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Passionate Sex with a Beautiful Shemale

Passionate Sex with a Beautiful Shemale

a man and his shemale lover get down to business
Will led Sarah by the hand into his bedroom. He closed the door as they entered and pulled her towards him. He placed his hands around her, caressing her toned stomach as he slightly nibbled on her earlobe. He could feel her trembling in his arms. Sarah lightly ground her ass into his crotch, rubbing herself against his hardening cock.

“Mmm,” she moaned, feeling Will’s lips kiss the nape of her neck, causing her to break out in goosebumps.

She turned to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck, drawing him close. They kissed, tongues intertwining. Will could feel the hardening bulge contained within Sarah’s practically skin tight, black skirt pressing against his leg. He ran his hands down his lovers back and slipped his hands under the waist band of her skirt and squeezed her ass cheeks in his hands. She moaned into his mouth, and broke from their kiss. Will looked deep into those dark, hypnotically beautiful eyes as he tenderly ran a finger down the crack of her ass, tracing the line of the thong that rested there.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Perfect,” she said, stroking a hand through his hair.

She moved away from his embrace and walked backwards towards the bed, kicking her shoes off as she did. Will could still not comprehend how beautiful Sarah was. She was around 5ft 6 with beautiful long, thick wavy brown hair. She was of Latina descent so had a natural olive tan. She wore a pink shirt, which was done up with only one button, which held it closed over her large breasts. The shirt parted above the single button to show her cleavage. Below the button, the two halves of her shirt opened around her navel. A noticeable bulge propped up her skirt. She was the perfect image of desire.

She knelt on the bed facing Will. She slowly took the single button in her hand and unclasped it. The shirt opened exposing her voluptuous breasts, partially obscured by her long hair which cascaded down her body. Her breasts were perfect. Large, but not overly large, and pert. Will could see that her nipples were already hard. Two flawless, dark brown nubs which stood about a half inch from her breasts. She took them between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and lightly squeezed them. She put her head back and let out an audible sigh, driving Will wild with a desire to take those nipples in his mouth and suck on them. But he stayed where he was, enjoying the show this beautiful woman was putting on for him.

Sarah slid the shirt off her shoulders and sat back on the bed, leaning against the headboard. As she leant back, the hem of her skirt slipped up her long, smooth thighs. She reached into the drawer of the bedside cabinet and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. She flicked open the lid with a quick movement of her thumb, smiling seductively at Will. She tipped the bottle over her breasts and squeezed some of the thick liquid onto them. She then began to massage the oil into herself, doing so with big, exaggerated circles of her arms, pushing her breasts tightly together with each circle. She worked the liquid down her body, massaging it into her stomach, turning her shiny and slippery. She writhed and wriggled, loving the feel of her own body and enjoying the arousal that was evident in Will as he stood by the door. She slipped a hand under her skirt and began to lightly stroke herself, slowly thrusting her hips in time with her hand.

“Do you want to join me?” she asked. “My cock could really use some company over here.”

“So could mine,” he said, gesturing at the large bulge in his jeans as he walked (it took all of his self control not to run and pounce) towards the bed. “I’m gonna fuck you raw after that little show.”

“I know you are, baby.”

She took her hand from her skirt and sucked the oil off her fingers, enjoying the way Will smiled at her as she did. He got on the bed and crawled on top of her, taking his shirt off in the process. Sarah put two slender arms around his neck and smiled up at him.

“I love you,” she said.

“I know.”

He lowered his head and lovingly kissed her. It was deep and tender. His tongue lightly tracing her lips, occasionally finding its way inside her mouth. His hand slid up her oiled body towards her breast. His fingers very lightly caressed the sensitive skin around her nipple, sending mild shivers through her body. She raised her hips against him, grinding her aching crotch against his. He took her nipple in his fingers and squeezed on it, hard. She let out a small yelp, which was soon replaced by a moan of pleasure as her nipple hardened even more in his grip. Sarah liked a bit of pain during sex, and Will knew the perfect amount to drive her wild.

Sarah felt Wills hand move from her breast and snake down her body. He spent a few seconds tracing the outline of her navel while they kissed and then, painfully slowly, she felt his hand slipping beneath the elastic of her skirt. His hand brushed against the short, trimmed (nice and Brazilian) pubic hair that lay just beneath her panties. His fingers teased her there for a bit, exploring the area that was so close to where she so desperately needed to be touched, but never quite touching it. She enjoyed this gentle teasing, but eventually could stand it no longer.

“Can you stop fucking around and just grab it!” she said with a grin.

Will laughed, and delved his hand deeper into Sarah’s underwear and took hold of her hard member, giving it a gentle squeeze. Sarah lifted her head and kissed Will.

“Was that so hard?” she asked

“It’s pretty fuckin’ hard to be fair to it; feels to me like you need some relief to me.” He moved his hand over her cock, and took her shaven balls in his hand, lightly jiggling them up and down.

“Uh-huh,” she said, nodding her head with an almost c***d-like enthusiasm. “Like you wouldn’t believe, honey-c***d.”

“Let’s get down to some serious business then.”

