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The horny adeventures of sexy milf

The horny adeventures of sexy milf,

Jackie Anderson sighed as she stood looking in the full length mirror after

stepping out of the shower. It had been about a year since the divorce and her

k**s were away for the summer with their father. Since she didn’t have them to

help around the house, she had decided to hire two college students for the

summer. They should be arriving any time to stay and help her keep the house

and yard in order.

She looked at her reflection and smiled. At 35 years old, her breasts were still

perky and firm, with pretty pink nipples and her waist was still slim, belly still flat.

Long legs, tanned body and long, waist length honey blonde hair. Her cerulean

blue eyes twinkled as she slipped on a thong and bra and then over that, a pretty

sundress and sandals. She gazed up at the clock and realized it was 4PM.

Seeing that her help would be arriving soon, she brushed her hair and then

hurried down the stairs.

At 4:30 promptly, the doorbell rang and she opened the door and there stood the

cutest little 18 year old girl she’d ever seen. Mandy wasn’t but about 5 foot 4 and

was really tiny and petite. Her shoulder length blond hair was up in a ponytail and

her hazel eyes twinkled along with her perky smile. Jackie smiled widely. She’d

experimented long ago in college with a girl and couldnt help discreetly looking at

the cute girl’s perky little tits. Not far behind her, another little car pulled up and out

stepped Tommy, the guy she had hired for the summer. It was all she could do not

to lick her lips right there. Talk about a hot, young stud, he was it. 19 years old,

longish dark hair, dark eyed, broad shouldered and nicely muscled. She grinned

and ushered them both into the house.

“Well hello, its nice to have you here, finally!” She smiled. “Can I get the two of you

something to drink? Then I’ll show you to your rooms.”

“Sure, thanks Ms. Anderson,” they both answered with slightly nervous smiles.

“Oh please call me Jackie, everyone does!” She smiled and hurried off to the


She had to stop and catch her breath when she got into the kitchen. Already she

felt a wetness between her thighs. What she wouldn’t give to have that Tommy

between her thighs giving her the good fucking that she was craving right about

now. But at the same time, she wouldn’t mind getting between Mandy’s cute little

thighs either and licking her til she screamed. She moaned low at the thoughts in

her brain and then snapped back to reality and hurriedly grabbed three sodas out

of the fridge and hurried back into the living room.

Later that night, after settling them into their rooms, Jackie was in her own room

preparing for bed, when the thoughts she’d had earlier hit her mind again. She

moaned softly as she began to massage her breasts and pinch her pretty pink

nipples to hardness. She stripped off her night gown and laid back on the bed

and spread her legs. Sliding a hand down to her shaved pussy, she found herself

to be soaked. She began to lightly rub her fingers up and down her wet slit,

soaking them with her juices and then started to rub her clit, her hips bucking up

and a louder moan escaping. She bit her lip to keep quiet and slowly slid a finger

inside to massage and pump, as her hips began to grind...

Mandy was coming back up the hallway from the kitchen when she saw Ms.

Anderson’s door cracked a little and the light on. She started to knock and ask

her where she should start with her work tomorrow, when she distinctly heard a

moan come from the room. She knew she shouldn’t look, but she couldn’t help it.

Mandy had always been curious about what it would be like to be with another girl,

but she was totally unprepared for what her eyes feasted on when she looked

through the crack. Ms. Anderson was on her back, legs spread wide, head back,

eyes closed, and her fingers were furiously frigging her pussy!

The young girl gasped quietly, but was transfixed. She bit her lip. The more she

watched the woman writhe and moan, the more she felt herself getting aroused.

Her hand stole into her pretty little pink boyshorts and she began rubbing her clit,

sighing in pleasure. She kept her eyes on the scene before her, moaning quietly

as her fingers worked her own pussy and when Ms. Anderson let out a gutteral

moan and climaxed, she gasped and bit her lip to keep from crying out when she

too, came hard. Sighing and catching her breath, she smiled to herself and

headed on to her room.

It had been several days since Tommy and Mandy had come to work there and

everything was going just fine. However, underlying everything else, was Jackie’s

extreme horniness for the two teenagers. Every night, she masturbated before

going to sl**p, and every night Mandy had watched and little did she know,

Tommy had watched too. Maybe she wanted them to see her, and that was why

she always closed the door but for a small crack and left the night light on while

she writhed and moaned and frigged her cunt to orgasm. She caught them

watching her during the day when they thought she wasn’t paying attention and

Mandy especially had the cutest little blush. The lustful tension was building

around the house very quickly.

