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Just Call Her Angel In the Morning

Hey My name is Bob from California I have found that Women might say size doesn't matter, but lets be honest, it does. I wanted my lady to experience a large cock, eight or more inches, but more importantly thick. I wanted to see her pleased. I wanted her to cum multiple times and get a little dirty in bed. I really wanted her to just enjoy sex with another man. I did have some reservations. What if when it started I became enraged with jeoulosy. What if after experiencing another man, a large man, my wife didn't feel the same about me anylonger I decided that it was worth the risk, I wanted to see, I had to see Angel being fucked, not just fucked, but ravaged.

So to get thins going one night during foreplay I asked Angel if she had any fantasies. She said not really, I don't need them, you are my fantasy, and besides I love You I said really, I'm not going to get mad, really I have fantsies. Angel looked a little strange and also intriged. She said really, I'm not enough woman for you? So what's your fantasy? who is she? I said hold on Babe, you know I love you and only want to be with you. I explained a fanasy is just that, a fantasy. Angel again said who is she, So tell me do we have a threesome with her, Like we did With Janine is she better than me. I told her you'd be surprised, but I can tell fantasies aren't your thing. Let me just tell you it doesn't even involve me. Angel seemed surprised, how can you have a fantasy if you are not involved. I told her, it's simple my fantasy is about you. Angel said again, you know I don't have any sexual desire towards women. I only did that for you because i thought it was what you wanted. I said I know. Angel said well now I'm interested. I said yeah? Well if I told you my fantasy you'd probably think I'm a prevert so I think it's best I don't. She said no please. I told Angel only if she used her vibrator while I told her. I thought this may be a good way to see if she enjoyed the story. I could tell if she liked it by how wet she got. She said ok, if that's the only way. I was so excited, and rock hard. She retrived her vibrator from her special hiding place next to the bed and wit lightning speed Took Off her Jammies. She layed down on the bed . I thought perfect I will be able to see how wet she gets.

So I told her my fantsy includes you and another man. Angel seemed shocked and stopped playing with herself. I said don't stop, you promised you wouldn't get freaked out. She said I'm surprised because everytime a man looks at me you get all jeoulous, and What The Fuck You Lookin' at . I said I know I'm just as surprised, but as you can tell by my cock I like the idea. I continued with the story of how we set up a meeting with her and another man, how he undressed her in front of me and she did the same to her. I told her how big I imagined his cock to be. Angel chimed in and said ok so far so good . she then layed her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. Her pussy lips had swollen and become red with pleasure. She started to insert the vibrator in deeper and deeper, into her wet pussy as wet as I had ever seen it. Angel said So tell me more !. I continued with my story, I told her how she struggled to wrap her lips around that big O'l dick, how he kissed her down her neck, accrossed her breast, and down her stomach, and finally reaching her pussy. How he nibbled on her clit while inserting his fingers deep into her. How he then moved his way on top of her, inserting the head of his cock, and then slowly pushing that Big Cock Into her tight little Pussy the rest of the way

By this time Angel was completly soaked in her own juices, and fucking herself intensly with the vibrator. Moving her hips, imagining that someone was on top of her, fucking her, deep, deeper than I had ever been. I finished by telling her how she begged him to unload his Cum in her, Angel loved when I came inside her, She told me she loved the warm feeling of cum. Angel moaned as I told her, I heard her whisper fuck yes, fill me up. Angels body then shot up as she arched her back and reached climax, she shoved the vibator in as far as it would go and held that position for a minute. she opened her eyes and I made my way up to her. I kissed her and told her I loved her. She seemed a little embarresed, so I ensured her she had nothing to feel ashamed about. I told her that It was one of the most erotic momments in our life together so far. Angel kissed me and said thank you. She slowly removed the vibator from inside her. I wanted to inspect it so said here let me clean that up. Angel had left a large amount of cum on the vibator and also the sheet too, more than normal, this excited me even more.

After that night I wasn't sure if I should bring the topic up with Angel again. Did she think it was ok once, would she think I'm a pervert if I brought it up again. About a month went by and one night in bed Angel asked why I hadn't mentioned my fantasy again. I told her it was a one time thing. I told her I didn't want to offend her. I said I thought you might think I thought of you as a whore. I ensured her I didn't think of her that way, that my fantasy was purely about me getting enjoyment from watching her being pleased. Ange asured me it didn't offend her. She said it's like you told me it's just a fantasy right. I told her yes that initially started off that way, but I found myself more intrigued by the thought of her being with another man. I said it's just a phase, or something, but I have thought of it quite a lot since I first told you. Angel said I thought a couple times you may have been when we were making love. She said she could tell when something was on my mind because I always fucked her harder and unloaded more into her. I asked if she was upset, and she said not at all. I then asked if she tought about it. To my surprise she said yes. Angel went on that since the first story she has hoped I would tell her more, how she has masturbated to the thought. I said what do you think about it happening for real. She said while the ideal sounds good, it would be to hard to find the right guy.

