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Wife Sharing

After twenty years of marriage to my wife I came into alot of money. My wife and I quit our jobs and bought a fancy motor home to the tune of $500K! We traveled around the country stopping at fancy RV parks and hob knobbing with rich people.

Now neither of us were very old-I had just turned 50 and my wife, Samatha or Sam for short, was 45 and we were both in good shape. At this one park we met some people, Ross and Mary. They were filthy rich and were I am going to guess in their late 60's. Ross was a chubby tall guy and Mary was very petite. We were at their camper sitting outside when another couple, Ted and Betty came over.I am going to guess that they were in their early 70's. Both couples looked good for age. We all hit it off real well. The next night we all got together and ate dinner and were drinking pretty heavy. When Mary started talking about swinging and how she always wanted to try it. She stated that she had always wanted to get fucked by another man while her husband watched never knew how to get it started. The other women joined in talking and I looked at the other two men and they looked at me. Now I must admit I had cheated on Sam many times and she has cheated on me also. I always wanted to see her get a good fucking by another guy, and I had always wanted to fuck her and another woman at the same time. As the night went on I was getting the idea that everybody was on board with this and I was right. All three women said that we should all go get ready for an orgy and meet back at Ted's RV in an hour. Sam and I went and showered and got over to Ted's RV right on time. Ted and Betty were both naked.

Ted's RV had a huge bedroom with a kig size bed. Ted was an average guy and was standing there with a hard on about 6 inches long. Betty had a well trimmed brown bush and was dripping wet. Sam and I took our clothes and we were talking when Ross and Mary came in. They removed thier clothes, Ross had the shortest dick, about 5 inches and a big set of balls and this made my 7.5 inch dick the biggest. Mary had a untrimmed thick black haired bush and nice tits. Mary went to Ted, I got Betty, and Ross got Sam. We all went to the bed. I was able to watch Sam and Ross as they were almost sitting on me. I thought that Betty being so old that this was going to suck. We did some fore play but not much as Betty was already primed. I ended up on my back and thought Betty was going to blow me but she mounted me. She had a nice tight pussy and worked it well. Within a minute and a half I was ready to blow my wad but was holding back waiting on Betty. She was building up to a large orgasim which she started a few seconds later. With that I started to pump her full of my nut sauce. I looked over and Sam was laying on her stomach on the bed and Ross was standing on the floor pumping her hard doggy style when he arched and drained his balls. Ross moved over to the bed and Sam turned on her knees to clean his dick with her cunt pointed at me, Ross's load was dripping out of her pussy. My dick which was still in Betty started to get hard again. I had always wanted to see my wife's pussy full of another man's sperm and there it was. I had no idea what Ted and Mary had been up too. We all sat and talked for a little bit to give every one a chance to get their second wind.

Now was my turn with Mary, Sam got Ted, and Ross was going to drill Betty. Mary pussy was not too bad, Ted must have shot a small load and I banged away. Mary pussy was very wet and soon I was pumping a pretty hefty load deep into as she hit her orgasim. Ted had already dump his spooge into Sam and they were watching us. Ross said that Betty was pretty gooey as he unloaded his seed into her. We all took another breather and I noticed more sperm leaking out of Sam's pussy. Actualy all three women had goo leaking out and I found it to be a big turn on. Sam and I had many other swinging aventures and I will write about later

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