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If you haven’t read the previous chapters I suggest you do, as this will explain how my journey into depravity started. If you want to read this chapter now and then go back if you like it, then a brief update goes something like this. My name is Rick and I’m a normal, constantly horny 15 year old male who lives with his hot Mom Tanya, and sweet 13 year old s****r Rebecca. Dad is not around since Mom caught him fucking a neighbor and gave him his marching orders.
Mom told me she wanted to become my cum-bucket, and was prepared to let me fuck her anyway and anytime I want. She gave me crash course in sex-ed, and we were soon enjoying a varied sex life which included anal sex and piss games. Everything was going great until my s****r Bec arrived home from school camp 3 days early, and caught me with my dick firmly wedged up Mom’s shit-hole! After a little embarrassment all round she decided to join us.
For those who have followed this story from the beginning, this chapter starts two weeks after chapter 4 concluded. Thank you for your comments and please keep them coming! Negative comments are ok (everyone is entitled to an opinion), positive comments are highly motivating and why I decided to continue!

Two fabulous weeks had passed since Mom, Bec and I decided fucking was our favorite hobby, and I was ecstatic that Saturday had finally rolled around. Now I had two days to enjoy my sluts in any way I chose, and this thought had my cock-head banging against my stomach.
To say things had changed would be the understatement of the century. We were continuing to experiment, but had learnt so much already. Fucking was now far more relaxed and sensual, and we were all learning more about each other’s likes and dislikes, not that there were many of the latter! Don’t get me wrong, we still went at it like rutting dogs when the mood took us, but we also enjoyed long, deep, slow fucking, sucking and piss sessions as well.
I was constantly amazed and delighted at the differences between my loving fuck-sluts, despite them being mother and daughter. Mom was everything a man could want, sexy, classy, and confident enough to give me complete control of her body. She was even allowing me to make decisions about general household stuff, so it was clear I was becoming the man of the house and she was encouraging this.
On the other hand, Bec was insatiable, totally wanton, and very competitive, in that whatever Mom could do, she wanted to match. When she wanted to join in Mom bought butt-plugs and strap-on dildos in small, medium and large sizes, to stretch her fuck-holes to accommodate my eight inch fuck-stick. Over the past two weeks Mom had stretched her so that she was now taking the large sizes easily, and yesterday I found her with a large banana jammed down her throat. When I asked what she was doing, she slid the fruit out, looked at me lustfully and said. “I’m getting used to taking something hot all the way down my throat!” She gave a graphic demonstration of how far she could take the fruit, so I decided she was ready to try the real thing. While I had fucked her face several times, I’d never attempted to push into her throat, so only half my fuck-stick had been enjoying her moist mouth. This time I slid in her mouth until I was pressed tightly against her throat, put my hands behind her head and rammed my fuck-tool in to the root. She took a few seconds to get used to my size and control her breathing through her nose, and then stroked my ass to indicate she was ready. I started off easy, but finished up giving her face a seriously hard fucking. She was drooling all around my shaft onto my heavy balls, lips and jaw stretched wide open, so I rewarded her with a couple of solid shots straight into her stomach and then painted her sweet face with cum to finish. She was so happy she could now take me, and we lay there kissing, fondling and swapping my fuck-juice as I told her how proud I was!

I had established some house rules and my sluts had complied with 100% enthusiasm.
When we were at home, normal underwear was forbidden. Only sexy clothing was permitted, or we went naked. The only panties I would accept had to be thong or crutch-less, so that I had immediate access to their fuck holes at all times. Bras were ok, but no more than quarter-cup so that my cunts’ nipples were always on display. If we had visitors we dressed in normal clothes, but as soon as they left the normal gear went back in the cupboards. Mom and Bec had put together great wardrobes of sexy gear that never failed to get me rock-hard, and both had new VIP Customer cards at the local lingerie store. Mom said the sales girls had some initial reservations about selling her slutty gear for Bec, but they got over if real fast when they realized how much Mom was spending. Clearly they are paid on commission!
My cunts had to be clean-shaven at all times, and my cock, balls and scrotum likewise. Mom had shaved me a while ago and the sensations were so good I could never go back. Besides, I didn’t enjoy a mouthful of pubes so I had to be fair!
