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A walk in the park 2

Summer 1964
It was my day off, from working at the f****y Hotel, the weather was very Hot and all I could think about the night before was having some, hot male Anal & Oral sex, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind all night, because I hadn’t had any for quite awhile, at least a week

I knew the Beach and certain parts of the local park would be full of hunky men, so I thought I would go sunbathing, I wondered how I would go about it, should I get dressed as a male, or as I had done, a few times before, as a young TS
I had a bath and shaved my body and painted my nails while I thought about, I put on the skimpiest of black G-sting, Smoothed, suntan lotion over my body, to give it a shimmer, it look fantastic, with the all over tan that I had already, from sunbathing on the beach for weeks now, I decided to dress as a male and put on my very tight hipster jeans, that I had cut slits in, from my arse to my knee and at the back from just about below the pockets to my crutch, so they showed of my bum and crutch area to finish of the look I wanted, I put on a tight black waistcoat which showed off my midriff (my six pack) to perfection, all glistening with suntan lotion and finally a pair of 4" platform shoes that made my legs look much longer than they were, I took my shoulder bag with me, to put my bits and pieces in, which were a 10"Black Vibrator which had a pump attached to it so you could enlarge the thickness after you had inserted it Condoms, Anal Lube, Tissues, KY jelly, spare G-Strings and a Towel ete; ete all the things a girl needs to be ready for any action

I caught the Bus and went upstairs this in its self coursed a stir, as you could see my bare arse, and the bus conductor ask me to get off at the next stop got off, so I had to walk down through the park to get to the beach, so I entered the park through one of the many side gates and followed the path which led down to the sea front, being a very hot and sunny day the park was full of people sunbathing,
I hadn’t gone far, when I got the feeling that, I was being followed by someone, so I sat down on a bench under some trees to get the shade and waited , suddenly this tall black guy came into view wearing nothing else but a pair of tight fitting jeans and sandals his upper body was something to die for and he had a really good six pack and a tinny waist, “OOOOOOOOOOOOO,” I thought to myself, “BABY, YES PLEASE, OH YEAA, YES PLEASE,” I watched as he sat down on a bench, right across from me and started to rub some lotion, all over his upper body, arms and tummy,
“OOOOOOOOOOOO, HE’S PUTTING OUT THE RIGHT SIGNALS, BABY”, he was very well built, all the girls that were walking by where at first stunned by him and they would start talking to each other hiding there mouths with a hand and start giggling and some of them let out loud dirty laughter, they weren’t the only ones with dirty thoughts I had a dirty thoughts of my own, which was filling my mind about him too, MMMMMM,
I wondered how big and fat his Cock was, the more I watched him and studied his crutch the more I was convinced he had an ENORMOUS BLACK COCK it looked like it could be very large, he had a big enough bulge in his jeans, I was praying to myself that he would look over in my direction and give me a nice smile, but he only looked over in a general sort of way with out taking much notice of me, or so I thought at the time, ( he will come back in to my story latter on mmmmmmmmmm),
After awhile, he got up and walked across the grass He shouted, “HI, NORM” in a board American voice, waving to some other guy on the other side of the park in the shade, “SHIT, SHIT, SHIT,” I muttered to myself, “FUCK HE’S AN AMERICAN MANDINGO OR WHAT”,
So I got up, slung my bag over my shoulder and carried on a bit pissed because I would of loved to of seen his cock, a few people were staring at my torn jeans and bare stomach as I walked past them, because of the tightness of the jeans the slits in them were splaying open, showing off the roundness of my bun cheeks, to perfection, I giggled to myself when I heard comments like,
After a while I just didn’t hear them anymore, but I knew I was getting noticed in my getup I came across this oldish guy about 45 laying on the grass in tracksuit bottom and top perched up on one arm, watching me as I minced along the pathway towards him, I looked and smiled at him, as I went by, he rolled over as his eyes followed me, he looked Fit, He didn’t say anything, just watched me as I walked past him,
I thought, I’ll give you, some thing to look at and dropped my shoulder bag and some lose change I had, onto the path and under a bench, I got down on my knees and crawl under, leaving my arse sticking up into the air, like a cat does when it stretches itself, which also made my tight black waistcoat ride up my chest so he could get full view of my slim girly body, contorting, as I wriggled under the bench, I could see he was watching me,
