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I want to be with 10 strangers, old pervs and black guys and greet them by undoing their pants, pulling their cocks out, and playing with different cocks in each hand. Then i start violently sucking off multiple cocks. I would jack a cock off with one hand while quickly bobbing my head up and down the other in my mouth, then put the next cock in my mouth and suck it like a cockwhore. All kinds of dicks all circled around me, big, small, black, -everywhers, sucking each like a posesed slut. I would keep switching off cocks till I had givem each man the best blowjob they have ever had. Then I would lay down with my head over the couch so I can lick balls and gargle them with im my mouth with cum, while the guys feel up my body, grabing my tits and licking my fat ass. have a man or two cum on a cock before i gobble each mans balls in my mouth, Then yall would all lay on the floor with yalls feel over your head so I can lick ass. Someone asks if im a slut and I reply by shoving my tounge in his dirty ass and mumbling while I push my toung in and out of his asshole like a crazy whore. After that, I get in doggy position as all ten pervs rail my wet tight pussy, or my virgin ass, and then finish by cumming in my mouth. They watch me play with loads in my mouth then swallow every drop, all 10 loads like a slut. they call me a slave names,. After that, i lay in the shower so each man can piss all over my body, use me as a toilet. pee comming from everywhere as all 10 pervs streams piss against my face, chest, back, and ass. ohh how i love the feeling of warm pee splashing all over my chest, face, back, shoulders, ass and soaked in my hai!. I want piss soaked in my hair and running down my tight body. Then ill fuck anyone who wants a piss covered whore

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