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My Mother, My Wife

A love story between a mother and son. Please critique my story not

grammatically but for content and if you like the story line.

My dad died when I was still in my mother’s belly and she lived as a single parent.

She had kept her maiden name but I took my father’s surname which became so

convenient to me when the time came.

It all started when I was 7 years old and I saw my mother naked in the shower. She

saw me looking at her and I could tell that she did not mind the audience. She

washed and focused on her supple breasts and furry pussy, but at age 7 I did not

know what she was doing all I knew is that I liked it. I became more and more

attracted to her and soon found ways to get into bed with her and cuddle. When I

got into bed for the next few years I would pretend to be asl**p and my hand

would accidentally land on her pussy and I will gently caress it through her panties.

My beautiful mother did not want to wake me so she allowed it. I could feel how

wet she was getting and talking to friends about it I found out women only got wet

when they enjoyed the touching so I knew I was doing a good job. I knew mom

dismissed my caress because she thought I was asl**p but I was wide awake

enjoying it as I knew she enjoyed her pussy being caressed. When I was 9 she

started to lactate and it was very painful for her. I was sad at seeing the pain my

mother was in and how much more pain the breast pump she was using caused


I asked my mother “mom can I do anything to help you? I cannot bear to see you in

pain!” My mother said, “Son I do not think you can really help.” After a few weeks

she visited her doctor and came back and said, “son I have a very inconvenient

task for you” my mom looked so sad and troubled when she asked so I asked her

“what is it mom?” she said “son the doctor told me that if I could get someone to

manually suck my milk out it should be less painful for me. I am so embarrassed

to ask but, will you please suck the milk out of me” I was so shocked that I will get

to taste my mother’s wonderful nipple. The same nipple that fed me when I was a

baby I will now get some sort of satisfaction and I planned to enjoy every moment

of sucking my mother’s sweet nipple. Without any hesitation I said “yes mom, yes I

will love to help. For the past nine years and who knows how much years to come

you will help me so I will help you with your situation now.” “Thanks son I owe you.”

So for the next two years or so until I turned 12 our nightly routine was me getting

to suckle the most wonderful breasts of my mother and I enjoying every moment of

it and falling asl**p by her side cuddling me and gently rubbing the top of my

head. As I got older and more mature my mom felt so embarrassed by me

sucking her and even more embarrassed that she was getting horny and wet

when I did it. She really stopped when she realized that I was becoming more and

more aroused and she did not want anything to happen between us of a sexual

nature I was her damn son of course.

As the time went by I did my norm and mom did hers but what she did not know

was I used to sneak peeks at her beautiful body and masturbate thinking about

having my beautiful mother. In my teen years I never really had a girlfriend by

choice as I was waiting for the love of my life my own mother.

My mom always questioned me “why don’t you have a girlfriend? Are you gay?

What are you waiting for?” I was already 18 when she started questioning my

sexuality but every time she asked I always replied “don’t worry mom, I am just

waiting for the love of my life and she will know it when the time is right” she would

reply “alright son you know what is best for you.”

I’ve seen her photos, when she was about 25 years old some of them in the

skimpiest bikinis that always gets me so horny that I realize her beauty only

became sweeter with age like the finest wine in the world and although may find

her breasts to become more saggy it just made me want to have them more.

When I turned 21 she noticed I was looking at our neighbor’s 9 year old daughter.

It was true I was fascinated by the sweetest little girl that I ever saw. I started

talking to the girl and started feeling her I would sneak peaks at her bare chest

through her clothes and sometimes she may have on a wet t-shirt so I could see

the imprint of her little 9 year old auroras. I would always think about how I was

cheating on my mother and will find myself going into my mother’s bedroom and

going through her underwear draw and sniffing the aroma of her pussy.

My mom was so concerned with my love life and knew I was looking at little girls

especially our neighbor’s daughter that she arranged a surprise for me when my

girl next door turned 10. Apparently our neighbor’s were open sexually and

wanting their daughter. Our neighbors did not want to take their daughter’s

virginity but wanted someone outside to prepare her, so my mother volunteered

my services.

