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The Day My Wife Turned To A Slut

Having read the excellent story “subway Heat” from Billy69Boy I was put in mind of something that happened around five years ago and decided to tell the story. This true story concerns my wife and as a prelude to the story, I need to explain that my wife has never been one who is at all permissive or one who sl**p around and as far as I know has always been most faithful. Also I am the type of person who would not appreciate, or tolerate my wife behaving in an inappropriate manner. On this occasion however, my wife did indeed behave inappropriately and although I had mixed feelings, I found it to be very exciting.

It was one Christmas Eve and I was sitting in our local pub waiting for my wife, who was at her s****rs and was due to meet me at the pub. After a little while she turned up with her s****r, both in quite high spirits as it was Christmas Eve. My wife looked gorgeous, she had made a great effort and was wearing a quite short black skirt, a pink satin blouse, through which her black lacy bra was just visible and black holds ups or stockings (I knew them to be hold ups or stockings as she didn’t wear tights) I got them both a drink and we all sat round a table chatting. After a while my wife offered to go the packed bar, to get another round of drinks, so I stayed at the table chatting to her s****r.

When she returned and had sat down, she said that a guy at the bar had put his hand on her arse, she did not seem bothered about it and indeed she and her s****r had a laugh about it. I however was not at all impressed and asked who it was, with the intention of going over to confront him, when it comes to my wife, I am most protective. She did point him out, but said to forget it, as he was probably d***k and she did not want the evening spoiled, even adding, in a joking way, that he was quite good looking, a comment that made me most unhappy, but I decided to leave it.

I had to go to the loo and left the two girls chatting at the table. On my return, I noticed only my s****r in law was at the table and asked where her s****r was. She informed me that she had finished her drink and had gone to get another. She must be on some sort of mission I was thinking. Once she was back at the table and we were drinking and chatting, she kept looking round towards the bar, this really annoyed me and I asked sarcastically if she was looking for the guy who touched her earlier. She denied that to be the case, but did say he was at the bar and had rubbed up against her when she was getting her drink, but did not touch her. We were in serious danger of having a major row by this point, but she just kept telling me to calm down and it didn’t matter. This was so out character for her, normally she would have smacked the guy herself!

When we were due for another drink, she was the first to volunteer to go get them, which obviously was met with suspicion from me, but she asked her s****r to go with her, which slightly allayed my suspicion. As they walked to the bar, I noticed they stopped for a minute or two and were talking about something. I was intent on keeping an eye on her and the guy, but as she stood by the bar, her s****r was between her and myself and they just so happened to be were the guy was standing. I noticed he looked at her but didn’t say anything, I was trying to keep an eye on his hands, but her s****r was obscuring my line of vision.

The guy then moved right up close to my wife and his arm was down by his side, which meant he could quite easily have been touching her again, but the bar was seriously packed and I had her s****r in the way. I had had enough by this point and decided to go to the bar, if my wife noticed me I was just going to ask her to get me some crisps. I got as close to her as possible, but equally trying not to be seen by her, or her s****r. I managed to get close enough and couldn’t believe what I saw, his hand was indeed on her arse, but not just that, he was actively caressing it as well, to which she was doing nothing.

I had a lot of emotions going on at this point, namely anger and shock, but for some reason I didn’t actually do anything. It seemed to me that she was making no effort to get the attention of the bar staff, which seemed to suggest she wanted to stay there, being touched up by this total stranger. I stayed just where I was and I have to admit I was shaking a little and had a sort of feeling of nausea, which clearly was due to what was going on with my wife. As I stood there watching, he moved his hand down and started stroking her leg and moving his hand upwards!

I was now totally dumbfounded and quite simply didn’t know what to do, quite clearly I should have walked over and smacked him in the mouth, but I just didn’t! As he moved his hand up, it was exposing her stocking tops and he had his hand on her beautiful white smooth skin, just above the black stockings. I couldn’t believe this was happening, my wife was being touched up and exposed by a total stranger and in a pub. His hand was now right up her skirt and he must have been touching her pussy through her knickers, yet she said nothing, didn’t move and didn’t even look at him.