so I started wriggling some more, placing my legs wider and wider apart and putting my chest flat on the floor sucking in my belly so my rib cage could be seen, I really looked in position for a good doggy fucking, I kept moving and contorting my body in sensuous movements, pretending to look for the money, but I was really looking at him, to see his reaction and it was instantaneous, I had certainly got his attention now, I knew, he could see a lot of my arse because of the slits in my jeans, most of it in fact, with nothing left to the imagination, if he was any closer he would of seen the rosebud of my male pussy bitting at my G-string and blowing kiss’s, I got up and stood there for awhile dusting myself off,
I sat down on the bench counting my money, while he stared at me, Then he spoke “ ARE YOU ALRIGHT MATE“ he said, “ YEAAA THANKS JUST DROPPED SOME money UNDER HERE, AREN’T I CARELESS” I said, giving him a limp wrist wave, “ YOU KNOW THE BACK OF YOUR JEANS ARE ALL RIPPED UP AND YOUR BACKSIDE IS SHOWING” he said, “Yeaa, you shouldn’t of been looking, there not ripped I cut them like it, its all the fashion now a days YEAAAAA, YOU SHOULDN’T BE LOOKING, YOU NAUGHTY MAN, ANYWAY THERE NOT RIPPED I CUT THEM LIKE THAT, ITS ALL THE FASHION NOW A DAYS, DO YOU THINK ITS TOO MUCH“ I said, I stood up and gave him a twirl,“ MMMMMMM, DON’T KNOW ABOUT FASHION MATE IT LOOKS DAM SEXY THOUGH, IF YOUR ASKING ME” he said, “ DO YOU THINK SO, NOT TOO MUCH THEN, THAT’S VERY NICE OF YOU TO SAY SO,” I replied blowing him a little girly Kiss, NO, YOU LOOKED VERY SEXY, WHEN YOU WERE UNDER THAT BENCH, WITH YOUR BACKSIDE IN THE AIR, I COULD OF SWORN YOU WERE A GIRL UNDER THERE, NOT A BLOKE”
I unzipped my bag to put the money away and while I was doing that I pulled out my 10" black Vibrator a little bit so it would show its head popping out of the bag, if I left it open, as I was doing this I said “IT’S A LOVELY DAY, TODAY, SO HOT, YOU ON HOLIDAY, HELLO, HELLO” he couldn’t of heard me so I picked up my bag, slung it over my shoulder, making sure it was at an angle to show my Vibrator and walked my best girly walk over to him, wiggling and grinding my hips as I went , he didn’t get up so as I got to him I opened my legs wide and placed my hands on my hips, so he could get a good look at my body I started to slide my hands up and down the outside of my jeans as I said, “HI, I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU, DOWN HERE BEFORE ARE YOU ON HOLIDAY”, he didn’t say anything but just gave me the once over as I continued to run my painted finger nails over my jeans and put them back on my hips again, his eyes were transfixed on my big vibrator poking its head out of my bag,
He spluttered out “NNNO, NO, I MEAN I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE, BUT NOT OFTEN, AS I WORK ON THE BOATS IN SOUTHAMPTON” he was watching my hips sway as I put my hand in my bag and accidentally caressed my black Vibrator, before pulling out a packet of tobacco and started to roll up, as I did this, I was thrusting my crutch towards him so he would see, the slits under my crutch open up to expose my black G-string to him, I put my tobacco back into my bag and Casually took my Vibrator out, while I looked for my lighter, he stared at what I had in my hand, in jour dropping disbelieve,
“OOOPS” I said, DIDN’T MEAN TO DO THAT, SORRY, SHIT I’VE FORGOTTEN MY LIGHTER, HAVE YOU GOT A LIGHT, MISTER”, He shook his head to clear his mind, saying“YES”, feebly, as he put his hand in his pocket, I bent forward from the waist up Vibrator in one hand and Roll up in the other and watched as he pulled out his lighter, I noticed that he had, what looked like nice big bulge in his tracksuit bottoms, “MMMMMMMMMM, THANK YOU, I said as I took a long drag “ SO YOU WORK ON THE BOATS, IN SOUTHAMPTON DO YOU, WHAT BRINGS YOU OVER HERE“ I was looking at him and giving him the once over, he was just spell bound by my shameless attitude, “I’M MEETING SOMEONE HERE LATTER AND WE ARE GOING TO THE BODYBUILDING TOURNAMENT TONIGHT” “AH” I said “I WONDERED ,WHY THERE WERE SO MANY HUNKY MEN ABOUT, I JUST LOVE BODYBUILDERS, ALL THOSE BIG SHINNY MUSCLES” Smiling as I run my hand, Vibrator in hand over my body saying “MMMMMMMMM GORGEOUS, DO YOU WORK OUT THEN, YOU LOOK AS IF YOU DO,” as I admired his chest and finished up starring and his bulge, I said YOUR FRIEND GOING TO BE LONG, I enquired NO HE SHOULD BE HERE BY NOW, WHY he said as he layed back on his elbows, OH NOTHING, JUST WONDERED I said, smiling and giving him, a knowing wink, “WHAT’S YOUR NAME”, JIM he said I’M 60 NEXT MONTH”, “OH MY GOD, JIM, YOU DON’T LOOK IT” I said,”YEA MY JOB ON BOARD KEEPS ME FIT AND ACTIVE, HOW OLD ARE YOU AND WHAT’S YOUR NAME” I didn’t say anything straight away, just threw my cigarette away and stamped on it, “AH SHAME YOUR NOT AVAILABLE, TODAY JIM, WE COULD OF HAD SOME FUN TOGETHER”
I bent down beside him and ran the fingers of one hand down his chest and stopping my hand on the bulge in his pants, which was semi erect under the material, I kissed him on the lips, as I felt it with my finger tips, giving it a little squeeze, “MMMMMMMMMMMM” I moaned, giving him a kiss on the lips again, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, THAT FEELS SO BIG, SHAME YOU’VE GOT A DATE, JIM”, I whispered in his ear, “I WOULD LOVE TO SUCK IT FOR YOU”, we both looked around to see if anybody was about, and there this couple watching us so He said we had better not as they might call the police, I said softly in his ear “SHAME, JIM, MAY BE SOME OTHER TIME, I’M ALWAYS AROUND HERE LOOKING FOR FUN”
