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My humiliation being a cuck

I started going out with Sophie about two years ago and it quickly emerged that she was not happy with my performance as a lover. My ability was only really part of the problem, it was the simple fact she wanted more that added to this issue.

She is gorgeous. Stunningly so beautiful that you can’t find fault. Tits are perfect body is sublime and her arse and long legs should be the last thing any man sees before he dies. She knows this and uses it to her unbelievable advantage.

She told me, in no uncertain terms that I was going to have to share her from now on, with whomever she wanted. If I didn’t like it I could fuck off. Knowing I could never get someone this amazing to be near me ever again, I agreed to this. She sat there waiting for my response and eventually I conceded it to her, like a c***d defeated by an adult’s order to do something it didn’t want to do.

Then she looked at me and laughed a short laugh, like she knew I’d give in, just how pathetic I am and how in control of me she was. The horror of my love for her didn’t dawn on me until she continued.

“Well if you want to remain near me you will have to do something for me. That thing just won’t do.” She looked at my cock as she said it. I was sat naked on my bed, she was stood above but a clean distance from me, fully dressed.
“You will act as my jester, my entertainment to laugh at when I feel like it. Ok?”
I agreed with a lurch in my stomach of both fear and strange arousal.
“I’m going to humiliate you and make you my life long slave until you have served your debt to me for that pathetic cock”

The first thing she did was attach a chastity device to my cock. She did it the day after the conversation. She started by slapping me across the face and then kicking my knee so I fell to the floor. She ordered me undressed and I thought maybe she’d forgotten what she said last night. Once I was naked she told me to lie on the bed and as I began to relax, she revealed the chastity device and my heart dropped then began to race with this strange arousal again. She quickly attached it as my cock began to grow, but had already left before she bothered to notice my cock already giving me immense pain as it tried to grow in the restricted space and couldn’t. As she left she’d told me to get down stairs and make her a drink. I followed and made her the drink. As I stood naked in the kitchen she came over to me and told me casually that she was going on a date tonight and I shouldn’t wait up, she would be fucking him at his place, like they had the last two months!

She’d been cheating on me before she’d even started this! I lowered my head and concentrated on keeping my cock from growing as I realised I was enjoying it and hating it at the same time. We’d been going out for 6 months now and I’d had no idea.

I saw her again briefly the next day at around 3pm as she came back to change her clothes. I asked how it had gone, in a casual way so I could get info, I just had to know but didn’t want to know. She told me it was none of my business, she was seeing someone else now and I would have to just deal with it. Then she asked me for my credit card. When I asked what for, in a sheepish kind of way that I thought might produce an answer rather than a cut down, she told me it was so she could take out her new guy and his mates to a strip club. By this point she already had the card, as she said it, so casually as though she was talking about the weather.

Before she left though things got a whole lot worse for me. She took me into our basement, leading my by the plastic of my chastity device, pulling viciously but being careful not to touch my cock. There was an old metal hoop on the floor in the cellar and a table with an umbrella pole holder. She took some of the string from the tool kit down there and attached my hands to the umbrella holder on the table, so I was bent over the table and my cock was under it. She tied my cock restraint to the floor ring and pulled it very tight so it pulled on my ball sack making me scream. She smacked my face against the table and told me to shut up. Then stood back and looked at me helpless, arse exposed and laughed a little, telling me I looked fucking pathetic and that I was fucking pathetic.

She explained that she was off to get some pussy tonight. She knew just how much I’d gone on about how much lesbian and bi girls turned me on, but that I’d never seen one. She then explained she had frequently hooked up with some of the girlfriends I knew of, all whilst I’d been at work, or doing something she’d asked of me to get me out the house, like the shopping. I ached with jealousy at the thought of missing her beautiful pussy lowering onto the face of some of her amazing looking friends. The juices sliding between their warm bodies, their fingers in each other’s pussies, the dildos, the lesbian threesomes, them collectively laughing at me behind my back whilst I was out struggling with shopping bags and trying to open the car boot; they all flashed into my mind as my cock ached and dribbled like a pubescent teenager.

She told me she was also going to hook up with her new man’s mates and they were probably going to have an orgy with the girls once they’d finished at the club (a place I also wanted to go but she’d never let me), so not to expect her back tonight.

However, at about 3am, when I was very cold but almost asl**p. I heard some people come back into the house. Then the cellar door suddenly opened and I heard them coming down the steps joking. They started to laugh one by one as they saw me, my arse to the door. They all gathered round and looked at me. There were 3 guys, much taller and muscular and obviously more attractive in every way than me, more manly looking and more confidently assertive than me. I looked up, unable to speak and saw the 3 girls, almost as stunning as Sophie, firm supple and beautiful. All of them with tans that exposed my pasty white English dark haired flesh and made it look pathetic.

