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Close Friends

I still remember the first time I had ever had sex with Kevin. It was a Friday night and we were in his basement swapping stories and a few smokes as well. We had just finished watching a porno and usually at this point we would excuse ourselves and go whack off in the bathroom under the guise of having to take a leak or something. before we got to that point though we were talking and drinking a beer when for some reason I decided to admit to him that I had been having sex with another friend of ours and asked if he would be willing. He was obviously shocked and thought I was joking. It took a few minutes of joking around before he decided to see if I was serious. He decided to call my bluff by standing up and saying if you want to be my bitch come over here and suck my dick. As I walked over to him and he pulled down his pants and I finally saw what his cock looked like. granted he was only the second Guy i ever saw besides my own His dick looked like a baseball bat sticking out of him. I am not sure how big he was but I was actually nervous about even getting the head into my mouth.I knelt down in front of him and took hold of his hard hot cock and slowly jacked him a bit before I started to tease him with my tongue.I slowly licked and nibbled his balls and shaft and slowly massaged his cockhead with my tongue.After a few moments of torturing him I surprised myself by being able to take him about halfway into my mouth and slowly sucked him. As I was tasting his dickhead pushing through my lips I kept hearing him moan and groan. He must have been hornier and more excited than I thought because after a couple of short minutes I felt him swell in my mouth and he shouted out that he was coming.When I heard that I sucked him as deep as I could and jacked his cock as hard as I could until I felt his seed hit the back of my throat. I slowly stroked his dick until I had the last drop in my mouth and than swallowed his load. I was still horny as hell and asked if he was up to fucking me in the ass. He had me get undressed and bend over the coffee table and he went got some lube. When he came back he found me bent over slowly jacking off. He than took a bit of lube and massaged my asshole until it was a bit slippery. He than lubed up his finger and slowly stuck it in me and proceeded to finger fuck me. As I was bent over and yelping and groaning like a bitch in heat he slowly inserted a second finger in and took over jacking me. it felt so hot having his fingers probe inside of me as he pumped my cock. He than inserted a third finger in and was working me open. It did not take long before the pressure of his fingers in me and him jacking me before I came.Just as I finished coming he violently pulled his fingers out of me and just crammed his dick all the way in. It caught me by surprise and I grunted out loud in shock and pain. He just held himself still in me until I got used to his thickness. He than proceeded to give me an assfucking like I never had before. He had me begging him for more and telling him how fucking great he felt in my ass as he was fucking me as hard and fast as he could until he blasted a load deep into my bowels. After he was jacking his dick off with my ass he pulled out and left my asshole quivering sore and needing to be filled again. I finally gained enough strength to roll off of the table and onto the floor and jacked off again as he watched and told me how good of a slut I had been for him. he had fucked me once more that night and I was spent after that so we called it a night.

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