That night, as usual, Jackie was so very horny from watching Mandy parade

around all day in a bikini top and shorts and watching Tommy outside in jeans and

no shirt, his chest and abs glistening with sweat. She wanted to fuck both of them,

but she knew she must wait for the right time. She lay back on her bed, thinking of

them and rubbing her clit fiercly when she heard a sound that sounded like a

shuffling of feet and saw her door open a little further.

“Who’s there?” she called, silently cursing inside becuase she’d been right on the


Mandy gasped quietly. Of all the times to trip and bang the door with her elbow it

had to be now. She knew she better say something before Ms. Anderson came to

the door and saw her standing there like a gawking idiot. She opened the door


“It's me, Ms. Anderson. I tripped coming back from the kitchen and banged my

elbow on your door. I’m sorry,” the girl said quietly, as she blushed.

Jackie could see the blatant lust in the young girl’s eyes, though she had looked

down to try and hide it. Looked like an opportunity had presented itself.

“Come in here, Mandy,” Jackie said in a low, quiet voice.

“Yes, Ms. Anderson,” Mandy answered quietly and moved to stand by the bed.

“Have a seat,” Jackie said, motioning towards the bed as she took in the girl’s

lovely young figure clad in a tiny camisole and lacy boyshorts. Mandy sat down,

suddenly looking nervous.

‘You don’t have to be nervous, dear. But I wanted to ask you if you liked what you

saw. I know you saw me masturbating.” Jackie smiled.

“Yes...yes I did..I’ve been watching you since I came to work here,” She answered

in a low, soft voice.

Jackie’s eyebrows went up in surprise and she smiled even wider. “Is that so?

Have you ever though about being with another girl, Mandy?” she asked as she

leaned forward, putting her hand on the young girl’s thigh. Mandy could only nod

and look down.

Jackie moaned inside. She couldnt believe this sweet young thing had been

lusting after her from day one. She grinned and whispered in the girl’s ear, ”

Undress for me, Mandy.” And then kissed her neck lightly.

As if she was under some spell, the girl stood up and slowly stripped off her

camisole and boyshorts to reveal a lovely young body. Her breasts were perky,

the nipples a dusty rose and they were already hard with evidence of Mandy’s

arousal. Her pussy was shaved and that made Jackie lick her lips. She hadn’t

licked a pussy in years and she wanted to taste that ripe, young pussy really bad.

“Come here, Mandy,” she said, motioning to the bed and never taking her eyes off

of the girl's sweet body.

Mandy moved back onto the bed and Jackie leaned over and kissed her lips

lightly, flicking her tongue against the girl’s closed lips until she parted them,

allowing Jackie to give her a taste of her tongue. As she kissed her, she began to

slowly massage Mandy’s perky little tits and roll her nipple in her fingers. The girl

moaned softly into her mouth and Jackie grinned against her lips.

“I’m gonna suck those pretty little nipples,” Jackie said quietly as she moved

further down and lightly flicked her tongue over a taut nipple. Mandy moaned and

arched her back, seemingly pushing her breasts further against the other

woman’s face. That excited Jackie even more and she began to suck the girl’s

nipples thoroughly as her hands massaged her breasts.

“Ohhh Ms. Anderson that feels so good!” Mandy moaned, hands flying into the

other woman’s long, blonde hair. She felt herself getting wetter, and her pussy

starting to throb and clench with want.

Jackie sensually devoured the young girl’s nipples and then kissed and licked her

way down her flat little belly as she gently pushed her onto her back. Mandy

gasped and moaned when she felt the woman’s lips on her hips and her

thighs.She could feel her hot breath ghosting over her now very wet pussy and bit

her lip, whimpering.

Jackie grinned when she came face to face with Mandy’s sweet young cunt and

licked her lips and looked up at the girl from where she was between her thighs..

“What a pretty little pussy, mmmm,” Jackie crooned softly as she ran a finger

lightly down the girl’s soaked slit. "Know what I’m gonna do now, Mandy? I’m

gonna lick this pretty little pussy for you. Do you want me to?”

Mandy couldn’t even speak, all she could do was softly moan in anticipation and

nod. Jackie leaned down and gave her pussy a slow, long, luxurious lick, moaning

at how good she tasted and how wet she was.

