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Moms mistake

Part 1
Mom's Mistake

Even though Sharons my mom, the famous bitch deserved everything that happened to
her and more. She had built a world wide following as "Sharon with Tits out" on the
internet at

and was resposible for huge volumes of cum being spilled all over the world daily
as i saw when she showed me some of her fans jerking off for her or sending her back
pictures of her face and Tits coated in cum

Things were fine as long as I fucked her regularly every morning,
again when I got home from school and finally at bedtime so she could sl**p
well, at least that's what she claimed. Now don't get me wrong, mom the 54 yr old cunt,
(Tits as she demands to be called) is built like a brick shithouse, gives great head, loves to
swallow, and takes it up the ass like a queen. Not only that she has a couple of
lady friends who go both ways and I've had plenty of fun in threesomes involving
mom and one or the other of her bisexual buddies.

Things began to get weird when I started seeing Honey. She was a senior
in high school, a couple of years older than me, but hot for the kind of cock
that I could and did provide. She was built like mom, only firmer. You could
balance water glasses on her tits and bounce quarters off her ass. She had a
cunt that felt like it was made of velvet when you first put it in, and then
turned into butter once she opened up so I could really put the wood to her. She
was still learning how to suck, but she loved to swallow. Like mom she loved to
lick and suck my balls, but unlike mom, she also loved to do my asshole with her
tongue and mouth.

The more time I spent with Honey, the less time I had to take care of
mom's needs which could be described as constant. She would be happy to let me
spend the entire day fucking and sucking her to one climax after another. I have
to admit that she trained me to be one of the best pussy eaters in the state,
maybe the country. Not only was I good at it, I liked to go down on women, no
matter if they were shaved smooth or had a a patch as wild and untamed as a
jungle. Mom kept hers trimmed, I guess she wanted to look as real as
possible to those who used that cunt. Honey on the other hand let her bush grow

Well one thing led to another and mom finally decreed that Honey was off
limits to me until I learned that she came first when it came to fucking. That
did not sit well with either Honey or me and so we hatched a plan to make Tits
change her mind. There was a three day weekend coming up. With some help from a
few friends, both male and female, we k**napped mom and got her out to a very
secluded mountain cabin where we proceeded to show her the error of her ways.

That night while Honey and I fucked each other silly, Honey's two best
buds and a pair of my good buddies kept Tits entertained. They fucked her in
every hole over and over. Young guys can go all night with the right kind of
woman and to them, mom looked like the internet star she was. The ladies took over when
the guys needed a break. They both were pretty good at using a strap-on and
sure did a good job of stirring up all the cum that had been squirted into her
cunt and asshole. Mom ate pussy and sucked cock almost continuously for nearly
ten hours. When Honey and I took over the next morning, the four of them dragged
themselves to bed for some sl**p, once they'd helped me string up mom from one of
the beams in the cabin.We hung Tits in an appropriate manner we thought her
Tits, with her ankles tied to the opposite end legs of the kitchen table.
Up until then she thought she'd died and gone to heaven
despite the fact that we kept her tied up the entire time. It took a while for
her to realize that she really had gone to hell.The sexy "Sharon with Tits out"
wasnt going to be online tonite "teasin the boys" as she used to say.

Before tearing into her I asked Tits if she wanted to change her mind
about not letting me and Honey get together any more. " You will do as I say,
I'm your mother, and don't you forget that, you ungrateful boy!" Those were not
the words I wanted to hear. Mom was totally vulnerable, hanging from her bound
Tits, her legs spread apart and anchored to the heavy wooden table legs. I sighed and
sank my fist into her soft belly. Then I pivoted to smash my other fist into her
cunt. Her initial grunt turned into a choking gasp. I stepped back, then
moved in to deliver a combinination to her 36C tits, smashing those fun bags
flat. Her eyes got real big and it looked as if they were going to pop right out
of their sockets. I gave her a couple more to the belly and she brought up
yesterday's lunch and part of breakfast as well.

Honey and I let her think about things while we ate an early lunch. When
we returned mom promised that once this little scene was over she'd see Honey,
our friends and even me in jail. It sure sounded like she meant business. This
was all out of hand.

It was Honey who made the call. "Let's see what kind of threats she
makes after we get done with her this weekend. From here on out the only time
she opens her mouth is to suck cock or eat pussy." Mom spit at Honey and paid
the price almost immediately. My girlfriend raked her swollen tits from top to
bottom with her fingernails, leaving four trails of bl**d behind on each of

Tits let out a yell that hurt my ears and so I shut her up in mid-scream,
driving my fists into her gut and cunt until her face took on a bluish tint and
nothing came out of her except a high pitched wheezing sound as she tried to get
some air. "Looks like we have two days and nights to convince your mother that
she made a serious mistake in trying to keep us apart." Honey said as she
checked her bl**d-stained nails to make sure none were broken.

