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Jodie At The Beachhouse Part 2

Jodie and I were getting ready to go into the downtown area for dinner and a little fun when I called her to come in the living area of the beachhouse. Holding up a fairly large buttplug I said I have a little something extra I want you to wear this evening. Jodie pushed her shorts down and bent over the padded arm of the sofa. Running a lubed finger in her cute wrinkled hole she loosened some and I started pushing the plug in she is tight and it took a little bit of slowly fucking her with it until the widest part had entered and her body seemed to suck the rest in with a grunt. Thats a good girl I said giving a few hard swats on her already red bottom. We were on our way few minutes later and after parking were on our way to eat. Having another great meal we were at a club listening to some good Blues music. Jodie was on her second glass of wine and I was having a cola(I do not drink and drive and I especialy do not want to be impaired when dominating someone) Who should walk up to the table but the 2 college students we had seen the night before. Did you enjoy your eveneen the shorter redhead asked? Jodie repied It was SMASHING Bob really WHIPPED UP some interesting things for me. Yes I replied by the end of the night Jodie was really BEAT. The 2 squirmed in their seat and gave a few nervious laughs. Jodie told us she needed to go to the restroom and that it may be interesting if they followed. The boys returned before Jodie and asked me "did she really enjoy having her butt beat like that" They said that as Jodie had entered the ladys room she said "boys look over here" and pulled her shorts all the way down showing her red ass and the crop marks on her upper thighs then closing the bathroom door. Ask her she's back. They did and Jodie told them it was the most exiting thing a women could do for someone they love. I guess you think that men should all ways be in charge the Larger blond man said. Only one Jodie said leaning over to give me a kiss. Show them my business card Bob. Handing them the card that simply said:

The Princess Of Pain
Dominitrix To The Elite

You dominate men for a living they asked in suprise. No not as a living more as a hobby, I have a full time job and I started it as a supliment to my income after my divorce. You would be suprised who she has seen famous atheletes, actors and a few politicons. Jodie can have tears of pain running down your face and you will be begging her for more. Jodie looked a the large man and said I bet you would really enjoy a session, the big macho types have the best time I think you would really like to meet my strapon. The large man turned red while his friend laughed. Looking at him she said I do not think you would like the strapon, you look more like you would enjoy drinking my golden nectar which brought laughter from his friend. We left for the beachhouse leaving 2 confused young men behind. At the house I removed the plug before we walked on the beach. We laughed about the 2 boys especialy the one she said would like to drink her piss. That reminds me I have to go, taking my dick out an going at the waters edge turning to Jodie I peed on both of her feet. In a suprised cry Jodie asked what are you doing. Jodie when I am around you I feel like an a****l I am marking whats mine like an a****l. Ha she said I have given you many golden showers you must have been mine for a long time. Yes I have been Jodie, taking her in my arms and kissing her. Back in the beachhouse we used and abused each other until nearly 5 in the morning. sl**ping late we packed and headed back to our homes stopping to have a late lunch along the way. Talking about how great a time we had that weekend Jodie said "Bob this was the best time of my life I wish it never had to end" I stood up and reached in my pocket and said "it doe not have to end Jodie will you marry me" showing her the ring I had bought before the weekend started. Jodie screamed and said yes Bob as I put the ring on her finger. We caught a plane to Las Vegas the next day and were married that evening. Jodie had some suprised co workers when she returned to work the next monday as did both of our f****ys when we got back to town. Jodie still does a few sessions but only with established clients. We do not need the money as she once did and now do it as more of service to her faithful slave. A very expencieve service but at service neverless. A few months after our marriage we did a session with Nikki the Vietnamese masochist and her fiance training him to be her master.

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