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My s****r and I part 4

We didnt get a chance to be together for the next couple of weeks. My mom and dad were always around. I had to settle for working things out by hand again. I had, however, been taking a pair of Mels used panties from the laundry hamper in the bathroom and got into the habit of smelling the crotch as I was jerking off. My cock got so hard from the smell. One Saturday I my s****r had been out all afternoon practicing barrel riding on her horse. She came in and took a shower afterwards. As soon as she was done and left the bathroom I grabbed her latest pair of really soiled panties. I couldnt wait until I would get a chance to use them later. They were really soiled. There were big white stripes of her juice all over the pink crotch.

We had dinner and I thought Mom and Dad were in for the night, so I said I was tired and went up to my room to jerk off. I heard the phone ring but it was never for me so I didnt pay any attention. I pulled out Mel's panties and inhaled the crotch. I was in heaven. It smelled just like her pussy when her and I had played. There was a faint smell of pee but that just made me all the hotter. I held the crotch up to my nose and inhaled as I started to jack my boner. I was just getting into it when I heard Mel at my door. I quickly stuck the panties under my pillow and pulled the banket over me.

Mel came in and said that Mom and Dad had gone to a neighbors to play cards and thought we could play around a little. She crawled into bed with me. When she did she put her hand under my pillow. She got a puzzled look on her face and lifted it up and pulled out her panties. OH OH busted. She asked what I was doing with them.

I said "Nothing"
She asked "Have you been jerking off to my panties."
I just nodded my head yes.
She asked if I liked the smell
I nodded yes again.
She said I didnt have to smell her panties. I could smell her pussy.

I told her that I like to lick the stains off of them.
She said I could just lick her pussy if I wanted to.

She stripped naked and laid on the bed with her knees bent.
I crawled between her legs and went right for her pussy. I licked it and kissed it and stuck my tongue into her hole. It wasnt long before juice started leaking out of her hole for me to lap up. I licked from the top of her slit all the way down and back again. Some times I even licked down to her butt hole. Everytime I got to her clit she would jump and everytime I got to her butthole she would do the same. All of a sudden she clamped her legs on either side of my head and started jerking. She was cumminghard. I kept on licking while she had two more cums. Then she made me stop.

I crawled up and kissed her with my pussy wet lips and she kissed me back.
She asked if I wanted her to help me now. I, of course, nodded yes. She got between my legs and grabbed my cock She started pumping it like she had before and I started humping back. Her face was moving closer and closer to my cock, finally she kissed the tip. I pushed her head down and she opened her mouth taking the head of my cock between her lovely lips. I had never felt anything so incredible in my life. I started hump her mouth and came within seconds. She let my cum shoot into her mouth and run down her chin. I was spent.

We cuddled and talked about what we had done. I asked if I could stick my cock in her pussy and she said "no way. I could get pregnant." We would just have to do what we were doing and thats all.

To be continued. How am I doing?

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