That night I got home from work my mom took my bag and e****ted me down the

corridor to my bedroom and opened the door. The lighting was dim and scented

candles lit the entire room. My mom handed me two little blue pills and told me to

take them. When I took them my mom shouted “he is ready, come out, come out

wherever you are!”

The next thing I knew it was my neighbor came out. She was wearing a sweet see

through baby doll nightgown and her flat chest looked so tasty with her two tiny

auroras of her barely there nipples glistened through her nightgown and the pills

were working that I could feel my regular 8 inch tool has risen to at least a foot

long. Then my little girl helped. While the sweet little girl took off my pants, my

underwear went with them. Then the little girl took her tiny hands and could barely

wrap them around my cock and started gently caressing and pumping it. As she

saw the first sign of cum she put her mouth on the head of my cock and started to

gently suckle and lick it. My god being pleasured by a girl so young felt so wrong

but yet it felt so good but in the back of my mind I was really thinking about my

mother. I looked down at my 10 year old beauty realized her underwear was

edible so I gently pulled them off with my teeth and I took one half into my mouth

and she took half into her mouth and we ate it until our mouths met. I had never

kissed anyone so I shared my first kiss that night and it was not only that girl’s first

time it was mine.

I was in so much of pain and I knew that my girl was in even more. My cock could

not even fit in that sweet tight pussy and I could hear the shrieks of pain from

under me I wanted to stop because I was in so much pain myself but I kept

thinking about this could be my mother under me and I was taking my mother

which kept me going. I started screaming “I love you mama, I love having you.” I

knew my mom could not hear me so I enjoyed taking this girl while really lusting

after my mother. I soon felt the body under me collapse and when I got off her I

was so stiff I could not move properly. I looked at her vagina and I could see spots

of bl**d I was frightened but I knew that it was how it was her first time there

would be bl**d and it was mine I also had a bl**dy cock. I was ashamed that I

had sex with such a young girl but I thought of it as a sexual experience to get

myself ready to take my mother.

After my first night with my neighbor it was also my last as her parents rather have

that girl all to themselves and I was back on thinking of ways I could have my

mother. I as usual kept on sneaking peaks of her and masturbating and sniffing

her underwear. But 5 years later when I turned 27 that all changed and it was

finally time for me to take my mother.

It was my 27th birthday and I decided to take my mother on a little vacation. I took

her to a cozy little townhouse where we could be alone and could really talk where

no one knew us. That night I took her for dinner and dancing. When we were

dancing I gently squeezed and caressed my mother’s beautiful behind she

squirmed and pulled away so I asked her to sit down. We went back to our table

and chatted. “Mom you know that I never had a girlfriend right?” “Yes son I know,

you said that you were waiting for the love of your life.” “Mom I have a confession, I

was really waiting for the right time to tell you that…hmmmm…” “Yes son you can

tell me, I would not judge you.” “I love you mom” “I know that son.” “No mom, I am in

love with you mom!!!” “I know son” my jaw dropped, I was stunned I stuttered

“ did you know.” “Son I am your mother I am not stupid. You think I

did not know you looked at me in the shower or how you masturbated into my

underwear, I did and I loved eating even your dry cum and I especially loved when

you screamed for me when you were having a 10 year old girl. I wondered what

took you so long to try something after that night.” I was dumbfounded and elated

that my own mother wanted me.

It was not long before we arrived back to our townhouse we made sure to draw all

the curtains and lock every door. We could not get naked quite fast enough when

my mother pounced on me and we shared a sweet French kiss that made my

tongue tremble. I lifted my mother up although she was heavy and I almost fell

holding her I knew it was time for me to become a man finally and this time I will

really lose my virginity.

I could not wait to take this 49 year old woman and invade the hole that was my

passage way to this world. She was not my mother that night but my lover. She

said “it is time to see and for me to measure if your penis looks as sweet as it did

when you were a c***d or how much sweeter it is now.” she felt my cock “damn

son you are huge” She stroked my balls and cock. “Oh mom” I moaned. “I have

dreamt of this moment since I was 7 years old.” “Me too son, me too.” She lay on

her belly. She kissed and gently kissed and caressed my cock with her tongue.

