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Turning a friend gay

Growing up, I had a friend named Alex, we were inseperateable, and when we were 13 we had first started watching porn, and then found gay porn. We both knew it was very wrong, but we also knew it would be a long time before either of us ever got to fuck a girl, and figured that if we used eachother for sex, we could get a nut anytime we wanted. We began just 69ing eachother, then went onto anal stuff, I was the first to bottom, I thought it would be horrible, but it was fun, and felt good. When I got to top, I liked that too, and Alex liked them both too, so we would just switch every time we did it.

What is kind of suprising is that when we were juniors in highschool, wes till did it, almost daily, but still, nobody knew at our school but us two, not even our close friend group. We did decide one day, that we did not care who knew, but we were not going to just tell everyone, we just wouldnt care if people found out. Alex and I decided to add another to our group, but in a special way, by taking one of the totally strait guys from our friend group, and make him turn gay.

We picked the hottest one, brandon, and invited him over to play some video games and hop on the trampoline a little bit. When he got to my house, we went strait to the trampoline, and jumped for a hour or so, getting hot, me and alex took off our shirts, and our friend followed. We jumped on the trampoline a while longer before going to my room, all of us sweating pretty good, and he laid down and streched out on my bed that was in the center of the room and closed his eyes. Alex and I had bought handcuffs the day before, and as he was lying there, we cuffed him to the bed before he could tell what was going on.

He laughed at first, thinking we were joking, then was confused as we took of his pants, undoing the cuffs at his feet just long enough to take his pants off. As we were getting naked he started yelling and kicking, getting angry, even worse as we rubbed eachother hard. We each got on one side of the bed, and told him, we were going to make his life mesreble if he struggled, but if he just calmed down and went with it, it would go a lot smoother. So we gave him 5 minutes and he was calmed down, and we could talk to him and start the process of making him gay.

We started the process by tellin him, if he could go through a 10 minute blowjob without gettin hard, I would not cum on his face. He had no choice but to agree, so I took his flacid cock into my mouth and began sucking, in a few seconds his cock started to rise, and I stopped to say "your gonna lose, your getting hard already!" and as I sucked it just got bigger and long until it was fully erect, 7 inches, I spent the last 7 or 8 minutes just enjoying his cock, and giving him all the pleasure that I could. Afterward, I said "you had to of liked that" and ofcourse he said he did not. I did as I said and sat down on his chest and began jacking off, and in about 20 minutes I came, for the first time in 2 days, a huge load right onto his face, covering it, and even though his mouth was closed, the last little bit I piled onto his lips. I reached back expecting to find a once again flacid cock after 20 minutes, but he was still hard, "wow" I said, "Alex, he is still hard from watching me beat off and cum on him!" I backed up and rubbed my crack on his cock a couple times, then said "alright we are leaving the room for a few, so that alex can have his turn at you."

When we came back,he was then soft again, the cum on his lips was gone, he had swallowed it, I asked if he liked it and he did not answer. Alex started with what was going to happen "ok im going to suck you for half an hour, if your strait you will not cum, and I will set you free, if you are gay enough to cum in my mouth, I will f***e feed you my cum with a funnel, and by the way, I have been saving for a week now. Just pretend I am a sexy babe sucking on your big cock, just aching for your cum" When Alex began sucking on him, it was less than a minute this time that he was hard, and Alex was not going easy on him one bit. He was deep throating his whole cock, rubbing the tip furiously with his hand, then sucking again, he was making brandon twitch and spaz with almost every touch, and in 15 minutes, half the time, he shot his load into Alex's mouth, while letting out a loud moan. We taped his mouth shut and just opened a small hole for the funnel so that he could not spit it out, he wouldnt open his teeth so we slit it beside his teeth, and for not opening Alex spit Brandons own load in the funnel first. I jerked off Alex's dick until he came a massive load into the funnel, and as it slowly made its way into his mouth, we walked out and told him "thats your lunch, we will be back in half an hour when your ready again.

When we came back again later he was again flacid, with my dry cum on his face and the funnel still in his mouth. We removed the funnel and tape and asked if he liked the blowjob and he wouldnt answer. I said "I am going to fuck Alex in the ass while sitting on you, if you happen to get hard, your cock will be making its way in my ass, so if your strait your cock shoulnt even twitch at two guys fucking right?" I lubed up alex's ass while he lubed up mine, knowing it would get some use, and he was semi hard before we sat on him, and by the time my cock was in Alex's ass, he was hard, and going in my ass, and every time I went in and out of Alex, Brandon went out and in me. But we quit after about 20 minutes, and I just sat on his cock while alex went to get the handcuff key, and while I was just sitting still, he began to thrust his hips in me, I jumped off, and he groaned, but did not speak.

Alex uncuffed his legs, just to cuff them to his hands, so that we could get access to his ass. We lubed him up and both fingered him, poking all the right spots for him, and adding fingers to stretch him for some cock. I was first, I fucked his ass, making sure to get in position to pound his prostate, and making him moan after a few minutes. But I kept going for 40 minutes and stopped right before I was about to cum, and then let alex go. Alex fucked harder than I did, and was able to go for about an hour before he stopped right before cumming. I then got under him and fucked a bit, then Alex got on top and we double penatrated his ass, and both came at the same time, filling the strait boys ass. We then made out on his dick until he came, shooting his load all the way onto his own face. We asked him if he liked that, and still no answer, so we untied him and let him go on his way.

Then next day we went to Brandons sweet 16 birthday party, and all three of us acted like nothing happened, even brandon, we all just acted like normal. We invited Brandon back to my house that night, and he came. He gave some dick, and took some dick, each of us cumming several times that night, and Brandon finally talking, getting really into it with us. Then we plotted how to do something along these lines to his best friend.

Brandons friend was easy, all we had to do was fuck him in the ass and he was down to fuck anytime, he is a total bottom, unlike the rest of us.

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