I stood up and put my Vibrator back in my bag and said,“AH WELL, JIM, I MUST BE GOING NOW, I’M HOPING TO MEET SOMEONE LATTER TOO, giving him a wink and blowing him a kiss, “BUT FIRST I WANT TO DO SOME SUN BATHING, BYE, BYE, SEE YOU AGAIN MAYBE, BYE” and gave him a little girly twiddle of my fingers as I waved and turned around, mincing off across the grass and on to the path next to the couple who had been starring at us, he shouted after me “WHAT’S YOUR NAME “ I said, “VIC OR JUST PLAIN OLD VIKI, DARLING BYE” blowing him a kiss,, he shouted back “ HOPE I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN ,VIKI, THAT WOULD BE NICE”, I gave him a little wave as I stared at the couple and started to walk off swaying my hips, with the couple muttering “DISGUSTING PERFORMANCE, DID YOU SEE WHAT THEY WHERE DOING”
After a while I turned around to see if anybody was following me, Because the path was now turning into a more secluded part of the park, it had got a reputation, of being one of the towns Gay cruising areas, it is surrounded by heavy under growth, and tall trees, so you could get shade from the sun, or hide away from inquisitive eye’s, so I walked over to a nice sunny spot in the high grass and layed down on my belly and fell asl**p in the warm sun shine, while I waited for a playmate to come along, I must of cat napped for about 15 minutes, when I heard this crackling of twigs, coming from the thick under growth a few yards away, I said “WHO’S THERE” But I got no response, HI ANYBODY THERE I said again, still no response, ? Strange, I thought they didn’t want me to see them, but just then I caught a glimpse of someone kneeling down with a hat on, so I couldn’t see his face in the high grass, I loved teasing and being watched, so decided to give him a bit of a X-rated show.
I stood up and walked around swaying my hips bending over pretending to look, for who ever was hiding in the bushes saying, “HELLO ANYBODY THERE, HELLO IS THERE ANY ONE ,THERE, COME OUT COME OUT, WHO EVER YOU ARE wriggling my arse as I went, I carried on “I KNOW YOU ARE THERE, WHO EVER YOU ARE”, still no response, so I went back to my towel and sat down again, a seconds later I heard who ever it was moving again, I said “I CAN HEAR YOU, WHY ARE YOU HIDING, COME OUT SO I CAN SEE YOU, HELLO, CAN YOU HEAR ME WHO EVER YOU ARE” I waited for a couple of minutes and Then said OK I DON’T CARE, STAY WHERE YOU ARE, THEN”
I stood up and started to do a slow and sexy strip routine, unbuttoning my waist coat, so that my chest and stomach were layed bare to his gaze, “OOOOOOOOOO” I moaned, “THAT FEELS GOOD” DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME, MMMMMMMMMMMMM” I was still trying to get a good look at who ever it was, when suddenly there was a gush of wind that parted the bushes enough for me to get a look at who it was, I saw this grey haired old man, about 6 foot tall standing there, wearing a trilby hat, which he had, at an angle, so I couldn’t see his face, long overcoat and a pair of socks and trainers, He turned his back to me when he noticed I had spotted him now, he took of his hat and started to put on one of those face masks you see in S & M magazines with slits for your eyes and mouth and turned around again facing me, he looked a bit frighting stood there, starring at me as he started to undo the top of his coat and then just as suddenly the bushes covered him up again, when the wind died down, “MMMMMMMMM KINKY” I thought to myself, a bit frightened but interested,
I bent over and got out my Suntan Oil and started to smooth it all over the top half of my body, I turned away from him and bending slightly pulled my jeans down for him, with out turning around, I could hear him crawling closer to get a better view, as I started to apply Suntan lotion all over my, legs and bum,
I then got down and layed on my towel waiting to see if he would appear, still no response from him So I opened my bag and got out my Black Vibrator caressing it with my hands, as I worked hands up and down the shaft, putting it in my mouth and sucking the tip and wiggling my tongue against it for him, then turning over on my belly and rubbing it between legs and cheeks, giving my crutch a real good rubbing,
I could feel my erection starting to build and finally it popped out of my G-string with the amount of moving I was doing using the Vibrator on my arse “MMMMMMMMMMM” I moaned as I got up so I was standing on my knees and started to wank hard on my cock while licking and sucking on my Vibrator, taking half of it into my mouth, “MMMMMMMMMMMMM” I was moaning “MMMMMMMMMM” as I sucked on it, then I took it out of my mouth and just smiled over to where this man was standing,
I carried on teasing him, beckoning him over with one hand, while sucking and pushing the black vibrator down my throat with the other one, my hard-on throbbing and bouncing in front of me as I wriggled my hips for him, then I turned around so my back was facing him, leaned forward, placing my chest on the grass so my bum was sticking up in the air spread my legs wide and arched my back pulling my G-string to one side I started lubricate my hole and Vibrator with KY Jelly and insert it into my male pussy, slowly, so slowly an inch at a time, so he could enjoy the sight.
