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Generations 1: My girlfriend

Chapter 1: My Girlfriend
My girlfriend was working backstage with our colleges play. I thought it would be nice for me to bring her a meal since she was working on the set all day. She was all alone in the back room making one of the set pieces.

“Do you want to stay a little bit longer and keep me company? It’s lonely back here.” My girlfriend said to me.

I did not have much else to do, so I agreed to stay. She put down her work and opened her food I had brought her. The first thing she took out was a nice warm sausage. She looked at me. “Were you intending to do anything after you brought me food?” I just looked at her. My girlfriend took a nice big bite out of the sausage. “Are you getting hard?” she said as she put her hand on my crutch. “Maybe I should let your balls breath.”

She put down her lunch and got ready for another sausage. My girlfriend took off her top showing off the red polka doted bra she was wearing underneath to keep her breasts protected while she worked. She then took off her pants to show her blue thong pants. “Is this making you harder?” She got down on her knees to unzip my pants. As my pants dropped to the ground, my cock popped out to expose that she was correct.

My girlfriend started out by licking the head of my cock. She then licked down my shaft until she got to my balls. She licked each one with special care. After that my girlfriend used her theatrical oral skills to engulf my entire cock. She looked up at me to see how much I was enjoying it. I was enjoying it very much. For a brief moment, she took her mouth off my cock to give me a stroke. She then went back to business.

With one hand she stroked my cock as she licked it up. With the other she undid her bra, and took her panties to the floor. I took off my t-shirt. After a nice suck, she motioned for me to go down on the ground. When I got to the ground, I was greeted by her pussy. I finished taking her panties off as she did the same for my pants. Her bushy cunt was in need of a lick. She continued on my dick as I licked up her juices that she had created thus far.

My girlfriend got up and threw herself over the table which she had been working at. There was a soft cushion by the wall so I did not have to worry about thrusting too hard. I put my naturally lubricated cock into her pussy. As I started to penetrate her front hole, I grabbed another surprise out of the bag. It was a nice sized cucumber. As I inserted it into her ass, she let out a louder scream of enjoyment. I bounced her back and forth as she got her enjoyment. As she moaned, she grabbed the rest of the sausage I had brought her and sucked on it for me to watch.

After a long fuck, I was ready to blow. I took the cucumber out, and she replaced her sausage with my meat. Before I exploded, she took my cock out. “I want some sauce on my meal.” With that, I exploded my load all over the sausage and her face. As she downed the cummed sausage, she dipped the end in cum sauce that was on her face. This was just for extra flavor. She downed the rest of the sausage with only two bits.

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