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BDSM light

I grab your hips and press yourself against me. Turning you slowly so that I can kiss your neck. Turns you gently down on the bed.
Let my fingers gently playing over your shoulders. Gently push your body so that you lie on your back in bed.
I kiss your chest outside the clothes. Take off the top a bit too fast. You are now at the back, topless and bra.
I caress your neck and let his fingers explore yourself.
I ask you to turn around.

When you lie on your stomach, I take your hands on putting them on the back. CLICK hear you. You feel that your hands are stuck!
I have put the one handcuffed. You turn your head and eyes are a bit panicky. I smile at you and say: Calm now, If you have any plans for the next hour? Forget them! You are mine now!

I see you calm yourself a bit and smile a little. I turn you back on your back! Take slow off all your clothes. Fast but tenderly!
When the panties come off, you looks a little uncomfortable but when you see my reaction to your beautiful pussy you can restore luster in the eyes. I stop and just look! Can not hide my delight. I spread her knees against your will. But when your leg reaches the end of the bed quickly takes up one cuff to. CLICK now you have only one leg free! I'm spreading your legs and there is no doubt that you are a bit uncomfortable, I can alsosee that you are curious. I do not want to imprison the other leg to say I. You nod in response.
Keep the legs apart so I can enjoy you I say. You nod again.

You are now with their hands tied and legs spread. I tear off all my clothes and you see how hard I am. I take out a small bottle with oil and begin to anoint you. I will start with the breasts slowly down to your legs, a little bit too long without touching you on the pussy. You’re breathing increases and you starts slowly turning in bed. No, I say keep your legs apart .. So yes!
Takes a little more oil on your finger and let it gently slide along your wet pussy lips.Only the Court appearance. Stops all the time before I reach the clitoris.
Takes more oil let a finger sniff a bit on your opening. But change my mind. Now I been teasing you for a long time.
In the end, you say 'Please take me. I answer: No .. Not yet. You get something almost a****l-like in her eyes ... TAKE ME NOW your voice is like Satan in a horror movie.

I smile and put me between your legs. Lets continue with tongue where the finger ended..From your opening and slowly upwards, but stops or just touches your clitoris. You trying to pull her legs together so you can access your clit. I pull your legs firmly apart again.
Spreads her your labia so your clit is exposed completely. Add me to the right and I see how you enjoy and shake with anticipation. But I slowly blow just so you feel my warm breath and just let your lips touch on your clit now swollen to the max!
After a while, so I let the tip of the tongue gently touch and spin around it.
I hear you're almost like a gurgling sound enjoyment. I notice that you will com soon ..So I quit.

I sit beside you and kiss you on the mouth. Then I say: Now I'll take you! Yes please take me, you say.
I lay down between your legs, but I pause to let the cock play with your clit.
Then I press slowly into you! First you get only half. Slowly, in each move, I will further and further into you.
Increases slow down so I eventually get you a hard fuck.
I soon noticed that you are close. Now I let you get into a deep and intense orgasm. While I let my sperm pumping into you!

Afterwards I stay long with you tied up and see my sperm slowly dripping out of you pussy.
Should I relies you now? We'll see:)

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