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My sexy s****r

When I was 11 years old my f****y lived next door to a f****y that had a pool in their yard. They had a 13 year old son who my 13 year old s****r and I were friends with, and during that summer we would go over almost every day to swim in the pool.

One afternoon we had been swimming in the pool and the three of us were drying off in the neighbor's summer house which was near the pool. My s****r was wearing a very small bikini so almost all of her maturing body was on display. Her breasts were developing so she filled up her bikini top very nicely.

I was drying my hair when my s****r suddenly said “oh my god Robert's got a boner!” and she was pointing and laughing at the front of his swim shorts which was sticking out. He went very red and turned around to hide it from our view but my s****r seemed to think it was hilarious and said “hahaha get it out then” but Robert refused and told her to fuck off so my s****r tried a different approach. “Please, if you get it out I'll let you see mine”.

She had captured Robert's interest and he seemed to be changing his mind. “Do you promise?” he asked her and she said she promised. Robert pulled down his shorts and his small erection sprung out, pointing upwards. “It looks so stiff!” said my s****r and we were all laughing, but then she said “can I touch it?” and Robert nervously agreed.

She cautiously poked his hard cock with her finger and then pulled it away, laughing “eww it's really hard!”. We were all laughing and she asked me “does yours do that?” and I said it did sometimes. She thought this was hilarious but soon Robert reminded her that she had promised to show as well.

“Do I have to?” she said, trying to get out of it. “Yes you promised!” said Robert, slightly angry with her. “Oh ok then” she said reluctantly and pulled down the front of her bikini pants so that Robert could look at her pussy. She was standing close to him and had her back to me so I didn't get to see her pussy, but from the grin on his face as he stared down at her crotch, I felt really envious that he was looking at my s****r's pussy.

She let her bikini pants cover her pussy again and Robert seemed very excited. “You didn't let me touch it! I let you touch mine that's not fair!” he said, getting quite agitated. “Oh alright then don't cry about it” she said and sat on one of the canvas chairs and pulled down her bikini pants completely, and I got my first look at a teenage girl's pussy, and my first look at my s****r's pussy since we were very young.

The first thing I noticed was the hair, she didn't have very much but it was there, black and surrounding her pussy in small tufts, and I thought it was very womanly and grown up, and it made me think of my s****r in a totally different way. Until that moment she was just my slightly annoying older s****r, but now I thought of her as a very sexy woman and I couldn't stop staring at her lovely pussy.

Robert was staring too so my s****r had to prompt him “are you gonna touch it then?”. He snapped out of his trance and knelt down in front of her and put his hand over her pussy. I moved to get a proper look and I saw him try to push his finger into her. She winced and used her hand to guide his finger to the correct place and as he pushed his finger into my s****r she gasped and said it tickled. Robert seemed shocked and said “it feels all hot”.

I was really envious of what he was doing and wished I could switch places with him. Is a vagina really hot inside? I thought, and wondering what it felt like I felt my dick getting hard in my shorts and quickly tried to adjust it so nobody would see.

“Stop playing with yourself!” my s****r giggled and I saw her looking at me fiddling with my shorts to try to hide my erection. I took my hands away to pretend I wasn't doing anything but this allowed my hard cock to stick out in my shorts very visibly. I felt my cheeks going red and my s****r was laughing. “Oh my god now you've got one” she said, she seemed to be having a great time and she suggested we all got totally naked.

I didn't want to but they stripped off and I saw my s****r's beautiful breasts. They were probably still quite small but to me they looked so womanly and her nipples looked so unbelievably suckable. She came over to me and said “come on you've got to join in” and my naked s****r suddenly pulled down my shorts and my cock came springing out and was pointing at her. She laughed and went back to sit down.

She asked us if we played with our dicks when they got hard. I lied and said no but Robert nervously admitted he did, and asked my s****r if she ever fingered herself. She said she had but didn't do it very often. She asked Robert what he thought of when he played with himself and he said he imagined having sex with a pretty girl like her.

She laughed and thanked him for the compliment, then said “yeah I wonder what it feels like?”. Then totally out of the blue, she said to Robert “let's try it!”. I couldn't believe my ears, surely they weren't going to. Robert grinned nervously and said “are you serious?” and my s****r nodded with an excited smile on her face. I was totally stunned and thought it was a bad idea but being the youngest of the group I said nothing.