Mom offered little resistance when her mouth was stuffed with the by now
ripe smelling, Ladies panties and mens briefs we were wearing and
then taped shut. Honey checked out the gag by sinking her fingernails into the
pebbled flesh surrounding mom's hard nipples. Her screaming wasn't loud enough to
wake the gang sl**ping in the next room. We both nodded and smiled. "I saw some
willow bushes by the cabin. Let's cut some and soak them in water. They'll
really cut her up once they get nice and wet. For now you can use your belt
and..." Honey stopped talking and a big grin broke over her face. She pointed
toward the corner of the room and said, " Forget about the belt, look what's
over there, it's perfect."

She was right. Propped up in the corner was a fishing rod, the kind
designed for catching trout, long and extremely flexible. I could imagine what
kind of damage that could do to flesh and for the next few hours we used it to
make sure that no part of mom's naked body missed being cut by this vicious
weapon. We took turns slashing her skin to ribbons, whipping her until our arms
got tired and then resting up while the other took a turn at removing some skin.
While we worked on my stubborn mother, a half dozen or so willow switches were
soaking in a pail of water. Honey figured that the others would probably like to
have at my mom without waiting for their turn to use the rod.One of the guys suggested
we take some pictures of Tits in this condition for her fans to enjoy on her nightly updates.

Mom was out cold again, the third time in less than an hour. We were now
going over her for the second time, opening the original wounds and drawing more
bl**d, as we searched for fresh portions of skin to cut up. I had just started
to whip the crack of her ass, flicking the rod down and trying to bury its metal
tip between her swollen, bleeding cheeks. I'd managed to land two perfect hits
in a row when she shuddered and went limp once more. I was so angry at her
disturbing my fun that I picked out a spot on her ass and whipped it hard and
fast until my arm hurt. There was no doubt that for the rest of her life she
would have a deep scar to remember me by.

Honey slapped Tits across the face over and over, but was unable to bring
her out of it. She went to the refrigerator and returned with a long
narrow-necked bottle of beer which she jammed into mom's cunt. Mom hardly made a
sound. Honey gave it to her again, harder this time. Still there was no
reaction. So she grabbed the bottle by the neck and began to club mom's gorgeous tits
with it. I winced at the damage that heavy weapon was doing to her Breasts, but
she remained in a stupor. At this point I began to worry that we'd gone too far,
and stepped in to stop Honey from doing any further damage.

Sharon was still breathing and didn't seem to be in any obvious life threatening
trouble.I suggested that Honey and I take a fuck break so Tits could have some
time to recover. She grinned and said, " Great idea, we haven't done it since
last night. You know I need it a lot more often than that." So we did the nasty
on the couch, leaving mom's bleeding body still swinging on the rope that
held her suspended by her tortured, helpless Breasts.

We went at it for over an hour and by the time she made me say "uncle",
I'd dumped two big loads of boiling cum; one deep inside her hot,juicy snatch
and the other all over her hard nippled tits. Honey was such a cum slut that she
started licking my load off her perky tits, nearly getting me back into the mood
for another go at her. Instead we went back to check on "Tits", as Honey started
calling her.There was something arousing and respectful in my stacked girlfriend
calling my Mom, Tits

She was awake and struggling weakly to free herself from the tight
ropes biting into her Tits. Honey picked up the fishing rod and
gave her a few cuts across the belly and then concentrated on decorating Sharon's
cunt with some fresh welts and cuts. I decided to see what effect the willow
switches would have on my mom. I started on the backs of her thighs and worked
down to her beautiful calves to her ankles leaving a trail of narrow welts
on her once incredibly magnicent, and perfect, by Honeys own admission,Legs. By
then Honey was getting bored, there weren't too many places that were left to
chop up. She had a strange look on her face that I'd never seen before. She gave
me a thin-lipped smile and said, " I want to burn her." Things were getting very
very serious now. I wasn't sure that we should take the next step, so I pulled
the tape away and yanked the now washed in Moms saliva underwear gag from Mom's mouth.

" You miserable bastards are all going to prison for twenty years for
what you've done to me. There is no way you little pricks are going to get away
with this!" I got a little weak in the knees when I heard her harsh threats.
This was not what I had expected to hear from her. I glanced over at Honey and
shrugged as I said, " Guess you can start burning her now. I gave her a chance,
and she just blew it."

I nearly lifted mom about a foot when I kicked her in the cunt. All the
air went out of her and she retched some bad-smelling stuff up from her belly.
Gagging and taping her mouth shut was no problem this time. She'd stay gagged
until someone wanted their cock or pussy sucked. Honey lit up a cigarette and
puffed on it to create a glowing coal at its tip. I turned away and went outside
for some air.