My sluts had to ask my permission before taking a piss, as one of us usually wanted a drink or a nice piss-bath. We agreed that we were not interested in s**t or shit play, so this rule did not apply if we needed to shit, however shit-holes had to be spotless at all times so enemas were a part of our daily routine. I was in on this as well, as Mom had enjoyed having her tongue deep in my shitter more than once, and Bec was enjoying this more and more now. Along with this, my sluts had to have a butt-plug in their ass at all times, unless I had something else in there! Bec was wearing hers to school and Mom wore hers to work. I allowed them to take them out at night, but otherwise I wanted stretched shit-holes ready for access.
One thing I insisted on was language, and the hotter the better. There was no place for politically correct niceties like penises, vaginas, and breasts. We were into cocks, cunts, shit-holes and tits! When Bec had come out the shower I caught her asking Mom. “Could you please put some lube in me, and help me put my plug in?” This earned her a session with my riding crop and some good shots across her cunt and tits. I don’t know how effective this was as she pumped cum down her thighs about halfway through, but next time she asked a little differently. “Mom, please fill my shit-hole with fuck-lube and stretch me wide with my shitter plug!” Much more like it!
While this wasn’t a house rule, Mom and Bec had enrolled in yoga classes twice a week. “Your sluts have to stay supple and flexible!” Mom told me with a smile, and she also had found some tantric sex exercises on the net which gave awesome control over cunt and ass muscles. I could already feel the difference when fucking her holes, particularly her shit-hole where her muscle control could blow me whenever she wanted. It was also really hot watching my cunts doing their exercises in sexy lingerie!

I had a shower and shave and went into the kitchen where my sluts were preparing breakfast. As usual they looked so fucking hot they were smoking. Many of their outfits were identical and they seemed to enjoy dressing as twins some times. Today both had matching quarter cup bras, tiny crutch-less panties, stay-up stockings and cum-fuck-me high heels. He theme color for the day was a soft pink and this really complimented both my cunts, as we were all getting healthy tans from regular naked fuck-games outside.
“How are my sweet fuck-sluts this morning?” I asked them, giving both deep tongue kisses and gently fondling their smooth, slick flaps.
Mom gave my shaft a sexy squeeze and a couple of strokes. “I’m great thanks honey, can I have some of this today?”
Bec gently sucked one of my nipples into her little mouth and then said. “Is today a special day for me, please?”
“Actually Bec I have surprises for you both!” I smiled in reply. “Today is the day my cock is going to paint the insides of your tight little cunt, and if that goes ok I just might jam it up your shit-hole as well! And don’t worry Mom, I won’t neglect you either, not that you’d let me get away with that! Which plug are you wearing Bec?”
She bent over oh so slowly until she was almost touching her toes, and then reached back and spread her ass cheeks to me. “I’ve been wearing the big one for days now. The smaller ones pop out to easy now!” She hissed.
Mom came over and fondled Bec’s plug, giving it a twist. “I think we might have to try her on my big one soon lover!” She said to me. “I can’t wait for my surprise, I thought we’d tried just about everything, are you going to be really filthy with me?”
“You have no idea Mom!” And I smiled at the thought of using Mom’s plug on Bec, as hers was much bigger than Bec’s largest. My cock started oozing pre-cum at thought of that monster sliding in my little s****r’s shitter. “Ok cunts, let’s finish breakfast and go outside!”
It was a beautiful morning, ideal for some serious outdoor fucking. I told Mom to lie back on the table, I put the blindfold over her eyes, and placed a cushion under her hips to elevate her holes. I’d made another trip to the adult store and bought a speculum spreader, and greased it with lubricant before inserting it deep into Mom’s cunt. Bec came and knelt beside me, her eyes wide in amazement as I wound the speculum open to spread Mom’s fuck hole. “Oh baby!” Mom moaned. “You’re stretching my fuck hole so far! What the fuck are you doing to me?”
“Just go with it Mom, this is just the start!” She moaned again in anticipation, and I pulled Bec to me and we knelt in V of Mom’s legs, kissing deeply and probing each other’s mouths with our tongues.
I broke this kiss for a moment. “Mom, I want you to piss for me and spray us with your golden juice!”
She must have been expecting for this, as no sooner had the words left my mouth when her cunt twitched and a torrent of piss pumped out of slutty hole. Bec and I resumed kissing and were drenched in seconds, as the fuck tool had spread her so wide there was no restriction to golden flow. Bec was increasingly turned-on by our piss games, and was writhing around under Mom’s golden rain, trying to catch as much as she could on her tender, young body. As Mom’s flow came to end Bec and I both looked at Mom’s gaping cunt, and the last trickles of piss running down her over her ass.