I was moaning out loud now, if he was still there, he could hear how much pleasure it was giving me fucking myself with this 10" Vibrator “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OH YEAAA OH YEAAA OOOOOOOO MMMMMMMM YEAAA MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM THAT’S SOOOOOO GOOD OOOOOOOO YEAAA OH YEAAA MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” then I moved around to face him again with the Vibrator still inserted in me, I sat up lent back pushing the thick shaft of the Vibrator deep in to my arse and started to ride it as I and started to play with my cock, pushing the Vibrator deeper and deeper in so there was only an inch or so sticking out,
I wriggling my hips so the Vibrator would be going in and out as I wanked myself, “OOOOOOOOOO MMMM OH YEAAA MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES, YES, YES”, I was moaning “GOD THAT’S FUCKING SO GOOD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAAA OH FUCK FUCK FUCK OOOOO OOOOO OOOO YEAAA YEAAA FUCK ME FUCK ME OH YEAA YEAAAAAAAAAAAA MMMMMMMMMM” I decided to get up and move closer to this guy, so he could have a better view of what I was doing to myself, I took the Vibrator out and got my things together and walked over, I said “I KNOW YOUR THERE, BUT DON’T WORRY, I LIKE BEING WATCHED, BUT IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ME, FEEL FREE TOO HONEY, OK” . and with that, I opened my legs wide apart and started to lower myself back down on to the Vibrator and held it with one hand as I moaned “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as it slipped back in slowly and I started to ride it “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THAT’S FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKINNNGGGG GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, MMMMMM YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, COME OUT AND I’LL SUCK YOUR COCK, DON’T BE SHY, I’M 18, I MAY LOOK YOUNGER, BUT I AM REALLY 18, I’D LOVE TO SUCK YOU OFF, PLEASE I wined, as wiggled my arse working the Vibrator in deep, so I could lean back and place both my hands behind me onto my feet and rode it hard, which was making my cock, rock hard all 9" of it, bobbing up and down in front of me
Then suddenly I heard the tale, tale sounds of breaking twigs and saw him coming out of the bushes he unbuttoned his Mack and let it drop to the floor, He stood there, Wearing S & M Gear, Mask, a leather strap harness, which bound his body and two straps that came down from his shoulders and ending at his crutch in a stainless steel Cock Ring, he had a very good body for his age covered in baby oil, suntanned and completely shaved, his Cock was hanging down, nice and fat, half erect
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THERE YOU ARE”, I said “COME OVER HERE, YOU WANT TO FUCK MY MOUTH WITH THAT BIG FAT COCK”, he started to come closer “MMMMMMMMMMM THAT’S IT COME OVER HERE AND FUCK MY MOUTH WITH IT” he stood in front of me and got hold of his cock in one hand and pulled me onto him, with the other, I could see he was an old guy, but he had a nice cock, which was now all hard and circumcised, 10" long, the shaft looked all gnarled with the veins pumped up and as thick as a babies arm, which he was now, starting to feed, into my mouth and down my throat,
I opened my mouth as wide as I could, to accept it, he held my head now with both hands and was pushing gently and slowly, forcing his cock, deeper and deeper, down my throat, I had to start to breathing through my nose as he worked his cock deeper and deeper, inch at a time slowly pushing more and more of his fat weapon went into my mouth, until his balls were nearly resting on my chin, slowly he started to work it in and out slowly at first then ever so slightly getting faster, pulling my head onto him every time he pushed it in, pulling his cock out more and more and then slamming it back in, rubbing his balls across my chin as he seemed to be trying to get more of it into my mouth, I was still riding my Vibrator and my cock was about to explode cum all over his feet, I tried to hold it back as he, wasn’t about to cum anytime soon, he was fucking my mouth harder and harder I was so glad that I had been practising the deep throat technic with my 10" Vibrator.