Both Angel and I were looking for someone who would treat her like a woman, to not look at her like a slut that they could take advantage of. Then I had the perfect solution. My best friend's b*****r, Bob, had always showed an interest in Angel. I could tell that there was a connection between the two of them. A lust or desire. Since I had moved to Riverside. and had not got a hole lot of chances to do much visiting to Santa Monica Bob was scheduled to spend some time with us in a month. I bet Angel and Bob would be perfect. I also knew that Bob was well hung, he never had stopped letting everybody know. He was at least 9 inches and was thick as well. That night I told angel I had a new story and would tell her during sex. Angel was so Excited like a little c***d waiting for the tooth fairy or something. I described the man to Angel and began to described what they did, again like the first time Angel became extremely erotic. I continued the story and about halfway thoough told Angel who she was fucking. I told her it was Little Bob that was inside her, that it was Bob's dick she was cumming on, that it was Bob that would fill her insides with his load. Angel did not skip a beat and she climaxed twice that night. For the next month the fun continued. While having sex I would describe to Angel just how she was being fucked, I never again brought up Little Bob, this was intentional. Angel seemed to be enjoying these sessions more and more. I knew Bob would be visiting soon and I hoped to have the two of them hook up.

Bob finally arrived, as tan as ever. When he walked in Angel was excited to see him and gave him a big hug. and some crotch grinding as well I said joking, hey Bitch watch your hands there. Angel turned around and gave me a smile. The first couple nights Bob stayed nothing to exciting happened. It was now Friday and I was planning on a bit of a small party . I picked up some alcohol on my way home from work, and a somewhat sexy movie I knew had some sex in it. I got home before Angel. I told Bob to make us some drinks and make them strong. I needed to take a shower and would be down in a couple minutes. When I got out of the shower I could her Bob and Angel talking downstairs. I instanly was rock hard. I finished gettig dressed and made my way downstairs. Angel came over

Hi Honey! and gave me a hug and kiss. Bob and Angel had already put one drink away. Beth asked what the plans were for the night. I said booze, conversation, sex games, and a movie. Beth said sounds fun, I'm going to go upstairs and get freshened up. so I poured a couple shots for Bob and myself and said let's get started. After the first shot, I poured another and said why stop now. Bob said I'm not a lush like I used to be. I told him to man up, which he did. Angel came downstairs in a tight pair of stretch pants. Her ass was amazing, and I for One don't think she realized that you could clearly see her cameltoe.

She had on a tight low-cut white t shirt. that you could see rite through, Her breast peeked out the top of the t shirt ever so slightly. Angel said did you plan for food.? I had intentially forgot.OH Fuck what a Moron I am ! I wanted to get the to of them alone together. I said no, but I can run up the street and get something. I took the order and told them I would be back in a few minutes. Before I left I poured two shots, one for Angel and one for Bob. I said I would but I have to drive. Angel being petite is not able to drink a lot without feeling it. So I left and hoped that the two of them would loosen up. I took a few extra minutes. When I

returned the two of them had moved to the same side of the bar. Angel had her hand on his arm and they were laughing. The night continued and we all continued to drink. During the conversation I made sure to menion Bob's old days as a ladies man and how he bragged about the size of his cock. Bob tried to deny it, but we wouldn't let him. I told the story of the girl who told him to stop fucking her because his dick was to big. The night was going well tho.

The three of us moved into the living room to watch the movie. By this time we all had one to many. As the movie started I positioned Angel between Bob and myself. Angel covered up with her little Blanket and leaned in on me.We all were talking and not paying to close attention to the movie. I was rubbing Angel's leg and inner thigh. I could tell She was horny. Then a great sex scene on the movie came up. Then Suddenly the room became quiet. Everyone's eyes where plastered to the screen. Angel reached over and rubbed my cock through my pants. I noticed that Bob was looking out the corner of his eyes on the rubbing action between Her and I. I thought it was now or never, so I took my hand and reached it down into Angels pants, to her crotch and that wet Fucking Pussy I started to rub her clit under the blanket. She did not stop me and she began rubbing my cock harder. I could tell Bob was getting excited as he watched the two of us. As I slid my finger into Angel's Soaking Wet Pussy And she let out a quite Audible sex Moan " Unuuuh " I asked Bob if he ever thought about fucking Angel . Bob immeidately said you know I wouldn't do that to you. You saved my ass to many times. I told Bob that it was fine, and besides I know that you Fucked Janine !!! Whao!!! Wait a second Dude! You two were broke up at that time !!! Oh Really ? Angel asked is that the same Janine, that You And I Fucked at that hotel ,? and we locked you Out of the Room ? while she and I were Fucking each other when you went to the liquor Store Yeah that Janine Hon, Bob said Waaait-A-Minute !! you and Janine AndThat's when I stopped him in mid sentance Look he's trying to change the subject What Subject he asked I said Have you ever Thought about fucking Angel ?

This time I made sure to make her moan she was so Fucking wet !

Mmmuuuhaah I told him that Angel and I actually fucked to that thought. Bob was shocked. Angel still had not said a word. I pulled the blanket off of Angel's lap and Bob could clearly see what was going on. I asked Angel if she ever thought about fucking Bob. she said yes, not looking at either of us.

