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My ex wife and big black

My ex wife of four years now has a prescription pill addiction, and i have loaned her money for a good while now. She usually trade out for sex if she can't pay me back, which is cool. She is good looking blond, a bit curvy, big butt, wears glasses and a nice wet hairy pussy. Any way, she had gotten on my last nerve last month needing 200 dollars, and i wouldn't loan her that. An idea popped in my head, about Charles, a black guy that works for me. Id fantasized about Beth fucking black for a while, and i had seen his dick before at the urinal, and i knew he had a big dick. I told her one day, id loan her the money for a return in a favor. I explained it, and she agreed. Charles and i went to her apartment, sat and talked for a bit. She started rubbing on Charles, and he was rubbing her ass, and she told him no kissing. Any way, she said stand and pull it out. My dick was hard by now and he stood and unzipped and pulled that big fat dick out. She wrapped her hand around it, commenting on his size and staring jacking it. She opened her mouth and started sucking him, and i asked him how big it is, he said 10 inches. She sat down, pulled his pants off, she took off hers, and he bent her over the couch and was fucking her. He fucked her for about 15 minutes, and let her suck him off. He came on her glasses, and pulled mine out and jacked off.

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