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A night out with my s****r

Following in from Shopping with my s****r - Please read my other stories first to set the scene.

Jane and I lie embracing on her bed, our naked bodies merging into one as we hold each other closely.

"What do you want to do tonight?" I ask

"I was thinking we could have a night out together, maybe a meal and a few drinks, see where the night takes us!" Jane replied.

"That sounds good to me, I haven't been out for a few weeks because of my exams."

"Well, I'll treat you to a nice meal and a bottle of wine on one condition" Jane offered with a devious smile on her face.

"Go on," I ask, feeling slightly concerned but excited at the same time.

"Well Dan, I want you to come to dinner with me dressed as Dannii," She smiled, my face filled with anxiety, "Come on Dan, don't be shy, you spent the whole day dressed as a girl and no one was any the wiser."

Without realising it, my cock had started to get hard and press against Jane's leg. "See, the idea of it turns you on, and it turns me on who knows what might happen when we get home!" Jane smiled seductively at me.

"I can't exactly say no can I?" I reply, trying my best to look annoyed, but the grin coming across my face gave away my true feelings.

Within no time Jane and I had showered and were getting ourselves ready to head out as girls on the town. I was sat in one of Jane's satin gowns, just long enough to cover my ass as she applied my makeup and styled my hair again. I looked in the mirror and was shocked. I looked stunning, Jane had done me proud, my makeup emphasising the feminine qualities of my otherwise masculine face. My hair again styled fashionably to sweep across my forhead.

"Jane," I ask nervously, "Is it ok if I get dressed in my own room so you can see me when I'm fully ready?"

"Oh course it is Dannii, whatever you want to make tonight as special as possible for you."

Inside my room I know exactly what I am going to wear. I quickly open up my shopping bags and pull out the sexy black lingerie. Without realising I pull on the shorties, looking in my mirror as they slide over my smooth legs and rest comfortably across my ass, feeling my cock start to rise I quickly slip into the bra and fasten the clasps behind my back. I turn slowly several times in front of the mirror, admiring my new lingerie and feminine form. I step into my dress and heels, they perfect the look. I can't believe how sexy I look, i try and ignore the everhardening cock in my knickers. Just then there is a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I sing out, then stand there awaiting Jane's entrance.

"OH MY GOD!! You look absolutely amazing." jane comes and hugs me, our embrace quickly turning into a long passionate kiss, our tongues meeting each other tenderly. "I'm going to struggle to kep my hands off you all night!" Jane continues.

I know realise how stunning jane looks, she has a figure hugging dark blue dress on with matching heels. Its clear that she isn't wearing a bra, which makes my cock twitch as I spot her nipples pushing against the material of her dress. "Come on, the taxi's on its way." Jane says.

We both slide into the back of the taxi, giggling all the time as we spot the driver trying to look up our dresses. When we arrive, I hand him the money and wink as seductively as I can as I touch his hand when handing him the money. Again Jane and I walk hand in hand aware but uncaring of everyone looking as we tenderly pay attention to each other.

All throughout the meal it is apparent the waiter can't keep his eyes off Jane and I. We show our long toned legs from the side of the table, I can't resist running my hand along Jane's thigh when he walks over with our drinks. He almost trips as he sees, standing in front of us Jane and I are both aware of the raging hard on in hos trousers. We both look at each other and giggle endlessly again.

We finish our meal and leave the waiter a generous tip, and we both decide to give him a quick kiss on his cheek as we leave. Jane being Jane told him which bars we were going to and to come and find us when he finished. This could turn out to be an interesting night!

"Dannii, did you see how big that guys cock was? It was making a serious bulge in his trousers!" Jane laughed.

"I know, I couldn't stop staring at it," I say laughing.

"Well hopefully he'll find us in the club and I can compare it to yours!" Jane continues.

We enter a bar and Jane buys us another bottle of white wine and we sit at a table so we can watch people come and go, and pick out the hot girls that come in. Without realising, Jane and I suddenly start discussing the cute guys too. I start to feel weird, but ever since Jason started talking to me earlier today I have been starting to look at guys and wonder if I'd want them to chat me up. The night passes quickly by and Jane and I are slowly getting more and more d***k and quickly becoming more and more tactile, which draws attention from those around us.

Jane ends up taking me to a club, our intoxication leading us straight to the dance floor where I try and move in time to the music. Jane spots my concern and comes over and dances closer too me. Our bodies touching intimately, our hips moving slowly against each other, slowly picking up the beat of the music. Its not long before what feels like a hundred sets of eyes are on us as we dance loin to loin.

