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Part 3: An unusual Glory Hole Experience

Okay guys, here' the rest of it. I went to Jenny's apartment hard as a rock and dripping with precum so much that my pants were soaked. She wouldn't be home for a few more hours, so I envisioned how I would propose the idea of the both of us going to the bookstore and entering the video section and fucked while somebody watched us. My first thought was, "she's going to throw you out of the house for even suggesting this!" But then I fantasized about her fucking me while somebody else watched. The thought of being viewed turns me on so much, and it never had before (and it still does!!). I decided to have a few drinks of wine and think about my plan further. I must have drifted off to sl**p, because the next think I remember was Jenny coming up the stairs. She immediately came to me, woke me up, and she furiously stripped my clothes off and started sucking my cock and licking my balls. Because we didn't see much of each other for weeks at a time, we often came up with new ideas to experiment with each other. Then it hit me! Taking her to the video store could be my idea for her to ponder!! As for her idea? Take her into the shower, lather her tiny petite asshole up in shower gel, and stick my cock into it for the first time. We had only tried a little finger play before and she loved it. Being as horny as I already was, I carried her into the shower, passionately kissed her and stuck my tongue so far into her dripping shaved pussy that I could feel her body juices moving down my throat. Enthralled with passion, we made love steadily and slowly for about 10 minutes, until she gave me a look I will never forget--a look of nervousness and curiosity; she took the shower gel, covered my hands and cock in it, then placed my hands in her ass crack to lather her up. While doing this, she stroked my cock gently, getting it all soapy lathered. I let her take the head of my cock and insert it into her asshole, since this was her fantasy. As the head squeezed in, the pressure around my cock was so tight I wanted to cum immediately, but then she started gliding slowly, millimeter by millimeter, taking more and more of the 8 inch veiny cock inside her orifice (I was standing holding onto the wall, she was bent over in front of me), until she had my balls slapping her clit as all of me went inside. She screamed loudly and rubbed her clit while I pumped her full of a huge load of cum. She asked my fantasy while this happened and I screamed, "I'm going to fuck you while somebody watches us!!" I couldn't believe I said it! She immediately responded and yelled out how erotic that would be for her to show her body and talents to other voyeurs!! With that, it was settled. We cleaned up, went to bed. The next morning, she asked if I was serious and I said yes. She asked where I proposed this to occur and I said i wanted to visit the local sex store with video booths. She did not hesitate at all to say 'okay.' During the day I emailed my curious new friend met the evening before in the glory hole booths. Told him that Jenny agreed and we needed to set up a time. Since I had to leave the next day, we decided that this evening (saturday) at 10pm would be best. I would prepare to get jenny a little tipsy prior to going to ease her inhibitions, and mine as well...... the rest of the story awaits

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