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Sex Party

In my life, one of my biggest fantasies was to be involved in an orgy...four or more people, naked, horny and ready to fuck and suck in front of others and while other's fucked and sucked around you. Earlier this year, I met a man on another website who lives in my town. He is an older man, in his late 50's...we chatted online and even had a little cyber sex. He told me he was a member of a local club for gay and bisexual men who get together once a month for dinner and group sex. You have to be a member, but he told me I could go as his guest, we didn't even have to show up together...he said if I were interesed in coming to this party he'd put my name on a guest list. I was a bit concerned at first, the reason I have never gone to a bathhouse is because (while I have fantasized about sex in places like that) concerns about disease. I asked him about these parties, my concerns were about d**gs and unsafe sex. He told me safe sex was a rule, and d**gs were not allowed. THe parties are in a host's home and usually involve anywhere between 10 and 15 men, many of which (according to my new friend) were married and didn't want their wives and families to find out. I told him I'd think about it and a few days later I decided to give it a try, I emailed him and told him to put me on that guest list. The most recent meeting was on May 31st (a Tuesday night) which seemed to be a strange night for a sex party, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I showed up at the house, it was an older but nice home only a few miles from where I live. I man of about 50 answered the door wearing only a thong and a smile...I gave him my name and he invited me in...he welcomed me to his home and said I could "get comfortable" in the bedroom to my right then join everyone in the living room. I stripped down to a Spedo I was wearing (I didn't want to wear boxers to such an event and I don't own a thong) I then went into the living room where about 12 guys were sitting, all were wearing either thongs, or towels...nothing else...they were eating off of paper plates, food was on a table in the middle of the room...I was too excited and nervous to eat so I fixed myself a drink. I noticed I was the youngest guy there, the age range was from about 50 to 70...Most of the guys were in decent shape, a few were a bit flabby. I noticed almost all of them checking me out. After finishing my drink I sat down next to a couple of guys, both in their late 50's...we started making small talk, during that time I noticed some of the men in the room making out and getting was quite a turn on to see this happening in front of my man was giving another a blowjob in a chair in the corner, I immediately got rock hard. The two guys I was talking too started to kiss each other passionately...I watched and after they stopped they smiled and one of them leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, I felt his wet tongue inside my mouth and I knew I wanted to be with this guy and his friend. I stood up and peeled off my Spedo both of the men smiled, they liked my seven inches of rock-hard cock...they stripped off their towels and walked over to me, we all got into an embrace and kissed, I was so worked up! Very horny feeling all three of our hard dicks rub up against each other...They both knelt down in front of me...The blonde one looked me in the eye as he licked my balls and worked his way up my shaft, the brunnett watched then moved his head in, he licked the other side of my was amazing!! Feeling two guys lick my hard prick...The blonde guy took me in his mouth, sucking while the man with the darker hair licked my balls...I wanted to cum! Right there and then, just blow my wad for the both of them...but instead I used a little control and just stood there enjoying the double blowjob these two men were giving me...I was watching two men in the corner of the room fuck, they were in the chair, one was sitting on the other's cock, the one doing the fucking was moaning loudly, I could only see the man who was riding from behind, he had a very nice ass and that sight along with these two men sucking and licking my dick made me want to cum as well...I had to stop both of these guys, ten more seconds and I would have lost contol and reached orgasm well before I wanted to. I pulled by dick away from them and knelt down to them both, we all kissed, I asked them bot to stand, I wanted to suck two cocks at the same time...They did and as they passionately kissed each other, I took turns sucking their cocks, at times putting both inside my mouth...I was so fucking hard! Sucking both of these men