Jane slowly moves away, and begins dancing on her own, its not long before 2 guys come over and start dancing with us. Without even realising whats happened we seem to have paired up with them. I feel a pang of jealousy when I see Jane dancing close to this new guy, his hand all over her ass and back. She in turn has her hands on his shoulders and is whispering into his ear.

Not wanting to be outdone, I pull my guy closer and start dancing with him. As his hands wander over my ass I suddenly realise what I am doing. I have never been interested in guys before but here I am excited by his touch, imagining him kissing me, undressing me, me standing just in my lace black lingerie just for him. My cock is buring hard in my knickers when Jane comes over and leads me off to the toilet. We enter a cublicle and start kissing wildly, Jane's hands lifting up my skirt and stroking my cock through the lace.

"That looked so hot seeing you dance with that guy." Jane whispered in my ear.

"Thanks, it felt weird at first but I got into it slowly," I smiled as I let my hand slip inside her dress and trace the outline of her knickers.

"What are you going to do?" Jane asked.

"I don't know, he is very handsome but I've never even thought about kissing a guy before." I replied nervously.

"Well, make sure he doens't feel your hard cock at least!" Jane smiled at me.

We headed back out and found our two guys waiting for us. Straight away they grabbed hold of us and seperated us. My man was called Jim, he was 28 and had an amazing body, the shoulders and arms I dreamt of having as I grew older. He was about 4 inches taller than me even in my heels and had cropped brown hair and stunning brown eyes. I felt myself drawn towards him with every word he spoke.

I looked over at Jane, she was already in a passionate embrace with her guy. Their hands all over each other. I felt jealousy and lust flow throughout my body - I pulled Jim towards me and started kissing him in the same way Jane kisses me. Trying not to be too masculine but at the same time let him now I was aroused. Jim's hands wre running down my back and grabbing my ass, his big firm hands almost taking a whole ass cheek in them. He tries to pull me closer to him, I resist, worried about my cock pushing against him. I realise that although hard in my knickers it is trapped and not likely to be obvious. I move in closer and let my hands feel his muscular shoulders.

I run my hands down his sides and round his waist, before I know what I'm doing my hand brushes over his cock. I feel my own cock twitch fiercely knowing that he is hard, it feels big as well, 'My God' I think, 'What's happening to me?'

Jane comes over and grabs my hand, "Dannii, we should go now before the taxi queue gets to long." Then she turns to Jim, "So Jim, are you going to ask my little s****r for her number?" I freeze, what the hell does she think she is doing? Before I know it, Jane is telling him me mobile number and smiles at me as he enters it into his phone.

Jane and I hardly speak on the way home, despite the sexual tension between us being apparent. As we get inside the house it is too much for me to take and I pull Jane into my arms and kiss her deeply and passionatley, our tongues quickly wrapping around each other, our hands fumbling to get each other out of their dress.

Our clothes lay s**ttered on the floor as I lead jane upstairs, knowing that she is watching my ass sway from side to side as we walk. I lead Jane straight to her room and throw her down on my bed and stand over her. All that is stopping her from being naked in front of me is the small white lace thong she'd bought earlier that day.

Jane wastes no time and slides her hand inside the tiny white thong, her fingers eager for her pussy. I watch on in awe as her fingers slide effortlessly into her soaking wet hole, already welcoming from the nights events. I pop my cock over the top of my knickers and start stroking quickly. My mind wandering from the beautiful sight in front of me back to Jim in the club. I look down at Jane, one hand feverishly fingering her pussy as her free hand pinches and caresses her breasts. Without realising I mimic her by stroking my cock harder and faster and pinch and squeeze my nipples through my bra.

Jane starts to rock back and forth on the bed as her hand from her breasts moves and rubs her clit bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. This sends waves of passion through my body, I feel my legs weaken as I shoot my load all over Jane, hitting her naked breasts and face. With each spurt Jane moans as her own orgasm leaves her body, I watch lovingly as her convulsions slow and she gently sucks her juices off her fingers and I straddle her, my limp cock hanging close to her soaking wet pussy. I start sucking on her nipples, gently as I know they will be tender after Jane's orgasm. As I lick and suck my tongue rolls over something sticky, I quickly realise I'm licking my cum off my s****rs breasts, "Don't stop!" Jane says breathlessly.

I continue licking my s****rs body searching for each globule of my cum then tenderly sucking and licking her body til it is clean and I've swallowed every last drop. As I'm doing this Jane is unhooking my bra setting my small breasts free. Jane then proceeds to suck and caress my breasts in the same manner I had treated hers.

I lay next to Jane, she moves so we're spooning as we drift off to sl**p, our lace thong and knickers the only thing seperating our bodies....

To be continued

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