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My Wife And Our Friend's College Son

Honey are you coming? You know we need to be at the airport early!” I said.

“I am coming!” she shot back.

“What is in this suitcase? We are only going to be gone 10 days not a year!’ I said

to her as I pickup the suitcase and took it out to the car.

We were on our way to visit some good friends of ours. We had been friends with

them since the day we had gotten married over twenty years ago. They moved out

of the area shortly after our wedding as we try to visit them about every three

years or so.

It was about a three hour flight as they met us at the airport. They then dropped us

off at our hotel so we could drop off our things and freshen up. It was great to see

them again as we were all getting a little older. We all were right around that

magical age of 50.

We had a great time as we took in several events over the next few days. They

had set up a dinner party for all of us at a very nice plush restaurant. This place

had to cost an arm and leg as they were paying. We all had just sat down when

their son Jason came up. We hadn’t seen Jason in a long time as he in town from


We all sat their and reminisce about all the good times we had together over the

years. We had remember a bunch of stories about Jason when he was very little.

He was quite the trouble maker.

The time went by fast as we had talked for almost 3 hours. It was now getting late

and my wife and I were ready to call it a night. Jason quickly told his mom and dad

that he would drop us off at the hotel. He was heading that way anyway and it

didn’t make sense for them to drop us off.

It was about a twenty minute trip from the restaurant as my wife climbed into the

front seat while I sat in back. We asked Jason how things were going and he told

us college was good. He also told us how he had been dating the same girl now

for three years.

Jason then out of the blue apologized about an incident he had with my wife

several years earlier. Jason had always had a crush on my wife, but never

anything like this had happened before.

Jason was in high school when my wife and I had visited them last. My wife and I

had stayed with our friends the last time we had visited. I had went to breakfast

with both of our friends while my wife stayed behind to do her morning exercises.

Even on vacation she still had to do her workouts. My wife who was in her mid

forties then, had kept herself in very fit condition just like she does today.

My wife had just finished her morning workouts when she had jumped into the

shower. She didn’t know Jason had been asl**p in the other bedroom. When she

came out of the shower she began her normal routine. She had left the door to the

bathroom part way open as she dried off with the towel.

She then grabbed her lotions and began to rub them all over her gorgeous body.

She lotion all parts of her body including her beautiful tits and her nice round ass.

She had ran her hands all over her body for several minutes when she came out

into the bedroom naked to get her clothes. She hadn’t been paying much

attention at all as she strolled out into the bedroom. Then to her surprise their

stood Jason a few feet from her. Jason had a hard on as my wife screamed out,


Jason quickly left the bedroom as my wife tried to grab anything she could to

cover up with. Jason back then was a some what quiet small k**. My wife had no

idea how long Jason had stood their watching her. We never had told his parents

about what had happened because we didn’t know if it was an accidental or not.

My wife should had closed the bedroom door in the first place.

Jason now was a very good looking young man. He had fill out quite a bit and

grew since the last time we had saw him. He must had been doing a lot of

working out because his body was much more define than when he was a

teenager. He was much more confident person than the last time we had seen


Jason went on to say how beautiful he thought my wife was back then and how

beautiful she was right now. He said he had masturbated probably over a hundred

times in the past several years thinking about fucking my wife. The funny thing was

that my wife and I used Jason several times in our bedroom fantasies. It was

some of the best sex we ever had. My wife would get so turned on that her

orgasms where some of the most powerful ones she had ever experienced. She

would even cry out Jason’s name when we had sex.

Jason turned to me in the back and said, “I really love to be with your wife, even

for an hour.”

I was stunned as I said, ”It isn’t up to me. It is up to my wife.”

Jason reached over with his hand and laid it on my wife’s leg. He then asked her,

“What do you think?”

My wife paused for a second as things were happening extremely fast. My wife

who had a couple of drinks at the restaurant earlier then said to Jason, “You better

not say a word of this to your parents. This secret is between just the three of us

and it better not leak out. Do I make myself clear!”

“I won’t! I won’t say a word to anybody!” Jason replied back.

Jason now had the answer he had been wanting for the last several years. We

arrived at the hotel as Jason followed us up to our room. My wife went into the

bathroom to change as Jason undressed down to his briefs.

A few minutes later my wife came out of the bathroom totally naked just like she

did several years ago in front of Jason. This time was different as my wife’s eyes

were glued to Jason’s briefs. His cock had filled them out significantly. She went

right up to Jason and kissed him as she groped at his cock through his briefs with

both hands.

My wife was very turned on now as she lowered herself down in front of Jason and

began to pull his briefs down. His cock popped out right in front of her face. She

said, “Wow Jason! What a beautiful cock!”

My wife immediately took Jason’s cock into her mouth and began to suck on it.

She licked on his shaft as she teased him with her mouth. His body shook as my

wife’s head bobbed back and forth on his big cock. My wife sucked his cock very

hard as she couldn’t get enough of it.

She stood up and said to Jason, “I want you to fuck me now!”