She got off the chair and laid down on the floor and I could tell she was being serious, and I was just completely in shock. She told Robert he could just put it in quickly so they could feel what it was like and then take it out. This didn't seem quite so bad to me so I relaxed a little.

Robert got down on the floor and laid on top of my s****r. I saw them fiddling about with their crotches then my s****r let out a big gasp. “Oh, wow” Robert said quietly, and I realized that he had just penetrated my s****r's vagina. My s****r was giggling underneath Robert and said “it feels weird”. Robert seemed slightly delirious and said “yeah... weird but good”.

“Ok time's up” said my s****r and pushed Robert off her. He stood up and looked at me and I saw him mouth the word's “oh my god” at me with a stunned look on his face. My s****r looked so sexy lying on the floor naked and I was so envious of Robert and what he had just done. He now knew what sex feels like and I didn't, and I desperately wanted to know.

The biggest shock of the day was about to come. My s****r was still lying naked on the floor with her knees up and pussy showing. “Do you want to try?” she said. I looked around the room to see if someone else was here, surely she didn't mean me. Only Robert was there and he had just tried it. “What, me?” I said, stunned. “Yes you, silly” she said and I felt a bit panicked. I wanted to try it so desperately, but with my own s****r?

“b*o, it feels awesome” said Robert and I knew I wouldn't get another opportunity like this at such a young age so my desire to find out had me saying “erm, ok”. Although I had agreed I was too nervous to do anything so my s****r had to remind me “come on then, I'm down here”. I felt my body trembling as I got down on the floor and laid on top of my s****r's perfect, warm naked body. Her soft breasts pressed into my chest and I looked her closely in her pretty face and she was smiling at me. I was terrified but she seemed to be having a great time.

I felt her hand moving my cock and it brushed through her soft pubic hair and I felt it pressing into warm flesh. “Push then” she said and I slowly pushed my cock forward and felt hot flesh start to surround my erect cock. I'd never felt anything like it, it was just the best feeling my young body had ever experienced. The pleasure was so intense I actually remember feeling a bit sick, Robert really wasn't lying when he said it felt awesome.

The pleasure of feeling my s****r's warm pussy sliding along my bare cock as I penetrated her was so good that I couldn't help myself and needed to experience it again, so I withdrew most of my cock so I could slide it back into her vagina. My s****r didn't stop me even though I was basically fucking her now, and after only a few of these thrusts the pleasure seemed to be getting more and more intense. I had never had an orgasm before at this age so I was panicking because I didn't know what was happening, it felt like my dick was going to explode. It felt too good to stop so even though I didn't know what was going on with my body, I kept thrusting into my s****r until I erupted.

I was terrified and thought I'd broken something, but I had never felt pleasure like it and my cock was jerking about inside my s****r's vagina as I came. I was in total shock and saw my s****r looking at me. “Oh my god did you... you know?”. I said “what?” and she said “...orgasm”. I said I didn't know and she pushed me off her body and checked her pussy with her fingers. I didn't know what she was doing at the time but she was obviously checking for cum. “It's ok I don't think you did” she said, relieved. I realized later that I did have an orgasm in my s****r, I just didn't ejaculate anything at that age.

Robert gave me a high five and we were all smiling and had a bit of a chat about what it felt like. It took a while for it to dawn on me that I had just lost my virginity to my own s****r, and Robert had watched the whole thing. I got really paranoid that he would tell someone and it would get around school and we would get bullied relentlessly, but thankfully he never said a word.

After I had sex with my s****r I got a bit obsessed with her, and wanted to have sex with her again more than any other girl in the world. Seeing her naked had totally changed the way I thought about her and the sex was such an amazing experience for a boy of my age that I couldn't stop thinking about her in a sexual way.

I thought many times about asking her to try it again but I never had the nerve. She was in total charge that day and I just wished she would instigate something again, but for some reason our visits to Robert's were all completely innocent after that, so I had a feeling she regretted what she had done, and knew I couldn't ask her to repeat it.