“Mmmmm..oh you taste wonderful, Mandy, so juicy and wet. I could eat you all day

and all night.” Jackie moaned.

Jackie nuzzled the slick wet lips apart with her nose and slipped her tongue

between them, making the girl moan loudly and buck her hips. Jackie grinned and

held her hips in place and began a hot assault on her soaked snatch with her

tongue and lips. She tongue fucked the girl until Mandy thought she would go mad

with lust. All she could do was move her hips as best she could and moan and

writhe as the sexy milf ate her pussy like a pro.

She could tell that Mandy was nearing her orgasm and wrapped her lips around

her erect little clit, sucking and tonging it as she slid two fingers into her and

pumped them steadily. Mandy nearly screamed and bucked and writhed, yelling

obscenities as she got the best pussy licking she had yet to experience in her

young life..

“Oh god, fuck me, Ms. Anderson...oh I’m going to cum!” She moaned as Jackie

sucked her clit hard and fingered her deeply.

Jackie did not let up on her. She kept up the pressure both on her clit and inside

her with her fingers until the girl yelped and her body shuddered hard with an

intense orgasm. Jackie smiled and lapped up the girl’s sweet juices and then

pulled out her fingers and offered them to Mandy’s lips. As over come with lust

and pleasure as the girl was, she eagerly sucked them clean and then accepted

Jackie’s mouth on hers,.tasting herself even more as they kissed.

After the girl had time to recover, Jackie kissed her again and whispered softly,

”Now I am going to teach you how to please me, sweetie..”

Mandy could only moan and move to her knees as Jackie laid back and looked

down at her. She tentatively reached out to stroke and massage the woman’s tits

and roll her nipples as she’d felt Jackie do to her and the other woman moaned


“Oh thats so suck them Mandy. I want to feel that pretty little mouth on

my nipples.”

Mandy tentatively licked at a nipple and then sucked it into her warm, wet little

mouth, making Jackie clutch the girl’s hair in her hand and hold her mouth to her

breast. She bit her lip and moaned as the girl went from nipple to nipple, sucking

them thoroughly.

“Oh baby, you are a natural,” Jackie breathed. ”Now kiss me like I kissed you..all

the way down to my burning pussy. Its aching for your hot little mouth to devour it!”

Mandy moaned softly, and began kissing and licking her way down Jackie’s taut

belly, her hips and her thighs and then gasped when she felt the woman’s fingers

exploring her soaked again cunt. When she reached the woman’s pussy, she took

a few tentative licks, almost grinning when she felt Jackie buck her hips.

“Oh yeah, that’s a good girl, eat that pussy! Lick it hard, honey!” Jackie moaned,

holding the girls face to her pussy and beginning to grind her hips.

Mandy took that as a clue that she was doing something right and nosed into the

sopping wet folds, flipping her tongue up and down, licking every inch of it she

could. Jackie was writhing and moaning, her hips grinding and then she let out a

high pitched squeal when the girl found her clit and began to suck it.

“Ohhh yeah thats it...thats it, Mandy...yeaaah suck my clit...finger me..fuck me with

those fingers!” Jackie yelled out as she felt herself nearing the edge, her own

fingers buried deep within the young girl’s snatch, her thumb strumming over her


Mandy bucked her hips and moaned into Jackie’s pussy as she sucked her clit

for all she was worth and finger fucked her furiously. Jackie fingered the girl

harder, bucking and moaning as Mandy sucked her clit and fingered her so good

it drove her nearly mad.

“Oh baby..I’m gonna’re gonna make me cum, Mandy! Cum with me!”

Jackie yelled out, fingering the girl hard and grinding hard on the girl’s face as she

exploded, squirting her girlcum all over Mandy’s pretty face. At the same time,

Mandy came as well with a throaty moan into the other woman’s pussy as her own

drenched Jackie’s hand with her juices.

Mandy finally collapsed beside Jackie, moaning softly as she licked her lips.

Jackie licked her own fingers clean of Mandy’s succulent pussy juice and then

leaned over to kiss the exhausted girl. Mandy half way kissed back, and not

wanting to move, fell asl**p righ there as did Jackie.