He was really in a mad a****l fuck frenzy, he started to talk really dirty to me say things Like”YOU DIRTY LITTLE WHORE, I SAW YOU EARLIER IN THE MAIN PARK AREA ,TEASING THAT MAN ON THE GRASS, YOU LITTLE CUM SUCKING BITCH, THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT ISN’T IT SLUT, I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR FACE AND DROWN YOU IN CUM, I SAW YOU SLUT MAKING THAT MAN GET ALL HARD, WATCHING YOU, YOU BITCH, I BET HE’S LOOKING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW, SHAME ON YOU SLUT, NOW YOUR GOING FEEL DADDY’S COCK FUCK YOUR FACE SILLY BITCH, YOU CUM SUCKING WHORE”, fucking my face as hard as he could pulling my head onto it with both hands and trusting his pelvis at the same time “OOOOHHHH YEAAAA, SLUT, SUCK DADDIES COCK, THAT’S IT, TAKE IT ALL, YOU FUCK WHORE”, then suddenly, he took his cock all the way out of my mouth and said
I grabbed hold of his cock which was now deformed as a gnarled piece of knotted wood, the Cock Ring was keeping all of the bl**d in its veins, with my hands now free I grabbed hold of this massive piece of meat and started to suck on it, as I wanked it for him, he put his hands on his hips and let me do it for him, I still had the Vibrator in my male pussy and riding it when I got the chance “THAT’S IT SLUT, SUCK MY BIG FAT COCK FOR ME, BUT IT WON’T DO YOU ANY GOOD BITCH, I’M NOT GOING TO CUM YET SLUT, NOT FOR A WHITE YET, DADDY’S TAKEN SOME VIAGRA, WHILE I WAS WATCHING YOU BITCH AND DADDIES GOING TO TEACH YOU A LESSON FOR TEASING ALL THOSE MEN”, and then pulling me down with him he got on his knees, he grabbed his cock from me and started to push it slowly all the way back down my throat again, “NOW SLUT, GIVE ME THE PUMP TO THAT VIBRATOR I WANT TO INFLATE THAT VIBRATOR YOU GOT BETWEEN YOUR LEGS, AS FAR AS IT WILL GO, GO, ON, BITCH DO IT”,he grabbed hold of the pump and started to inflate it, he was still holding my head firmly with one hand pushing his cock down my throat, I tried moving my head to indicate that I didn’t want it, inflated to much, I was just mucking about though as I had inflated it inside my male pussy before now on many occasions,
THAT’S IT BITCH NOW START RIDING IT, COME ON RIDE IT WHILE I PUMP IT UP, I withdrew his Cock from my mouth and sat up, the Vibrator which was now about half inflated, it was starting to make me sore, but strangely enough it was a fantastic feeling as I rode it as fast as he wanted me to do “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM THAT’S IT SLUT DADDY’S GOING TO TEACH YOU A LESSON, RIDE IT FASTER, FASTER I SAID WHORE, WHILE I FUCK YOUR MOUTH he stood up again and handed me the pump then grabbed my head and pushed his cock down my throat MMMMMMMMM he groaned “THAT IS GOOD YOU FUCK WHORE, KEEP INFLATING THAT VIBRATOR BITCH”, I was only getting about 7" in my arse now because the Vibrator had swollen out at the end and I was finding it difficult to push it in, this fucking session must of been going on for at least 30 minutes by now and my knees were so sore not to mention my arse, so I indicated that I had enough, but he wouldn’t stop he just kept on pulling his cock out of my mouth and shoving it back down my throat he must of done this tens of time before he finally held it in front of my face pulling my head back by the hair and rubbing his cock all over my face again, “I’M CUMING’ he shouted “YOU CUM SUCKING SLUT OPEN THAT MOUTH GO ON, OPEN IT, OPEN IT, NICE AND WIDE,” his cock started to trickle pre cum and then he started to cum with a tremendous spurt he sprayed great amounts of cum all over my face in 5 great spurts and continued wanking until the last drop finally spurted out, he wiped his fat cock all over my face and I had cum dripping off my chin as I tried to catch his cock in my mouth to suck it dry,
He said, RIGHT SLUT TAKE THAT VIBRATOR OUT OF YOUR CUNT AND START SUCKING MY COCK YOU FUCKING WHORE, MAKE IT HARD AGAIN BITCH, BECAUSE DADDY WANTS YOUR FUCKING ARSE, I HAVEN’T FINISHED WITH YOU YET, YOU SLAG” I had played with, licked, sucked and sucked on his cock for about half an hour until he was half erect again which wasn’t bad for an old guy, when he said OK SLUT GET ON YOUR KNEES, THAT’S IT WHORE, STICK YOUR ARSE IN THE AIR FOR DADDY
He started to lick between the cheeks of my arse and pushing his fingers in one at a time until he had got four fingers in, he was pouring a lube on to them and twisting them around making sure I was well and truly lubricated, I felt him move up close behind me and then felt the head of his Cock pushing against my arse as he tried to gain entrance to my hole, unsurprisingly he wasn’t hard enough to push it in and keep it there while he trust away at my hole, so he got me to sit on top of him in the cowboy position, I grabbed his cock and squeezed it tightly as I sat down on it, just letting the head pop in and out until I felt the shaft getting harder and harder He said “THAT’S IT WHORE, RIDE IT, MAKE DADDY NICE AND HARD, SO HE CAN FUCK YOU GOOD, YOU SLUT, FUCK MY COCK, THAT’S IT WHORE, YOU LOVE COCK DON’T BITCH I was moaning now as his Cock was hitting that spot and making my body tremble with excitement OOOOOOOOOOOOO YES, MMMMMM GO ON DADDY, FUCK ME HARD, OOOO YES HARDER he was now fully erect and fucking me good and proper his hips were trusting like a jack hammer, I left his Cock in me as I turned around to face his toes and lent back on my hands and started to ride his Cock slowly as he kept trusting away at me “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME”, I wimpered, “FUCK ME, WITH THAT BIG FAT COCK OF YOURS, YOU HORNY BASTARD, FASTER, GO FASTER, YOU BASTARD, My Cock was now dripping precum as I was about to shoot my cum high into the air “I’M CUMING” I said as he also shot his spunk load again and again into my hole at the same time OH GOD THAT WAS GREAT I said as we collapsed in a heap on the grass hugging and kissing each other each other.
