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Karen My Best Friends s****r

Karen My best friend’s s****r

I had always had a crush on Karen and was always trying to get a look down her shirt or up her short skirt when I was over at Bill’s house. I was 15 years old when I first meet her and from that day on I knew that one day I would see her naked body and hopeful get to use my man hood on her.
Karen was 4 years older than me , but always treated me like I was special , She was so bubbly and smiled all the time . She would hug me whenever she saw me and I was always willing to feel her firm breast crushed against my body. Karen always wears the sexiest out fits I have ever seen. Her tight tank tops would show off her firm hard nipples and her short were always the short tight ones that would make any man hard in a second.
The day final came in July as I went over to meet Bill and swim in their pool. As I walked up to the house I could hear music and there were no cars in the driveway. I knew Bills parents had gone off to the cottage for a week so I knew that only Bill and Karen would be home. But when I saw the car gone I thought that I would miss my shoot at seeing Karen. I rang the doorbell and stood on the front step. I could hear someone coming to the door and to my great surprise Karen was now standing in front of me, soaking wet and only wearing a towel. Her long slender legs were perfectly tanned and perfect shape. Her hips were slim and firm. The towel just barely covers the tops of her firm tits as they pecked out over the top edge. Her hair was long and sandy brown, hanging over her shoulders and down her back. She had a great smile with pearl white teeth. She quickly said “Oh Mark, Billy had to run to work, come on in and wait!! She motioned for me to come in and as I passed by her she threw her arms out and gave me a hug, I could feel her hard nipples thru the towel like never before. Her tits were so perfect. Not to large but not too small. They were firm and fresh and I had always tried to compare them to the girls in the porn movies I would watch with Bill. She turned and closed the door behind me and said “Make yourself at home and watch the TV in the f****y room if you want or go for a swim. I’m just getting up and just got out of the shower. I’ll be out in a few minutes. I quickly had a vision in my head of her standing in the shower with the water falling over her shoulders and down over her tits. I had seen her in her bikini and saw that she seemed very clean down below. In my mind I was she was clean shaven – totally around her love nest. My current girl friend had just finally allowed me to slide my hand down her short 2 nights earlier to feel her smooth nest as well. We had been seeing each other for a few months and I had started seeing her only because other guys had said she would go all the way. For a 15 year old that was like winning the lotto and I wanted to lose my cherry to this girl if I could before the end of summer. I had slipped my finger under the waist band of her shorts and down between her legs as we sat in a movie. Her pussy was warm and wet and she was all too willing to have me finger fuck her while we watched the action movie. She even came as the movie was ending and then we walked home where she gave me a hand job in her back yard before saying good night. I was sure I was going to lose it soon with her.
Anyway I was now sitting on the large leather couch in the f****y room watching the highlights of a Nasser race from the weekend. I was still day dreaming of Karen and how she was so hot when she came to the door. As I glanced around the room my eye locked on a mirror in the corner of the room that was positioned to show Karen standing in front of her mirror in her room across the hallway from the f****y room. My heart began to pound harder as I saw that she was now taking off the towel that was covering her body. As the towel fell away I saw for the first time her firm tanned breast. Her large swollen nipples were like silver dollars in size and the outer rim was a dark chocolate brown. The tips were a sweet pink colour and they were fully erect. The shape of her tits were perfect and they were as firm as rock as she began to dry her hair with the hair dryer. My cock went from soft to hard in seconds and I was now rubbing it thru my shorts. I was scared that she may see me but I also didn’t care I wanted to see her and watch her. My mind was going crazy with ideas and I didn’t care at this point who or what happened I only wanted to watch her. I got up from my place to move to another seat that I was sure would give me a better view. As I did that the phone rang and Karen quickly shut off the dryer to reach for the phone other dresser. My line of sight was far better here. I was now able to seen down her back and over her firm hard ass. She was bent forward slightly and her ass was also so perfect. My cock was now jumping with excitement and my balls were crying out to dump my seed. She was talking to her friend as I could hear only parts of the call. But I was locked on the body and I was dying to see more. As she finished her call she turned and reached over to hang up the phone and that was when I got the full view I had been waiting for all this time. Her long firm legs were perfectly tanned and she had a small tan line were her short bikini barely cover end her love nest. My eyes were locked on her shaven pussy. It was perfect in every way. Her soft pink lips were slightly parted and her clit was visible with a slight moistens on the outer edges. Karen was now looking down towards her pussy as she began to rib herself ever so lightly. My mind snapped, had she seen me and now she was doing a shown for me? Had she wanted to let me see her? I was sure that she had no idea that I had been able to see her. Karen reached for a bottle of lotion and she began to rub the oily stuff on each of her firm tits. He seems to enjoy touching herself with each stroke of her hand. She even pulled her left nipple close to her mouth and slides her tongue out to lick the hard tip. My cock was about to exposed and I knew I was going to have to do something soon. Karen now began to rub the lotion over her firm stomach and down over her hips. Stopping only inches from her wet hole. My eyes were locked on her every move. And then it happened. I had been so excited and lost in the excitement that I had not realized I was now almost at the edge of the chair. One second I was ok then the next I knew I was falling to the floor as I lost my balance. My eyes glanced at the mirror one last time to see that Karen was now looking towards the f****y room and could see me in the reflection. My heart sank as I knew I had been caught in the act and thought for sure Karen would be mad at my actions.
After I caught my breath Karen called out from her room “you, OK!! Do you need some help?? “My heart was pounding and I had to bit my tongue to stop myself from asking her to come and fuck me please!!
I was able to speak after a second or two and said “Sorry, I tripped on the coffee table!! I’m ok and nothing is broken!!
Karen was knows standing in the doorway , with nothing on and a smile across her face that showed me she was excited too now and that she was happy to show my her assets . My eyes locked on her bare tits as she cross the room and reached her hand out to me to help my up. As I reached for her hand my mouth opened and she whispered “I think I may have caused your fall, imp sorry!! Let me help you up. I mean I see your up but maybe I can help you stand. I was now slightly embarrassed as my rod was now sticking straight out from my crotch and she had her eyes locked on my man hood. I began to stand and as I passed her sweet pussy my tongue slide out to touch and tasted her sweetness. Karen toke my hand and lead me back to her room. As we entered the room she turned and closed the door and engaged the lock. With a sheepish smile she said “don’t want anyone or thing to watch us “!!