Sophie took the nearest guy to her and kissed him. He slipped his hand to her pussy and I saw she had already removed her panties earlier. They were in the other guy’s back pocket. The man appeared to slip his large thicker manly fingers into her pussy under her skirt. His hands were massive and his middle finger looked thicker than my tiny, skinny cock, even when it’s erect! I felt so useless and worthless and abused.

She pulled out his finger and sucked off her pussy juice, then slowly spat it out onto my face. They laughed and the girls started kissing her too. Soon they were all naked or getting naked and fucking on the carpeted floor of the cellar as I watched in pain as my cock pushed at the boundaries of my chastity device. I watched as Sophie with her elegant, girlish, soft, almost innocent charms, took one cock in her mouth the other in her pussy and moaned like she was having one long orgasm. And their cocks where so big. At least 10 or 11 inches of very, very thick meat pounding her. They were easily 3 times bigger than mine if not 4. The girls licked all around their cocks as they entered my girlfriend and sucked her tits, and licked off the juices from the men’s cocks. It was little better for me than one of the many porno films I watched when Sophie was out so much. Now I realised she wasn’t working late, this seemed representative of everything I’d been missing and still was missing.

They ignored me mostly, until Sophie suddenly took a huge cock out of her mouth, turned to me and told me that I would never ever again be using my cock. That I would never come anywhere near her pussy ever and she was never going to remove that chastity device as long as I lived. She continued to tell me I was a fucking useless, cockless, wanker who never could EVER satisfy her. She said I was way below average and that I should forget about ever having any kind of pleasure again. Oh and by the way, she’d maxed out my card and she expected me to get another one tomorrow.
I apologised that the £12,000ish that had been there wasn’t enough and I’d get another. I was just glad to get to watch. I knew by this point and by the look of those cocks and tans that I WAS pathetic and didn’t deserve such pleasure. Deep down I saw my life of never getting any release and how I just had been born to never get it, having a cock so small and a pathetic mind.

Then came the part which I could never have expected. One of the guys got up and walked over to me. He asked me,
“Are you gay?”
I said no.
“Good” he said and then jerked of his last thrusts onto my squirming face. The girls, especially Sophie laughed at that and so the other two came over and did the same. Whilst I was still recovering from the shock and taste of their salty cum on my face and mouth, I felt a sharp thrust of low pain as a finger rammed into my arse. I began to protest so Sophie wiped up the cum on my face with one of the men’s socks and shoved it, soaked, into my mouth and taped it closed. The fingers thrust deeper and harder as I watched all the girls laugh at me. Then a really warm, much softer MUCH larger object, a cock, pressed against my arsehole and I began to squirm as hard as I could, my cock still straining my chastity device. The cock thrust deep DEEP inside me with a painful yet warm, closeness that confused me for a second. Then the thrusting began and I grunted, face red with the strain. He ****d my arse and then the other came around the front, removed the sock and without introduction rammed his thick 10” cock into my face until I chocked on it’s vastness.
“There you cuckold little shit, that’s what real cock feels like. Good isn’t it?” Sophie said
I didn’t reply and she grabbed my lower jaw really hard and aggressively.
“I said it feels good doesn’t it?”
I understood and said yes muffled by the immense cock in my mouth.
She immediately laughed and called me a fucking faggot and a cock sucker. Eventually, and much later than I would have lasted, I felt a rush of renewed warmth shoot violently up my arse hole. I felt cum splash all up my innards. Gallons of it, despite the cum on my cheeks. Then the same gushed down my throat and as I choked and swallowed, Sophie, my Mistress, made me thank them for showing me what a puff I am. I thanked them with what energy I had left.

They left me tied to the table, slowly dribbling come from all my orifices and went up stairs. I heard them fucking again and all the girls voices crying out Sophie’s and the men’s name as they came. I was left in the cellar all weekend with a baby bottle to drink water mixed with a little bit of one of the men’s piss and some cum.

Several days later though, my promise of no sex was sealed in stone. Sophie came to me with a man, a taller white guy and made me kneel naked at their feet in the living room after making them a drink each. She explained this was her new guy and he was going to facilitate my new ULTIMATE humiliation. A humiliation which would seal me as hers forever, because no one else would ever want me after this. She reminded me of her promise that I would never fuck again.
Then she explained that she had been considering having my balls cut off. She introduced the guy as a Doctor she was seeing. It was a simple operation which wouldn’t need a surgery room. People do it to cows all the time and no-one needs a surgeon then. But she said this wasn’t right. She explained that if you are a neuter, you loose all sexual desires and interest. She didn’t want that, she wanted me to want her, that was what made me so hilarious to her; that I did all this off some stupid notion that I might get something for me in return.
No, she explained, she would leave my balls alone, it was my cock she would have removed. That way I could never have sex, or sexual release again no mater what happened or who I met or where I went. But I would always, always want it. I would go mad for her, becoming more and more desperate for sex. Men only take a few hours to become desperate for sex, imagine a life time of sexual tension building up. What a perfect tribute or trophy for her to be awarded by her new guy.

