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Generations 3: Grandma

Chapter 3: Grandma
I had gone over to my girlfriend’s grandma’s house because she needed some things moved. She lived alone and there were not anybody else in the neighborhood that could help her. For a grandma, she was still in shape. She was actually able to help me lift some of the things.

“Thank you for lifting all of those heavy things. I don’t think I would have been able to do it myself,” grandma said. “Could I interest you in anything to eat or drink?”

“No thank you,” I replied “I’m good.”

She walked into the dinning room on the other side of the wall. I heard some pans clink. After a short time, she asked me “Are you sure you don’t want any pie? Why don’t you sit down in here and have a pie of pie?”

I started to walk into the dinning room so that we could have a face to face conversation. When I got on the other side of the wall, there was my girlfriend’s grandma in nothing but a white shirt. Her hairy pussy was dripping wet on the dinning room chair. Her nipples showed right through the t-shirt.

“You know, the only thing that really needs moved or cleaned is my pussy. Do you know how long it’s been since I had a spunky young man over?”

I was engulfed in her sweet pussy. Just like my girlfriend’s mom, granny’s pussy looked just like my girlfriend’s. This one was especially aged to perfection. I got down on all fours and leaned my head into her granny hole. All of the granny juices that she has stored up for so long came gushing out. It was like one flow after the other. She let out with moans of vented up tension. Even though she had not gotten fucked in a long time, she had still had the stuff.

She got up and turned her back to me. I took off my clothes as she took off her shirt. I placed my hard cock against her ass as I cupped her newly exposed tits. I then put my other hand over her pussy. She reached out and pushed my hand farther down to encompass both her butt and cunt. I inserted my pinky in her ass and my index and middle into her pussy.

After a nice rubbing, I bent her over the table. Since I now knew that anal was something that was enjoyed by the entire f****y, I was more than happy than to oblige. At first I went slowly to make sure she did not get hurt. When her moans told me that she was ready for more, I gave it to her.

She then moved me back to the chair that she had been sitting on. Granny sat down putting her pussy on my cock. It does not take a seasoned pro a long time to get back in the game. Before long she was bouncing her pussy on my cock as fast as her grand-daughter was. Granny buried my face in her tits as the bounced in front of my face. She took one and put her nipple in my mouth to such on. As I sucked on her tit, small drips of milk came out into my mouth. I switched to suck on the other one.

After I finished sucking her tits dry, she got off my cock to suck my milk out of me. She thought that she would tease me by licking my balls first. She then followed the load of cum up my shaft. By the time that she got to my head, the load was ready to come out. Granny then sat on the table and asked me to come over. I licked her ass, and then covered her pussy. A super gush came out. All of the relieved tension came out in one mighty squirt. Like a fine wine, her squirt tasted better than any that my girlfriend had given me.

As we both lay on the floor of the dinning room, I thought that things would always be different whenever I came over to my girlfriend’s grandma’s house for the holidays. “Maybe you can help me move things another time. I was thinking about another young girl coming over to help redecorate some of the curtains. Maybe you can come over then too?”

“Of course,” I said. “I’m always willing to help out.”

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