Her beautiful face lit up in a musical giggle as Will sat up and playfully yanked her skirt down her long legs and threw it over his shoulder to land in a crumpled heap on the floor. Will looked down on her with wonder. Her beautiful face surrounded by a sexy spread of her long hair, covering the pillow she lay on. Her chest rising and falling with her heavy breathing, which caused her breasts to ripple slightly as they shone with a slick covering of oil. Her narrow waist gave way to a set of wide, curvaceous hips. And there, protruding from the side of her skimpy little black thong was a seven inch cock. Hard and pulsating with desire, throbbing slightly with her rapid heart rate, begging to be touched and teased and sucked and fucked. She took it in her hand and pushed up towards him.

“It’s all yours, baby,” she said.

He took the sides of her thong in his hands and yanked sharply on it, tearing it apart. A piece of material flew across the room. Will admired her tan lines now her thong was out of the way, which drew attention to her curves. He took her cock in his hand and slowly began to jerk it. Sarah lay her head back on the bed and closed her eyes as she felt him lick the length of her shaft. His tongue started at the base, almost between her balls, and lightly licked up her cock. He stopped to lick a few small circles at her sensitive fraenulum, before continuing up the head and finishing with a small taste of her urethra. He placed his lips around the head of her cock and Sarah let out an appreciative sigh and lifted her hips slightly, showing gentle encouragement.

“Suck it like you mean it,” she said.

With that, Will took all of Sarah’s cock down. It took her completely by surprise as she felt the head of her cock hit the back of her lovers’ throat, her whole body jerked at the sudden influx of pleasure.

“Fuck...your certainly keen this evening,” she breathed, propping herself up on her elbows to look at him.

Will made no verbal reply, but instead got down to some serious sucking. His head bobbed up and down with a speed that was dizzying. Sarah watched in amazement as her cock was taken all the way down time and time again. The pleasure was immense, her cock was tingling with an intensity that she wasn’t used to, and her breath began coming in short, sharp audible gasps. She cupped her heaving breasts in her hands as she arched her back and squeezed Wills head between her strong thighs. Sarah had had her cock sucked once or twice before, and despite the particular vigour that Will showed tonight, she was able to hold her load and enjoy the sensations that Will was giving her. It was a close thing at points though, and more than once she had to tell him to ease up to stop herself shooting down his throat.

Will sucked her cock for about ten bliss filled minutes, and then he took her out of his mouth with a slurp.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he commanded.

She did as she was told, and positioned herself on front of him or her hands and knees. She then lowered herself onto her forearms and rested her head on the bed. completely exposing her delicious ass to him. And it is a truly delicious ass, he thought, as his eyes absorbed the visually orgasmic site before him. The bubbly roundedness of her wide ass cheeks never failed to get him practically drooling with lust. He picked up the bottle of baby oil and squeezed a dollop onto each cheek, which he then massaged into her olive skin. He then drizzled some into her crack, which he watched drip down towards her tightly puckered rosebud ass-hole.

The cold sensation of the oil dripping over her hole caused a Sarah to take a sharp intake of breath. The coldness was soon replaced by the tender feeling of Wills first two fingers pressing on her sphincter, making gentle circular movements. He kissed her ass cheek lovingly and gently increased the pressure on her hole.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Always, my love,” she said.

“Then let me in.”

As he increased the pressure further, Sarah relaxed herself and his fingers were sucked inside her tight, warm ass. Sarah let out a long mmmmmmmm sound as she felt her lovers’ fingers enter her. He worked slowly, as always, gently pushing his fingers deeper. She felt his fingers go past the first knuckle as her ass clenched against this new intrusion. Her cock, which had softened during the initial penetration, began to harden again as the second knuckles entered her, rising with the steady up and down bop of her pulse. His free hand stroked its way up her thigh to settle between her legs and his fingers wrapped around the girth of her rapidly hardening cock. He didn’t jerk her off, but just held it in his hand. Sarah couldn’t be content with that, and began to slowly thrust her hips, rubbing her cock against her lovers’ palm. Will’s fingers had now reached the third knuckle and Sarah’s cock was hard enough to feel as if it was going to explode.

“How does that feel, baby?” Will asked.

“It feels just fine,” she said, still thrusting herself in his hand. “Don’t you go stopping there though, I want your fingers to fu-"

Her sentence was cut short as a long, primal moan was f***ed from her lips. Will had curled his fingers up and back to that sweet spot located in her ass. He felt her ass quiver around his fingers and her cock perform a momentary twitch and spasm in his hand.

“Dear God!” she shouted.

Will let out a laugh and added more pressure to her swelling prostate and gently massaged it. He took the base of her cock in his hand and squeezed along its length. Sarah saw a drop of pre-cum form on the tip, which began to drip towards the bed. His fingers prodded and poked inside her, sending her to new levels of sexual excitement. Her cock no longer tingled, but seemed to physically vibrate. Her balls had drawn in tight to her body.

“You look about ready to get fucked.” Will said. The pre-cum on her cock had now reached the bed, a string of clear liquid dangled from her cock into a wet patch on the sheets.