Then he said YOU ARE A NAUGHTY, AREN’T YOU, YOU CAN CERTAINLY GIVE, HEAD, THAT MUST OF BEEN THE BEST MALE PUSSY MOUTH FUCKING DEEP THROAT, I’VE EVER HAD, WHERE IN THE HELL DID YOU LEARN HOW TO DO THAT,”I just said to him“THAT’S A NICE FAT COCK YOU’VE GOT THERE MISTER, MAYBE WE CAN DO IT AGAIN SOMETIME, IT FELT REALLY GOOD, GOING DOWN MY THROAT NICE AND TIGHT, AND YOUR CUM SHOT WAS AWESOME OOOOOOOOOOOOO LOTS OF STICKY CUM,” he said “YOU WERE AWESOME, HOW YOU TOOK MY COCK ALL THE WAY IN YOUR MOUTH, WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, then as I was cleaning myself up he said “DO YOU WANT A LIFT ANYWHERE,” I said “YES PLEASE, I WOULDN’T MIND A LIFT TO THE TOILETS, SO I CAN GET CLEANED UP, IF YOU DON’T MIND” so I finished wiping the cum off my face and body got changed and he drove me to the nearest toilets, we exchanged telephone numbers and said our goodbyes promising to do it again or maybe we will just meet up again like to day I walked into the toilets and had a strip wash I had a look at my Knees and they were in a bit of a state and my arse was a bit sore too I decided to go to the café which was situated in the middle of the park so I could have a drink of milk to sooth my throat after the brutal a****l fucking that the old boy had given my mouth with his fat cock, after that I walked down to the beach, all I wanted to do now was lay down on the beach and rest my soar arse, I stayed on the beach for the rest of the afternoon until about 5 o’clock in the evening by which time the beach was getting empty of people with only a few men s**ttered around me, so I thought I would go back through the park on my way home, I got changed and left the beach,

I finally reached the park and was quite relieved to find that the crowds that had been there earlier in the day had disappeared and it looked empty, it was still a very sunny evening and the thought of the body building competition, that Jim had told me about, came to mind as I walked along the footpath and wondered if he was back in the park anywhere, as I wouldn’t mind meeting him again, I thought to myself, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, ALL THOSE LOVELY MUSCLES, OOOOOOOOOOO” The though was getting me Horny even after having a lot of man sex that day I wanted even more, so I walked towards the place, I had met him before, it didn’t take long to get there, I sat down on the bench and waited to see if he would be along, or maybe hook up someone else, I sat there for an hour and had only seen about five people in all that time, I was about to get up and go, when I spied him coming out of the bushes a 100 yds away, I waved to him all girly like, and stood up”HELLO AGAIN, JIM,” I said, “YOU BEEN LOOKING FOR ME BY ANY CHANCE,” He didn’t say a thing, just took his tracksuit top off to reveal, his, well defined chest and arm muscles with a six pack to die for, He was a big bloke and he must of been over 6' Tall, broad in the shoulders, Jesus he was a mountain of a man, a bit intimidating to say the least, I wondered how long it was going to take him to start talking again, because he had already spoken to me earlier, he spoke, “ HI VIKI, YOU BEEN HERE LONG? “,“OH YEA, I said, WAITING TO SEE YOU IN FACT,” I answered, “ARE YOU DOWN HERE ON HOLIDAY VIKI” “NO I LIVE HERE” “LIVED HER LONG” “YEA ALL MY LIFE” I said, The chat went on for awhile, before he finally said, “YOU LIKE SHOWING OF THAT BODY DON’T YOU VIKI, YOU MUST BE GAY ?” I said, “ NO I’M BISEXUAL JIM, YOU GAY THEN JIM” He answered, “NO, BUT SAILORS DO WHAT SAILORS DO,” I said, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT,”He then began to tell me that when a crew of a ship is away for sometimes more than a year at a time, the urge for sex makes some men have sex with other men and women with other women, “Oh” I said “I DIDN’T KNOW THAT, SO HAVE YOU HAD SEX WITH MEN THEN ” “ I HAVE ON SHORE LEAVE IN BANGKOK A FEW TIMES WITH LADYBOYS, YES”,,” I glanced down at the bulge in his tracksuit bottoms and it was just as I remembered it but you could see the outline of it pressing outwards and getting thicker and longer,


I just couldn’t help blurting out “OH JIM MY,MY, MY, RUBBING THAT OIL OVER YOUR BODY MAKES YOU LOOK SO FUCKING HORNY, YOU WORK OUT,” he replied, “YEAAAA I DO WEIGHTS, AT MY LOCAL GYM AND ON BOARD SHIP, DO YOU LIKE THEM,” “OH FUCK, YEAAAAA MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” as he got up and started to do the sort of poses they do in body building he said “NO WHAT I MEAN IS, HAVE YOU HAD FULL SEX WITH MEN,” “ I waited a little while, before saying, “YES,” He said, “OH, HOW MANY, AND DID YOU ENJOY DOING IT WITH THEM,” I said, “I’VE HAD MAYBE 40 OR MORE AND I ENJOYED DOING IT AND I WANT MORE, I WANT A LOT MORE”, I was fucking shaking with excitement,, “HOW MANY ANAL,” I said, “MAYBE HALF OF THEM” ,“GOD, HOW OLD ARE YOU,” he said, with surprise in his voice,”HALF OF THEM GAVE YOU ANAL," I said WELL I’M NEARLY 18 AND I LOVE ANAL SEX,