I said Hony ? do you want to fuck Bob now, again Again Angele answered yes.

I then pulled my hand from her pants and asked her to stand up in front of Bob. Why don't you show Bob Just how beautiful you are. She began to undress, she slowly pulled her top over her head and dropped it to the floor. then teasinly.

Rubbed her Breasts and Finally her pants. Bob was still in shock and did not say anything. Angel asked Bob if the stories were true about him. I could see then something changed in Bob. Bob told Angel she would have to find out for herself. Angel didn't waste anytime. In a momment she was on her knees between his legs. She undid his pants and he raised to let her remove them. Her eyes grew wide and I could tell she was excited to see just how large he was. Angel placed her left hand on Bob's sack and began to kiss it. With her right hand she slowly strocked his cock. She made her way up his shaft. She then opened her mouth and took his head into it. Angel had never seen a cock that large and I could tell

That it was a bit of a challenge for her, she wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. She struggled to take half of his cock in her mouth. Bob grabbed her by the hair and directed her around his cock. Slowly moving her up and down. Around the head and along the length of his cock. Angel then straddled Bob and began to kiss him. Bob carressed her breast as their tongues intertwined. Angel reached down and directed Bob's enourmous cock inside her. It was a struggle at first, but Angel was so wet with excitment it didn't take long for the entire shaft to be inside her. Bob moved down to Beth's erect nipples and began to suck on them. My plan had worked, my wife pleased, it was as if I was not there. The two of them were so envolved with the other they didn't notice me. Angel was fucking, Bob He had his hands on her hips. He started to pound her pussy. Within a few Minutes Ange Was Really Starting to Enjoy Her new Toy !

She was going up and down very slowly in the begining and then all of a sudden She Changed, Her face changed, And she was Making some pretty Guteral noises and Moaning Too "Mmmuuurahh ! Aaaassswooo haaa ! OooH ! Shit Myyyeeee pu Puu pussy Is OOOH ! Myyy Gaaawwwwd I Uuuumm OhHH !

Fuuuk !! Geeeze My FUCK !!! OH YEAH !!! God ! Fuck I'm Gonna Cum

real OHH !! SHIT OH ! SHiiiitt ! Fuck Me Ohh Fuckin Fuck Me with your Big fucking Cock Bob Just Fuck Meeee Please Ohhh Gawwwd I I I'm Going to

Ooooh ! Geeze Fuck AAaaaaahhh ! Gaaaaawwwdd Angel was cumming and real hard too. She had climaxed. Bobs's shaft was covered in Angel's cum. and

She leaned over and tried to give me a long kiss, but just then Bob who had been pumping Angels Pussy this whole time. was about to explode he stood up grabbed Angels Left leg and then her Right Leg and put his arms under her beautiful Legs and Cradled Angel with his hands supporting her back and his arms supporting her Long Legs He Began Pumping His Now very Hard Cock Into her Once More they Both were fucking again and this time Cumming All over each other She seemed to have enough for one night, and went to the guest bathroom to get a wash cloth and to clean him up as she always had for Me, Angel sat for a moment in silence with us when I Loudly Said Fuck it sure Is Fucking QUIET IN HERE! we all started to laugh and Angel came To me and Kissed me Just as if her and I were Fucking she said I have to go clean myself up, All sticky and sweaty too. and then she kissed Bob not Quite as passionatly as she had done with me but enough to stir the monsters. When Angel Returned after Taking her Shower and making herself smell Sooo Good she sat Naked In between Bob and I that's when she Said to me in the sweetest Voice Thank You Hony For Making Me Fuck Little Bob! and Bob said Yeah Honey Thank You for Letting My Fuck

your O'l lady He asked Dude was that a once in a lifetime thing would I ever let him fuck Her again ? That's when we told him that we were Moving Back To Santa Monica, Oh Hell Noooo !! was his reply we all sat and smoked a cigarette and next Angel said it's getting late we should all go to Bed as she Clicked the remote off and almost total darkness, except the moon and a clock face She bent over to kiss me once again and wispered I loveYou, and I know that you love me too. we kissed deep as I felt her Hand Grasp My Now growing cock and I noticed her other hand was on Bob's Cock as well She stood and directed Us both to our bedroom. Bob laid her down and began to fuck her. She was moaning in pleasure. Asking Bob to fill her with his manhood. This was the first time I had heard Azngel talk this way. Bob was fucking my Future wife as she had never ben fucked before and Angel was enjoying every second of it. Angel came once more. Bob then said he was going to cum. Angel told him to do it inside her. Bob grabbed Angel's hips and pulled up while whileAngel shoved her pelvis into Bob as he unloaded into Angel and She came once again. Bob then rolled over. Angel opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes were glazed over as if she was on d**gs. I could tell she had been to a place she had never been before. That night both Bob and I fucked Angel. It was the greatest night of sex in both of our lives. The next morning we all woke and continued on as if nothing out of the norm happened. Bob left later that day . For the next few years Bob and Angel and I would get togetherand Bob would visit Angel and I. On Friday's Bob would have his way with Angel.

It finally ended when
Bob Married Jennefer
and She wouldn't Have Anything to do with us !!!

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