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First time i fucked the married woman

first time i fucked the married woman

she was having a party, her husband is away for 3 months at a time, works overseas, so here i am single guy at her party, it was mainly 40+ year olds, me 27, she was giving me the eye all night, getting me drinks, as i lived in the street i was on of the last to leave, then it was just me and her and she was in the kitchen i went to help clean up and i was just resting with back to the counter and she just could see where i was and just came up to me backed her arse onto my crotch and just slowly moved her arse side to side, not saying a word.

with in a minute my cock was rock hard and she knew it, she turned around, unzipped me and started sucking on my rock hard cock, i was in heaven but thought wtf am i doing, she was sucking on my bell head like she had never sucked cock for months, next she grabbed my hand led me to the living room sat me down on the couch and she took her dress of and thong and knelt down to suck on me, by this time i wanted to fuck that pussy, i told her to sit on it, she turned around and just hovered over my shaft, then she lowered herself, tip went in and she moaned, then a couple of inch, she was so tight, never had k**s, she was just going up and down, her pussy was wet, my cock was now going in balls deep and she was moaning so much.

2 mins in and she came, her pussy tightened all over my cock, i wanted to come then but she got off and sucked my wet cock, i told her to lie on the floor and i was going to fuck her mish, we did this for 5 mins i told her i was going to spunk soon and she said she was going to cum and that she is on the pill, so i just pumped away and she was coming so i just let go and spunked all my cum inside her, 7 days worth, she couldn't believe how much i had spunk inside her, she loved it, i used my boxers to mop up the spunk and left

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