When finally a member of the bar staff served her, I went back to the table and sat down. When they got back, having stopped before reaching the table to chat secretly about something, my wife carried on as if nothing had happened, but did change chairs to sit next to me and kept kissing me and showing a lot of attention, but I was being very cold towards her. She whispered in my ear that she was wearing silk stockings and lacy black knickers. I commented that the guy at the bar already knows that. She looked at me for a while, not sure what to say, then started denying it, but when I said that I had been at the bar and saw what happened, she simply said that she just couldn’t move because of all the people and didn’t want it to end in some kind of brawl. I just looked at her in disbelief, shaking my head and still feeling a little sick.

My s****r in law was trying to placate me and make light of the situation and was even being a little flirty, no doubt to try and diffuse the situation. My wife suddenly took hold of my hand and put it on her thigh and then slowly pushed it up, past that gorgeous point where the stocking top meets smooth skin and right up until my hand was on her knickers. She whispered to me to slip it inside her knickers and although I was mad with her, I simply couldn’t resist. Her cunt was completely soaked; he had obviously got her very worked up.

When her s****r had gone to the loo, she said that she was sorry for what had happened and that she would never normally let something like that happen and couldn’t explain why she had. While I frigged her wet cunt under the table, I just didn’t know what to think, I was so mad, yet now so turned on, as she looked and smelled so gorgeous and her pussy felt so good. I did notice that while she was being frigged off by me under the table, she did keep looking at the guy at the bar, who kept looking towards her and talking to his mate, obviously telling him that my wife was a slut and he had been touching her up.

I can’t explain why I did what I did next, but I said to my wife that we should go to the bar and get a drink, which she was fine with. I went straight to the place where the guy and his mate stood and made it quite clear that she was with me, kissing her and so on. I made sure that she stood between the guy and me and as we waited to be served, I put my arm round her and placed it on her stocking, I then immediately moved it up exposing her stocking tops myself. I blatantly started rubbing her pussy through her knickers. I don’t know how many people could see this, but one thing is for sure, the guy and his mate could!

One of the bar staff then came over to serve me and I removed my hand. As I was being served, the guy moved a little closer to her and just basically put his hand up the front of her skirt, pushing it so high you could see her knickers and put his hand down the front of her knickers and started frigging her off. We were right up to the bar and how crowded the bar was, no one else maybe could see, but I wasn’t sure. He just stood there frigging my wife off and again she did nothing, other than putting her hand on my bulging cock and rubbing it through my jeans. By the look on her face he was actually bringing her off, right there at the bar. As I looked down, I was truly shocked to see that she was rubbing his cock as well.

Once we were served, we returned to our table and rejoined my s****r in law, my wife then went to the loo. It was at this point that my s****r in law said that she knew what had happened and that I should try not to be angry. She said that my wife had never done anything like that before and pretty much was whiter than white, but as she had only ever had sex with me, maybe she just wanted to experience someone else, just once, which a lot of women due, when they had only ever had one partner. I said that maybe I should let him fuck her then, somewhat sarcastically, but she simply said that maybe I should.

I sent my wife to the bar once more that evening and while she was there, she stood next to the guy again, assuming I didn’t mind this time I guess, but also his mate stood the other side. I mentioned to her s****r that I thought she was getting touched up again and I was going to see, but that I wouldn’t say anything.

When I got to the bar, I saw that the guy had his hand up the back of her skirt, which was hitched pretty high, but also his mate had his hand down the front of her knickers, she wasn’t touching either of them, or talking to them, but simply allowing herself to be exposed and touched up by TWO strangers! Once back at the table, nothing was said and shortly after we left.

When we got home, she was all over me and was on her knees sucking my cock almost before we were in the door. We continued to have the most amazing sex session, during which I demanded she express what she wanted to do to the two guys, which she did, leaving no details out. I was calling her a cheap little slut, to which she agreed, saying she wished the two guys were there, both fucking her at once.

I do have to admit that although disturbed by the events of the evening, it did result in one hell of a fuck, I was just worried that she would get a taste for being a slut............................

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