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Cooking With Mom (Part V)

The anticipation of her gangbang was driving my mom Jennie into a frenzy. She was going to have me, Greg, his dad Bill, and our friends Pete and Ben this weekend. 5 cocks to pleasure her. We decided to have the guys over for a movie night Saturday and then turn it into a sex marathon for Mom. Of course, the only ones that weren't in on it were Pete and Ben but we figured they wouldn't mind the change in plans. Mom and I had a quick dinner and I cleaned up while Mom showered and got dressed for the night. Greg and his Dad showed up a little early with wine and beer and we all had a drink waiting for the other guys. When they arrived they looked a little surprised to see the drinks flowing and Mom dressed so sexily. "Hi Jennie, are you going out"? Pete asked assuming she and Bill were going out together and leaving us "k**s" to our movie. "No Pete, I just decided to have a relaxing night at home tonight" Mom answered. Mom had already had a couple glasses of wine and was in a hurry to get things started. As soon as all the guys were seated Mom got up and turned on some sexy dance music and stood in the center of the room in front of us and asked "Would you guys like a different kind of entertainment tonight"?. Greg and Bill spoke up together "Sure" while Pete and Ben sat silent and a little stunned. Mom started swaying back and forth to the music her hair swinging from shoulder to shoulder and hips gyrating in the tight jeans she had on. She turned around to give us a great view of her denim covered ass and long legs. What we didn't see was that with her back to us Mom had unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse. When she turned around Pete and Bens' eyes were bulging looking at Mom with her blouse open enough to expose her black lace bra covered tits in full view. Her tits were swaying along with the music now too. Mom had her eyes closed and raised her arms over her head pushing out her tits to us even more. I could see the bulges in Greg and Bills pants and just then Bill got up and started to grind against Mom to the music. Bill started to kiss her neck and ears and lips and soon moved to her tits. He started to lick the exposed skin and even suck her hardening nipples through the lacy material of her bra. Bill then unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and removed it completely. He moved behind her and while Mom faced the rest of us guys Bill undid her bra and revealed her beautiful breasts to all of us. Mom got to shake them once or twice before Bill reached around to start rubbing them from behind her. Then in unison Mom and Bill stopped and faced each other and simultaneously unbuttoned each others jeans. Bills' pants dropped easily once they got over his hard cock since he wasn't wearing unerwear. He got on his knees and helped pull down Moms tight jeans over her ass and off her feet. I was so glad Mom decided not to wear underwear either. I looked over at Pete and Ben and saw the hardons in their pants. The looked at me and Ben asked "Dude, is this cool"? I smiled and told them it was cool and to enjoy the show. By the time we looked back Bill was still on his knees but was now holding Mom by the ass and licking her pussy and clit. Mom had her head back, eyes closed and was still swaying with a slight moan coming from her. Greg couldn't take anymore so he got up and pulled his clothes off and got behind Mom and started to kiss her neck and back and massaged her tits. Mom was in ecstasy sandwiched between father and son and Pete, Ben and I were ready to burst. Mom was close to her first orgasm and grabbed Gregs' cock and started to jerk him while breathing heavy and cumming on Bills' tongue inside her. Ben had his cock out now and was jerking off. He had an impressively thick 7 inches. Bill disappeared to the back bedroom while Mom got on her knees and started to suck Gregs' hard cock. Now Pete had his cock in his hand and he was about as thick as me but only a little over 6 inches maybe. Greg wanted to fuck Mom so he got down on his back on the floor and pulled Mom on top of him. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her sopping slit. Mom had her back to us guys on the sofa and when she leaned forward to take Gregs cock all the way we got a great view of his cock sliding into Moms' pussy. Bill was already back and watching his son fuck my mom. Mom turned around and told Ben, who was closest to her, to bring his hard young cock over to her so she could taste it. Ben was up in a flash and standing in front of Mom feeding her his cock while she continued to ride up and down on Gregs' cock Bill got behind Mom and lubed her ass before placing the head at her little rosebud and pushing it in filling her with father and son cock again. They got in a good rythym again and started to fuck Mom hard while she shrieked over Bens' cock. Ben was so turned on he couldn't hold his cum anymore and let loose in Moms' mouth. She swallowed every drop and even licked his cock clean while still being double stuffed. "I'm gonna cum Dad, I'm gonna fill her pussy", Greg warned his father. "Go for it Greg, shoot it in her pussy, I'm about to fill her ass too". They were drilling their cocks all the way into Moms' holes and she was moaning she was about to cum when Greg and Bill both shoved their cocks home and came deep within Moms' ass and pussy. Mom screamed out "Yes...Yes...fuck me...fuck me...I'm cumming...Oh God..I'm cumming". Ben was sitting on the floor with his cock already getting hard again watching Greg and his dad pulling their wet softening cocks out of Mom. When Mom turned over we all could see the cum runnign down her thighs from her pussy and ass. She even wiped some up on her finger and licked it off. She looked up to see Pete still wanking his cock looking like he was about to burst. She called him over and asked how she could help with problem. "I wanna fuck you Jennie" was all Pete could utter. Mom laid on her back and Pete got over her. He quickly slid hos cock into Moms' wet slippery pussy and started to fuck her for all he was worth. They were both rocking with his thrusts and Mom knew he was ready to blow. "C'mon it..cum in me Pete...fill me up baby..let me feel it" Mom moaned. That was all he could take and Pete shouted he was cumming and shot his huge load in Moms' pussy while thrusting wildly. After almost a minute he was still fucking her and we could see his and Gregs' cum all over his cock as it slid in and out of Moms sloppy cunt. Mom told us to meet her in the bedroom while she freshened up so we all lost any remaining clothes on the way. Once we got there Ben asked me if I had ever fucked my mother. I told him I had many many times, that she loved sex and that I loved to make her happy. And that if he and Pete ever wanted any more they should keep it to themselves. Mom returned ready for another round and ready to direct the action. She looked around the room at all the hard cocks around her and decided she could take us all at once. She asked me to lay on the bed so she could ride my cock and asked Ben if he wanted to fuck her ass. Ben was very agreeable and got positioned behind Mom while I was busy rubbing my cock along her slit and massaging her clit. When I came upon her sweet hole I sunk it in until my balls rested against her beautiful bush. She told Ben to lube her ass and told Greg to sit in front of her so she could suck his cock too. While I was fucking her pussy with long strokes Ben was pushing the head of his cock into Moms' ass so I could feel it against mine inside her. Greg was jerking his cock and pointing it at Moms' mouth. When she looked up she smiled and started to lick the head of Gregs' cock and then took his whole length inside her mouth. All three of us got in a good rythm fucking all of Moms' holes while Pete and Bill were jerking their cocks and got on the bed on either side of Mom. They started to pinch her nipples and rub her tits. While Greg reached down and held Mom up so she could continue sucking his cock and could now reach her hands to both Pete and Bills' cocks and started to jerk them off. She was handling all five cocks now. She was in her glory. Mom was huffing and puffing and moaning and purring all the while she had cocks in her ass, pussy, mouth and both hands. Mom started to cum as her pussy clamped down on my cock. Ben could feel it too and he started to grunt and shoot his cum in Moms' ass. Greg was next coating her throat with his cream. She was in such a state from her orgasm and on her way to another one that some of Gregs cum ran out the side of her mouth. Feeling the throbbing of Bens' cock inside Moms' ass got me shooting my pent up load inside her pussy as well. Watching Mom licking the cum off Gregs' cock sent Pete and Bill over the edge and they started to jerk their cocks themselves and Bill shot his cum on Moms' face and neck while Pete shot all over her back. Mom was spent after all that as were we. Pete and Ben had big smiles on their faces and Mom told them that they should come over more often. We did all get together one other time but mostly it was Mom and me and either Bill or Greg or both. We had a great time for about a year when Mom got a new boyfriend and I moved into a place of my own. I'll never forget all that Mom taught me though and I'm sure my new girlfriend appreciates it too.

The End

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