So I started masturbating very frequently, always thinking of the memory of feeling my s****r's tight warm pussy around my cock. I learned to give myself orgasms with my hand and this helped to relieve some of the sexual frustration I felt when I was around my s****r or thought about her pussy. I was obsessed with her pussy and it drove me crazy that it was so near to me but I couldn't see it or touch it. Wanting to be near my s****r's pussy, I began taking her dirty panties out of the laundry every day so I could rub something that had touched her pussy on my cock, and lick the stains her juicy pussy had made in her panties.

Doing this led me to discover how great pussy actually smells, especially my s****r's. Over time I managed to get hold of the dirty panties of the s****rs and mothers of some of my friends, but they were always a disappointment after my s****r's scent. Her pussy just smelled of sex to me and I would literally cum in only a few seconds if I was inhaling her sexy scent from her dirty panties, and the orgasm would always be much more powerful.

I longed with desire for my s****r for two whole years after I had unexpectedly lost my virginity to her in the neighbor's summer house. I was now 13 and she was 15, and we were left home alone one evening after school. It was summer and my s****r was wearing some very revealing clothing, she had put on a little bit of weight and her more mature body was now very womanly and she had some seriously sexy curves that I couldn't stop staring at.

We put on a movie to watch together and shortly after it started there was a very hot sex scene that made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but watching the naked actors pretending to have sex together had me thinking of the time I had sex for real with my s****r, and she was sitting right next to me, her pussy only covered by a short skirt and panties.

My dick got hard and I tried to subtly adjust my shorts without her seeing. “Boner!” my s****r said bursting out laughing. I went red and covered it up but my s****r said “were you thinking about the time me and you did that?”. I thought she had forgotten about it so I just said, embarrassed “erm, yeah”. She was laughing and didn't seem to be ashamed of what we did, and because this was the first time in more than two years that either of us had mentioned it, I knew I needed to take my chance.

“I can't stop thinking about it, I really, really, really want to try it again”. She laughed and said no way but she wasn't angry or appalled like I thought she might be, and I was so horny I didn't give up, and I literally started begging my s****r to have sex with me. I knew that as long as she was still laughing I could keep pushing it, so I begged and pleaded pathetically for a very long time.

“Oh alright then, if you need to” she laughed, and I was absolutely ecstatic. I'd been wanting this for such a long time and it was going to happen. “Wait have you got a condom?” she asked and I said no, since we didn't use one the first time I just assumed we wouldn't. “Does your dick squirt when you play with yourself though?” she asked and I said it did. “Well that's gonna get me pregnant isn't it?” she said and I felt gloom fall over me, I wasn't going to get sex after all.

“Oh... right” I said, trying not to cry, and I think my s****r saw how disappointed I was and felt sorry for me. “Do you want to try oral?” she asked and I eagerly said yes. “Done it before?” she asked and I said no, then asked her if she had. She told me she tried it with Robert a few days after we had put our cocks inside her, and I felt so envious that I wasn't included that time. She also told me she'd had sex with Robert several more times since the first time, and that she makes him wear a condom.

Although what I really wanted to do was put my cock inside her pussy again, I was still excited to try oral sex for the first time, and I hoped this meant I would also get to taste my s****r's pussy at last. I had spent many hours smelling and licking her dirty panties and I was excited that I might get a chance to smell and lick the real thing.

“Who's going first then?” she asked and I just mumbled something about it was her choice. “I'll go first seeing as you're so horny” she laughed and I felt my heart racing with excitement and nerves. She sat next to me and pulled down my shorts, which I helped her with and my cock was sticking out pointing at the ceiling. She confidently put her head down into my crotch and started sucking my dick! Her mouth felt so warm and wet and I felt so good to have my s****r pleasuring me after years of desiring her.

Having this desire relieved was just too good and she was only sucking me for about 10 seconds before I told her I was going to cum. She didn't stop sucking me though and she continued to suck my cock as I spurted out thick jets of hot cum into her mouth. It felt incredible and I felt such relief, but I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't managed to last longer during my first blowjob, it felt so nice that I wanted to experience it for longer.

She swallowed my cum and smiled “hehe you really needed that!” and I just smiled and said “...yeah” in total ecstasy. “Now your turn” she said and started taking off her clothes until she was totally naked. Her body looked so sexy I just wanted to lick every inch of it and fuck her like an a****l. I'd never felt such strong sexual desire as I did looking at my s****r's 15 year old naked body right in front of me.

