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The Stranger

i just got back fome my dayliy walk and there he was standing next to my in tabel he hade his playboy bunny boxers on he took me and made me get on my hands an knees pulling my hair makeing me curl to my room ...

i go to take his boxers off with my teeath (him) no no no
bad girl ... (him)stand up i do . B/c i want to plz my master . he bends me over my desk...puts two cups filled with blue faygo on both of my hands ..says if you spill any of it u will be punished ..(me) ok master (him)good girl as he pulls his fingers through my hair ... he takes off my shorts off...(him) take off your thong (me) but master i cant spill any of the blue faygo..(him) move ur hips rly slow and sexy and thay will fall off..(me) yes i move my hips in a back and forth moshion and thay start to fall off..(him) keep them there..(me) ok master he takez my dildoe and rubs it on my clit back and forth geting me so wet then im bout to cum and he stops ....(him) do you want this inside of you (me)yes i do (him) how much as he starts to rub it on my clit a gin (me) YyyyEEEss mater (him) how bad do you want it in there? (me) varry bad master..he puts it hafe way in and out then slams it in me my lages are shakeing and i spill my cups..(him)I TOLD YOU NOT TO SPILL THEM(me) im srry master as he makes me lick it up ...then he puts he big dick in my mouth and makes me gag on it he say you will NOT get off befor i do then he fucks my face and as he is i sate to play with myself he cums on my face and walks away and i squrt alover the floor

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