After a long walk to think about things, I went back to the cabin. Honey
had pulled up a chair and was seated between mom's spread thighs. Tits was
grunting through her gag and squirming. I got closer to take a look at what was
going on. Damned if Honey hadn't got her hand all the way up mom's cunt. In fact
she had part of her arm inside as well. She looked up at me with a shit-eating
grin, pulled her arm out until only her clenched fist was stretching Sharon's cunt
and then rammed it home, bringing another loud grunt from her. It took a few
moments to realize that a ring of burnt skin was now circling mom's swollen lipped
cunt. I guess Honey had finally gotten tired of cooking up the cunt as she said,
and had decided to fist fuck her. It sure looked like a lot of fun and I was eager
to take a turn on the once great "Sharon with Tits out".

We must have fisted her for at least a couple of hours, and I'm sure we
put a permanent tilt in her baby making parts from all the times we touched
bottom. Toward the end we used her innards like a punching bag and drubbed her
until there was nothing left to puke up. She sure looked funny with puke
shooting out of her nostrils every few minutes. A couple of times I had to
remove the gag so she wouldn't ckoke in her own vomit.

Honey even tried to get her hand up Mom's asshole, but it was no go.
She insisted that before the weekend ended she'd be up to her elbow in mom's
shitter. Based on what I'd seen so far, there was no way I'd bet against her.
She planned to start stretching mom's asshole as soon as the rest of the gang
was available to assist her. To while away the time before every one else woke
up, we worked out on the couch again.

It was way past noon when our four friends finally stumbled out of bed
and started looking for food. The guys checked out the new marks on Tits and
grinned when they saw how raw and open her dripping cunt was. " You two must
have hammered that whore's hole for hours to get it into that kind of shape",
one of the guys commented as he squeezed Sharon's big tits and started to nibble
on her nipples. "Damned if she don't like that!" he exclaimed when he realized
how stiff mom's nips had gotten. " Man, we have just got to make sure that
she'll shut up about what's been happening up here. I sure hate to think I'll
never be fucking this cunt or that tight asshole again." The others laughed and
nodded in agreement. As soon as everyone finished chowing down, we went back to
work on the now frail and helpless Tits.

This time the girls took turns using the fishing rod on her,
concentrating on mom's big jugs, rounded ass and swollen pussy. After nearly an
hour of nonstop slashing and trashing mom looked like she was wearing a red two
piece bathing suit, the full cut kind; no bikini for this lady of leisure. She'd
been out cold for some time, but nobody seemed to notice since the gag did such
a great job of muffling her screams.

Honey lit up a cigarette, I sure wished she'd stop smoking, and tried to
wake Tits up for even more punishment. Honey grabbed her cigarette and burned both
her nipples two or three times but mom stayed out of it. The stench of seared nipple
meat was making us kind of sick. Honey frowned and got around to the other side of
our weekend guest. We moved so we could watch what she would do next. My
girlfriend pulled one of mom's ass cheeks to the side with one hand then jammed
the lit cigarette straight into mom's shredded asshole until Tits woke up screaming.
Even with the gag she was easy to hear.
Honey grinned evily and stepped away to watch Tits shiver and quiver as the pain ripped
through her asshole. Man, that was gross, and the smell was enough to make you
puke. Holding my nose I headed for the door and some fresh air. The others
quickly followed my lead.

We milled around outside the cabin, and were soon joined by Honey. As we
waited for the stink of burning shitter to go away we discussed what to do to mom
next. Beating her didn't seem to be the answer, although the guys did get
excited about using her for a punching bag, the heavy kind that are built to
take your best shot. I was worried that a few too many shots might just damage
or even kill mom, not a good thought. Then Honey came up with a neat idea.
"Let's stake the bitch out in the sun and let her work on her tan. The girls
didn't think much of that idea until Honey suggested that while Meat was slowly
being broiled by the hot sun, we could be doing other things to her naked body
as well.

After kicking around a few ideas for making my mom's life even more
miserable, we cut her down and watching in amazement as what should have been wrecked
Tits bounced back into descent shape. We retreived her from the cabin and staked her
out in the sun. One of the guys suggested that we put splinters under her finger nails
and set them on fire. He'd read about this somewhere and thought it would be a neat thing to do.
Naturally Honey went him one step further. "Why don't we yank her toenails out
one by one until she gets with the program?" Everyone thought that was pretty
ugly, so ugly it just might work.

One of the girls wanted to build a fire by Tits and brand her until she
gave up to us. That wasn't a bad idea since if we were careful the marks wouldn't show
unless she wore a bikini or was naked. If she was naked it would probably be
because she was putting out for us or some other friends of ours. Everyone
thought that it would be neat to brand her as our property once she decided to
be our slave.

