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Generations 2: Her Mom

Chapter 2: Mom
I was waiting for my girlfriend who was working on the school play. When I knocked on the door, her mom answered.

“Oh hi Jimi, she’s not here yet. I think they are going over with the play. If you want to come in, that would be fine.” As I came in the door, I saw that my girlfriend’s mom was just wearing a bath rube. She turned on the television. “If you don’t mind, I was just about ready to take a shower. You can watch whatever while you wait for her.”

She then left the room to the bathroom. I did not hear a door close behind her. I could not resist. Besides, she said that I could watch whatever I wanted. I wanted to watch my hot girlfriend’s hot mom take a shower.

I could just see through the crack in the door. As she undid her rube, her body reflected in the mirror. The mirror was just low enough to catch a glimpse of her bushy pussy. It was almost an exact aged replica of my girlfriends. Her tits were still perky, and slightly larger than my girlfriends.

She turned around to face the shower. It ran a little before she got in. When she got into the shower, she did not close the curtain. Watching the drops of water flow down my girlfriend’s mom’s body gave me such a hard on. I could not keep my clothes on because of heat that her body.

My girlfriend’s mom turned around. I could not find a good reason to stay out in the hall. I walked in. As she turned around, I was standing beside her with my stiff cock pointing straight up. She did not say anything. Without hesitation, I got down on my knees and started to lick her pussy. With that, she started to moan. I enjoyed my fresh drink of water mixed with pussy juice. Periodically she would rub her clit.

“Let’s see what that cock of yours can do” she said as she bent over. I started by jamming my rod into her pussy. I knew that my girlfriend liked both, but I did not know about her mom. After getting her pussy pounded, she stuck her ass farther in the air as if to say pound this as well. I put her close against the shower wall. Unlike her daughter, she did not gasp as my cock went in. She must have had lots of practice with both holes. As I started to thrust my cock into her ass, I grabbed the shower head. Jets of water shot up her pussy as her butt got banged. As she moaned away, she grabbed my hand and started to suck on my fingers.

She maneuvered me to the ground. On the ground, she got on top of me for a watery ride. She got on top of my still rock hard cock. As I put my cock back in her pussy, I moved the shower head to her ass. She could feel that my cock was about ready to shower the inside of her pussy. She got off my cock and placed her pussy right over my face. She then bent down to my cock. Right before I blew my load in her mouth, she released her juice. As it went down my throat, I could not hold mine in any longer. Her mouth stroking had released my load.

“Wow, my daughter should get more involved in more extracurricular activities. I overheard her on the phone about you. I thought she was just young, and enjoyed any cock. You know the play starts their performances next week. Maybe you could miss a couple of them to come here and lick my pussy up again. I’ll keep it warm for you.”

“Of course I will. Don’t they always say to respect your mother? Your pussy is just like your daughter’s except yours is more knowledgeable. If you want I could miss a couple days of school too.”

“Before you go, when you shot the water up my pussy, I think I still have some in there.” She stood over me on the shower floor, and let out a stream of water. She made sure to get it all over my body. “Oh yeah, now I’m going to have to clean you since you are dirty.”

As the water continued to come out of the shower head, she went down on me to suck my cock. After it was hard again, she got back on the cock ride. She bounced up and down with such excitement. Her tits were jumping for joy that they got back on my ride.

She then got off, and lay on the floor next to me. I got on top of her. I put my forearms above her shoulders so that as I rammed her aged pussy, she would not slide into the wall. Her pussy rubbed a second loaded gun for me. She got up and stoked the second load out into her mouth. “Thank you for joining me for my shower.”

“Anytime,” I replied.

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