“Fuck me, Will. I want to feel you inside of me, I want you to shoot deep in my ass and I want to cum with your cock in me.”

Will eased his finger out of her pulsing ass and whipped his jeans off with the speed of a man whose about to get his dick wet. He lubed up his eight inch cock and placed the head on her exposed ass. She pried apart her ass cheeks with her hands, making the access easier. He pressed more firmly against her ass, and the head of his cock popped through her sphincter and entered her painfully tight ass. Her body tensed as her ass began to stretch around the girth of him, slipping into her inch my inch. It felt so good. A deep, warm pleasure filled her lower body and her cock continued to leak its sweet pre-cum onto the bed. She took some on the pre-cum in her hand and used it to lubricate the head of her cock. She then brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked on her juices.

He pushed all the way in, until his balls were almost touching hers. Sarah now raised herself off her forearms and onto her hands, in true doggy pose. Will’s hands rubbed along down her spine and caressed her ass.

“Go for it,” she said.

Will withdrew his cock until it was all but out of her, and then thrust it back home hard and fast. Right back to the hilt. As he did this, he gripped Sarah’s hips and pulled her back onto him. She let out a scream of pleasure. This was how he fucked her when he fucked her in doggy; hard, fast and without mercy. Sarah loved it. She thrust herself back onto him as hard as he thrust into her. Her tits jiggled and swayed as they hung towards the bed, swinging in time with their thrusting. Each time he entered her, Sarah would let out an a****listic grunt. Each time he pulled out of her, she would tighten her ass muscles around his cock, sending waves of pleasure through him. His hand reached around her body and found her cock, which he began to stroke rapidly. Her pre-cum began flying across the bed, leaving wet streaks around the puddle which had formed. This was usually how they began their love making, but it rarely ended this way. As they each felt their orgasm approach, they changed tactics.

“I’m getting close, Honey,” Sarah whimpered.

Will slowly took her cock out of her and she turned to face him. Her face a beautiful, sweaty, flushed image with hair sticking her forehead. Will sat down on the bed with his legs outstretched, cock rising from his body. Sarah crawled towards him and kissed him hard. As they kissed, she positioned herself so she was sat in his lap. He held her up as she positioned herself over his cock. She lowered herself slowly onto him, biting her hip as she took more and more of him. When she had taken all of him, she wrapped her legs around him and began to gently grind her ass in a circle. Her hard, pre-cum soaked cock rubbed against his stomach as he held her close and firm. They kissed with a passion that would rival any 16 year old couple. She gradually stopped rotating her hips and began to gently thrust herself up and down, causing her cock to rub up and down between her stomach and Wills. She broke from their kiss. He looked deep into her dark, seductive eyes as she rode him.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you too.”

She kissed him again, clawing greedily at his back as she began to ride him faster. His cock inside her was hitting against her prostate as she rode, and the gentle rubbing of her cock against his stomach as she rose up and down was sending her closer and closer to the edge.

“Ungh.....Ungh.....Ungh.” The noises she made were involuntary; she couldn’t stop them if she tried. She looked down at her cock, and saw Wills stomach had a shiny puddle on it where her pre-cum had rubbed off on it. She bit down on his shoulder hard enough to leave a mark that would stay for weeks, but he didn’t notice the pain and instead held her tighter. He knew she was close, and so was he. Her breasts pressed against his chest, the nipples hard little buttons on his skin.

She quickened her pace. Her cock rubbing against him faster and faster. She could feel her orgasm right there, right on the edge. She thrust herself harder against will, increasing the pressure on her cock.

“I’m...goin’ cum!” she panted in between gasps of air. She was looking deep onto his eyes as the pleasure in her began to build and build

“Let me feel you cum.”

He grabbed the back of her head and kissed her with all the passion he could muster. That kiss was the push she needed to send her over the edge. While his tongue was exploring her mouth, her ass began to clench harder and harder around him. She pulled away from the kiss, she had no choice, she needed to scream and scream.


He pulled her even tighter towards him as she began to lose control of her body. His head buried in her long wavy hair.


Her cock hardened as much as it could while she thrust and rubbed it against Will, his cock buried deep in her quivering, vibrating ass.


Her whole body tensed as her cock began to twitch and spasm. Will could feel her cum shooting onto his stomach as her ass clenched and relaxed around his cock. When Sarah came like this, she momentarily lost control of her body. Her whole body began to convulse as wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through her. If Will let her go, she would fall. But he held her tight as she wriggled and writhed in his lap, screaming his name as she lost herself within a world of deep, intimate pleasure.

As her orgasm subsided, and she began to regain some control herself, she began to ride Will hard. She could sense he was close, had most likely held back so she could enjoy her orgasm to the full. She intended to make him cum fast.

“You're gonna make me cum,” he said.

She rode him faster still. He began to pant and moan. As she rode, her cum was smeared between the two of them. She felt his cock harden deep within her.

“FUCK!” he shouted as cock erupted inside her. The feel of his twitching cock inside her was as satisfying as the intense orgasm she has had just had.

They held each other tight as they kissed, each still savouring the afterglow of sex.

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