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Two for You

She and her friend were going to his house to "treat" him. Both were hot and sexy and loved sex. When he answered the door, he smiled seeing them. Once in the door, they both kissed him each taking turns tonguing his mouth. Then they started to undress him, kissing his skin as they uncovered it. They licked and sucked his nipples, kissed and licked his back. As they removed his pants, they grabbed his hard cock and as one sucked the cock, one sucked his balls. They then layed him on the bed tieing him downwith his legs spread wide. They kissed him from head to toe watching his cock throb. Then they stripped for him, letting him see their nude bodies. They rubbed their large tits all over his face. He tried to grab a nipple with his teeth but they would not allow him the pleasure. They rubbed the nipples over his lips and then one let him suck the round marble. As he sucked her tit, the other licked down to his cock and started to suck him. First she licked the smooth tip and then licked all sides. Next she took him in her mouth and sucked him deep and hard. He loved his huge cock down her throat and she took every inch of the large member. Soon he was ready to cum filling her mouth with his juice and he sucked the tits of the other girl so hard her nipples were very stretched. Next they traded places and the one girl poked her tit in his mouth as the other licked his ass. Licking his ass made his cock hard again and she then spread his ass and pushed her tongue inside. As she tongued his ass she rubbed his cock and balls, loving that huge cock. Now the second girl came down and started sucking his cock and licking his balls as the one was tonguing the ass. Sudden, they stopped. The first girl went to his face and got on the table and straddled him pushing her pussy over his mouth. He wasted no time licking her. She had a great pussy with plump lips and a thick clit. As he licked she rubbed her pussy around his mouth wanting more of his tongue. His tongue found her hole and was licking it before he shoved it in her and began to tongue fuck her. The second girl mounted his cock and pushed it deep in her hole. She loved fucking his monster cock. She pushed it all the way inside her. As her hole pounded his cock he was licking the friend till she came and covered his face with her cum. Soon he filled the cunt riding him with his hot cum. As they paused, he waited for what was next. The girl straddling his face raised up till she was about 3 inches off him and the second girl began to play with her pussy so he could watch. She spread the lips and he could see her pull the clit and then her fingers disappeared inside the cunt. Watching this turned him on. He watched the fingers buried in the cunt and then they moved to her ass. It was amazing seeing the girl finger the other right above his face. She finger fucked the ass as the other girl moved and enjoyed this action. Moving her fingers from the ass to the cunt she fucked the girl till she came. She then rubbed the cum over the guys lips and then kissed him. The girl who was ass fucked now moved to his cock and shoved his cock into her ass. She moved up and down on the large cock as the second girl fingered his ass making him hot and ready to cum again. He wasted no time cumming in her ass. Both girls then came to his face and took turns kissing him befor they untied him. Now they would all get into bed and he would take turns using each girl as he wanted. It would be a fuck fest with the two sexy women.

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