The guys wanted to take a few turns fucking mom before she got too
burned from the sun. So while they fucked her to a frazzle, "ramming the meat to
Meat" was their running gag, the girls amused themselves by either having Tits
suck their pussies or they squatted over her face and let fly, almost drowning
her in their piss. The guys complained bitterly about the smell and getting
splattered while they were stretching her cunt, but no fights broke out. Of
course Honey always had to top everyone; she squatted and spread her ass cheeks,
and said. "O.K. you hard ass, get that tongue out and make sure you clean out
every bit of shit from my asshole." The guy fucking her grimaced when he
realized what Tits was going to have to do. We put three loads of cum into mom
before Honey was satisfied with the job that Tits had done.

By mid-afternoon mom had turned a bright shade of red, and her tongue
was hanging out from lack of water. There was a pool of stale cum drying out
almost as fast as it oozed from her raw twat. One of the guys who had just
finished nailing her for the third time today said, "Gee, I hope your mom is on
the pill because we sure pumped her full of cum last night and now again today."
I laughed at this comment. I'd been porking mom at least three times a day for
years with no problem. If she could handle that, she could handle anything these
guys could dump into her.

Everyone was so busy fucking and humiliating Tits that none of these
great ideas were tried out on her during the long afternoon. Midway through that
very hot afternoon we turned Tits over so her backside could get some rays as
well. Naturally the guys tried out her asshole again, now that it was available.
The girls continued to entertain themselves by making her service their cunts
with her tongue and mouth when they weren't coating her face and hair with
recycled beer.

We did however decide that tomorrow we were going to brand Sharon until
she either agreed to become our sex slave, or there wasn't any place left to put
a mark. I'd told her that just before we untied her and dragged her back into
the cabin for some more heavy duty fucking and torture just to pass the time
away. We made her swallow a handful of uppers to keep her awake while we rested
up for the last day of her little vacation in the woods.

Honey, as usual, had taken charge of the festivities. Mom's
lobster-colored body was bent over a barrel, arms and legs securely roped to the
splintery wood. Honey was lubing her blistered asshole, preparing to work her
fist deep into Mom's bowels as she had promised. Everyone else was standing
around waiting for the action to get started.

It only took Honey about ten minutes to get her hand up into mom's
asshole. She took her time closing it into a fist and once this was done, she
gave us a wicked look and began pushing her arm forward, sinking about an inch
into Mom's sore asshole. Tits grunted and began to sob. She was just beginning
to realize what was in store for her sorry ass.There cunt, now ur "Sharon with Ass out"
arent you whore? one one of the guys couldnt help proclaiming

Sharon's asshole proved to be a tough opponent for Honey, but she
persisted and inch by agonizing inch she moved her fist deeper into my mom's
tender shitter. Tits began to struggle frantically, but to no avail, Honey just
kept up the pressure and Mom's asshole began to cave in. Honey paused for a
minute or two, holding her ground against the pressure that Mom's colon was
offering. Then she took a deep breath and thrust her fist forward, parting the
tight tube of flesh that still resisted her invasion, but had begun to lose its
strength, overcome by the exhausting f***e that Honey steadily applied.

The once proud Sharon with Tits out burst into tears and her body was
wracked by the intensity of her destruction as her asshole gave it up to Honey's fist.
We all cheered when Honey's elbow approached the space between Meat's cheeks.
She had done it, just as she promised. Then Honey moved her other hand into mom's
cunt and let out a whoop.

"The bitch is soaking! This cunt loves it! She loves having my fist
deep inside her miserable ass. Say it bitch! Say it or I'll pull out and start
all over and this time I won't stop until you're bleeding like a stuck pig!"
Honey snorted and tried to rotate her fist within Sharon's asshole, bringing a
shrill cry from her.

"You'll probably cream all over my arm as I split you open. You are so
fake!" Honey screamed. We were just blown away by what Honey had discovered. Mom
was into pain and humiliation in a big way, but she had been unwilling or unable
to give up that information to us. Her threats had been bogus, just a trick to
make sure that she got the kind of treatment that she wanted. Deep down Mom was
afraid to give herself up to us, fearing what might finally happen to her if
she became the sex and pain slave of half a dozen oversexed teens.

Well, we were damned sure going to make her pay for putting us on in
such a big way. One thing was for sure,she was riding home in the trunk of the
car, in a closed bag filled with our piss and shit. If there was enough time
when we got her back to my place she was going to get another good going over. I
made a mental note to make sure that the fishing rod came back with us. Between
then and now Tits was going to start learning just what being the group's sex and
pain slave was all about.

I looked over at my girlfriend, Honey, happy that we would be together
for as long as we wanted to be, and said to the group, "Who wants to fist fuck
Sharon's asshole first? We've got all night and most of tomorrow to do anything we
want to this pig." Five hands went up in the air. I looked over at the new group
slave and the little smile on her face told me that like they say in fairy
tales, "We would live happily ever after".

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