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My best friend fucked my girlfriend

My girlfriend enjoyed a double penetration with my best friend and I
This is a true story.

I have always wanted my best friend to fuck my girlfriend. The thought of watching

them kissing, sucking and fucking makes me horny as hell. The idea of watching

her legs back and his cock plowing her wet pussy is awesome. Watching her cum

on his cock is for me, a match made in heaven. I have always had very attractive

women in my life. And I know that my friends have wanted a piece. Because they

know that I am very sexual and have loads of sex, they are envious and kind of

want to know how I do it. I have no secret formula, no extra charm, no exceptional

looks and sexiness, I just am me. And by just being me, I am attractive to many


Most women like the fact that I just want them to be themselves. There are no

pretences. I want them to loosen up and forget their boundaries and limitations. I

want them to live out their fantasies, and I want for them to have loads of fun whilst

doing it. When it comes to sex and intimacy, I want them to know they are safe

and protected. And that they are allowed to let go and love themselves. And in

turn be loved.

They get to know that I am a bigger whore than them in the bedroom, and it’s ok. I

want them to know that by being a slut or a whore does not degrade them in any

way. It’s not a judgement. It’s a statement saying, ‘just let go and enjoy’, no one

has the right to judge you in any way. Why is it ok for men to be called studs, in a

positive fashion when they shag a lot, but when women open their legs a lot, they

called sluts, whores, slags, etc, and that in turn is denigrating within itself? I allow

all my women to express themselves in any way they deem fit, and fuck society,

it’s rules and morals. Sex is something for all of us to explore and enjoy to it’s

fullest extent.

Back to my story…

My best friend at the time was a goodlooking sexy dude called Theo. Theo and I

played golf together, and often we talked sex whilst on our 4km walk chasing the

little white ball. He knew that my turn on was watching my lady with someone else.

I told him some of the experiences we had already had. He knew that I was at my

best having sex.

The one day we agreed that I would let him fuck my girlfriend Jen. We arranged to

go away for a week to a hotel about 4 hours drive from where we lived for a few

days. We would go in separate cars because he had business to do there as

well. Jen and I packed our things and drove off to the hotel. When we got there we

were so horny, we fucked like rabbits for a few hours. I have the ability to hold off

cumming for a long time, and Jen was multi orgasmic. We literally fucked for

hours. At that time in our country porn was banned, so we had the odd video to

watch and a few magazines to wank over, nothing like it is today. And in those

days there was no Dvd’s, cd’s or cellphones.

We had watched a movie with John Holmes one day who has a massive cock. It

turned us on to no end. Watching him sliding that huge fuck stick into a woman’s

mouth, pussy and ass, drove us crazy. When he did a double penetration, Jen did

not stop cumming. I knew she wanted to try it. And I wanted to see her impaled on

two cocks at the same time.
We had not done anal by that stage, so we started gently doing it. She loved it. So

much so, that we always ended our fuck sessions with my cock in her ass,

shooting my load deep inside her. First I stretched her ass with my tongue, then

my fingers and then my cock, so by the time, I eventually slid it in, she felt no pain,

even telling me to fuck her hard. One day we put my cock in her ass, and a huge

dildo in her cunt. She did not stop cumming, and in those days kept telling me to

stop because she felt the need to wee. I did not know that women ejaculated,

otherwise I would have told her to push on my cock and let go. We are many years

out of that relationship today, but are still friends. She told me that one day she

decided to have a DP, and squirted all over the place. I told her I wished I had

been there. Not that she would have allowed me. She was bitter that we eventually

divorced after 7 years together.

So, Theo arrived and we all went for dinner. After dinner we went to watch a porn

movie. In the movie, Jen wore no panties and a short mini skirt. Needless to say

my hands were in her wetness most of the time. I sat on one side, and Theo on

the other. I kept whispering to her to rub his cock but she was afraid. He did not try

to touch her. After the movie we went back to our room and invited Theo. He

seemed a bit afraid but I coaxed him in. We sat down on the bed and before Jen

sat down I pulled her towards me and started caressing the back of her legs. I

moved my hands higher to her taut petite ass. She tried to pull away and push my

hands away but I held on and continued. I knew that Theo who was sitting on the

other bed could see her ass, which I continued caressing in front of him. I could

see that he was getting hard.

I stood up and started to kiss Jen and then gently laid her on the bed. I lifted her

skirt and told Theo to look at her gorgeous pussy. I opened her legs and started to

lick her. She started cumming. I took her clit in my mouth to make her orgasms

more intense, she was pushing herself into my mouth and arching her back. Theo

just watched. I did this for about 15 minutes until she pushed my head away.

