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L h O i V m E

-Chapter 1-
With my lips I guided Cody’s boxers off his hips exploring his hairless abdomen. A tuft of jet-black hair peeked out behind his cotton curtain. As a photographer major Cody would certainly appreciate the contrast and texture of his wiry hair jutting across his soft white boxers, like that of a bare tree branch on a backdrop of fresh fallen snow.

Kneeling before this monument of strength his nervous energy quickly melted away. In the humbling beauty of Heart Lake we bared our souls to each other and I’ll forever hold this sacred place as a testament that true love whispers among the burnt and fallen giants.

My love for Cody started in my freshman year in college. He’s a gorgeous American Indian 6ft, 165 pounds of pure sculpted manhood. With his dark black hair tucked behind his copper color ears, he posses a raw beauty that very few men own: the kind of beauty you find in nature. From Cody’s commanding strength to his tranquil demeanor there will never be enough picture frames to capture his true sprit.

Cody made my freshman year sheer torture. He would walk from the dorm showers back to his room wrapped in a white towel. There were so many times I wanted to pull him into my room, peal off the towel and have my way with him.

On weekends when my roommates went home, I would invite Cody over for pizza and beer hoping for the right moment to annunciate a little bromance. We talked sports, music, photography and of coarse the lack of getting laid.

The night before we went home for summer break Cody and I engaged in a friendly wrestling match over a last piece of pizza. Cody ended up on top of me, his strong smooth legs stretched across my chest pinning me helpless. With his pepperoni pizza in hand I could feel Cody’s cock growing upwards against my chest, his bulging shorts just inches from my face. Quickly Cody retreated to the couch proudly adjusting his shorts and enjoyed the spoils of his victory. I laid on the floor with an amazing view of Cody’s legs spread wide open, his plump cock peaked out of his shorts like a nervous prairie dog…. I was paralyzed in the moment and in aw of the Indian god that sat before me. I said nothing waiting to make eye contact, waiting for approval, a sign, anything. I wondered-- did he like me… was he to afraid to take the first step… or did he feel creped out touching another guy. The unknown was too much for me; I finally got up the nerve to ask if he wanted to spend the night. To my disappointment Cody had to pack his stuff that very night because his parents were picking him up early the next morning.

The beers took their toll I crashed on the floor and woke the next morning to find Cody gone. A note was scrawled on the pizza box, it read; “Sorry I couldn’t spend the night, maybe this coming fall I’ll give you a rematch”. All I could say to that was SWING!

As soon as I got home I emailed Cody. “I had a great time this year and I can’t wait for classes to start up again, I got the note you left me and I’ll wrestle you any day for a piece (of pizza). My sexual innuendoes didn’t seem to scare Cody away, we stayed in touch through out the summer, our emails grew more personal, I dropped subtle hints about how I wished I had his body and how I wished I could have his body.

Cody sent me one email towards the end of summer that really peaked my interest. He described a guided trip in which he took a couple of guys from Boston into Yellowstone Park. Apparently the BB adopted the saying “Whatever Happens in Yellowstone Stays in Yellowstone” (not an original line but it sure gave me a boner). I wondered-- was Cody’s beating around the bush about getting naughty with me? I felt if I left it up to him he would never muster up the courage to admit that he was curious about being with another guy. So I emailed him back and suggested that we take the same trip. His response surprised me it was as if he had the whole trip planed already but was afraid to ask me; Ok… so finally my persistence was starting to pay off.

On the night before I headed to the ranch Cody sent me another email. He went on about how awesome the backcountry was and he attached a picture that was worth a thousand words and totally left me speechless. When I opened the attachment I was mesmerized, jealous and horny all at the same time. It was a candid B&W photo of Cody with another guy bathing knee deep in Yellowstone River. Like two boys in a muddle puddle they splashed at each other making their witty titties cling to their bodies like a second skin.

I closed my eyes and pictured myself in the photo. Our lips never parted as I slowly pealed the underwear off Cody’s butt. My fingers sunk into his fleshy ass, his body next to mine. Before I knew it my fantasy culminated into a throbbing orgasm, leaving me as wet as the photo I only wished I could be a part of. I cleaned up then fired back a quick response. “I think I’m going to like this place you call bear country” …lol, I wish I was already there, see you tomorrow.

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