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Great ending to a cookout

My wife and i had a friend of mine over for a cookout one hot summer day. We had a great meal and restired inside that evening to watch some DVD's. He and I wore shorts and a t-shirt while my wife wore a yellow t and flowered flowing skirt. We all sat and watched a regular DVD and drank quite alot of mixed drinks until my wife was really bombed, giggling and having a great time.
I asked what did they want to watch next and my wife said "well something exciting" She got more drinks and I put a 3-some x-rated DVD in. When she returned and slipped down between he and I she saw what was on and said "Wow now that isn't what I was thinking about but it'll do" As the DVD played and the action on screen got heavier she was sort of breathing harder and squiming in her seat. I saw her hands go to her lap and sort of massage the mound as she watched two guys kissing and touching the woman on screen.
My friend looked at me and smiled, I asked her if she wanted to kiss us both and she turned to me mouth agap and kissed me, her tongue swirling inside my mouth as we sucked the others tongues. We stopped and I turned her head to my friend and they kissed, I could see the sucking motion of her mouth as she sucked his tongue. They kissed for a few minutes and parted just when the DVD showed the men undressing the woman. I asked if she " wanted to have the same thrills" She nodded.
I moved my hand beneath her skirt and upwards to fidn a really wet pussy waiting. I slid my finger inside the thigh band of her panties and slid my finger deep inside her pussy and began to fingerfuck her. She in turn moved to the motion and turned to kiss my friend. She was esstatic at this point so I stopped and I stood and told my friend to stand before her. He and I both began undressing and she was eyeballing one cock and then the other. Once undressed she touched us both and massaged our cocks.
I stood her up and he and I undressed her, her pussy was flowing the juices and she was wanting whatever that was going to happen next. I told him to go behind the sofa and her to get on her knees facing the rear of the sofa... His cock was right in front of her face and she eagerly swallo the length and began to mouth fuck his erection. Smiling I traced my finger along her pussy and asshole. She was backing to my finger so I slid it inside her asshole and began to finger fuck her puckered ass. She was loving it so much I needed to replace my finger with 7" of thick cock. I placed myself behind her and slid that cock inside her making her squeal with his cock in her mouth.
He was fucking her mouth and me her ass...He moaned loudly and squirted his load deep inside her mouth. I could hear her swallowing as fast as she could.I lost it and dropped a huge load of cum deep in her ass as she came also.
We settled back as the DVD was still playing, we got refreshed drinks, remained naked and laughing at the great evening. She suggested she give us both blow jobs and proceeded to suck us both to erection and ejaculation. Then she got fucked by us both before the evening was over. My friend looked at her before he left and said "I bet you'd love to fuck 5 guys at once"...she smiled and said "maybe later"

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