And that’s what happened. She made me go through the whole process of applying for a sex change from her new man’s surgery. The paper work was done and then a few days later he performed the surgery on me under local anaesthetic. So I could watch the moment, they set up some mirrors, so I could see when my cock finally got cut from my body. They even got a jar of formaldehyde to put my cock in, putting it in front of me as I was sewed up in a way that still allowed urination. My balls where left on to torture me.

After the swelling went down, my cock was given to me for Christmas as my only present. Sophie had now ordered me to walk around the house wearing nothing but tight women’s panties which now ran flush to the front of my crotch, my balls crushed behind.

I was, as a punishment and reward, allowed to watch video recordings of her having sex with her new man. I watched his enormous cock fucking her and satisfying her in a way I knew I had never and now couldn’t. He didn’t earn any money, so my money alone, whilst in fast supply from my job, disappeared on only things for them.

Just last month I paid for their wedding and was allowed to stand at the back, but couldn’t come to the party afterwards. All the time I ached to jerk off or get some kind of release, but now know I was never worthy of that. Oh how I wish for it though when I watch Sophie husband’s huge cock thrust in and out of her shaven pussy as she moans, no longer paying me, or the camera I watch through, any attention. She is in a real relationship now with a man that stole her from me and cut off my cock and all I can do is watch her and feel that heavy ache in my frustrated balls.

I now act as their servant 24/7 whether working or cleaning the house in my panties. They recently added to my humiliation by forcing me to have fake breast implants added, just big enough to cause questions at work which I had to explain as a hormone irregularity to fight another illness. I felt so pathetic walking around with the body of a woman, cockles, aching to jerk off. I actually, now, when I looked at my self in the half light, looked like a very attractive woman. Smooth legs, big firm rounded tits, and a small trimmed line of pubic hair around my new pussy. I quite often, when lying on my little camping mattress in the tiny spare room would look down and feel really turned on by the sight of my womanly body all beautifully fuckable. Around the house, I now had to wear a French maid outfit and a little mascara. I always had to be doing a chore or they would yell and spit at me. The outfit cut low to show off my huge new tits and the skirt was short enough to show my shaved ass and the smooth front of my panties, my squashed balls tied back with a cock ring attached to my belt.

I also have a new name, Bitch or Cucky. Occasionally they bring round friends to the house. They get d***k, or sometimes they don’t, I am always eventually f***ed to perform oral sex on them, women and men. Often Sophie, or her man get paid for the service. Sometimes her man even prostitutes me when she isn’t there. I am just an item of furniture for them. When they eat their food that I cooked at the table, I kneel on the floor underneath, sometimes with the scraps they let me have sometimes just a cold tin of beans, depending on if they approve of the food quality. If it’s bad, they sometimes make me eat dog food as punishment.

Just last week a baby sitter came to look after a distant relative of theirs. I was restricted to one room and the relative was not told of me, but told to stay out of the room I was in. The k** obeyed, but whilst they where out, the babysitter came in. A note had been left for her. If I was found by her, provided the relative was asl**p she could use me as she wished as an addition to her pay. I was their slave and would be beaten if I didn’t comply with absolutely anything legal or i*****l they desired to do with me. She invited her boyfriend round and both made me perform on them whilst the other watched. I had reduced my gag reflex with all the practice I’d been given and could now take all 8 inches of his large cock in my mouth without gagging or chocking. I could suck it hard and move my head fast, bringing him off in my mouth very quickly. Then I watched as the guy’s amazing cock fucked this young girl. Apart from her face her body reminded me of Sophie at the start of us going out, when she once let me fuck her.

Soon they will have a baby and I will be charged with looking after it until it starts to get to an age where it will look to identify it parents and then apparently it must never see me.

Soon there is a secret national cuckold convention. Where couples go with their slave men, and real bull boyfriends and parade the Cuck in a dog show. The owners are given cash prizes for the most degraded and obedient Cuck. The Cuck is paraded down a catwalk for appearance and then asked to describe what things they do or allow to be done. With no cock and a shaven body, fake big tits and women’s lingerie in a French Maid outfit I may win them a big prize. Especially once I talk about serving their friends cocks and pussies orally and working for them with only bare minimum food to live on, I hope they will win. I dread to think what they will do to me if they don’t win.

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