As I stood in her room beside her bed she stepped closer to me and locked her lips on mine, in a soft voice she whispered “I hope you’re still a virgin!! I was hoping I could be your first!!

Karen was now sliding down my body and her head was now in front of my hard rod inside my shorts. She reached up and pulled down my fly. In seconds my shorts were on the floor and my cock head was now entering her mouth. With her hands rubbing my ass checks she pulled my body towards her and swallowed my cock into her mouth. I believe I had a large size cock then most of the guys in my grade. In the change room it was always kind of a weird thing but you wanted to see if you were smaller than the other guys. I knew that my cock seemed much thicker than most and even slightly longer. My balls were average but it always seemed like when I jerked off I had allot of cum. Even compared to the porn movies I seem to have a lot of seed to spill. Karen was working her lips over my shaft and as she pulled back she moaned the works “My god you have a great dick, it’s so much I hope we can make it work in me!! Well that made me so happy I was even more excited that she was so happy with my package!! I looked down to watch her suck me off, her legs were parted and her wet pussy was no resting on my foot. She was so wet. It seem to last, my cock was staying hard and my cum had not slipped out yet but it wasn’t far away. Karen pulled her mouth off my head and said “If you cum now can you still get hard to fuck me with that big stick? Or should I stop and let you calm down?? I quickly said “I can get hard 3 or 4 times if you want me too!! I have never had a full blow job before!! And with that she turned and sucked my cock back deep into her warm mouth. In 4 more strokes my cock began to fill her mouth with a thick load of seed. Karen din her best to swallow as much as she could. But with my big cock in her mouth she had to pull away and let the last shot of cum fire off on her face. It was thick and white running own over her chin and down onto her chest.

