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The Massage

My wife had been planning a special surprise for my birthday for some time & for once I had no idea what it was. In the morning she gave me a nice gift, we went out for lunch then she took me said she had a relaxing afternoon planned for me, she was taking me for a massage. Not overly keen om massages I went along so she would not be dissapointed. We had a few wines over lunch so i was feeling relaxed & went with the flow.

We arrived at the massage venue & we were greeted by a beautiful, busty & very sexy young blonde, my cock swelled as I was prayed she would be my massuese. She showed us to the massage room which consisted of a shower, a massage table & a leather chair in the corner. She told me to take a shower and when i had dried off to lay on the table with a towel over me & my massuese would be with me shortly, my wife said she would return later & left me alone.

I showered & feeling a little horny started to materbate with the shower gel, the water was warm & my cock loved the feel of my gel covered hand rubbing up & down the shaft & over the slippery head, thinking about blowing a hot load in the recptionists mouth or any of he available holes was getting me off but not wanting to be busted & kicked out I stopped short of cumming, dried off & lay face down on the table with a towel over my backside & half a hard on pushing into my stomach.

The door opened & it was not the pretty young blonde girl it was Steve, a six foot, dark haired, well tanned male, more my wifes type than mine.

Steve told me to relax & enjoy myself. His hands & the oil did the trick on my tight shoulders & lower back & as his hands lowered to my arse I felt a strange sensation, was I was getting an erection?. Steve asked me to roll over onto my back so that he could work on my arms & chest, I rolled over a little embarressed that I had a raging erection pointing to the ceiling covered only by a small white towel. Steve said nothing & continued to massage my chest & biceps, out of the side of my eye I noticed that i was not the only one with an erection, Steves cock was almost poking out the end of his short football shorts, I could clearly see the circle of his circumsized head. Not sure where to look or what to do I felt steves hand slide further down my stomach & remove the towel, i started to oject but steve just said 'Relax" & took my rock hard cock into his warm, oiled hands. He stoped momentarily, which was good because I think would have ejeaculated then & there. he removed his shorts & shirt to show a rippling toned torso & an amazingly hard 10 inch penis, which was pointing directly at the ceiling. My heart was racing as he stood near my face & massaged my shoulders some more. His cock was only inches from my face, i could smell his muscky male scent & feel the warmth that his bl**d gorged cock was generating, the eye of his penis had clear white fluid oozing from it. The pre cum glistened on the end of his knob, pooling then in a long thick drip, dropped to the floor. Thinking i could not take any more surprises the door opened & my wife walked in, I grabbed the towel to cover myself then both Steve & my wife together said "Relax". My wife smiled in appreciation of Steves hard body & monster rock hard cock, then she undressed down to just her sexy white panties, sat back in the leather chair & started to rub her full firm breasts, squeezing her nipples & rubbing her croth through her white sexy panties. "Dont stop boys I want to watch the show" she said. Steve's cock was so close to me as he continued the massaged. I dont know what came over me but I poked out my tounge & licked the tip of his cock, the clear juicy pre cum flowed onto the tip of my tounge it was sweet, warm & smooth, steve edged closer & eased the head of his cock into my mouth as he continued to rub my throbbing member. I could not beleive I had a guy jerking me off, his cock in my mouth & my wife sitting a few feet away rubbing her swollen pink shaved pussy lips. I knew I was about to come but Steve squeezed the tip of my cock, stoping my orgasm dead. He then slid 2 well oiled fingers into my arse & began to probe my prostate, I felt no contractions of orgasm but saw a large flow of thick white cum oozing out of my cock, onto my stomach, I was still very erect & had not orgasmed yet, but the cum continued to ooze out as steve pressed hard on my prostate. He bent down & slurped my cum up with his lips & tounge, I could see some of it it driiping from his chin, I heard my wife moaning in orgasm & looked over to see her fingers rubing her pink wet pussy lips & swollen clit, then steve began to pump my cock for the final time, i felt the orgasm building & watched as cum shot out in spurts over steves hands & my stomach, he massaged the cum over my cock & balls, he then pulled his massive thick cock out of my mouth & using some of my cum to masterbate with he jerked himslef to orgasm shooting all over my face & tounge, his cum was warm, thick & juicy & I loved it, swallowing as much of it as I could.

My wife looked satisfied with her gift to me. I was a mess & decided to have another shower to clean up. From the shower I watched as my wife, still playing with her swollen, shaven pussy, gave steve a thank you kiss, well thats if you call taking his ten inch cock deep down into your throat a kiss?

The End

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