With few more licks, I cummed and started to spew my juices, she didn’t expect it

so soon but I came hard and fast for my mother. Mom started to drink it as fast as

she could and she made sure she did not miss a drop. “Son you are so sweet. If

you did not know you are the first man I had since your father.” I was so pleased to

hear that I asked mom to turn around and bend over. My instinct intervened and I

gently started to insert my cock into my mother’s pretty ass. I held her waist and

started to gently buck my waist. “Son that feels so good” she moaned. I started to

make my rhythm harder and faster and my mother’s moans came louder she

yelled “I love you son, make your mother your sex toy.”

I loved that I pulled out of her ass and flipped her over so I could get to her pussy. I

could not help the pain of my cock I was feeling but damn it hurt so good. I was

finally having the woman of my dreams. I was finally having my mother. As I

entered my mother’s sweet canal from which I came I felt both scared but excited.

Mom said “go ahead son make me feel like a woman again and not just your

mother.” As my cock entered her she screamed “oh god son! Yea! Oh... Ah...

Oh... Ah! Give it to me!” I filled my cock into mom’s pussy. Licking her breasts

(almost 20 years later), kneading them. No milk this time I screamed. “Ahh! I love

you mom! I want you! I need you!” For that entire night I sexperienced my mother

and enjoyed every moment of it.

The next morning we decided to do the unthinkable. When I was gently awakened

by my mother sucking my cock and after my blow job we showered together

kissing, touchingf and feeling each other love truly surrounded us. After our

shower we got ready and went downstairs for breakfast. I had bought a ring for my

mother since I was 16 and I decided now is the time to spring it on her. At

breakfast I knelt down at the table and said, “Mom I love you, you have loved me

through the last 27 years and now after what we shared last night I know the right

thing to do is marry you so I ask…will you marry me?” Mom was not expecting that

but with tears in her eyes she replied “yes son” “I will marry you.” We kissed so

passionately I enjoyed tasting my mother’s sweet lips and my tongue invading her

mouth. That night we found a place to do a quickie wedding and thank god she

kept her maiden name that no one suspected a thing. Soon we changed our

relationship from mother and son to husband and wife.

Now the third time for me to have sex it was with my wife and it felt so good

consummating my marriage. For the rest of the vacation my wife and I had so

much sex I cummed in her slit and I suckled her pussy and the juices that sprung

was sweeter than any honey I had ever tasted. I enjoyed orgasming to my mother

and she enjoyed orgasming for me. The mother and son line no longer existed it

was just man and wife. We had so much sex for the rest of that week we did not

realize at her age she could still get pregnant. When we got back home mom

moved into my bedroom and we were having so much sex that strangers in our

pda’s did not even realize we were mother and son.

A month passed since I made my mom my wife and she started feeling sick so

she visited the doctor and we found out that in 8 months we will be proud parents.

I was so ecstatic that I was going to become a father that my mother became the

center of my universe. We were not allowed to have penetration after her 4th

month but the oral sex was so unbelievable that I had sex with my mom/wife in her

mouth and she enjoyed eating my cum and I enjoyed giving her cum.

After nine months my mom/wife and I had a sweet beautiful baby girl and even at

birth I knew my daughter would so desirable for any man but my mother was the

one who I wanted. My mother and I could not have sex until a month our daughter

was born but as soon as we were able to, damn the sex got even better. I loved

my wife and soon enough my wife but by the time my mom was 52 she was

diagnosed with cancer. Soon the one thing that caused so much pleasure

between my mother and I became so painful for her. I started to realize how sweet

my daughter looked and she was looking more and more like her mother

everyday which made me want her even more but I could never cheat on my

mother my wife but I did not realize my mom had plans for me and our daughter…

If you like this I will write a story … my daughter my lover….

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