tongue

inside her. I complied with sudden vigour, thrusting my tongue forward and

piercing her tight anus, forcing my tongue in as far as it could go. Placing my

middle finger on her clit I began to slowly circle it whilst sliding my thumb inside

her pussy, all the time licking, sucking and poking her anus with my mouth and

‘Ohhhhhh, its there, oh’ she moaned, her voice anxious yet full of desire. That was

all the encouragement I needed as I doubled my efforts and f***e, really probing

at both holes. Then it happened, her hips pushed back, her body began to

shudder in ferocious convulsions as a jet of liquid squirted out of her pussy,

covering my hand. I lowered my mouth to take the glorious juices and tried my

hardest not to spill a drop, swallowing as often as possible. Once her orgasm had

subsided she just collapsed on Jane with a very satisfied look on her face.
‘Wow’ was all she could manage. I lifted her relaxed body in my arms and carried

her across to the sofa bed where I let her lay and recover.
‘Now its your turn’ I said, turning to face Jane. Until that moment she had looked

really lost and left out, but the grin spreading across her pale face made it obvious

she was craving the attention. As I walked towards her, I took my cock out of my

pants exposing my hard length, making her want it more. With no delay she took it

straight in her mouth, hungrily sucking and licking my bell end whilst masturbating

my shaft in a long slow rhythm, matching her mouths pace. I laid down on the bed

with her kneeling at my side, still devouring my meat, watching her head bob up

and down, taking my cock right to the back of her throat. As I put my hand on the

back of her head, I started to push it down, forcing my cock past her gag reflex,

right to the very back of her throat.
I looked over at Wendy, she was staring back, watching her daughter sucking my

cock whilst rubbing her clitoris with a gentle, tender motion. The dirty old minx! I

beckoned her over to the bed, budging to one side so she would get on next to

‘eat her pussy’ I commanded.
Without any hesitation, Jane shifted onto one side, knees near my head and lifted

her top leg open to allow access to her hot, wet pussy. Wendy didn’t need any

further prompting and began licking away at her daughters little throbbing clitty, all

the while looking me in the eyes, making sure I watch her please my wife. I must

be the luckiest bugger ever. The sights, sounds and feeling I was experiencing

were out of this world. I pulled out of Jane’s mouth and moved so I was laying on

my back down one side of the bed and motioned Wendy over.
‘I want you to get on top and fuck me’ I directed ‘ And you to sit on my face’ I told

Wendy crawled over to me and had a quick play with my cock whilst climbing over

my groin and squatting, hovering to rub my throbbing manhood against her pussy

lips, teasing me. Then she lowered her tight, hairy pussy down onto my cock,

taking it in inch by inch till I was fully inside her, my balls pressing against her arse

cheeks. She sat like this for what felt like an age, getting used to the cock inside

her, clenching her muscles round my cock, milking it. Then she began to slowly lift

up before forcing herself back down, impaling herself once again upon my length.
Jane climbed over my face and sunk her pussy onto my mouth, grinding her hips

and fleshy pussy onto my waiting tongue. My tongue eagerly probing her well

known pussy, whilst her mum was now riding my cock like a woman possessed.

Soon, the sweet smell of sex filled the air, the moans and groans of the three of us

like a musical accompaniment. I could feel my balls beginning to get the tingling

feeling that an orgasm was imminent and let my thought be known. I managed to

get the words out in between licks of Jane’s pussy.
Jane lifted off my face so I could watch her mother riding my shaft up and down,

she was tossing here hair round, her finger nails digging into my chest, moans

frequently escaping her lips.
‘Hold on Andy, I want you to finish in my arse’ she said, that comment had me

really going, wanting to shoot my man muck there and then. Some how I resisted

the urge and held off, Wendy climbing off my cock leaving it covered in our sex

juices. I told her to lay down on her back, put her hands behind her knees and lift

her legs tight up to her chest. Jane crouched over her mothers face who

immediately started to lick her pussy and arsehole whilst I lined myself up with

hers. I guided my already lubricated cock head to the entrance to her arse and

gently pushed against it.
The feeling that greeted me was of immense tightness, a vice like grip I have

never before felt. Then all of a sudden I slid in 2 inches and Wendy tensed up.

Gently away I eased more of myself into her arse, applying constant pressure until

I was up to the hilt. Wendy continued licking Jane’s pussy at a very fast pace,

obviously pushing all the right buttons by the sounds of Jane’s moans. I pulled half

my length back before sliding it back in. In, out, in, out all the time her anus

stretching to accommodate my throbbing cock.
Jane and Wendy’s moans soon filled the room even more, both on the way to a

climax as I carried on pounding into her arse.
The feeling in my balls tingling even more than ever now and I knew I was going to

cum, very soon. With a last few thrusts I called out just as my orgasm was starting

and shot load after load of my warm, salty spunk deep up inside her arse. Jane’s

body started to shake, pressing down on Wendy’s face to the extent I thought she

was going to suffocate her, before she let out a long low moan of orgasmic relief.
We all collapsed in a heap, snuggling up to each other. As my cock became

flaccid it gently slipped out of Wendy’s used arsehole, followed by a large wad of

‘Wow’ is all I could manage to say, before drifting off into a daze……

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