as they made out made me so hot! The blonde then got down on all fours, while the darker haired man slipped on a condom, I stood in front of the blonde guy while he sucked my cock, hearing him moan as the man with the darker hair entered him from behind...The blonde guy wanted me to cum...he was yelling back at the guy fucking him to not stop and looking up at me saying "come for me baby! Yeah, cum in my mouth stud! I want it all!!" I just smiled down at him, I was so horny I wasn't sure I wanted to finish just yet...I looked up and that's when I spotted him...Mr Brown Eyes! He was amazing looking! Salt and pepper hair, flat stomach, huge 9-inch dick (rock hard) shaved smooth chest. He was watching me the whole time, smiling in a very knowing and wanting way. I was so turned on...I smiled back and he walked out of the room. I wanted Mr. Brown Eyes, I decided thats' whom I wanted to finsih the night with. While I was enjoying the threesome I was involved with, I needed to be with him. The blonde guy got on his back so the other man could fuck him missionary style, he asked me to sit on his face...I smiled and said I had to leave...I went down the hallway (passing a room where four men were all engaged in a hot foursome) And going down the dimly-lit hallway to find Mr Brown Eyes.I found him in what looked like a TV room, he was sitting in a chair and another man (much older man) was sucking his cock He had a bored smile on his face...when he saw me he smiled pleasantly...I walked over to him and we kissed (as the old man continued to blow him) He whispered in my ear (I can get rid of this guy with your help...) I nodded, he stopped the geezer from sucking him and told him to stand up, the geezer looked at me then back at him and did so...Mr Brown Eyes got on his knees and started sucking the old man's 5-inch dick...He looked back up at me in an inviting way, I knew what he was doing, I god down on my knees and joined him sucking this old fart's cock....he smelled funny, but the fact that I was sharing a cock with Mr. Brown Eyes didn't make me mind his strange smell...I had the old guy's balls in my mouth while Mr. Brown Eyes sucked his dick...the geezer was breathing heavily, then stiffened and yelle dout "AHHGG GEEEEEEEZZZZ!!" I could feel him throb as the first glob of cum shot out of his dick, then a smaller amount of semen rolled down his shaft and he was done...he thanked us and walked out of the room in a big hurry, as if he had come out of a transe of some kind and like he as ashamed (I did notice the wedding ring on his finger so that may have explained it, a bisexual who was ashamed of his sexuality..quite a pitty really) Mr. Brown Eyes then smiled at me and said, "looks like we're alone now!" We kissed passionately, we rolled around on the floor kissing and groping each other...I need him in my mouth..I kissed my way down his chest and stomach to his still very hard and huge cock...I licked the shaft to the head then teased his cock as I licked the head of his dick before taking all of what I could fit of his monster cock into my mouth..I sucked his cock until he pulled my head up (I could have gone on doing that for hours) he kissed me passionately then asked me if I wanted to fuck him...I replied "Fuck Yeah!" he reached into a bowl full of condomes on the coffee table and handed me one...he got on the couch and put is ass in the air...I slipped on the rubber then went over on my hands and knees and buried my face in his ass...I licked his hole until he was good and wet..I loved hearing him moan as I ate his butthole out.I then stood up and slowly sank my cock into his ass, he was really tight at first then loosened up as I rode him from behind...he moand and yelled, I fucked him faster and harder...I reached around and grabbed his cock and jerked him as I rode him from behind...he then yelled oug..."FUCK I'M GONNA CUM!! YEEEEEEESSSSS SHHHHIIIITTT!!!" I kept fucking him as I felt his cock convulse and felt his hot cum on my hands, I couldn't old back either, I started as well, I yelled out "OH FUCK YOU FUCKING STUD I'M CUMMING!!!!" I pumped like a mad man emptying my balls into the condom. As We both finished with our orgasms I heard applause...the remaining guys at the party (about 6 of them) were all watching at the door to the TV room, one of them with cum dripping from his cock. I stood up and took a bow..Mr Brown Eyes and I got dressed and he invited me over to his house for more sex. I had to work, but we exchanged phone numbers and with any luck...there will be more next week! So was my first gay orgy a hit? I'd say the answer to that is a BIG YES!

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