Part 2

It had been two days since Jackie had so successfully seduced Mandy and she

had to giggle every time she saw the girl’s cute blush whenever she caught her

eye. But lately, as much as she had adored Mandy’s pussy and the cute girl’s hot

little mouth, her pussy was aching for a cock.

She’d decided on a halter top and short shorts today since it was so very hot out,

and was outside, sipping lemonade in between sorting out coupons for the

grocery store later when she heard the lawn mower start up. She looked up and

then slowly licked her lips and then pursed them as she watched Tommy climb

onto the mower and get ready to mow the grass. He’d already taken his shirt off in

the hot sun, much to her delight. Her eyes raked over his finely muscled arms, his

chest and those six pack abs that she wouldn’t think twice about running her

tongue all over at the slightest provocation.

His dark hair hung messily to his shoulders and was held back from his face with

a blue bandanna. The blue jean cutoffs he wore were very filled out, from the front

especially, which made Jackie want to moan out loud as she watched him. ‘My

god, that sexy boy just has no idea what he is doing to me. I shouldn’t be lusting

after such young, hot bodies..’ She thought to herself, thinking of both Tommy and

Mandy. Just then Tommy looked up and grinned sweetly as he took off on the

mower, much to her dismay.

It was later that evening that she had sent Mandy to the grocery store and Jackie

was up on a chair in the kitchen, reaching for a pot that was high up. About that

time, Tommy walked in from being outside and looked up to see her standing on

tip toes on the chair to reach the pot..

“Careful, Ms. need help?” he asked, going over to hold the chair.

Jackie hid a smirk. ”Yeah, just hold the chair for me will you hon?”

He held it for her as she grabbed the pot and then handed it down to him and he

sat it on the counter and then placed his hands on her waist to help her down. The

way her body slid along his in a body to body caress made him harden almost

instantly. He’d only had sex once in his life, about a year ago, but she was nothing

like this sexy woman. He looked down at her and and grinned and she looked at

him, lips pursed, trying to hide a smirk.

“Would you like some lemonade, Tommy?” she asked in a low voice, trying not to

moan as she still felt his hands on her waist, lightly stroking. “Or would you like


She proceeded to lick at his lips, tracing them with her tongue and Tommy

immediately took over, kissing her and tangling his tongue with hers. She let out a

little surprised whimper of pleasure as her hand drifted down to the now hard

bulge in his cutoffs. She stroked and squeezed it and Tommy hissed against her

lips and pushed it further against her hand as his own hand came up to cup a

breast in his palm.

“Yeah...that's good..touch me.” She moaned against his mouth as she unbuttoned

and unzipped his cutoffs to pull out a nice, long, thick cock.”Mmmm..nice.” She

moaned as she began to stroke it slowly.

"Ughhh...that feels good, Ms. Anderson.” Tommy groaned as he untied her halter

top and tossed it away, then lowered his head to suck a nipple into his mouth.

“Oh yeah! Suck em...thats it.” She moaned, stroking him harder, her head thrown


He went to work hard on sucking and licking her nipples until they were rock hard

as was his cock in her soft hand that was squeezing and stroking him. The lust

between them was building fast. Jackie kissed him again and then with a smirk

went down on her knees.

Tommy stood there, open mouthed, not believing what it looked like she was

about to do, but when her hot tongue flicked out to lick at the head of his cock, he

hissed and his hips lurched forward. Jackie grinned as she proceeded to lick

every single inch of his long, hard shaft and then down to lick and suck his balls

before running her tongue back up the length of him. Tommy bit his lip and

groaned, his hand grabbing her hair. When she finally took him into her mouth, he

cursed helplessly, throwing back his head. He’d never had his cock sucked that


Jackie sucked him hard, deeply into her mouth, her tongue playing along his

length as her fingers caressed and played with his balls and Tommy thought he’d

die of pleasure right there. God, her mouth was so hot and wet and the pressure

was unbelievable. He tried to think of everything under the sun not to cum right

there. Finally he was able to utter a few words in between pants..

“M-Ms. A-Anderson..uhnnnn...I um...I need..” He uttered as he tried to gently pull

her off of him.

She looked up at him and slowly jacked his cock..”You want my pussy? Is that

what you need?” With a lick to his cock head.

He could only nod and she smiled and stood up, letting him take her shorts off.

Tommy kissed her hard as one hand slid between her thighs to stroke over her

soaked pussy and then rub her clit, making her squeal into his mouth. He stroked

and rubbed and fingered a bit more and then mouth still fused to hers, boosted

her up on the counter.