Her pussy was hairier than the last time I had seen it, but this just made it look even more lickable and fuckable to me. She laid down on the couch and put her knees up so I could get my head down to her vagina. I could already smell that familiar scent that I knew so well by then, and I could feel her body heat on my face. I didn't really know what to do so I just buried my nose in her pubic hair and sniffed her lovely scent and let my tongue run along her pussy which had her twitching and moaning quietly.

She tasted so sexy and I was unbelievably horny as I licked away at my s****r's perfect pussy. I could have licked it all night it was so delicious, and hearing how good I was making her feel made me extra horny. She was getting really wet so I licked up her sticky juice and swallowed it, feeling so happy. She gave me some instruction on how she liked to be pleasured and eventually I managed to give her an orgasm.

She was red-faced and breathing hard, and having her cum right in my face had made me totally crazy with desire for her. “I NEED to fuck you” I said, but she said we couldn't, even though she wanted to just as much as me. I was so horny I didn't care if I did get my own s****r pregnant, I just knew I needed to put my cock in that wet warm pussy of hers. Fortunately she had more sense than me so she said we absolutely couldn't have sex.

I persisted and kept begging her until she finally said “well there is somewhere else you could put it”. I didn't know what she meant and looked at her blankly. “Somewhere that won't make me pregnant?” she said, waiting for me to catch on. “Oh! Right!” I said, suddenly very happy and excited. She told me one time Robert had asked her if he could put his dick up her ass after they had used his last condom and he was still horny, but she had refused. “He's never made me cum before though” she said with a sexy look in her eye.

She told me she had never done it before so to be careful and go slow, and to stop if it hurts her. I agreed and she got on all fours and the view of her pussy and asshole pointing at me so invitingly was just the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I never knew a girl's asshole could look so sexy until I was faced with the one I was going to push my bare cock into.

We both had no experience so we didn't use any lube and it was very difficult to get my cock into her ass. My cock wasn't very big at the time though so after a lot of easing and pushing into her ridiculously tight ass, I had got my cock into her and her asshole began yielding to my cock. I slowly sunk it all the way inside her and the heat and tightness was mindblowing. I could feel my balls touching her hairy pussy which made me even more horny, and it just felt so good to be back inside my sexy s****r after such a long time.

I had to fuck her very slowly because she said it was quite uncomfortable, but the pleasure was so intense that I unloaded deep into her ass after only a couple of minutes. Releasing my cum directly into my own s****r's body felt like the most beautiful and natural thing in the world, and I kept my cock inside her ass long after I had finished ejaculating into her.

She asked if I felt better now and I said I did but I still desperately wanted to be inside her pussy. She said she wanted me inside her too, but only when I had a condom. I made her promise over and over that she would have vaginal sex with me when I had a condom, and she swore she wouldn't change her mind.

Over the next week I went into several shops, first with the intention of buying a pack of condoms, but I didn't know what would happen if a 13 year old boy tried to buy condoms. Would they call my parents and ask what I was going to do with them? Would they find out I wanted to use them with my s****r? I couldn't risk that so I thought about stealing some. I'd never stolen a thing in my whole life but the promise of sex with my s****r made me willing to go through with it. I had no experience with theft before though so I couldn't work out a way to pocket some without being sure I wouldn't be seen. If I got caught it would have been even worse than if I tried to buy some.

I found it hard to get alone with my s****r so over the next couple of weeks I had only managed to get her to give me a quick blowjob in her bedroom while our parents were downstairs, but I was just desperate to have sex with her.

Then our parents took us away for the weekend and we were staying in a hotel. We had connecting rooms and I shared with my s****r in separate beds, and my parents had a double bed in the room next door, with a door that could be looked from either side in the middle. When I saw the door could be locked I was extremely excited because I knew I would have two whole nights to have fun with my s****r.

We went out for dinner in the evening and I was just dying to get back to our room and get rid of our parents. When we got back to the hotel we sat in the bar and had drinks, and I went to use the toilet in the hotel. I had a piss and saw a condom machine on the wall, I checked the price and found some coins in my pocket and hurriedly used the machine, hoping nobody would come in and see me. Nobody came in so I got a packet of three ribbed condoms from the machine and put them in my pocket.