I looked over at Theo and beckoned him to take my place. He did. I watched him

lick her for a very long time. By this time I had shucked my clothes and watched,

hard and throbbing at my best friend with his head between her legs, making her

cum. I went around to her face and put my precum dripped cock into her mouth.

She sucked, every now and again opening her mouth and pulling away as Theo

brought her to another back arching orgasm. I played with her nipples while Theo

just sucked and sucked at her. I was so hard and so horny watching my friend

licking my woman.

Theo stopped and I pulled her to the edge of the bed. Theo stood at her head and

whilst she was upside down put his awesome thick cock into her mouth. I was

watching my babe deepthroat my best friend. I had to be inside of her fucking

where my friend had, just put his mouth and his tongue. I entered Jen easily, she

was so wet from the licking and the horniness of it all. I stroked all the way in and

all the way out watching her swallowing Theo’s cock. She gripped his legs to

control his strokes into her mouth.

I pulled her legs back because I wanted to feel all of myself inside of her. I also

wanted to get her ready for Theo’s cock which was at least 2 inches longer than

mine and about half an inch thicker.

We fucked like this for about 25 minutes and I knew that I had to cum, so I shot my

load deep into her pussy. She did not stop cumming while she had Theo’s cock in

her throat.
I pulled out of her and went to kiss her mouth where my friends cock had been. I

put my cock in her mouth so she could clean the extra cum dripping out of my

hole. She swallowed my cock whole and I started to get hard again.

By this time Theo had moved around the bed, and was positioning himself

between Jen’s legs. I watched as he guided his cock into Jen. She gasped as

she felt his hugeness stretch and poke her deeply. He was all the way in. he

fucked her like this for a bit and then turned her over onto her stomach. I watched

again as his thick pole stretched her open again as he started to fuck her hard.

She gripped the edge of the bed and the sheets in orgasmic rapture. She was

loving this. After a good half hour of watching them fuck in different positions, I told

him to lie on his back and told Jen to sit on his cock. She gasped again as he

went deep into her. I let him fuck her for awhile and then I asked to stop and kiss

him. Watching them kiss made me crazy horny and I wet my finger and slid it into

her ass. She pulled up and gasped out loud, because she knew that she was

going to be double fucked.

I pushed her gently down again, wet my cock and climbed between her legs. Theo

had to adjust his legs so that I could fit in between. I was rock hard and started to

push at the puckered hole of Jen’s ass. It gave slightly. I asked Theo not to move

for a minute, as I entered her. I did this slowly and gently. Eventually Jen started to

push on my cock inviting me into her dark alley. I was now deep inside her. She

was in ecstasy. She was moaning in pleasure, and then asked us to fuck her

hard. We started off slowly, just to see that she could handle the two cocks inside

of her at the same time.

Eventually we were pounding her ass and pussy at the same time. At times I

would pull out to look at her gape and then pushed myself back inside her. She

writhed in pleasure.
After a while I stopped and pulled out. And she said she needed to wee. So off

she went to wee, and I went to wash my cock.

Theo was quiet. His hard cock pointed at the ceiling throbbing. When Jen came

back her put her into the doggy position and fucked at her pussy hard. We had

agreed that his cock was too big for her ass, even though she had wanted to be

fucked in the ass by him.

Eventually she was lying on her stomach and Theo was pounding into her and told

us he was about to cum. For some reason, he pulled out and shot this massive

load of cum onto her back. I have never seen so much cum from one person. I

went a round to her face , and fucked her mouth till I shot my streams of cum down

her throat which she swallowed.

After we cleaned her up, Theo bent down and gave her this long passionate kiss. I

got hard again.

He thanked us and left shortly thereafter, and I started licking her pussy where

Theo had just fucked her. She was raw. It tasted awesome. I got on her and

started to fuck her again. I was so horny and so hard again, even I surprised me.

She kept telling me how awesome it was, and how she wanted to do it again. I

pulled my cock out her pussy and then slid in into her ass, where I fucked her till I


We lay in each others arms for a long while , me just stroking her, and us talking

about how awesome it was. She loved having two cocks in her. I loved it too.

We never did do it again, but she did blow him once in front of me. And

swallowed. It was an awesome evening. I loved seeing his awesome cock inside

of her. We lost contact after that, and then we emigrated overseas and then back

again 5 years later.

Perhaps I will coax my current girlfriend into having a DP. She likes the thought of

it, but I am not sure we can get to that place just yet

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