His height and the counter’s height gave him the perfect angle to fuck her good.

Jackie looked at him and spread her legs, rubbing her hot pussy and smirking at

him. He didnt hesitate, not at all. He rubbed the head of his hard, throbbing cock

against her wet folds first, coating them with her juices and then entered with a

slow, firm thrust.

Jackie moaned and her hips jerked. He was so big and hot inside her, making

her feel so full that she felt as if she might cum already. She wrapped her legs

around his waist and threw her head back as he began to fuck her deep and hard,

but slow at first. Tommy was nearly out of his mind with lust, feeling her snug, wet

tunnel gripping him so good.

“OOh yeah, fuck me, baby..I needed that cock so bad!” She moaned as her hips

moved with his..”Fuck me nice and hard, Tommy!”

“Is that what you want?” he asked, slowing down even more to tease her. ”You

want this cock fucking you hard?”

"Oh..give it to me.” She moaned, grinding into him and making him groan.

Tommy quickly looked around for a better place so that he could really fuck her

senseless. With a grin, picked her up, her legs still locked around him, and his

cock still inside her, and made his way over to the couch just in the living room not

far away.

They tumbled onto the wide couch, her on her back and him on his knees

between her spread legs. Knowing he had perfect leverage, he began to fuck her

hard and deep, just liked she’d asked for. Jackie moaned and thrashed and then

arched her back hard when he leaned down to suck her nipples as he pistoned

inside her.

“This,” hard thrust, ”is what you get,“ grind, thrust, “when you tell me to fuck you

hard!” He grunted as he pushed in deeper and harder with every stroke.

Jackie was out of her mind with lust and ground hard against him, feeling a hard

orgasm coming on. She felt his cock jerk and throb inside her and knew he must

not be far away either. They rocked together hard, faster and finally her cunt

spasmed hard and she cried out long and loud as her juices squirted all over his

stomach, cock, balls and thighs.

Tommy grunted, never having had made a woman cum that hard or squirt like

that. With a couple more hard thrusts into her, he jerked his cock out of her, about

to cum. Jackie scrambled to her knees and jacked his cock hard as she sucked

the head and he let loose, filling her mouth with jet after jet of hot cum. She took it

all, straight down her throat with a satisfied moan.

Finally Tommy collapsed beside her on the couch and panted as she was and all

he could utter was, “Damn.” To which Jackie smiled wickedly and they both

laughed. Little did they know, however, that someone was watching them.

Part 3

Mandy giggled when she walked inside the kitchen's back door and heard the

unmistakable sounds of sex coming from the living room. Thank god what she'd

had to buy at the grocery store hadn't needed to go in the fridge, because there

was no way she could've not watched. She peeked around the corner and saw

Tommy pounding Jackie's cunt like there was no tomorrow and moaned as her

hand immediately went up her skirt and into her thong.

"Oooh...fuck her Tommy..." She whispered as she began fingering her own cunt.

She watched Jackie writhe and moan and scream for Tommy to fuck her harder

and within minutes, the hot pussied 18 year old had stripped off her sundress and

thong and was now frigging her pussy hard and moaning. She bit her lip and

almost came when she heard both Tommy and Jackie cum. Just then Jackie saw

her out the corner of her eye and turned her head to look at her as she and

Tommy stroked each other's bodies and tried to catch their breaths.

"Watching again,Mandy? I think you're becoming a little slut. Is that what my

tongue did to you the other night?" Jackie called out with a wicked smile.

Caught, Mandy stepped into the living room and walked over to where they were ,

her eyes lowered.. "Yes, Ms. Anderson. I couldn't help watching him..' She looked

at Tommy.. "Fuck you.."

"Mmmm...yeah and he has a nice cock too, Mandy. Have you ever had a cock

inside you?" Jackie asked, curious, as she began to stroke Tommy's cock.

Tommy groaned softly and looked at both females with lustful eyes.

"O-only once.."Mandy replied, her eyes glued to Jackie's hand stroking Tommy.

She saw him getting bigger and harder right before her eyes.

"Hmmm...and what about your mouth?" Jackie asked, silkily.

"N-no..never.." She answered in a shaky voice.

"Come over here and kneel down right here.." Jackie pointed to the floor right in

front of the couch where Tommy had sat up and his head was back against the

sofa back, eyes closed, enjoying her hand stroking his lusty cock.. "I'm gonna

teach you how to suck a cock.."