just as I said that, a crowd of girls came around the corner and fuck my s****r was with them, the girls were giggling giving us both a good once over, as they walked by, saying “OH LOOK AT HIM,” “MMMMMM LOOK AT HIS MUSCLES,”“OH MY GOD, HE’S GOT A BIG ONE HIS WILLY’S NEARLY POPPING OUT, LOOK,” pointing at JIM as they walked past, My s****r, said to the JIM, “YOU WANT TOO WATCH YOURSELF WITH VIC, HE’LL HAVE YOUR COCK OUT AND BE SUCKING IT DRY IF YOUR NOT CAREFUL, MATE, HE LIKES OLDER MEN, SO WATCH OUT I’VE WARNED YOU,” “MMMMMMMMMMM” she moaned, as she ran her hand over his chest, muscles and grabbed a hand full of his cock, OOOOOOOOOOOOO, MY, MY HE’S GOT A NICE ONE VIC MMMMMMMMMMM, NICE AND BIG, “NOT BAD, NOT BAD,” looking over to me she said “ NOW I KNOW YOU VIC, SO DON’T FORGET ABOUT TONIGHT, MUM AND DAD ARE TAKING US OUT TONIGHT BE BACK FOR 8 PM and with that she ran her hand over billy’s crutch again saying “NOT BAD, NOT BAD, AT ALL” and then ran off after her friends, who were still giggling there heads off probably about something rude,

“SO HOW OLD ARE YOU AGAIN,” he repeated to me after they had disappeared from view, “18" he said, “WHAT 18, I DON’T BELIEVE IT, YOUR NOT?, WHO WAS THAT GIRL JUST NOW,” “OH THAT WAS MY s****r CAROL,” he said, “SHE LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE YOU, VIKI, IF I HAD SEEN HER IN THE STREET , I WOULD OF SWORN IT WAS YOU DRESSED IN DRAG,” I said, “WELL IT MIGHT OF BEEN ME, BECAUSE I DO DRESS UP IN HER CLOTHES AND GO OUT IN THEM SOMETIMES,” he said, “ I’D LOVE TO SEE THAT, I BET YOU LOOK GORGEOUS,” he laughed “ ”SO, YOUR s****r SAID, YOU LIKE OLDER MEN, IS THAT TRUE,” he said, and stood up with his hands on his hips pushing down the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms, so I could see, how tiny his waist was, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME, WILL I DO, “ “GOD” I thought, “HE’S SO MASSIVE, ALL OVER,” I said, “YOU’VE GOT A FANTASTIC BODY, JIM, I JUST ADORE MUSCLE MEN,” I said, as his cock was starting to push out his tracksuit bottoms again, but this time I could see that he got a real fucking hard-on, I put my hand to my mouth saying, “GOD, IS THAT YOUR COCK, PUSHING YOUR PANTS OUT, OH WOW, JIM, HOW BIG IS IT,” I got closer to him and dropped to my knees in and ran my hand up and down the length of it, FUCK I said to myself, I can’t get my fingers around it I CAN’T EVEN GET MY FINGERS AROUND IT AND WHAT’S THIS UP HERE”as I felt something really hard around the shaft, his Cock was monstrous so long and so thick “WELL” he said, “THE LAST TIME SOMEONE MEASURED IT, WAS A LADYBOY IN SINGAPORE AND IT MEASURED NEARLY, WELL IT WAS JUST OVER,” he hesitated, ,13 ½ " “OH MY GOD, I said, pulling on his Cock through his tracksuit, bottoms “FUCKING HELL REALLY,” 13 ½ " “I’VE HEARD SOME OF THEM BEING AS BIG AS THAT BUT I’VE NEVER SEEN OR HAD ONE BEFORE,” he looked down at me and said, “OH WOULD YOU LIKE TO FEEL AND SEE WHAT IT TASTES LIKE , VIKI,”

God I was now trembling with excitement and my heart was beating really wildly, as he started to pull at his tracksuit bottoms, I could see the beginning of the shaft, appear then I saw what that hard thing was, I was touching around the shaft, a massive “COCK RING” OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD” I squealed, as I saw more and more of it as he pulled them down, Slowly I could see 4" 6" 8" of it now and it hadn’t sprung out of his pants yet, his cock was as thick as the top of a baby’s arm, he just stood there with his hands on his hips, as I stared at his Cock pushing out the elastic waist band of his tracksuit making it go out and in, in time with the throbbing of his Cock, he said LICK THE SHAFT VIKI TASTE IT so I ran my tongue up and down the shaft giving it a good licking, holding his balls in my hand as I nibbled and tasted it “GO ON, PULL THEM DOWN FOR ME, VIKI” I pulled his tracksuit bottoms the rest of the way down and it sprang out hitting me in the face “OH MY GOD, ITS SO BIG, JIM” with that he grabbed hold of it and started to stroke it, “YOU LIKE THE LOOK OF IT, VIKI, WOULD YOU LIKE TO STROKE IT FOR ME” I stood next to him, as he wanked on his massive cock, God it was really long and hard, I slowly ran a finger up and down the length of it and then put my hand on the shaft, “OH JIM” I whimpered, ITS BEAUTIFUL SO BIG,” “YOU LIKE THAT,” he asked, I said,”OOOOOOH, “YESSSSSSSS, ITS SO, SO, BIG, I CAN’T GET MY FINGERS AROUND IT, ITS SO THICK,” I reached down and got some lube out of my shoulder bag and put some lube on his cock, he said, “OH BABY, THAT FEELS SO GOOD, OH YEAAAA,” as my hands got faster and faster, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” I cooed as I stood in front of him, “OOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA COME ON BABY,” I said, “GET NICE AND HARD FOR ME, OOOOOH YEAAA,” and started Sucking and Licking on the bell end with my lips and tongue running around its sides for him as I wanked, on his massive Cock “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM THAT’S SOOOOOOOO NICE” he said, “SO NICE,

