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My s****r and I part 3

Mel was still shaking a little when I slid up beside and and kissed her full on the mouth. She moaned as she opened her mouth and mashed her lips against mine. I opened my mouth also, because she must know what to do. My hand slid down to her tit and I began to squeeze it and play with the nipple. Her hand moved to my now throbbing cock. Sliding the foreskin up and down over the purple head. She put her hand on my head and pushed me down her chest to her titties and told me to suck it. I began sucking on her nipple. She told me how it felt the best. Light sucking and then a little harder and back to gentle all the while running my tonge over the hardening tip.

She started moaning and stroking my cock harder, squeezing the head. Her other hand went down between her legs and she started playing with her clit again. It didnt take long before she arched her back and grunted. Just as she started to shiver through her climax, I shot off another load of cum up onto her stomach. I crawled up and laid beside her, playing with her puffy tittie until our breathing got back to normal.

Mel ran her finger down her belly to where my cum had pooled near her belly button and dipped her finger into it, feeling the slimmy goo. She made circles with it on her skin and then brought some up to her nose and smelled it.

"Not bad." she said.

Then she stuck out her tongue and licked her finger. She went back to her stomach and got two finger full of my goo and sucked it off of her fingers.
She kept doing that until it was all cleaned up.

Mom and dad were going to be back soon so she said we had to get dressed and pretend we were watch tv or we would be in trouble.

To be continued.

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