She led Jason over to the bed and laid down on it. She pulled Jason on top of her

as he positioned himself in between her wide opened legs. My wife moaned out,

“Omg Jason!” as he pushed his big manhood into her wet pussy.

“Fuck me Jason!” my wife yelled out.

Jason grinded his big cock into her as my wife’s hands ran tightly up and down

Jason’s back. He fucked her hard as his tight ass move in and out very fast.

My wife cried out, “Oh’ God Jason! Your cock is so wonderful!”

A few minutes later my wife screamed out, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as she had a very

powerful orgasm on Jason’s big cock.

Jason continued to grind his cock into my wife hard as he now had red lines down

his back from my wife fingernails. He fucked her very hard as my wife moaned

out, “Jason you are going to make me cum again!”

My wife went into a violent orgasm as her body squirmed all about the bed. Jason

gave it all he had as he fucked her with whatever energy he had inside him.

Jason’s grunted out, “Oh man! I am going to cum!”

My wife cried out, “I want you to cum all over my body Jason! Please cum all over


Jason yanked his cock out of my wife’s pussy and moved up over her chest. As

Jason went to stroke on his cock my wife immediately grabbed it from him. She

began to stroke hard on Jason’s big cock as Jason’s body began to tremble. A

few seconds later Jason moaned out, “I am going to cum!”

Jason’s cock began to squirt out several streams of cum all over my wife. One hit

her in the forehead while others splashed up against her neck and tits. She

stroked on his cock until every last drop had spilled out of it.

It was about 30 minutes later as my wife was still very horny for Jason. She

sucked on Jason’s big cock until it had gotten hard again. She now climbed up on

top of him and lowered herself down onto his cock.

She cried out, “Oh my God it feels so good inside me!”

My wife began to move herself up and down on Jason’s cock. She fucked him like

a pro as she pushed herself to the edge of orgasm. She then sunk herself all the

way down on his big cock and began to move herself very quickly back and forth

on it.

She cried out, “Oh my God! I am cumming!”

She came very hard on his cock as she then stopped to take a breather. She then

climbed back off his cock and turned onto all fours. Her gorgeous ass was now

facing right at Jason. She cried out, “Jason I want you to fuck me from behind!”

Jason moved in behind my wife’s ass and slid his big cock into her wet pussy. He

rammed his cock hard into her as she moaned out, “Oh’ fuck!”

Jason gave her several hard thrusts with his big cock as my wife screamed out,

“Fuck me harder Jason! Please fuck me harder!’

Jason pounded his cock into her from behind as my wife braced herself with her

hands on the bed. My wife now began to move her ass hard up against Jason’s

cock. She wanted to cum so badly as Jason let her do all the work. A few

seconds later my wife’s pussy slipped off Jason’s cock.

My wife said, “Hurry Jason, put your cock back into me!”

Jason went to push his cock back into my wife’s pussy, when she suddenly cried

out, “Not their Jason! Lower!”

Jason was so out of it that he didn’t realize that his cock was now up against my

wife’s asshole. Jason held my wife’s hips tightly as he gave his cock one hard


My wife screamed out, “Oh my God,Jason! Oh’ godddd!”

Jason’s big cock had now penetrated my wife’s ass. My wife hadn’t had a cock in

her ass in a very long time as she would rarely ever let me fuck her in the ass.

Jason continued on as his cock was now a few inches inside my wife’s ass.

She cried out, “No Jason! Please not my ass!’

Jason began to push his cock even deeper into my wife’s ass. My wife had now

grabbed a pillow and was moaning into it. Her cries could be heard through out

the room.

My wife then crashed down onto the bed totally flat on her stomach. Jason’s cock

was still lodged inside her ass as Jason had fallen right on top of her. He

continued to grind his cock into her ass as he laid on top of her body. My wife now

was biting the pillow case with her teeth as Jason grinded his cock in and out of

her ass more freely.

A few minutes later Jason moved up onto his knees. He pushed each of his

knees outside my wife’s legs as he pushed her legs together. His cock was still

lodged inside her ass as he began to move his cock again in and out of her

tender ass.

He began to fuck her ass harder as he pushed his big cock deeper into her. She

screamed out into the pillow as her body shook and trembled.

Jason said, “Oh man I am going to cum! I am going to cum right inside your ass!”

A few seconds later as Jason rammed his cock into my wife’s ass he grunted out,

”Yessss!” He then began to cum inside my wife’s ass. My wife in the meantime

began to cum herself as she had a very powerful orgasm as Jason filled her ass

up with his cum.

As Jason pulled his big cock out of my wife’s ass his cum flowed out of it and

down onto the sheets.

Jason was worried my wife was going to be mad as he quickly got dressed and

high tail it out of the room. She certainly wasn’t mad at all as she had one of the

most intense fuck sessions of her life.

A few days later right before we left Jason came by to apologized and say his

good byes. He also wanted something else from my wife and I think we all know

what that was.

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