LETS GO SOMEWHERE, SO WE CAN’T BE SEEN, SHALL WE,’ I was getting carried away and had tried to get his cock in my mouth and had only managed to swallow about 4" down my throat, “OH COME ON BABY, LET”S GO SOMEWHERE” he said “THEN WE CAN, TAKE OUR TIME, I WANT TO FUCK YOU SO BADLY, I squealed OH YEA AA MMMMMMMMMM LETS GO, and with that we ran into the undergrowth found a secluded spot where nobody would see us, he layed down and pulled me down on top of him, I got to work on his Cock with my fingers and tongue, licking and feeling every inch of him cooing, “OOOOOOOOO MY, MY, LOOK AT YOUR MUSCLES, OH BABY, YOU ARE A BIG BOY,” wriggling the crack of my arse up and down over his cock which was getting nice and hard again, I turned myself around on top of him in the 69 position and he started to rim me with his tongue as I started to play with his cock licking and sucking away, like a bitch on heat, his tongue was driving me crazy and all I was able to do was squeal out loud as he darted his tongue in and out as I had his cock in my mouth, he had now got my lube and was working his fingers into my arse, 2 fingers in straight away, quickly followed by 3 fingers, it felt sooooooo gooood as I felt it slipping in and out, stretching my hole wider and wider as he worked, then popped in four fingers, I was moaning and gagging on his now erect monster, Saying to myself as I pushed myself on to his fingers “OOOOOOOOOOOOO BABY THAT FEELS GOOD, biting my lips as he worked his fingers in and out, up to the knuckles,

While he was doing that I was trying to get as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, but only seceded in getting about 4" to 5" of it in, because it was so thick, anything more just started to make me gag when it hit the back of my throat, this foreplay went on for what seemed quite awhile, until I told him I was desperate to have him take me, I got into the doggy position, as he lubed his cock, the next thing I knew he was behind me and I felt the tip of his massive cock pushing at my butt hole slow stretching the rim as he pushed his cock at me I just moaned as he pushed “OOOOOOOOOOO, MMMMMMMMMMM OH YESSSSSS, MMMMMMM as I felt the enjoyable pain as the head of his cock pop in, “OH VIKI, YOU FEEL NICE AND TIGHT,” he said, as he started to push it in and out over the rim of my hole for awhile to get my hole accustomed to the thickness of his shaft then a bit further in and a bit further “OH YESSS, YESSS, YESSS, FUCK MY SISSY CUNT, BIG BOY, FUCK ME ,OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, I coed at him, as he pushed it further and further in to me,

I was surprised that his cock had gone in so effortless and had stretched to accommodate his massive cock, It was painful, but it was a nice pain, difficult to explain, “ OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OH YEAAAAAAA MMMMMMMMMMM OH YES,” I was going, I had about 7"-8" of it into me, I was getting weak at the knees as his massive cook was going in further and further 8"-9" 9"-10",”OH YEAAA OH BABY, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAAAA OH YEAAA I called as he started now to fuck me, faster and faster OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAAAAAAA my cock was like an iron bar waving below me, suddenly my cock shot its load all over the grass in a great gush of cum again and again I was now like a rag doll being ravaged by this gigantic cock completely oblivious to any pain or how deep his cock was ploughing into my male pussy, the full length of his cock was now in as I felt his balls slapping against my bun cheeks it was fucking wonderful and he was getting faster and faster and was now fucking me like a deranged a****l,

He was cursing me saying “YOU WHORE, YOU DIRTY SLUT, YOU LIKE IT DON’T YOU, BITCH, I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU SO HARD BITCH, YOU WON’T WALK FOR A WEEK, I’M GOING TO PUMP SO MUCH CUM, INTO YOUR SISSY PUSSY, YOU’LL BE DRIPPING CUM FOR A MONTH, YOU WHORE, SLUT, he shouted out “THERE”, “THERE”, “THERE”, every time he slammed his cock int to me, suddenly he withdrew cock and made me turn around so he could shoot his spunk load all over my face, filling my mouth up with his cum I swallowed every drop of cum I could lick up and was still trying to suck it out of him as we collapsed in a heap on the grass, we just layed there spent and I feeling great, he was smiling at me I knew I just wanted some more, of him we stayed together like that for awhile until we got dressed and I went back to his place and stayed the night with him, where we fucked each other silly for days after, totally forgot about my f****y, I never turned up for days and was grounded for a month and JIM was right I could feel him inside me for a month after

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