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Sex Wanted

She needed sex bad. She advertised and met a man and they had talked about their likes. she wanted a man who could go for hours and many times and he wanted a gal willing to do what he wanted. She loved all sex and he was amazed they had connected. He would be at her house in about one hour.
She met him at the door wearing a see thru nitie that showed her body perfectly. When she saw him, she was amazed as this man was her friends husband. She had made a deal to fuck him for hours. He grabbed her and kissed her and stroked her body before she could change her mind. She had admired him for a long time. He was handsome and had a great sexy body. He had watched her in her tight t-shirts with out a bra and her short skirts and had wanted to run his hands up her skirt and feel her ass. Today they would get to look, touch, lick, suck and fuck all day. He pulled her nitie over her head to admire her huge firm tits. They were even better than he imagined. Fucking his wives best friend was going to turn him on. Her ass was round and begging to be rubbed and massaged. He wanted to lick every inch of it. And her pussy was full and puffy and needing fingers and tongue. It was bald and smooth. She was so hot standing there naked. She pulled his clothes off and looked at his nice huge cock, thick and so hard. She was jealous her friend had this to fuck in bed every night. but that is why he was here, she hated to fuck. Tonight she would fuck this man til he begged her to stop. She loved sex and never could get enough. She wanted his huge cock in every hole bad. He wanted her swollen pussy. He spread her legs to see the nice cunt better. Yes, it was perfect. he layed her on her back and started sucking her tits. he sucked as much as he could of the huge mounds into his mouth. As he sucked the tits, he ran his hand to her cunt. He found the pussy lips and spread them, massaging her clit. He then started chewing the nipples as he fingered fucked her hole. She was going wild bucking her hips and wanting more. He then decided to take her hard and fast so he turned her and rammed his cock deep into her hole. She felt amazing and he pumped in and out of her. She loved him ramming her and raised her hips to accomodate him. She loved to be fucked and his cock was thick and hard. He came fast but knew from now on he could last longer so he shoved her head to his cock. He opened her mouth to suck him and lick the cum from him. He felt good in her warm mouth and she was able to take all his inches. He then grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth. It felt so good he would pull it almost out then shove it back in and did this several times. Then he slowed and let her suck before he started the fast pace of fucking her mouth. He was able to last a long time before he came in her mouth watching her swallow all the juice. He then pulled her up to kiss him and taste his cum in her mouth. As they kissed, his cock got hard again. He then put her on her knees with her ass in the air and got behind her rubbing her soft ass. He kissed her ass cheeks and licked them before taking a few easy bites of the nice round ass. He spread her cheeks and rubbed his finger down the crack. He got to her round bud and started to play with it. He could tell she liked this so he inserted a finger in her asshole. He moved it in and out in a fucking motion. Next he moved his cock to the opening in her ass. He was going to push his oversized cock into her small hole. He pushed in slowly. She did not mind. He kept pushing till he was all inside her ass. Then he fucked ramming in and out loving the tight walls around his big cock. As his cock fucked her ass hard and rough, he then grabbed the tits hanging down. He pinched and pulled the large nipples knowing this would make her pussy tingle. Pinching the nipples he fucked her harder with his thick cock. As he was feeling hot he now moved his hand to her clit. His fingers pinched and pulled the bulb making her squirm. He played with the bulb as his other hand rammed fingers into her cunt. this brought her over the edge and she started cumming. He felt her cunt pulse against his fingers and felt the cum cover him. He pulled his cock almost out of the ass and then back in fast and rough till he was also ready to fill her with his cum. She felt his warm cum fill her ass. He now leaned over and sucked two huge hickeys on her ass cheeks as he bit each one. Then he layed her on her back to put hickeys on her tits as if to mark her that he was there. As they lay side by side he played with her nipples before he fucked her again and again. He was going to fill her with his cum all night long. And he planned to visit her many times as she loved to fuck and he loved to fuck her.

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