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Generations 4: Grandma and My Friend

Chapter 4: Grandma and a friend
I got the call to come over to help granny again with her house. When I got there, one of my girlfriend’s friends was there. We both smiled and greeted one another.

“Oh, so the two of you already know each other. I guess that means that we can skip introductions,” granny said.

With little hesitation, her friend dived in to strip granny. Granny was also very interested with getting the young doe naked. My girlfriend’s friend had small perky tits. As granny took off her bra, she said “Your breasts remind me of when I was your age.” Both women did not like using a razor on their pussies. They spent a short time just rubbing each others bodies. They looked at each other thinking about the hard on I must have been having in my pants.

The two then came over to me to take care of my clothes. After I was naked, granny sat down and spread her legs wide enough for both of us to fit. Both of the younger people took turns licking up granny’s pussy. I then got up, and sat beside granny. Granny got up and got on my cock. She put her unending supply of milk into my mouth again. My friend had a big surprise for granny. It was a strap on dildo. As her pussy got pumped my cock, she put her strap on in granny’s ass. I reached around to spank her young butt.

She took off the dildo to lie on the ground. Granny went to pick up the strap on. I got down filling her pussy with my dick. Granny put on the dildo, and thrust it into her face. Granny’s ass was shaking right in front of my face. I decided to put my face in her crack to lick up her ass. After a short time, granny thought that she would return the favor. She turned around. As my cock went in and out of her young partner, granny kept us lubricated. My friend took off the strap on from around granny’s waist. While the two girls licked each other up, my dick gave granny a mouth full as well as a pussy full to her young apprentice.

I got up and went back to the couch. Granny went back to get her dildo again. My friend stood up on the couch to have her pussy licked by a man’s tongue. My face was covered by her hairy cunt. She was nice and wet from granny’s licking. Granny came back to jump back on her favorite rid. The dildo was inserted in my friend’s ass to give her double attention. As granny rode me, she pounded the toy into my friend’s ass. It was in perfect sync. Granny, knowing that there was something more to do, bend over and licked her ass as the dildo went in and out.

With all of this humping, I was able to explode. Both girls assumed the position to invite my load. Granny licked my balls as my friend licked my shaft. Right before, they backed away for an explosion of cum on their face. The two girls licked my seamen off of the others face. They stood up on each side of me on the couch. With each hand, I figured their pussy as they figured the other. Granny let my friend go first. She sprayed it on granny’s pussy. Granny then exploded on my friend’s pussy. They both figured some of the juices making sure that they left most of it for me to lick up. I cleaned both of their pussy’s completely dry.

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