“Oh fuck, I love our filthy piss games!” Bec hissed.
I wound the speculum back until I could slip it out of Mom’s dribbling fuck-hole and took off her blindfold. “That was amazing honey, unbelievably fucking hot! Thank you so much!” She hissed.
I smiled at sluts. “Swap places you filthy sluts!”
Bec was on the table in a flash, legs spread wide apart. I slid the fuck-tool into her waiting gash and wound it opened. “On fuck!” Mom said, watching in amazement. “So that’s why my cunt felt like it was being ripped in two!”
“Sure was Mom! Now just imagine how that would feel if I used it to rip your shit-hole open!”
She shuddered, clearly indulging in a brief little fantasy moment. “That would be so fucking filthy, let’s do it, please!”
Mom took Bec’s place with me, and again I instructed my slut to piss away. I savored my second drenching for the morning, and we both enjoyed rivers of piss running down our bodies. Bec’s piss had saturated her thighs and the table as well!
I helped her off the table and told Mom to get back up there. It was time to give my slutty little cunts their surprises! “Bec, grease Mom’s cunt!”
My willing sex toy complied, thoroughly lubing Mom’s flaps and her tunnel. “Now grease my fuck stick you filthy bitch!” Again she was thorough, ensuring my shaft and my balls were saturated with lube. “Ok Bec, I want to see how many fingers you get into Mom’s cunt, and do not stop unless I tell you to. Jam your hand in there and see how deep you can get in!”
I moved behind my slutty s****r and started thoroughly greasing her cunt, as it was time to see if she could finally take my cock. She moaned as she felt me rub my cock-head up and down her greasy flaps, and then gasped when I slipped my cock-head into her tight fuck tunnel. I was inside my sweet 13 year old s****r at last and her cunt was so fucking tight! Mom’s cunt wasn’t loose and her muscle control was amazing, but Bec’s fuck-hole was gripping my shaft like a clenched fist despite Mom’s efforts to loosen her up with the strap-ons. Bec had stopped fingering Mom’s cunt and had a glazed look on her face as she savored the feeling on my fuck-tunnel invader.
“Ohhh……..fucking…..God!! I don’t know whether I can take it!!!”
There was no way I was stopping now, but I understood her reservations. “You have the safe word so all you have to do is say it and I will stop. I understand it will take time for cunt to stretch, so I’m gonna go slow but you will take my fuck-rod! Did I tell you to stop fingering Mom’s cunt?”
“Noooo, I’m sorry!” Bec wailed. “I’m just so…..fucking stuffed…..I can’t think straight!”
I gave her ass a couple of medium strength slaps, which caused her cunt to spasm around my cock. “Ok cunt, you’re going to get fucked so get used to the idea. In the meantime I want you to try and get your whole hand in Mom’s tight little fuck hole!”
Mom growled from deep down in her throat. “Oh my fucking God you sick prick! So you want your s****r to fist your Mom’s cunt do you? You want my own daughter to treat me like a filthy, cock-sucking whore just like you do! Well go on Bec, fist your Mom’s fuck-hole! Ram your whole arm up my greasy cunt!!!”
I was really struggling, as my balls were determined to paint my s****r’s fuck-tunnel with cum juice right now, and I didn’t want to blow until I was balls deep! I was breathing deeply and sweating profusely, and my fuck-sluts were doing the same thing. Bec was sliding her fingers deep into Mom’s slick cunt, and I reached around and grabbed her wrist. Part of me was trying to take my mind of the sensations firing up from my cock, another part wanted to see if Bec’s whole hand could enter Mom’s greasy hole. I started ramming Bec’s hand in and out of Mom’s hole, gradually going deeper and deeper. Mom was pumping cum with every thrust, and I could see her attempting to relax her hole further. I was at the point where the knuckle at the base of Bec’s thumb was the only thing stopping her hand. I rotated Bec’s hand to ensure it was slick with lube and fuck juice and jammed it in, hard! Mom’s cunt was stretched and distorted, and she was biting her lip as she thrashed around on the table. Finally she took Bec’s whole hand, success! “Aaarrrgggghhhh!” She screamed. “You filthy, deviate, sick, cunt fuckers!!!!! You’re ripping my fucking fuck-hole apart you cunts!!!” Bec seemed unsure, and I sensed she was going to pull her fist out so I held her hand firmly where it was.
“Don’t you dare take it out cunt!” I hissed at Bec. “She has the safe word and she hasn’t used it, so keep it there!”