The I pulled her up and lauded her back on the bed behind me. She had silk sheets on her King sized bed. I had never had a pussy in my mouth but I knew I was going to very shortly. As she lay back on the bed I spread her legs open and slide my face between her legs. Karen pulled her legs upwards and placed her hands on the back of my head, gilding me to her sweet spot. My nose was rubbing her hard clit and my tongue was diving deep into her body. Her sweet juice was like nothing I have ever had before and I over the fact that she would pull me in deep into her and f***e me to the right place. It was only a short time before she began to buck her hips off of the bed and drive my head deeper each time into her love nest. She was now moaning loudly and then I felt the release of her love juice into my awaiting mouth. I had now made women cum in my mouth for the first time and I was so excited. My cock was fully exact again and I knew I was about to lose my 15 year old virginity to Kerens sweet hole.

Karen had now completed her climax and was rolling over on her stomach. She raised her sass high in the air and arched for my body. She seems to know actually what she wanted and how she wanted me to position myself on her. She turned her head slightly and said “Your cock is so big I think we had better do it doggie style so I can get as much of it into me as possible. Even though I may not have fuck a women before I knew the positions. So I climbed up on the bed and placed the head of my cock in her awaiting hand. With a firm grasp on my she sled my cock towards her wet pussy. As the head of my cock slipped pass the outer lips of her hole Karen was moaning with pleasure. I continued to push my cock into her and she was all to gear to take it. Once I had half of my rod inside she pushed back on my hips to have me hold off on trying to slip in any more. Karen worked her hips back and forth and then in one motion she pushed herself back and the entire shaft drove deep inside of her. She moaned with excitement and possible pain. My cock was now entirely inside a pussy for the first time in my life and it felt so well. We began to rock back and forth, Karnes tits rolled over the bed and rubbed her nipples on the silk sheets. Before long we were taking long full sakes and fucking like pros. She had cum at least once right after my whole cock was inside her and I was now getting close to filling her with my seed . I was close to coming and asked “Can I cum inside of you or show I pull myself out? Karen was quick to say “Don’t you dire pull that rod out of me before you cum, I want your hot seed to cover my box!! And with those words I drove myself one last time deep inside and pumped her full of hot thick cum. She even moaned with each shoot of cum from my cock!! My cock was still hard when I pulled myself back out of her and lay down beside her. Karen looked down and said “OMG your still hard, I better try and climb on top of you. I don’t think I have ever had a hard cock after a fucking like that. Karen now rolled herself over and onto of my hips. With the tits now in full view she slipped my cock into her cum filled hole and began to fuck my onto style. I reached up and pulled her down so I could suck on her tits as she fucked me. With her hard nipple locked in my lips I sucked as hard as I could and she came within seconds. Her pussy was now use to my size and she was fucking me harder than ever. Within seconds I was about to cum myself again. Locked my hands on her hips and pulled her all the ways down on my cock. We both came together. Our seed was flowing from both our bodies. We fucked 2 more times before we heard the car pull into the driveway. Billy was home from work and we had been fucking for 4 hours non stop. I quickly got up and dressed and ran out to the couch. The TV was still on as Billy came thru the front door yelling he was home. Karen was still naked and in her room when he passed her door and said “ Get some clothes on my friends are coming over “ Karen quickly covered up and said he’s here in the f****y room waiting for you . Mouthing was ever said but I’m sure he knew I had been fucking his s****r that day. That was the start of a new relationship between Karen and me. Even though we had 4 years between us we always made time to fuck each other when ever we could. Even after us both got married and moved away. Would meet up with her, she lived in a nether city which I would travel too on business. She would make a point of making herself free and we would fuck like k**s in my hotel room. She still has my hard as well as my cherry!!

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