Mandy moaned quietly and moved to her knees between Tommy's spread legs

on the floor and looked up at the massive, thick cock in Jackie's hand and slowly

licked her lips. Then she watched as Jackie leaned over and flicked her tongue

over the head and then licked every inch of his cock and his balls. Tommy hissed

and bucked his hips. Mandy watched with lusty eyes then as Jackie took him

deep into her mouth, sucking hard. She went on like that for a few minutes,

making Tommy clutch her hair and groan as his hips bucked. Then she let him slip

from her mouth and licked the head again. Tommy groaned in protest.

She looked at Mandy.."Your turn hon..just do what I did. Lick him all over and then

take him in..mmmmm...oh but make sure to use your tongue..lash it hard on him.."

Just hearing those words made Tommy's cock throb with want of Mandy's sweet

mouth on him. He'd wanted to fuck her too ever since he'd seen her. Looked like

today might be his chance. Mandy leaned forward and began to lick his cock, just

like she'd watched Jackie do and he hissed and stroked her hair. Mandy moaned

and then took him into her mouth as far as she could, but he was so big that she

couldn't go but about half way down. Jackie picked up the girl's hand and

wrapped it around the huge dick in her mouth and showed her how to stroke while

she sucked.

"Ahhh oh god suck it..." Tommy hissed as his head tossed back, his hips bucking

against her mouth. That only made Mandy get very eager and begin to suck him


Watching the sweet girl suck Tommy's massive cock made Jackie gush with

horniness and she reached between the girl's legs to lightly finger her, feeling how

wet she was.

"Mmmm...I have to taste that..." Jackie moaned and moved off the couch and

settled on her back, pulling Mandy to straddle her face as she eagerly sucked

Tommy's cock.

The second Jackie's hot tongue assaulted her pussy, Mandy all but screamed

around Tommy's cock and jacked his cock hard as she sucked it. Jackie's tongue

went wild on the hot young cunt in her face, licking and thrusting wildly until the girl

was mindless between the two of them..Tommy in her mouth and Jackie licking

her cunt. All that could be heard were loud moans of pleasure and then Tommy

noticed that Jackie was the only one not being pleased and as much as he didn't

want to get out of Mandy's mouth, instinct took over. He eased away from her and

moved down to the floor, pulling her with him and then guided her mouth back to

his cock and she started eagerly sucking again. He laid in a way that would

enable him to reach Jackie's smoldering cunt and thrust his tongue into it hard. It

wasn't the first time he'd ever eaten a pussy. Jackie moaned against Mandy's

sweet pussy and pulled back enough to say..

"Oh my cunt, Tommy...mmmmm...that's it Mandy, suck that cock!

Ohhhh this is heaven!" And then she dove back into Mandy's succulent snatch,

tongue licking hard and fast as she slid two fingers into the girl's tight wet cunt and

pumped them hard.

All that could be heard in the living room were moans and cries of pleasure as the

sexy milf and her two summer employees just ate each other up. Mandy was the

first to lose control, moaning throatily around Tommy's cock and jacking it hard as

she came all over Jackie's face. That in turn sent Tommy off the edge from her

mouth and hand clamping down hard on him and he grunted lustily as he filled her

mouth with his hot cum for the first time. Hearing both of them and feeling

Tommy's hot tongue spear hard into her cunt made Jackie cum hard, her juices

spraying all over his face. It was like a massive, hot, horny chain reaction.

It was a few hours later when the three of them finally stirred, having moved to

Jackie's king size bed to be more comfortable and they'd all fallen asl**p

wrapped up in each other. Jackie was the first to awaken and look from one

sl**ping teenager to the other, as lust and horniness overtook her naughty pussy

once more. She moaned low when she saw that Mandy was awake too and they

began to kiss as their hands found each other's pussies and began to stroke and

rub. Tommy was still asl**p when they paused for a second to see if he was

awake. Then Jackie got a very naughty idea.

"Let's wake him up properly.." She said , kissing Mandy again and then moved to

the other side of Tommy.

Both knelt down on either side of him and began licking up and down his cock to

his balls and back up. Tommy groaned softly and writhed a little and they giggled

and kept licking and then Jackie took him into her mouth while Mandy kept licking

and sucking his balls.