When I returned to my f****y my heart was pounding, knowing as I sat with my parents that I had three condoms in my pocket that I wanted to use to have sex with my s****r in the room next to them. After what seemed like forever sat looking at my s****r's sexy body and hoping I would be getting inside her that night, we all went up to our rooms and said goodnight. I immediately locked the connecting door and nervously showed my s****r my new purchase.

She giggled and whispered “what, tonight?” I nodded hopefully and she giggled again and said ok. Then she leaned in to kiss me which totally took me by surprise, although I'd had oral, vaginal and anal sex with my s****r we had never kissed before, and it was my first time. Her warm tongue slid into my mouth sensuously and I started kissing her back, and I was overcome with desire to fuck her.

I put my hand down into her panties and fingered her as we kissed, and I could feel her getting wet. I couldn't wait so I started taking off her clothes, then mine and we climbed onto the bed and I went down to lick her pussy. Tasting her wet pussy and inhaling her sexy scent had me so horny and I was desperate to fuck her. I grabbed the condoms and after struggling with the packaging and a failed attempt to put it on with shaking hands, she rolled the condom over my hard cock and I was buzzing with excitement about what I was about to do.

She laid back on the bed and I mounted her and eased my hard cock into her tight wet pussy. I felt such massive relief as I was finally back inside this wonderful place. Her pussy felt so tight and warm and comforting and I was in heaven. Finally getting back into her pussy after such a long time of wanting her meant that I filled up the condom almost immediately. I was angry with myself for not lasting longer because I wanted to fuck my s****r all night long, but I knew I had two more chances.

We had used up the last two condoms within about an hour, and it felt so naughty having to keep quiet while we had sex together with our parents only a few yards away, which made the sex even more dirty and fun. I was still horny so I gave her oral sex, and she was struggling to keep quiet which was such a turn-on, before she returned the favor and after I came in her mouth she said we should go to sl**p.

The next day I gathered up all my change and she gave me all of hers, so when we were in the hotel in the evening I used our coins to buy nine condoms from the machine, almost getting caught by my dad when he came in to use the toilet. I had an insatiable desire for my s****r, she was just the sexiest girl I knew and I wanted sex with her more than any other girl or woman in the entire world, so including a couple of times after we woke up in the morning, we had used all nine condoms by the time we left the hotel the next day. I wrapped the condoms in tissue and hid them at the bottom of the dustbin because I didn't want my parents to find used condoms in a room that only their young son and daughter had been in.

It was hard to get hold of condoms after that so we only had sex together quite rarely, and I would frequently beg her when I was horny to let me fuck her without protection, promising I would pull out of her to cum. She was more sensible than me though so she never allowed it, and usually just gave me a blowjob to satisfy me, but sometimes, even though she didn't like anal sex very much, she would let me fuck her ass so I could unload into her body.

I knew that the best way to get what I wanted from my s****r was just to beg her relentlessly until she finally gave in. It got to the point where I was begging her to have unprotected sex with me every day in the hour or so after school when we were home alone together, but she never allowed it. Then one day she told me she had something to tell me. I was intrigued and she told me she had started taking the pill, I wasn't entirely sure what she meant so she explained that she couldn't get pregnant any more so we didn't need condoms, and I could cum inside her vagina!

I was over the moon and we had sex straight away, and I was blown away by how much better sex felt with nothing between my naked cock and her warm wet pussy. There really is no better feeling than shooting my hot cum straight into my own s****r's tight vagina. I became addicted to coming inside her pussy and we would have sex every chance we got, sometimes many times in a day.

When my s****r was almost 17 she got a boyfriend and she started becoming reluctant to have sex with me until one day she told me we had to stop. I was devastated and had to go back to sniffing her dirty panties and masturbating to the memories of all our sexy times together. However it wasn't long before we were alone together one night and we just looked at each other and before we knew it I was pounding into her doggy style on the floor. We still usually end up having sex whenever we are alone together, I just can't resist her, but it's nothing like the perfect year we had when I was shooting my cum into her pussy pretty much every day, sometimes many times.

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