I eased another inch or two of cock in my s****r’s incredible fuck-hole and starting thrusting slowly, feeding her a little more fuck-stick with every thrust. Her cunt-juice was oozing past my shaft and she was drooling spit over her hand and Mom’s cunt without even realizing it. “Fuck Mom’s cunt with your fist, slut!” I instructed Bec. “You’ve got your whole fucking hand in Mom’s fuck-box so give her a good working over. I want see her spraying cum all over your arm!”
Bec started working her fist even further into Mom’s gaping fuck-box, now getting right up to wrist! I cannot tell you how fucking hot this looked. My cock, covered in slimy fuck-juice, battering my sweet s****r’s cunt for the very first time. Bec’s whole hand, similarly covered in cum and lube, stretching and probing Mom’s cunt for the first time. I knew I was going to blow and it would probably be my biggest load ever! I didn’t want to hurt Bec, but pure fuck-lust took over and I jammed my cock in hard until I was buried in her tight tunnel and my balls were banging against her fuck-flaps. I could see her eyes roll back. “Oooohhhhhh God Rick, you’re so fucking big! You’re going to split me open aren’t you!!!”
I just couldn’t hold out any longer, so I started furiously pumping her little fuck-box. “I’m gonna cum bitch! I’m gonna blow so hard my cum will be pumping out of your fucking, slut mouth!” No sooner had I screamed this when I started to blow, pumping load after load after load deep in Bec’s spasming fuck-tunnel. She was coming with me, screaming obscenities as her fuck-juice started pumping back at me. Mom’s was coming as well, with her cum spraying out past Bec’s tight little fist and all over her tits and her face!
My legs gave out and I collapsed on Bec’s back, with my softening fuck-rod still rooted deep in her cunt and our combined fuck-juice running everywhere. Bec couldn’t hold my weight and slumped so her sweet face was lying on her fist and Mom’s cunt. Slowly, she eased her hand out and Mom pumped one final cum burst over her before she groaned and lay back.
It took some time for us to come round, and we were all totally satisfied but exhausted. We slumped into chairs, drinking thirstily to replace some fluids, and Mom and I looked at Bec who had a dreamy half-smile on her juice-spattered face. “How was your first real fuck baby?” Mom asked with a smile.
“Oh Mom! That was fucking amazing!!! My cunt is still twitching! I don’t believe how good that felt!”
I looked at my sweet little s****r, slumped there with her legs wide open and our combined fuck juice dribbling out of her freshly fucked cunt. “So Bec, do you think you’ll want me to fuck you again some time?”
“Some time be fucked!!! I want you to fuck me again as soon as you’re hard, you cunt-fucking bastard!”
“And you Mom, how was your first fist-fuck?”
She smiled at me and rolled her head back. “Amazing baby, simply fucking amazing!!! I’m such a lucky girl to have a perverted fuck like you for my son! One night I want you to get me d***k and see if you can stretch my fuck-box enough to get your fist in there. You would probably rip me open, but I’d fucking love it!”
My cock was temporarily spent, which made me realize I hadn’t pissed yet and really needed to. “69 time cunts! Clean each other up for round two!” I told them.
My sluts lay on the ground and went to work, gently licking and sucking each others’ fuck-box, while I climbed up on the table. I was ready to burst, and released golden rain all over their bodies. They didn’t miss a beat and kept right on licking and sucking as my piss saturated their hair, faces and bodies. I thought I’d piss for hours, and soon they were lying in a pool of golden liquid as they pleasured each other, but finally my bladder was empty and I climbed down, kissing them both as they each shuddered through satisfying cums.
We rested for a while, as this fuck-session had been particularly intense, and I looked at Bec with a mixture of love and lust. “I taken one of your cherries s*s, but we still have one to go don’t we?”
“Oh yeah b*o! You’ve still got to slide your fuck-stick up my tight little shitter don’t you?”
Mom looked at us with an expression of mock disappointment. “Does this mean I miss out on anal action today k**s?” She asked.
Bec looked a little indignant. “Mom, how many times have you had Rick’s cock up your shit-hole? Remember what you were doing when I came home from camp?”
She laughed. “I remember well baby, and it felt soooo good!”
Bec wasn’t going to be denied, grabbing the lube bottle, jamming the top into her shitter and giving it a good squeeze. Lube started dribbling out as she said. “My shit hole is nice and greasy for you b*o, feed me some cock-meat, please!” She got on her hands and knees, my favorite ass-fucking position.