"Uhhnnnnn! GOD!" Tommy shouted as his eyes flew open and he looked down to

see both Jackie and Mandy at his crotch, taking turns sucking his cock and licking

his balls. His cock throbbed and hardened fully in Mandy's mouth, who was

sucking him at the moment. Instinctively, his hand reached for them to rub their

pussies, and grinning when he found them both to be soaking wet. Then when

Jackie took him into her mouth, he hissed and threw his head back as she

sucked nice and hard.

Jackie pulled him from her mouth and jacked his cock as she said lustfully..*You

ready for some hot, tight pussy, baby? I think Mandy needs to be fucked..."

" I ever, Ms. Anderson...I've been wanting to fuck her.." Tommy

answered, panting.

Mandy stared at the massive cock in her face, Her first and only guy that she'd

only fucked once wasn't big like Tommy was and she was a bit nervous. Jackie

saw the nervousness on her face and kissed her reassuringly.

"It'll feel on sweetie, lay on your back and spread your legs and let Tommy fill you

up with that hot cock of his!"

Mandy bit her lip and lay down on her back and spread her legs wide. Jackie

leaned down and licked her pussy a little, making sure the girl was nice and wet

and ready to get that massive cock of Tommy's inside her. Tommy watched as he

stroked himself, his eyes full of heat. Jackie moved aside then and Tommy

positioned himself on his knees between Mandy's spread legs. He rubbed his

cock head teasingly up and down the girl's tight, wet cunt and then slowly eased it

into her. Mandy moaned and jerked her hips up at the hot, hard invasion and then

bit her lip becuase he was so big and she felt so full. Jackie moaned and rubbed

Mandy's clit.

"Feels good, doesn't it? He has a nice cock, huh..."Jackie grinned..and then

kissed Tommy.."Fuck her..I can't wait to watch her cum on that big cock!"

Tommy groaned in agreement and began to fuck her, thrusting slow at first and

then faster and harder, loving the tight pussy that he'd been waiting to fuck since

Mandy and he had started working there. Jackie moaned as she watched and

then moved to straddle the girl's face. No sooner she did, Mandy began sucking

and licking on her pussy. Jackie squealed in pleasure as she ground her cunt on

the girl's mouth and watched Tommy pound into her tight young pussy. Unable to

resist any longer, she leaned over and began to lick Mandy's clit as Tommy

fucked her hard. All Mandy could do was moan into Jackie's pussy and writhe

under both of them. She felt her pussy clenching, she knew she was on the verge

of cumming hard on that cock inside her. Tommy fucked her relentlessly as Jackie

licked and sucked her clit. Mandy squealed into Jackie's pussy then, her body

shuddering as she came harder than she ever had in her young life, her juices

squirting out of her instead of flowing.

It was all Tommy could do not to cum right then, so he pulled out after her orgasm

subsided, but his cock was hungry for more pussy. Jackie slid off of Mandy's face

and got on her hands and knees between Mandy's spread thighs and

pushedherself against Tommy's lusty erection. He took her hips and thrust

f***efully into the sexy milf, making her arch her back and cry out as her head

went back. Tommy began pounding into her hard and she ground her cunt on his

cock, enjoying how good it felt inside her. Then, she lowered her head and began

licking Mandy's pussy. The lust-dazed girl could only whimper and writhe, beyond

words at this point. Jackie drilled her pussy wiith her tongue and Tommy drilled

Jackie's cunt with his cock.

When Mandy finally gained some coherence, she pulled away from Jackie, only to

get on her back up under her to lick Jackie's clit as she was being fucked, as

Jackie had done for her. Jackie's head went immediately back between Mandy's

thighs again and began licking her sweet cunt hard and fast as Mandy licked her

clit and Tommy pounded into her. Both Jackie and Mandy lost control about the

same time and moaned into each other's pussies as they came.

"Ohhhh fuck...I'm gonna cum!" Tommy shouted and pulled his cock out of Jackie's

still spasming pussy. Jackie quickly turned around and grabbed his cock, jacking

it hard as she and Mandy licked it all over. Tommy threw back his head and

grunted loudly.. "Uhnnnnnnnnnn!!!" As he came hard. Jackie and Mandy moaned

as they licked him clean and then licked each other clean. Exhuasted again, they

all cuddled together, Tommy between them this time.

What a summer it was turning out to be.

The End.

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