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My mother in law

My mother in law is a lovely person, very beautiful as well. she had to buy a new tv this morning so she phoned me to go around and tune it in for her, i have fucked her a few times before and she has gave me a few blowjobs in the past , she is a curvy size 18 and 38g breasts her nipples are massive. so away i went around this mornind to set the tv up i let myself in as iv got a key to her house,i walked in to find her in a pair of short shorts and a very low cut teeshirt, she had no bra on so those lovely breasts were able to hang free, it took me a while to set up the telly, after i was finished she asked if i wanted anything i said a cuppa would be nice, so she made me tea and toast,she brought it threw to me with no clothes on, fuck what a wonderful sight, she had completely shaven her pussy from the last time i had her. we started to kiss and cuddle i started to suck her nipples and fumble with her tits she undid my jeans and pull out my dick ,by this time was rock hard.i fingered her fanny for a long time till she came , she pulled me off for a while then asked if i would fuck her. of course i said no problem at all my mother in kaw had women problems so she had a coil fitted so the last times we had sex i was able to cum insider, from then she since had it removed so we started to make love when she said please dont cum inside me please promise you wont, i aggreed not to i pumped her for a long time she must have cum about three times each time she soaked the bed with her juices, i was due to come when i remembered that i coulbnt cum inside her,what a dissapointment i pulled out as got her to suck me off i pumped my juices in her mouth and down her tits which she rubbed in, she said the next time im around i have bring condoms with me. i got up and went to her panty drawer and found a new see threw pair i wiped my dick clean with me and got dressed. is said to my mother in law who was still in bed that i would love a pair of her soilled pants that i could sniff and think about her. she said that i could get a pair next week, i cant wait till next sunday till i get my present , i will pop over through the week and have a wank over her clean bras i think i will need to leave sent of me over her clothes. i have also wanted to spy on her when shes getting washed in the bath and getting dressed but i dont know what to use and where to put it. if i did i would posed it on here and let you all see how fit she is till next time

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