I shrugged at Mom and knelt behind my little s****r, my cock standing at attention. Mom grabbed the lube from Bec, gave my cock a thorough drenching, and pulled her daughters ass cheeks wide apart for me.
I nudged my cock-head against Bec’s tight rosebud, and pushed forward, stretching her open as my head slipped in. Man, she was tight! “You filthy fuck-slut!” I shouted. “You are a dirty little cunt aren’t you? You just want some filthy cock-meat in your holes don’t you?”
“Yes, yes, yes! I am sick little cunt that just want be fucked and fucked and fucked!!! I’m a slutty little cock-whore and I want you to take my other cherry and fill my shit-hole with cum!”
“And will you suck my cum and your shit off my cock when I’ve blown your ass apart?”
“Yes! I will suck your cock and drink your piss and do anything else you want!!! I’m your filthy fuck-slut so tell me what to do!”
I knew from our cunt-fuck that she now understood her hole would gradually stretch to accommodate my pulsing tool, and sure enough I could feel her sphincter relaxing to ease my entry. I started with short, gentle strokes, easing a little more cock into her filthy back hole with each thrust. Mom decided she wasn’t into spectator sports, and lay underneath Bec and started sucking and biting her daughter’s nipples. I could tell when Mom clamped down with her teeth as Bec would shudder and moan each time. “Fuck my shit-hole b*o!” She moaned. “Fuck your little s****r’s dirty little ass and pump me full of fuck-cream. Fuck the shit out of me and I promise I’ll suck you soooo clean!”
I was a little over halfway in and it was getting easier. She had enjoyed a couple of smaller cums, and my pre-cum plus the lube were doing the job, and she was stretching around me. It was still incredibly tight, but pleasantly slick and slippery at the same time. I had my hands on her ass-cheeks, and pushed them apart to allow full view of our filthy fucking games. Fucking Mom’s ass was awesome, but there was something so perverted about fucking my 13 year old s****r in the back that increased the intensity. I guess I was just a sick fuck!
I leaned down so my mouth was beside Bec’s ear, and jammed the last inch in. “Oh my fucking God!” She moaned. “I’m so fucking full, your cock feels like it’s a foot long! How much more to go?”
I pushed harder until my nuts were pressed hard against her drooling cunt flaps. “Does that answer your question? Am I too small for your tight little shitter?” I joked.
“On no! I am so fucking stretched I don’t think my shitter will ever close again!!! And I’m not sure I want it to, this is so fucking filthy and dirty and feels so good!”
Having stretched Bec enough I was now free to pump away, and fed her long strokes where I only left my cock-head inside, and them jammed in hard until she felt my nuts banging on her slick flaps. She was writhing beneath me, moaning. “Fuck my shit, fuck my shit, fuck my filthy shit!!!”
My balls were sending familiar signals and I increased the tempo, nearly shoving her across the ground and I thrust into her shit-hole. I couldn’t last, and starting spray-painting her shit-hole with my fuck juice. My cock was gushing cum, and her spasming shitter was clamping me like a velvet vice as she came with me. Cum cascaded from her cunt, drenching my thighs and running down my legs. I collapsed to the ground, my cock sliding easily out of ravaged shitter, and I was still pumping cum as I hit the ground.
Mom was now kneeling behind Bec, watching our filthy fuck-juices boiling out of her shit-hole and running down her flaps. Mom was furiously rubbing her own cunt and thrust her face into Bec’s greasy ass, licking and sucking up all the fuck juice she could. I could clearly see Mom’s tongue deep in Bec’s still open shitter, cleaning her out, until she gushed her own pool of cum down her thighs and collapsed beside me. She licked my last cum pumps off my chest and kissed me deeply. “I’m so happy baby! We may be one sick fucking f****y, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why oh why did I wait so long!”
As I replied I felt a pair of lips locking onto my shaft, and looked down to see Bec sucking my softening rod deep into her throat as her tongue went to work. I smiled at my cunts as I replied. “I can’t answer that Mom, so I guess we’ll just have to make for lost time!”
I didn’t think there was another chapter in this story, but I do thank everyone who asked me to keep going! So many of you insisted that Bec lose her cherries to Rick that I couldn’t leave it there, and I was surprised at the requests to throw in some fisting, so I hope that added some spice! Have I “milked” this for all it’s worth now or should I keep going? And if you want more, what filthy games do you want our f****y of fuckers to play next?
the end

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