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The Bisexual Neighbours

She looked hot, I watched them often from my bedroom window which overlooked their pool. She had longe blonde hair, an amzing bikini body, great breasts, a tight arse & I could only imagine what her pussy looked like. Her boyfiend was a triathlete, he was tall & very toned, not overly muscular but had nice definition, his hair was dark & he was tanned, which was a nice contract 2 her fairer skin, he often walked around the pool in just speedos with what looked like a permanent erection & being around her almost naked, who could blame him. I could often hear their moans of passion at night when I was in bed when I would masterbate thinking it was me fucking her.

One sunday afternoon I passed him in the street & we chatted, he said he was heading home for a workout in his home gym, i said I could do with a workout myself, he then invited me over. I had nothing else to do & I thought worse case senario I may get a better look at his hot young girl friend.

He worked out in just a white singlet & his speedos, I had on a t shirt & lycra gym shorts. We did some free weights & sit ups. As i was bench pressing he spotted me & I must say I felt a little uncomfortable with his speedos barely coving his cock just inches from my face.

He told me he was off to have a shower & to continue with my workout. I did a few more reps when my eyes popped wide open as my goddess walked into the gym in a smoking hot & very tiny white bikini, the top barely covered her nipples, her ample breasts handing out the sides & her bottoms were so tight they gave a clear definaition of her camel toed pussy. Hi, she said mind if I join you in a work out. Sure, i said & nearly creamed my pants as she bent, stecthed & flexed every muscle in her flexible young body. She asked me to spot her as she did a few bench presses, It was hard to hide my erection in my lycra gym pants & she giggled as she did her first set, she put the weight back on the bar & grabbed another bar with her small hands. Mine.

I was taken aback but so horny & before I knew it I was lying on top of her on the workout bench with my face in her warm delicate pussy, her white bikini bottoms pulled to one side & her mouth working on my throbbing erect cock.

We swapped positions, i lay back on the bench & she lowered her pussy on to my face, she smelt so sweet & her juices were flowing freely into my mouth, her pussy lips were full, round, soft & supple, her clit hard & erect, she returned to the 69 position with her on top & engulfed my cock down to the balls, her pretty young mouth knew what it was doing down there. Then I looked up to see he had returned, his cock was out of the confines of his speedos & yes It was very very large, he came up behind her & said "Are we having fun, mind if I join you" we both had our mouths full & soon my eyes were full of the view of his handsome erect cock entering her arse, his balls hanging just below my face as I licked her pussy. I could not believe this was happenning, i also could not beleive I had a cock so close to my face, this changed when he slipped his cock out of her arse & pumped it deep into her pussy, pushing past my lips, my tounge now no longer on her pussy but on the shaft of his cock. I was way to horny now to care, i licked his shaft & balls as they punded into her & sucked on her clit, she was orgasming constantly & soon so did he, pulling his cock out of her leaving a warm stream of thick white cum running out of her pussy into my open mouth & wlliing tounge. I licked her cum filled pussy clean, savouring the new tatse of man cum & puicy juice mixed together. My own orgasm was soon to come when they both went down on me, my cock was buried deep in his mouth as she sucked on my balls, i filled his mouth with a huge explosion of cum, which he swalloed & shared some with her, some dripping down on to her spectacular tits.

I still had not fucked her sensational pussy. That was not to happen today, i just hoped it would happen soon & I was also keen to experiment more with my trialetes cock as well.

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